Chapter 227 Bouncy Castle

“What is the purpose of installing a camera?” Yan Fei put down the plans and suddenly asked.

“Monitor the nearby sections of road.” Luo Xun looked at him in confisuion and wondered what he was hinting at.

“Then if something passed by at night and came towards our side but everyone is sleeping, what use are the cameras?” Yan Fei continued to say.

Luo Xun was surprised and did not answer.

“If those things just pass on the road and don’t come to our base, would they be of any use?” Luo Xun rubbed his head, “You mean that since night vision is not very useful, for our safety it is better to not install…” He sighed and smiled, “Indeed, if people pass by they would not rush in the darkness. After all, road conditions are more dangerous. There is not much use monitoring even mutant animals or zombies wandering around since we don’t go out at nigh.”

“Brother Luo, we’ll check and see if the function can be modified and used later, otherwise demolishing it would not be too much trouble.” Li Tie elbowed Luo Xun.

“Yes, don’t go talking about senseless destruction, we’ll use it if we can.”

Luo Xun slapped a hand on the table, “First eat then we can study how to set up the cameras in a way that will not attract the attention of passerby!”

Everyone had roasted meat from the two waterbirds left behind by the wolves. The day before they had processed one and today they roasted the second.

The remaining bones were thrown into a pot by the two women and booked until now. The milk white bone soup’s aroma filled the whole room, everyone’s stomachs started to grumble.

Each person had a bowl of soup sprinkled with green onion with the rest on the table. The rich taste filled their stomachs.

There were two pots with stewed leeks, these were true vegetable dishes. In addition to meat, there were potatoes, beans, dried eggplant, cabbage, noodles and mushrooms…Almost all the vegetables grown at home were put inside.

In addition, there were a variety of sauces on a small plate.

The dishes may be simple but the nutrition was taken care of. Once they got busy, they would not let the two ladies cook labor intensive stir-fry. Anyway, there was a lot of pork at home, they stewed a large pot of pork belly. Any leftovers would be frozen to be heated as needed. With the variety of vegetables at home, delicious food was easy to get, why not eat their fill?

After they had enough, the team continued with the day’s work. They needed to make a lot of furniture and produce a variety of daily necessities. Also needed to install cameras and make metal shelves for the empty rooms in the basement…As a result Yan Fei was the busiest person at home.

After finishing with his design, Luo Xun dropped this pile of paper and quickly led the group of inefficient men to lay out the room.

For example, using sponges as mattresses and cushions on the metal chairs, even using dried straw to make mats and small baskets was definitely not in line with their previous work.

Xu Mei and Song Lingling were responsible for cleaning up the feathers which they could use to make down jackets and duvets. The two water birds from yesterday were small and had more softer feathers that Luo Xun collected.

Before dealing with the two water birds, Luo Xun had the team remove all the soft down from the head, neck, belly and wings. The team not only had these two bird’s feathers but they also kept quails at home! Although they rarely ate their quails, when they did there would also be useable feathers. At the present, the accumulated amount was quite a lot.

Now the two ladies were responsible for cleaning and drying these things.

Finally, Yu Xinran was not busy and ate lunch and accompanied the small bun in napping with Puppy lying near the bed as a guard. After a good nap, she sat at the table and did her homework. When she was done she took out some of the most beautiful leftover feathers to play with – the feathers were more attractive than game consoles right now in the eyes of the smallest family members.

Creating home furniture could not be easy. In order to save his lover’s physical and mental strength he led the others in doing embroidery as well as woodworking: cutting, grinding and treatment.

After all, if the room was only a metallic color, would it not be depressing after a while? In addition, wood products are comfortable to use and would also make good decorations. Finally, his lover was busy, why should the others be idle?

But Luo Xun miscalculated since the other members were not really suitable for this kind of work, their progress was akin to a turtle. Half a day was not enough for even a seat cushion. On the other hand, Yan Fei designed and completed most of the required furniture after two or three days of effort!

“These sofas, chairs and shelves are very simple and easy to set up.” Yan Fei poked his lover’s forehead when Luo Xun had a surprised look. “Did you forget? My ability rose to level five.”

“That’s right!” Luo Xun remembered and then asked, “Have you developed any new abilities these two days? Can the metal fence get more reinforced?”

Yan Fei held his chin and thought for a moment, “The metal can be refined as usual but my sensing is not as obvious as before. After a few days of making furniture, I noticed some differences.” He pointed at his feet, “I now seem to feel the metal content from the soil, stones and even plants…

“…Plants?” Luo Xun looked at him blankly, soil and stone he could understand but… a plant? “Well… what about animals?” If Yan Fei could feel the metal inside animals then what about the human body…

Yan Fei shook his head and said comfortingly, “Even if I concentrate, I can’t sense the metal inside of animals and humans but in the future…I’m not sure either. As for plants, isn’t there iron in vegetables like spinach at home. I tried to see if I could absorb but how much is inside that? It likely does not compare to Song Lingling’s juice recipes.”

As he spoke, he picked up a piece of metal from somewhere and handed it to Luo Xun. “On my signal, throw it at me.” Yan Fei took two steps back and waved.

Luo Xun was puzzled as he raised his hand and threw the metal at Yan Fei. An inch from his body, the metal suddenly reversed direction and flew in the opposite direction!

“…Did you do that?” Yan Fei could control metal and use it to attack. Luo Xun naturally knew this, so what was he testing?

Since Luo Xun did not understand, Yan Fei explained, “This is not active control, I seem to unconsciously form a magnetic field that only excludes metal.” He wondered, “What can I use this magnetic force for?”

Luo Xun was suddenly excited and patted Yan Fei on the shoulder. “Maybe it’s an area attack? You go back and rest, maybe there are other unexpected effects!”

Sure enough, rising to level five seemed to be very different. Luo Xun was curious about what the other classes of ability would show when at level five? It was a pity that in the team only Yan Fei and Song Lingling had successfully risen to level five.

Zhang Yi had a level five wind core from the bat but had not used it yet since his ability had not reached the peak. Song Lingling’s level five water ability did not seem to have any anti-flying field so they could only temporarily wait and see.

After Yan Fei made the furniture in each room, Luo Xun grabbed hom to handle installing the camera inside and to check the wires. Xu Mei and Song Lingling had handled the feathers at home and took over the sewing. The other people could breathe a sigh of relief to speak and decided to help complete the playroom for Yu Xinran.

Before they left the castle and all kinds of toys in the corner of the second floor classroom, there were some things left that had not been removed. A few people in high spirits quickly moved these things to an empty room on the first floor and blew up the little girl’s bouncy castle.

Although there was a machine at the kindergarten, it had been out in the open, soaked in who knows how much rain. Fortunately Luo Xun had cleared out a hardware shop for cases similar to this.

This bouncy castle included a trampoline, there would be no problems for even grown-ups going inside, let alone a young girl.

After blowing up the castle, a group of people took off their shoes and checked around. Although they dared not make too much noise there was a sense of childhood nostalgia.

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