Chapter 228 Little Days during the Apocalypse

Luo Xun and Yan Fei were the last to enter the game room and found that the structure of the room had changed. The location of the bouncy castle was blown up and at the back of the room instead of closer to the door.

Yu Xinran was happily jumping on top with a flushed face. Xu Mei and Song Lingling had also taken off their shoes and were jumping in their socks. But the adults had to control themselves in case a careless jump would result in a collision with the wall.

Luo Xun silently looked at the three women inside and asked while looking around, “Where’s Puppy?” His dog liked to play with Yu Xinran, why was she not with her?

Li Tie, who was resting on a bench near the door, pointed towards the playground. “There, with your son.”

The two had barely walked a few steps to see Puppy had actually crawled into the ball pit and was prancing around. The small bun was in the stroller, staring with grape-like eyes and reaching for some small things hanging from above.

Next to the pram were four animal-shaped rocking chairs. At this time, Wang Duo and Zhang Yi were giving out dog food. Fortunately, the two were light and would not break anything.

In addition to the inflatable pool filled with balls that could also be turned into a mini-pool for the children, there were rocking animals, a small swing and a playground made of doors, pipes, and slides for children to explore. The end of the slide connected with the ball pool.

In addition, there was an area with a circle of tables and chairs where the children could play some other types of games or work on their homework.

“If we have the chance, we’ll bring these kinds of things back and fill the room later.” Luo Xun looked at the group and crouched over the pram with a smile. Seeing Luo Xun appear in front of him, the baby left the toys and stretched his hands towards Luo Xun while babbling.

Their child would grow up one day. Having this children’s room built would let him enjoy childhood even though it was the apocalypse.

Wang Duo and Zhang Yi could not resist watching Luo Xun by the pram exuding a maternal light. The two stood up and Zhang Yi said, “You could think about giving him a few more siblings.”

Luo Xun squinted at him, “A family is good with one child, why don’t you consider having one?” Some people did not know how to keep their mouths shut.

Not much later, Yu Xinran left the bouncy castle and sat on the swing. The couple smiled while feeding the hungry baby the washed cream fruit.

How long had it been since the apocalypse started that she had not felt this carefree? Being able to play, not worry about hunger or encountering terrifying zombies, this was simply heavenly.

Her age was young but with their cautious life at the previous base and the busy work after moving out, she actually had very little carefree playtime.

Li Tie and the others excitedly found a useless plank lying around and wrote three characters “The Game Room”, two of the words had some mistakes so the overall effect was extremely ugly.

After they had finished and hung up the sign, Zhang Yi gently poured cold water on their efforts. “There is a lot of paint left in the house.” Could not write words let alone using a brush to paint? Even if the writing was bad everything could be rewritten with another layer of paint, were they stupid?

The four people who had their IQ questioned were speechless before directing angry eyes on Wang Duo – who let his lover have a sharp tongue? Who runs his mouth? Someone like that should be thoroughly educated at home!

Perhaps because of the game room, people all of a sudden seemed younger. Each person enthusiastically set up their new home and also actively worked to improve the quality of life on base.

After much deliberation, the office next door was opened and arranged as a room dedicated to playing various game consoles.

A large TV hung on the wall with a sofa with Luo Xun’s sponge cushions facing it. There were also a variety of large and small seats and other furniture.

Most of the games here were party-type games that people could play together. If someone wanted to play the handheld, they could also play in this room.

As a result, both children and adults had a place to have fun. It gave their new home an inexplicable sense of ease.

After the room was roughly arranged, Luo Xun and Yan Fei discussed for a while and the two decided to not set up any outside cameras for the time being. After all, although they could set up pipes, the wires were connected to their base. Once discovered, if the other side had either earth or metal users, their base would definitely be discovered.

During the apocalypse, there were all kinds of abilities. If someone found out and had nefarious intentions towards their home, they would not be able to have a quiet life.

In exchange, Luo Xun set up metal shelves at the highest point with cameras to monitor the surroundings. Although the distance was not too far because of height, at least it was relatively much safer?

Luo Xun’s current bed was from the previous base so they had no need for a new one. Their personal belongings from base had all been put in their rooms along with any furniture.

Due to the room size, he contributed a sofa and coffee table. One of the new sofas was temporarily left in the game room and the ladies also got a wardrobe.

Yan Fei made the rest of the furniture using his ability so the situation was pretty good.

The room was not completely finished since this was a place they would use for a long time. It would be slowly changed according to personal interests. But the room already had a lively atmosphere. Once the furniture was done, Luo Xun took the cleaned and dried stones to the greenhouse orchard for a paved stone road.

In addition to these stones, there were tiles that they had brought from base and collected the last time. Some were used for the gate and others set aside, so the effect was good. Although the colors were different, they could be mixed and matched.

During this busy time, the weather outside was getting hotter by the day. Just two days ago, heavy rain poured under the hot sun so they spend another two days underground.

Luo Xun and the team were very glad they had built their base early so they no longer had to go out for supplies and could stay at home. They got up early each day to water the crops, clean the huts, check the orchard for mutations and then harvest any matured crops.

The weather was still gloomy today but it was not raining. The group of men and women gathered in the game room. Li Tie and Han Li were in front of the big TV playing a very famous zombie game before the apocalypse. The others watched or played other games.

Luo Xun walked in with a tray followed by Yan Fei. The others in the game room naturally welcomed the chance to eat his home cooking. Since people would end up eating in the game room, the usual entertainment time was gradually transferred over, leaving the canteen table out in the cold.

Luo Xun entered to hear a squishing sound from the television and saw a zombie that the pair of gamers had killed.

“Eat, it’s the apocalypse and you are playing games with zombies.” Luo Xun could not help but say while placing the meal on the new round table.

However, each person would eat their portion sitting on the sofa. They would watch and play while eating their meals.

“I’m not afraid.” Li Tie paused the game, shook his hands and looked at the table. “How many real zombies have we killed, let alone fake? To be honest I was scared when I played this game before the apocalypse. Now I’m not scared at all when playing.”

“Right? This is the result of tempering.”

The others also got up from the other corner of the room with six computer tables. He Qiankun, Wu Xin, Wang Duo, and Song Lingling were sitting at the computer playing a real-time strategy game. Since Luo Xun brought the meal they stopped to get some food.

“Come on, let’s go ahead with the show that we didn’t watch yesterday.”

The group of people were eating lunch while watching a blood-soaked zombie movie. No one felt tired or uncomfortable, it was a heavy taste.

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  1. Tbh when they were collecting the games and stuff, I was contemplating the chance of them picking up a zombie-themed game since those are so popular, and it turns out they did… lol.

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  2. Since it’s the apocalypse, the little girl can watch and play that zombie stuff too lol

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    I always wanted a really cool gaming room, but that will never happen D:

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  3. Watching zombie games and movies during the apocalypse, truly hard core fans of zombies! No one can compare! 😂

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