Chapter 221 Heavy Rainfall

Lightning flashed across the sky along the faint sound of thunder was clear in the dark. Luo Xun reacted and were ready to form shelter from the rain while the group next to the fire were also busy.

The two other men were not fleeing the rain, or waking their companions but were rolling together…

At first, Luo Xun ignored what those were doing while preparing for the rain. While waiting for Yan Fei to get on the roof, the two noticed a pair of figures moving non-stop next to the fire.

Luo Xun squinted for a while only to determine that the figures were too far away so he could not tell if they were a man and a woman or two people of the same sex. If they encountered zombies wandering around, who knew if the pair would be frightened or triggered some other situation.

Another bolt of lightning struck while they were curiously observing the group in the distance, almost completely illuminating the area. It was not long before louder thunder roared over their heads. The noise woke up the team and looked at Luo Xun and Yan Fei.

“What’s the matter…” Wang Duo rubbed his eyes to sit up, blankly looking at the right. The two women also sat up from sleep.

“It’s thundering outside, I’m afraid it will rain.” Luo Xun explained, “Go to sleep, we have handled the roof, there should not be a problem.”

Song Lingling lightly noted, “I hear the sound of thunder outside?”

“Yes, it’s thundering but it has not started yet.”

“Since we have so much metal, won’t we get hit by lightning?”

….    ……………

Luo Xun suddenly looked at Yan Fei, who silently made a lightning rod deep in the ground.

They had placed grounding rods in various locations when they were building their base since most  of the material was metal. If they had bad luck during a thunderstorm, Luo Xun was afraid the whole base would be blown up. It was just that they were in the middle of buildings had forgotten. Once Yan Fei was done with the rod, another explosion of thunder sounded waking up the rest. No other way, who let the sound be so loud?

Luo Xun temporarily did not advise everyone to continue sleeping but instead look outside the window. Not far from the fire, the situation was not good. The previous thunder woke up the car teammates and lit up the area.

Unfortunately, those people had not finished before the rain started to fall.

The raindrops were so large that each one made a loud knock on the roof. Not long after the first drop, the sound became a torrent. Even more frightening was that thunder arrived from time to time and the wind picked up. It seemed that after each rumble, the rain became denser.

“Will we be flooded with rain?” Li Tie rubbed his eyes and asked uneasily.

At this time Luo Xun also took out his computer from his bag and checked the map. “I can see if we can find where the terrain is high and low…”

They were now in the city, the urban drainage facilities could not guaranteed after the apocalypse. Now this heavy rain poured down, if their area flooded it would be a large problem.

Even if Yan Fei could completely seal the cars with metal and not let if get submerged, after a while the roads would not be easy to traverse.

“I can’t find out.” After a while, Luo Xun helplessly sighed. Although the map was very detailed, it did not list the altitude of the city areas. But even Luo Xun knew – the drainage in the relatively old streets was not good, the newer ones might be better.

“Do you want to rush overnight?” He Qiankun saw the action outside and provided a proposal.

“…It’s not very safe.” Luo Xun touched his chin and looked at Yan Fei. He was very hesitant, since there was a long distance from their new base and even the southwest base.

“Or wait until dawn before we go, in case of what could happen at night on the road?” The group of people talked. Their fatigue was thrown away in an instant during the discussion.

The fire in the distance had been extinguished in the pouring rain. The men seemed to return to their cars to endure the night.

Luo Xun waited a while to persuade the others to rest while the two continued the vigil.

Yan Fei added a metal roof above their head to keep out the noise. He added some height from the metal extracted from the roadside, lest the rain flooded them.

That night, almost no one slept well with the noise and flashes of lightning, they stayed up until dawn.

Luo Xun woke up early in the morning to look around. The rain had not stopped and blocked part of the team’s view. The ground had absorbed the water so the layer was no longer higher than the tires.

The team ate something, the group of people went back to the car and Yan Fei sealed the vehicle. Not a single drop of water entered. Finally Yan Fei recalled the metal back into the shape of the car and they headed down the road.

The wheels squealed in the water but the water displaced was relatively small. When they drove over to where the other team had camped last night, there were no signs of the car, likely they had rushed away at dawn.

As the heavy rain affected their line of sight, it was not easy to see the road. They were not able to move too fast throughout the day. In the evening while passing a fork in the road they saw a group of cars trying to move – the road was very deep. A few of the cars were flooded and unable to move.

Nearby water users were trying to deal with the rain and several water-soaked power users were pulling the car out.

Luo Xun took a long look from the southern road and forward – it would take at least two or three days to return home. Who knew if their drainage facilities would not work? If the base was properly sealed? If they went back to find the basement and underground rooms were flooded…they would not be able to survive.

In the past, after entering the city Luo Xun drove a full three days. Before that it took nearly two days to arrive at the city. This rainfall on their way back made them feel like the road was very long.

Fortunately, there was a water user in their team. When they were unable to tell if there were any holes in the road, Song Lingling was able to help. In the end, the two ladies’ car was moved to the front with Zhang Yi on the rear. Song Lingling split the water to clear the road.

In this way, although a lot of trouble, their caution let them avoid a crisis in advance.

One should know, although many places in A-city looked repaired, with damage caused by zombies and other battles, the ground was more fragile.

If the damage was obvious, at most the road becomes hard to pass. But if the ground was hollowed out with a layer of asphalt on top, they were walking in blind!

Due to the heavy rain, many spots of the road had directly collapsed. Teams driving to this place were likely to get trapped.

Thus, the previously estimated three days of travel turned into five days. During the last three days the rain stopped but the water remained on the road as an obstacle.

At noon on the fifth day, the group once again saw familiar farmland, mutant plants which calmed everyone’s hearts.

The terrain here was relatively high, at least the water on the highway had receded. Only a few even places had puddles. But the roadside farmland seemed to have turned into a field of water. The sun hitting the waves almost blinded their eyes.

“If someone falls in there, are they going to drown?” Han Li’s voice came from a phone.

“Maybe you can swim in it, do you want to try?”

“You try, god knows if there will be any mutant animals in it.”

“Was the farmland so deep before? How did it rain once and become a lake?”

The team was chatting only to hear sounds in the distance. They raised their heads and were surprised to find something had arrived at the water fields or swamp? Anyway there were water birds leisurely floating on top of the water before flapping their wings! And there were quite a few of them!

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