Chapter 228 Little Days during the Apocalypse

Luo Xun and Yan Fei were the last to enter the game room and found that the structure of the room had changed. The location of the bouncy castle was blown up and at the back of the room instead of closer to the door. Yu Xinran was happily jumping on top with a flushed … Continue reading Chapter 228 Little Days during the Apocalypse


Chapter 223 Various Mutant Animals

Recently, Luo Xun had been speechless more often. Ever since the team had brought back various consoles, games, the whole team immediately became game addicts...When he went downstairs with a yawn to eat breakfast, he saw Yu Xinran with her head bowed playing the handheld. A sense of guilt and powerlessness immediately flourished. What made … Continue reading Chapter 223 Various Mutant Animals