Chapter 224 Thieves Do Not Leave Empty-Handed

Facing the pile of water-logged snow, Luo Xun did not know if they would find any good things here. However even if there was not much hope, they were going to have to check it out anyway. Just because their group has a good life did not mean they would not put these things in their eyes. Who knows how long the apocalypse would last? If they waited another three or five years, they would only find some city ruins and be unable to harvest anything.

The group of people walked around the first floor hall with depressing results. The furniture, regardless of material had gone bad or was damaged, there was no way to grab anything good.

But after a bit, they found some things that were not water damaged – such as hanging tiles and the sample toilet in the shop…

Although there were not many things present, the tiles and so on could be used for decorating and the toilet was a spare, better than nothing right? What was more, there were a lot of smart toilet covers at home! When they left the base, those rings could be washed together and brought to the new home.

As they wandered outside a side store, Luo Xun found several bags filled to the brim piled in the corner. He opened the bag and looked inside – a pile of various colored stone for home decoration were soaking in water!

The water in the bag was evidently from the previous storm. Luo Xun roughly counted and found that there were more than ten of these bags filled with cobblestone!

“Take it, we can use these to pave the roads and the orchard area!” As soon as they saw the things, they were in a hurry to remove the water and collect the materials.

Luo Xun temporarily stopped the others and smiled at Song Lingling, “Can you pull out the water here?”

“No problem.” Song Lingling smiled and waved, the water in the bags was immediately pumped out to the side. The group looked at the stones that were no longer wet, a dryer could not compare to her ability.

The squad put these things into the car and went straight to the second floor. Most of this floor was selling more decorative furniture such as sofas and so on along with fabrics and cushions. Everyone circled around to pick some relatively clean sofas before removing the cloth covering to let Song Lingling drain the water from the sofa cushions.

What made Luo Xun more excited was they actually found large rolls of sponges in one shop!

This shop was away from the broken roof. Although there was rain, only the top layer was affected by moisture and was not completely soaked. The team was happy and busy while Song Lingling once again drained the water and packed away the items.

Sponges were very light but voluminous, Luo Xun could only compress them as much as possible before stuffing them into the car.

After loading all the things, Luo Xun contentedly patted the door. “This is good, although we did not find a working mattress, laying these on the bed would be fine. Plus we have these sponges for when winter comes.”

“Luo Xun, are we going anywhere else to look for supplies?” An excited He Qiankun asked.

“Yes, I remember there’s a mall nearby, let’s go over there and see if there’s anything to gain.” With their occasional trips, Luo Xun naturally wanted to grab as much as possible and they would not leave empty-handed.

The convoy continued to a nearby shopping mall, which looked good from the outside. There were little problems with the walls except almost all the glass was broken.

They parked the car and headed upstairs. The group began to wander around the first floor and found that all the cabinets were robbed, even those selling high-end cosmetics and perfumes. Only some scattered makeup boxes were left on the ground.

The team sighed and could only climb the stopped escalator to the second floor. On that floor, they looked at the empty watch counter and the broken brand stores before silently continuing upwards.

The shopping mall seemed to have been thoroughly emptied. After sweeping back and forth several times, it seemed it was Luo Xun’s turn to arrive at a location where nothing was left.

The empty-handed group had to leave and wandered around the district’s small commercial areas.

Unfortunately, while there may not have been many attacks or survivors, the only large shopping mall in the busy area had been swept clean. However it was not a supply run in vain since they found some cloth in a curtain shop.

Everyone was preparing to casually find a place to stay the night before leaving when Luo Xun suddenly noticed a kindergarten.

“What’s going on?” Yan Fei inexplicably looked at the kindergarten with the broken glass door, was there something to see?

Luo Xun shook his head and pointed. “Let’s go look and see if we can find anything.” There was a seven or eight year old girl and a baby at home, where else would they find children’s things than a kindergarten?

Although not holding much hope in case the place did not live up to expectations, they were surprised to find a small bouncy castle in the small playground in the back.

Perhaps an event was being held before the apocalypse. They could vaguely tell from the very tattered red banners that someone had sponsored the activities.

Luo Xun carefully examined the deflated castle and confirmed that there were no tears or leaks. Other than the grime, there were no other problems!

Looking inside again, fine there was a lot of rain inside!

“Get rid of the water! Bring it back!” Luo Xun waved with excitement – the children had a playground! This trip was not in vain!

With this experience, the team went to some other stores that kids might go to as well places parents would bring them – for example fast food restaurants.

Sure enough, although there were no bouncy castles, there were toys and plastic balls. Everyone looked around but there was regret from time to time. “Unfortunately we did not look carefully when we visited the city before, otherwise we could have saved how many children’s toys?”

They managed to find these things now but not many since it was on the edge of the city, so the things they found were simpler. The castle was a good find but they had no replacements if anything broke.

But something was better than nothing. Looking at Yu Xinran’s bright eyes, they felt that there had been no wasted effort.

“These things can be disinfected after we bring it back.” Luo Xun said in thought, it was the first time they had filled the cars but there was little weight to it.

Xu Mei suddenly asked, “Are we going to put these things in the orchard or somewhere else?”

Luo Xun pondered, “Do you want to leave it on the second floor? Empty a classroom – the space is large enough with good lighting. We can also put the bouncy castle there just for the children to play.”

One of the rooms on the second floor was converted into a house, another with a battery connected to the solar panels and another was filled with fridges.

“Then move the freezers to the first floor.” If there was not enough space, dig underground. A lot of things had been transferred after the underground storage room was built. Even if there was not enough, there was no difficulty in digging further.

It was late and the team of people used the collected metal from the area to build a makeshift room. During the day there had been no traces of zombies and the only mutant animal they had seen was the flying bird. Of course this was since they only circled a specific area and did not head deeper. Perhaps the animals had moved elsewhere.

The group sat around the fire. The weather had recently been getting hotter, especially from noon to three in the afternoon. When the sun was overhead, it made people feel dizzy. Fortunately there were also benefits to the apocalypse since plants were crawling everywhere, they regulated the temperature somewhat.

At this time, although the metal room was hot, since the fire was small and Song Lingling could make a lot of water to help cool everyone down, it was somewhat comfortable.

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