Chapter 225 Wolf and Bird

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“After returning, we will not come out for the time being. Since we found some furniture, we can use the metal, cloth and sponges to add to the rooms.” Luo Xun faced the crowd around the fire after eating dinner.

“Luo Xun, would you like us to go to those neighborhoods?” Han Li proposed.

“Neighborhood?” Luo Xun turned around.

“Yeah! Check who has furniture! Didn’t those people go to the mall and take things? They would not necessarily move all the furniture out of the house if they were going to run away. Aren’t we just looking for furniture anyway?”

“That is a way…” Luo Xun mused looking out of the window around the area. “Then tomorrow we search the area to see if we can find anything.”

As long as the neighborhood had not been searched by post-end specialized teams, they might not find other things but furniture things should still be present.

During their rare outing, although they found some things, it was not much so they were reluctant. So they decided to try again and search.

Early the next morning, the team of people drove into a nearby neighborhood and casually selected a building to search. Although there were still some things, most of the wood furniture, beds, shelves and so on had been torn down.

“What’s going on with these things? If it’s not soaked by rain, then it was removed.” This repeated for five or six buildings, everyone could not ignore this scene.

“It should have been taken away for firewood.” Luo Xun was not too surprised as he circled around the room.

It was impossible to live on base without fire. Other than those with fire abilities, survivors would need to make a fire in order to stay warm and eat.

What does one need to make a fire? Coal and wood. The wood must have been deliberately by people after the apocalypse. What Luo Xun was unsure about was whether the furniture had been removed by people from base looking for supplies? Or local survivors after the end?

After thinking about it, Luo Xun got up and said, “Let’s go back home.” As he spoke, he explained to some surprised people, “There should be people here or survivors and we won’t find anything useful now. We should hurry back to the car and plan for home.”

Now that they could not find anything, they might as well go back early.

Luo Xun actually wondered, there was a lot of obviously soaked furniture in the commercial street, but they were still sources of wood? Why did the people who came to collect supplies only take from the neighborhood houses? Luo Xun and team only saw soaked items.

There may be other possibilities, but Luo Xun paid them no mind since he could not analyze things like Sherlock Holmes.

But since there was nothing worth collecting around Luo Xun had no interest in staying here. They went downstairs and climbed back into their cars and left town.

Although they did not fill up the car this time, their harvest was pretty good with some thought. But it was a pity since the two large trucks they brought were useless. But Luo Xun decided, on the way back they would fill the rest of the space with fallen wood. No one was bothered by the idea.

Yan Fei collected metal from the road while driving out. Their route was similar to the one when they entered. They passed the high rise buildings where a large bird had made a nest.

Luo Xun looked at the roof building and determined that the nest was empty, so it was safe to go out.

Yan Fei who was collecting metal, suddenly stopped and looked at the window. “There is something wrong over there.”

“What! What’s wrong?” Luo Xun quickly looked in the same direction towards the tall buildings.

“The metal is concentrated here…more than the neighborhoods we passed through before.” Yan Fei frowned and pointed at the road.

“Metal…concentrated? It’s not anything a metal ability user made?” Luo Xun spoke.

“It’s not that kind of concentration, I can feel the distribution of metal from a distance while collecting. It’s more like a lot of metal appliances, there is something more bountiful in this area compared to others.” Yan Fei explained his observation more accurately.

Luo Xun silently pondered before saying, “Maybe there were people who lived there, who knows if they are still there.”

It was perfectly normal for people to live in these kinds of buildings after the end and store the things that they collected. Or maybe they had already gone and left for a nearby base?

“Luo Xun, why did you suddenly stop?” Li Tie asked over the radio.

Luo Xun stopped to explain, “We feel like there may be someone in the neighborhood over there…Yan Fei said there seemed to be a lot of metal appliances concentrated in certain rooms but no specifics.”

The radio was silent until Xu Mei spoke, “Luo Xun, let’s not get into trouble and go straight home.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Luo Xun also found something reflective behind a window, such a lens of a telescope. On closer inspection, some of those windows were still intact and nailed shut, it was possible that people were still living there.

The survivors of the apocalypse had all kinds of living methods. If people could find a way to survive, they would not even not need to rely on an official base.

In fact, the urban ruins was not without survivors. Some entered the base but others refused and would rather keep their own land to live. Once they could find a way to escape the zombie’s pursuit and be ignored by other mutant creatures, they should be able to live. What’s more, there were also people exiled from base.

Luo Xun was not interested in attracting the attention of those survivors since the other side did not ask for help. If they crossed paths, who knows if they would get attacked instead. They did not want to provoke the A-city base, let alone these people.

The convoy roared out of the city, collecting metal, digging wood and drove all the way home. Their four cars and two temporary containers were full, so they returned happily. Then…they encountered the two wolves roaring while the water birds flapped their wings and jumping.

What was shocking was that when the wolves caught up to where the birds congregated, the waterbirds turned around and attacked the wolves! Were they really getting chased around by birds much smaller than them?!

“…Luo Xun, what are we going to do?” One person asked while holding back laughter.

Luo Xun’s face at this time: (/゚Д゚)/

Luo Xun did not expect that these two wolves were actually so…weak? Being chased by a flock of water birds was hard to look at. What about their momentum with the cattle and pigs? Was it because those had no abilities?!

Perhaps hearing the tragic, defeated, cries, Puppy looked up with glowing eyes and barked.

Luo Xun silently looked at the dog’s head protruding from between the chairs and felt he saw joy on the dog’s face. He was not sure if it was an illusion.

“They’re coming at us.” Yan Fei’s voice brought Luo Xun’s attention back to the front. He was even more speechless, perhaps the two wolves had heard Puppy’s cry and actually led a group of enemies stampeding towards them!

“…Defenses up, everybody get ready to fight.” Who knows if this trick was scapegoating or a cry for help. Luo Xun helplessly ordered and could only prepare to meet the enemy. It was fortunate that they only had to face a flock of water birds rather than a herd of larger creatures so they should be able to cope.

Create a metal shield, tripwires and mesh.

Before the team had prepared the traps, the wolves had already arrived. The pair did not shy away and directly jumped on the roof trucks while heading towards the back of the convoy!

“Stop them!” Luo Xun could not scold the wolves and could only focus on the enemy. All kinds of energy meshed together with metal so the birds did not react right away. A bunch hit the metal walls and mesh…

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