I Have Paid Too Much For This Home

Author: 千峰一鹤

Chapters: 69 (completed)


Su Xing inherited a house, where a rare spatial overlap was taking place. The man who ‘cohabited’ with him was a young and handsome entrepreneurial elite. The president was very pitiful. He can’t eat well or sleep well every night and even had nightmares.

Su Xing, for the sake of living together, cleaned and cooked food for each other by the way.

For example, eat Yaozhu scallop and glutinous rice chicken for breakfast, give the other one each, lunch was carrot and beef stew with cold and shredded cucumber; have bitter gourd scrambled eggs at night … Fine, don’t like bitter gourd, ok, have fried fungi instead!!

A month later, Su Xing was pleased to find that the president had fattened up by himself!

However, while Su Xing thought he was a companion in the field, he accidentally became the other’s white moonlight (first love).

# SOS QAQ was confessed by the big guy on the rich list, what should I do? Waiting online! #

First Floor: Brother wake up soon!

Second floor: Brother wake up soon! !!

Third floor: Brother wake up soon! !! !! Enough time to move bricks!