Chapter 223 Various Mutant Animals

Recently, Luo Xun had been speechless more often. Ever since the team had brought back various consoles, games, the whole team immediately became game addicts…When he went downstairs with a yawn to eat breakfast, he saw Yu Xinran with her head bowed playing the handheld. A sense of guilt and powerlessness immediately flourished.

What made him more guilty – last night he had played a fighting game on their new TV until Yan Fei turned off the electronics and dragged him to bed…

Yan Fei decided: Luo Xun was more serious and attentive playing games than when the pair slept together, he could not bear it.

“I have decided…tomorrow we go out looking for furniture. Then everyone can start designing and organizing their own rooms. Then we won’t put all of our energy into playing games.” Luo Xun touched his chin and made such a decision.

No way, who let most of the base tasks be done. Even if they wanted to plant things in the remaining space in the basement, they needed enough seeds to do so.

When they came back, the brought the things to the storeroom before dividing up the spoils. Each room had at least one of the new large televisions and each person had a notebook computer for the respective leisure.

These past two days they did not go out during the day. They woke up in the morning to take care of the crops and the rest of the time was almost all spent on playing games indoors. They were afraid of becoming shut-ins even with the apocalypse going on.

For the sake of the team’s health, leader Luo Xun must take control and make a good plan for the future.

As soon as Luo Xun finished, the team responded with enthusiasm.

“Okay, good! It’s best to bring back a few more beds. Sleeping on the ground is rough.”

“And furniture, cabinets. The rooms are a mess and a lot of places are disorganized.”

“I want a TV cabinet! A shelf for a game console, and a computer desk!”

“Comfortable sofa…”

Luo Xun did not expect such excitement from the team regarding his proposal, but also remembered that most of them were still sleeping on a makeshift metal bed. Although they are not that different from a regular one, but in reality it was very different. The board was so hard and very uncomfortable to sleep on.

However, Luou Xun also secretly suspected that when they would go out to find some furniture, it would be related to those things…He did not want to think about it.

After a break of nearly two days, the team got up early in the morning, packed up their things and drove away in their cars after breakfast.

It was still a pair of cars and trucks. After they went out, they sealed the tunnel entrance and saw that the number of birds in the distance had surged.

“…Do you want to eat foie gras?” Luo Xun touched his chin and elbowed Yan Fei.

Yan Fei glanced out the window and looked at the people around with a funny smile. “You want to eat? We’ll find a way to catch one when we come back if we are hungry.”

If the two wolves wanted to catch the prey, they would also have to find a way to fight which might be problematic even if they had abilities. But they were different, it would not be too difficult to capture this kind of bird in the water.

Although the birds had wings and could fly, the team could covertly use their ability to catch them so they would not be able to react in time.

The mutant animals were not zombies, even if they saw Luo Xun’s car and movement they would not take the initiative to attack. It was during winter when Luo Xun encountered mutant animals that attack on sight. The animals were hungry and would naturally target anything that would fill their mouths, not to mention a car was a big target.

The two men in the car secretly discussed how to cook a goose. In order to maximize the taste, they even discussed techniques on how to tell which goose liver was larger.

The people in other vehicles seemed to be discussing similar issues. They had a lot of meat in the fridge but it was all pork and beef. Although the team had quails which tasted good, bring back a larger variety of birds was also good.

The convoy drove to the target area, a town-sized shopping street near the edge of A-city.

Today, the bases were targeting material in the city but this remote urban area was more likely to be left behind.

Luo Xun and team picked this place with careful screening after two days of gaming. The geographic location was relatively remote. After the apocalypse the survivors would head towards the base. Before leaving they would search areas for food so not too many furniture items would be taken away.

In addition, there were no other bases in this direction except for the southwest base. After the bombing, it was unlikely that anyone else would come to collect supplies.

Following this train of thought, as long as their target location has not been destroyed by external forces, mainly getting flooded due to the previous days of heavy rain, they would certainly be able to collect a lot!

Even if water got into those places, Luo Xun’s team would still be able to find some usable things. Not to mention, the place was not too far from home so it would take less time then collecting the digital equipment.

After a day driving through the wilderness, the team saw high rise buildings appear.

During the last two years, every city was very fond of building high-rises with at least twelve floors. Many places even had buildings with over twenty floors that covered a relatively small area. Especially on the edges of the city in newly developed neighborhoods.

So Luo Xun could see those tall buildings even from a far distance.

Now those buildings were covered with green vegetation: climbing vines and other plants along with weeds had taken root in the gaps.

What really attracted the team’s line of sight was not the plants and buildings but above that…

“Luo Xun, is there a bird’s nest on top?”

“Luo Xun, why does that thing look identical to an eagle’s nest?!”

“It’s in the air! A bird…no eagle! It must be an eagle!”

A huge black creature spread its wings on the roof. Flying into the air, those wide wings, that strong posture…Luo Xun knew that this bird, if not an eagle was at least a mutant falcon.

Whether it was an eagle or falcon, it was not a good thing that they were being targeted right now!

“…How big should a normal eagle be? This guy won’t be able to snatch someone directly right?” Luo Xun felt his scalp go numb. At this distance, he could not estimate the bird’s size but knew that it should be able to grab a person and fly away.

Yan Fei said, “I don’t know what kind of bird it is, but we should not have been any eagles before the apocalypse.” For a city that did not even have bats, how could such a bird of prey be found?

The two people talked but heard the bird cry above their heads. Their hearts started to tremble, even Puppy inside the car stretched her neck with a curious look.

The convoy stopped and watched the bird’s movements in the sky. It circled in the air twice and then flew in the other direction. The team was relieved in response.

Wang Duo’s voice came through the walkie-talkie, “Leader, shall we continue?”

“Go.” Luo Xun paused before giving the order.

Everyone was shocked to this kind of creature outside a zoo in the wild, but if it did not attack, they would not take the advantage to provoke it.

Just like the two wolves near the base, like of birds in the field, Luo Xun had always left them alone so long as they were not attacked, with the exception of filling their stomachs. Especially with a large group, any battle would be relatively dangerous.

When the bird in the sky flew away, Luo Xun’s group set off again. After driving into the deserted city, the team finally found their destination this time – home goods mall.

“…Are we still going in?” Han Li could not help but ask looking at the building in front of him.

Luo Xun helplessly took a deep breath. “Go in and have a look.” Although he had little hope himself.

Thinking about the rain from a few days ago…Luo Xun did not hold any hope for this place, only hoped that this place had a warehouse which had some things.

This mall was mainly selling a variety of household items, which also included some furniture samples and decorations. With the heavy rain that occurred, one could image the tragedy inside. But even without the previous rain, since the roof had collapsed, the insides were estimated to be long gone.

If it was difficult to take those broken boards, it would better for Luo Xun to cut down some trees and get some good wood for furniture creation.

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