Chapter 220 Overnight

The Otaku squad’s outing was an absolute success with various flagship stores selling a variety of digital products near their area. Almost all the apocalypse survivors had no interest in these things. After the end, they grabbed food, water, clothes and so on. After the base was settled, they had solar panels that could provide electricity, the few people at the top could enjoy these things.

Other than some shops that were destroyed by zombies and other damage, Luo Xun and the others would have a rich harvest after finding remaining warehouses.

Li Tie’s group had a tech filled home before the end, so this destination was very familiar. They would often come to this neighborhood. On one hand it was related to their hobbies, on the other many graduates from their school worked as programmers in the nearby office building. They had spoken with alumni and got a goal and direction.

The result of the harvest was that Yan Fei added a car to the trucks loaded with all their things before hitting the road back home.

Luo Xun chatted with Yan Fei in a good mood. “We won’t have to come out and find these sorts of things for the next few years! But we need to think of something for furniture, otherwise you’ll have to make them. And stuffing used in things like pillows would be somewhat difficult.”

Yan Fei had no opinion, he just smiled and adjusted the baby’s posture. “I just rose to level five so I can rely on the ability to find more materials. For furniture…” He mused, “Didn’t Li Tie mark a few places where they might be supplies? There must be a furniture store marked near our base.”

“There are.” Luo Xun nodded. “There are several but don’t forget that a large area was bombed at the start of the apocalypse? Some furniture malls were in that area. There is the possibility of encountering a large number of zombies…” But it is better in the southern part of the city. Far fewer people head south searching for supplies compared to north and east.”

This point was from their previous trips. Their new base is located further south than the other base. In order to find metal, wood and other things they came out many times but rarely encountered any base teams.

But this time on the way north, they saw some vehicles almost everyday. Even yesterday when they were collecting things from the electronics mall, they aw a convoy of cars rush past. These two days they found some other shops but without exception all were empty, the only thing left were these electronics that could not be eaten.

“Well, we can look south, aren’t there any other cities? The roads seem to be in good condition according to the satellite. The baby grabbed Yan Fei’s finger and started to suckle, he seemed hungry.

“If it’s not safe, I can use metal.” He wanted to practice with his powers anyway.

Furniture matters were temporarily put aside, there was enough at home for the time being. They wanted to collect this kind of thing to improve the quality of life, but it was not absolutely required. So once the place was picked, they moved forward.

It took two days to find enough supplies to fill up all the space in the car. In the evening Luo Xun’s team was ready to find a resting place but instead found a team parked on the roadside cooking on a fire.

“Leader, there’s a team in front, what should we do?” They had spent the previous night and there were no zombies in the area. This time they wanted to spend another night but did not expect a team.

Luo Xun raised his telescope, “Don’t worry about them. Let’s overnight at this intersection and have watch rotations at night.”

During the apocalypse, people who went out on missions avoided each other for two reasons – fear of being robbed and grudges. But they also hoped that if there was a sudden attack, the zombies would attack the other team first, giving a chance to get away.

So while they needed to be more cautious, they did not have much to be concerned about.

Sure enough, seeing that Luo Xun were camping a distance away, the other team did not send people to investigate the situation. But with a quick check, seeing that Luo Xun’s group seemed to be large, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Luo Xun got off the var and did not directly find a roadside house, but instead had Yan Fei make a small metal house under the cover of their vehicles.

Because the other team was not far away, they deliberately set observation windows and two hour shifts. The team would have their weapons nearby in case of any accident.

At two in the morning, the two women woke up Luo Xun and Yan Fei for their shift. The former closed their eyes and fell asleep not long after snuggling under the covers.

Luo Xun held back his yawn and looked outside. From the gap they could see the other side had people around the fire on watch. From time to time they would turn towards their group, apparently worried that the other would take action at night.

“It should be all right.” Luo Xun kneaded his eyes and washed his face with water to reinvigorate himself.

“They can’t see the situation here and I have set up a detection net.” Yan Fei patted Luo Xun on the shoulder and whispered, “You can sleep longer.”

Luo Xun shook his head, “No, the watch is only two hours and then we can go to bed.”

Yan Fei used a similar net mesh as he had done of the southwest base roof. But now that his level increased, the metal mesh was thinner than hair. More amazing was that the surface would not be reflected.

Their campsite was covered with objects within a ten meter radius. The metal mesh was erected on the periphery and surrounded their location.

In this way, no matter what approached Yan Fei would find the problem straight away.

This method was something he was going to add to their secret entrance. That way if someone approached, he would spot them.

Thinking of that, Yan Fei realized he had nodded off and turned to look at the trucks. There were so many cameras but these could only judge the surface situation.

The two men whispered from time to time, looking at the outside. There were people walking around the other fire, as if changing shifts.

Luo Xun confirmed that the new people did not notice them. He whispered to Yan Fei about how they should arrange their rooms at home. Suddenly there was a flash.

At first, he thought it was someone with a flashlight but after there was a faint sound. “It’s going to rain?”

Right? Summer is coming, are thunderstorms not normal?

This year since the beginning of spring, there were only a few scattered instances of rain but nothing heavy, Now with this thunder and lightning, there was the feeling of summer.

“It’s raining…fortunately we’ve finished packing things.” Luo Xun smiled at Yan Fei. “Those shopping malls are not too damaged other than the glass. We might find many good things.”

A lot of things they got back this time were found in the basement and other places. In case of water damage, who knows what things they would find later.

Yan Fei immediately raised his hand and sealed the roof – the solar panels were mounted on top of their car.

As for the panels at home? Luo Xun cleverly put the panels inside glass with a layer of metal on the outside so heavy rainfall was not a problem.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 220 Overnight

  1. Thanks for the update! Why do I feel something ominous may be coming, lol. I guess it’s just one of those classic scenes, two rival teams in an unspoken standoff, lightning flashes, it suddenly starts pouring down, 99% of the time, something bad is about to happen next >.>

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  2. After binge reading these 220 chapters, imma say a BIIIIIIG THANK YOU!!!! It’s one of my favorite web novels, takes place one together with Mo Dao Zu Shi. To be able to read it is a blessing and I really love ya for it😆

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  3. I love how Yan Fei, the young master and boss before the apocalypse has become so placid. For the most part, he doesn’t really have many opinions on things anymore. It’s so cute.


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