Chapter 222 After Heavy Rain

“…Did they really turn this into a pond? Why are they running around here?” After a while Luo Xun spat out.

“They’re not big enough to float in these puddles and if these are the kinds of water birds we encountered before, the ponds won’t be able to hold them.” Yan Fei also spoke after a while.

The two wolves from before not only drove over mutant duck and geese but also waterfowl after the rain.

Just when the crowd marveled at the phenomenon, there was a huge roar in the distance and the wolves in the area frolicked jubilantly in the water. The nearest water bird fluttered its wings and tried to fly away as fast as possible.

Luo Xun and team silently watched the scene while driving to the entrance of their base.

There was no water near the entrance, but the iron plate was slightly conspicuous as the paint was washed away by the rain. Fortunately, this neighborhood was relatively remote, most of the surrounding houses had been demolished leaving only a few broken walls.

The degree of dilapidation would make a passerby ignore the place, thinking that there would be nothing of value. However those same buildings cleverly covered the entrance.

Opening the iron gate, the team slowly drove into the tunnel and carefully observed the road ahead. Their hearts had a few worries, would they suddenly see the area filled with water?

Fortunately they were lucky and the base was well made enough so there were no water in tunnel – except for what was on the wheels when they drove in.

They parked the car and the team rushed and examined each room carefully.

First of all, every underground room had no problems that they could see. Their arrangements for watering and lighting were operating normally.

Subsequently everything on the ground floor was safe along with the ground floor, greenhouse and the upper floors too.

In a room on the third floor, Luo Xun looked at the greenhouse glass roof and pointed. “The roof needs to adjusted over there, those areas a little waterlogged.”

When designing the roof, Luo Xun deliberately considered the angle and position of the glass, metal and shelves to avoid any unexpected issues. It was just that some things were not considered thoroughly without any testing. So after any problems, they must learn from experience and improve.

The two discussed before pushing open the window and landing on the roof. The metal on the roof was very strong, people running on top would be no problem not to mention two people walking.

They checked the window glass after arriving at their target and Yan Fei adjusted the angle and position. The pair also found that the drains at the corners were blocked with leaves and branches so they quickly cleaned it up.

After all this was done, the two men returned to the basement to join the team was carrying their harvest from the outing.

“Ahhhh, I wanted to play this game before the apocalypse but there was no TV at school and there was no version on the computer. Now I can finally play!”

“Alas, there are a few games that will never get a sequel, it’s really sad.”

“Yu Xinran, here have this pink handheld, we’ll put a bunch of games after we are done moving things.”

From the ground floor, Luo Xun and Yan Fei heard Li Tie’s voice. They did not expect to see that the ladies were also excited about the game consoles in addition to the five guys. It seemed that spiritual entertainment and relaxation was even more important after the end of the world.

The pair walked past to see this group actually did not carry out the computer parts but instead prioritized the pile of game consoles…

“Cough, first we move things down and have tomorrow off which you can use how you want.” Luo Xun was helpless and could only say this to ensure everyone’s entertainment time. The team erupted into cheering.

In the basement, the team of people were moving things with enthusiasm. Outside their base, the pond contained all kinds of mutated water birds. The two wolves chased these animals before finding a relatively dry space to lie down in the sun.

Most of the birds had mutated, changing their size and brain. Previously a large number of mutant animals had accidentally entered the mutant plant field. But the more experienced could see the danger and over time,  the birds recognized the plants.

Luo Xun was lucky that they painted the metal with camouflage at the start of construction. Although their intention was to avoid being noticed by people passing by and satellite, they did not expect that this coloring was similar to the mutant plants so the birds also subconsciously avoided them.

Otherwise, when they came back, it would have been possible that their roof would be turned into a bird’s nest.

On the other hand, due to the heavy rain the past few days, several sections of the main intersection leading to the southwest base had collapsed. The city was heavily flooded until recently, many teams who wanted to enter the city were blocked. It was not until several earth users were tasked with repairing the roads before things returned to normal.

The southwest base at the start of the month had sent troops to a mine. With few other large forces cooperating in base, other than sending some combat people, the most important members were the only two base affiliated metal users.

After the bases had exchanged information they were surprised to find, although there was a large proportion of people after the apocalypse with powers, the vast majority were common elements, such as water, fire, earth and wind. Other elements were rare!

The entire southwest base only had two metal users, when they spoke with other bases, the total number altogether was two!

Perhaps after the start of the apocalypse, the vast majority of survivors prioritized escaping to A-city which caused the current situation. With the number of ability users and personnel at the southwest base, they were the lead survivors which was also a show of strength.

With this recognition, the higher ups at base were serious for power, determined to control the whole area!

While the Otaku squad rushed back home and took advantage of the weather to play all kinds of games while the road was drying, A-city officially launched the new base rules.

It had not been long since A-city base had come under new leadership, but since the number was smaller than before, the control of base was concentrated in their hands. Once the leaders had reached a consensus, the momentum of implementing the new regulations was high. Only a short week after the heavy rain, the inner city worked in accordance with the plans made by the upper echelons and military. People who were willing to stay in the inner areas had to follow the new provisions regarding unified management.

The inner city also recruited ordinary people from the outer city, but only those with a certain strength or skill. Those who had consumed all their rations were not among the qualified.

What worried the city people even more was the inner earth wall was increased and thickened. Since the metal users were not in base, the outer metal wall remained the same. But level five earth users could make earth as hard as marble, which would take more than two people could break.

The inner base security was obviously more powerful and reliable. Who knows if there would be a day when the outer wall would get broken again?

Although now the internal base management was strict, the outer area had not been abandoned albeit under looser management. But if things continued, who knew when the outer base would be forced under management.

If surrendering in advance, although their time, materials and other things would be under management, it would be secure. Moreover if they surrendered later, perhaps during the forced merge, people would not only be under harsher management but may be excluded.

For a time, the outer area people were uncertain. In consideration of safety, some people wanted to sign up for the inner city. Other people had a wait-and-see approach and were silent onlookers towards the future decision making of base management.

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