Chapter 100 Enemy

One wave after another. The Otaku team shot crossbows for a whole day - an organized team effort. It was not until nightfall that the fortifications were done, there was a long trail of zombies. Bright red mushroom liquid flowed into the moat. The leading zombies wailed their death cries. After that round of zombies … Continue reading Chapter 100 Enemy


Chapter 94 Counterparts

( ・ω・)o─━・*:・:・゜・: This bonus chapter is sponsored by: Shadoerunner, Nat, Michelle in Colorado, AmemiyaRen and Anon(s). Not only were there a number of basic zombies, people thought the metal zombies that appeared were more troublesome. Of course, although those were level two zombies, because their ability had just manifested, the manipulation of metal was very … Continue reading Chapter 94 Counterparts