Chapter 39 Beauty vs Beauty

Zhang Yi was half asleep when he seemed to feel someone walk forward, the sensation of going upstairs - his foot touched down on the stairs. After being put down Zhang Yi’s eyelids opened a crack - those people who absolutely did not have a good heart, who had framed and abandoned him. After leaving … Continue reading Chapter 39 Beauty vs Beauty


Chapter 35 Supermarket with Rich Flavor

TN: Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the bonus chapter ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。   Once the words exited Wu Xin’s mouth, the five people stared at each other. Make clothes? This looked like a big problem huh? Luo Xun’s face reddened, he only had a little skill with poor results. He could only use the sewing machine at home. … Continue reading Chapter 35 Supermarket with Rich Flavor