Chapter 219 Man House

Though the things were scattered in several other buildings, they actually found a lot of good things. Not to mention they also found a shopping mall behind the warehouse. Li TIe’s spirits soared, to replace any potential broken furniture, they filled their car as much as possible!

After the digital and monitoring equipment, the team when straight to another building ready to grab a few more mobile phones, plus game consoles in order to bring back home.

They walked downstairs with a flashlight in hand since the elevator was down. Zhang Yi struck with wind while Yan Fei immediately erected a metal wall which stopped two things. Judging from the sound, the things forced through the wind before hitting the metal.

“There’s more!” Zhang Yi had just spoken when something came from above. Yan Fei sealed the top in order to protect the team.

“Slowly back away towards the elevator entrance.” Luo Xun ordered. The ground floor was completely dark, how could they defend against something they could not see. Best to retreat for now.

The metal wall moved slowly in tandem with the team, from time to time there were pinging noises. Because the area was small, the sound rang through their ears and numbed them.

Yan Fei moved the metal to check for any damage. He felt fortunate that since his level rose to five, it did not take much effort to refine metal and it was much stronger.

Just as they moved to the elevator entrance, there came a shrill twisting sound around the entire metal plate.

“There’s something scratching the metal, it’s pretty fast!” Yan Fei was the first to react, he repaired whatever was scratched. But the thing was very fast, sooner or later he would not be able to keep up.

Luo Xun looked at him with some surprise but no worry as he brought out a metal box. Yan Fei did not say anything but bonded the box with the wall. The box elongated and the harsh noise became lighter, before disappearing. There was the sound of struggling flapping and sizzling.

The box that Luo Xun have Yan Fei was carrying mushroom juice, also used for the hand grenades. They could also use it to replenish the water guns when necessary.

Just now, Yan Fei had wrapped the box around the wall and poured the juice into the grooves. Once the metal wall was broken, naturally the liquid would splash onto the attackers.

“It’s not big, probably a bird.” Luo Xun analyzed after hearing the sounds outside.

At this time Yan Fei had opened all the grooves and poured mushroom juice outside the wall. The things obviously suffered large injuries on contact and fell down.

“These kinds of things are small but fast.” Zhang Yi lifted a finger and said, “Open a gap.”

Yan Fei opened a small hole near him. Zhang Yi immediately used his power and attacked the enemies with wind blades.

Then he noted, “They are all wind types.” So the speed was increased further.

Although the monsters attacking were wind types and gave some trouble, since they were stained with mushroom juice, with their small size, the results were obvious.

Zhang Yi checked the situation and determined that nothing was left. Yan Fei prepared some metal in case. The team slowly climbed down and finally reached the next floor.

Upon arrival, they looked around to identify their attackers – bats. Not zombies, they were mutant ones with a similar size to normal ones.

A few bats were flailing on the ground as the team exchanged looks. “Where did these things come from?”

Before the end, how many years had someone from the city seen a bat? Luo Xun remembered seeing bats in the alley catching mosquitoes in his hometown when he was a child. But since renovations had occurred, there had been no more of them. Not to mention bats, even creatures such as swallows and dragonflies were rare in the heart of cities.

So it was amazing to see mutated bats. Who knows where these things come from? Did they enter the city after the apocalypse? Or did they live nearby and recently moved into the building?

Whatever the reason, they quickly killed the downed creatures and removed the nuclei from their bodies.

Indeed, as Zhang Yi said, these bats were actually wind type, but they were surprised that they had been level five. It was a pity that there was only the core left, and it was not possible to study how it was different from other bats.

Zhang Yi held the level five bat core, could this small thing really increase his level? Really did not need something bigger?

“In the evening you can use the other level four wind crystals to proceed. Your power has been at the apex of four for a while.” Luo Xun comforted.

In fact, Zhang Yi had it hard, of the cores they found in the mutant farmland, wind had the lowest proportion. Even if they were found, they were below level three. No way, who let wind types above level three learn how to fly in the sky? If they did not encounter wind types that attacked, how would they get those cores?

Fortunately, the number of non-elemental cores was quite large. Zhang Yi could usually use these cores. Now this level five core was better than nothing.

There should be no danger in the basement and everyone, especially Li Tie was excited. They went straight to the special sale counter and selected the last few phones. They were ready to be brought back to be slowly used, regardless of whether they were second hand.

After getting these things, the group of guys found at least three game and desktop counters. The major pre-apocalypse brands were all good so they picked from those.

“We can leave one in each room and set up a separate room for gaming…we’ll bring back the maximum number of TVs from the shop! Bring it all back!”

“Luo Xun, there’s still room in the car right?”

“Adapter, adapter…”

Luo Xun rolled his eyes, “Yes, we have wheels in the car and can add a car to the two trucks.”

They had already made up their minds before coming in case they found too many things and needed expansion. Yan Fei studied the design of the vehicle and prepared the metal, ready to expand at any time.

After those words, another cheer sounded and the five men changed into shoppers, bringing boxes of things into the trailer without end…

Each room would have a TV…the number was already staggering, along with the variety of game disks they needed. In addition, each person would get a phone…

Luo Xun silently looked at the trailers getting filled with things, bring back this pile of game consoles seemed like an illusion.

Forget it, anyway there would be a lot of free time in the future. They did not want to run around in order to find ways to pass the time.

After moving the consoles home, the team swept a shop that specializes in computer games. They did not care if the discs were duplicated, they took as many as possible. When all these things were moved, they used metal baskets (due to the fragmented boxes, Yan Fei upgraded the trailer. They had made six or seven round trips – the mall elevators were useless.

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