After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 105

In a magnificent mansion, there was a palm-sized black cat lying on the window sill with his paws in his mouth, meditating while basking in the sun. His face, body and tail were all black, but he had a dark gray mane like a lion.

He flicked his tail, slowly got up, and squatted on the window sill. The dark gray fur continued from the mane to his chest, just like the neckline of a well-buttoned suit of an old-fashioned gentleman.

“But from a distance, it’s still a lump of black charcoal.” His Majesty Emperor Aldrich said.

“Yes, from a distance, both the scarf and belly are black.” Her Highness Queen Jane said.

The little black cat turned his head, revealing a pair of narrowed eyes, staring at his elder brother and sister-in-law.

Jane immediately raised her hand, and slapped His Majesty Aldrich on the head: “Arthur, brother actually said bad things about you, sister-in-law already beat him up for you, don’t be angry.”

His Majesty Aldrich: “???” No, was he talking badly? And she agreed too!

Jane squinted. His Majesty Aldrich lowered his head aggrievedly and said, “Yes, it’s the elder brother’s fault. An elder brother shouldn’t speak ill of Arthur.”

The little black cat snorted a few times, jumped down from the window sill, walked up to the emperor and empress, raised his head and said, “Meow!” I found out that I am really the child of destiny, the incarnation of luck, the protagonist of this era!

When Jane heard the little black cat’s “meow”, she was overcome by the cuteness that she blushed. His Majesty Aldrich felt a burst of sourness in his heart. He was also cute when he was a kid, he was also golden! Arthur was different! Not gorgeous at all, not like him with his fur!

Jane ignored her husband’s random jealousy, carefully held the little black cat in her palm, and said with a smile: “Of course, Arthur will definitely be the protagonist of this era in the future.”

“Meow, meow.” The little black cat’s eyes were round, and he said seriously, it’s not the future, it’s right now! He was reborn!

Both Jane and Aldrich were amused by the little black cat’s childish words: “Okay, Arthur has been reborn. So what will happen to the future hero Arthur?”

The little black cat tilted his head and thought for a while, then picked out a few important things to say.

“Meow.” The Zerg invaded.

“Meow, meow.” The marshal was corrupt, deficient, passive, and idle. He lost steadily on the battlefield.

“Meow, meow, meow.” I took over as the marshal at the age of twenty-three and went to the battlefield.

“Meow, mrow.” The damned veterans of the Academy of Sciences will withhold supplies from the frontline of the battlefield in order to seize power.

“Meow, meow, meow.” I led people to rob the Senate, and my sister-in-law drove the Lion King to open up a new secret supply route.

The little black cat was silent for a while, and then lowered his head: “Meow…” The spy leaked the coordinates of the secret supply route to the Zerg. Sister-in-law piloted the Lion King and died together with the Zerg flagship. None of the comrades in the supply fleet survived.

I selected young spirit beast warriors in the special operations team I was directly in charge of to form a death squad, and personally led the team to behead the Zerg Queen. The beheading operation was successful, except for me, only ten people survived: Herman, Yan Yi, Xianluo, Kerry, Allie, Leo, Adeline, Louis, Huo Hao,  Leon. My new family.

Perhaps limited by the small brain that had not yet fully developed, Arthur’s memory of his “previous life” was not clear. When he tried to remember, there were always some intermittent scenes in his mind, which seemed to be more dreamlike than real.

Arthur turned into a spirit beast when he was in kindergarten. At the moment he became a spirit beast, memories surged in like a flood, making his head dizzy and lying in the hospital for several days.

Until now, he still couldn’t remember some things clearly. But he remembered the names, voices and smiles of these ten people clearly. In addition, in his memory, there was also a stupid Mingyou who was spoiled too much by him and his subordinates.

His lover. Not yet born →_→.

Arthur temporarily concealed the matter of Mingyou and spirit beast masters, and only talked about the Zerg invasion.

The meal needed to be eaten bite by bite, and the drama needed to be understood a little bit. The eldest brother and sister-in-law who didn’t watch him were completely silent, and urgently needed time to digest such shocking news.

The little black cat’s ears were pulled back, his mouth widened, showing small fangs, and he yawned. Arched his back, raised a tail, lowered his body, and stretched a lazy waist.

The little black cat shook his head. After he raised his hind legs and kicked his ears, and said slowly: “Think slowly, I’m going to rest first, I’m sleepy.”

The little black cat walked toward the bedroom on tiptoe, got into his soft nest at the top of the cat climbing frame and fell asleep, leaving his elder brother and sister-in-law in a daze. Arthur the cat was in a great mood now.

His big brother and sister-in-law were all there, and even if there were severe challenges in the future, they should bear it. How can he, a small tiger in rigid shape, worry about it? He was just a young cub. He eats and sleeps until full, and when he is full, he wants to sleep in and doesn’t want to go to school.

The future of the Star Alliance? Let’s talk about that when he became an adult. Arthur the cat flicked his tail forward, hugged said tail, and buried his face in the tail. Soon there was a purring sound from the small nest.

The emperor and queen of the Star Alliance finally came to their senses, and they wanted to ask Arthur a lot of questions. But when they chased after him, they found the kitten was already purring happily, and he didn’t move even if he was poked on the forehead. The kitten was fast asleep.

“Honey, I don’t believe it.” Emperor Aldrich used his human form to make an expression of an abandoned stray cat.

Jane touched her husband’s blond hair, and said softly, “Don’t worry, nothing sad will happen in this life.”

His Majesty Aldrich lowered his head, and let out a “hmm” from his nose. Rebirth? Return to the past? It was impossible for Aldridge to believe such an incredible thing.

But Arthur was only five years old, he had just turned into a kitten spirit beast, and his younger brother, who was raised as his son, said so many awkward names in one breath that he couldn’t possibly know.

“Herman is my stupid polar bear brother who is only fifteen years old?” Jane and her dear husband sat in the study, looking at each other, “He has entered high school this year, and he is still as stupid as a kindergarten kid. Twenty years later, can he really grow into a perfect and rigorous cold-faced elite?” His silly polar bear brother! What happened in the past twenty years to torture his silly brother into a cold-faced elite?!

“Yan Yi… I’ve heard this name before.” Jane said again, “Isn’t he a friend of Herman? In junior high school, he and Herman formed a band, and they were called to school by relatives. If Herman hadn’t begged me to appease her, he was almost forced to transfer to another school.”

His Majesty Aldrich made a pause gesture: “Wait, he formed a band, why are relatives making trouble? What is the problem?”

Jane explained: “Both of Yan Yi’s parents died. Yan Yi’s custody is in the hands of his grandparents, but he has been fostered by relatives in turn since he was a child, so it is his relatives who are causing trouble. They think that Yan Yi is not doing his job properly, insulting the Yan family’s tradition.”

His Majesty Aldrich showed the same dead fish-eyed expression as his younger brother.

“Don’t look at me with such eyes, I don’t understand their brain circuits.” Jane remembered the child with stubborn eyes, and said, “It’s just that the silly polar bear will follow Arthur, how could that child follow Arthur?” 

His Majesty Aldrich reminded: “It’s not just him. According to Arthur, he won the support of young officers and ordinary soldiers as soon as he entered the barracks, quickly seized the command of the battlefield, and then brought spirit beasts to blow up the Senate.”

“Even without my support, this kid is amazing.” Emperor Aldrich was in a very complicated mood now. He already believed that what Arthur said was true, but if it was all true, while he was proud of Arthur, he felt very sorry for him.

How badly did he take losing Jane to make Arthur, a boy, responsible for what should have been his duty? His Majesty Aldrich thought to himself.

Jane understood her husband’s feelings. She gently stroked her husband’s hair, and he neatly turned into a golden lion, with his head resting on his wife’s lap, whimpering and acting like a baby. How accurate. Why was he so useless in Arthur’s memory?

Jane thought: It should not be that her husband was useless, but that the times make heroes.

As Arthur himself boasted, Arthur possessed unparalleled talent and charisma, so he immediately became a great hero in times of crisis for the Star Alliance. In history, many great heroes were youths.

“We should be proud of him.” Jane rubbed her husband’s fluffy ears, “But in this life, don’t make him so tired. Let’s take on more.”

The golden lion closed his eyes, followed his wife’s movement of rubbing her ears, and nodded. Arthur the cat woke up and had more stories to tell.

“Sister-in-law, have you digested what I said before? After digesting, it’s time for me to introduce what happened after the war.”

“First of all, I would like to solemnly introduce my soul mate to you. Although he is stupid, he is really perfect. My beloved, the number one spirit beast master of the Star Alliance, Mingyou!”

“Then, I want to sue. After you die, sister-in-law, no one can control my brother. He has completely and utterly turned into a super greedy big orange cat!”

“When Diandian received treatment from Mingyou, his mind and body became a little snow leopard who could only drink milk. He even snatched a bottle of milk from Diandian, can you believe it?! He even took a bottle of milk from Diandian. Robber!!”

“I was on a business trip with Mingyou, and I gave Diandian to him for the time being, but he actually took away all of Diandian’s snacks! He even ate all of his snacks in front of him! I went home with Mingyou to pick him up. When Diandian was running, his eyes were swollen from crying!! Do people work?!”

“After he got old, he couldn’t control his mouth at all. He was sent to the hospital for overeating every three days. Diandian wanted to control him, and he even went online, saying that Diandian abused him and wanted to starve him to death!”

“Anyway, I don’t want to care about him in this life, sister-in-law, please take care of my orange cat brother. I never want to be responsible for him again!”

Jane smiled, smiled, very softly and kindly.

His Majesty the Golden Lion shook his head like a seal. No no no no, this lion doesn’t know, this lion was wronged! Why should the lion of the present be blamed for what the lion of the past life did!

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