Walking the Path of a Workaholic in Cliché Novels (QT) Chapter 1

    “If I had known, I would have eaten spicy hotpot today.” An Yinong fell to the ground, thinking in a daze.

    There was a lot of blood on the ground, gushing out from his lungs and some getting stuck in his airway. It was as painful as drowning, and even the breath he spit out had a bloody taste. He had been beautiful for a lifetime, but he was hideous when he was about to die. What could be done?

    The knife had stabbed the lung, and ruptured the artery connected to the heart. He seemed to be able to ‘hear’ the whining of his heart desperately trying to save his body, but it was drowned ruthlessly by the sound of blood. He wouldn’t survive, even if he was sent to an ambulance immediately, it would be too late.

    “The feeling of the blood slowly flowing out of the body is so chilling.”

    “You stood too high, I can’t catch you.” His legs were hugged, the attacker laughed ferociously, cried sadly, their whole body twisted, “Please look at me, look back at me, I have loved you for more than ten years!”

    An Yinong had been deaf for seven to eight years, but he could read lips. He understood the murderer’s words, but there was an extremely indifferent smile on his face.

    “You will belong to me from now on, and I will engrave your name on my stone tablet… Ugh!” As the dagger sank into his back, the murderer’s eyes widened, and An Yinong smiling was reflected in his pupils.

    “You like me, but what does it matter to me?” An Yinong let go of his hand with the last bit of strength. The short dagger had already sunk into the murderer’s back, the same place where he had been stabbed.

    The murderer knelt on the ground, obviously about to die, but he smiled: “Will others think we died for love?”

    “Oh.” An Yinong was still indifferent. He pushed the assailant, “Go away.”

    The indifference and merciless disdain angered the assailant, but the attacker had no strength left. He glared at An Yinong, wanting to accuse him of something, but he only spit out a mouthful of blood.

    An Yinong smiled with difficulty: “If we die, we will be gone from this world, and I will forget you.”

    He knew how to stimulate this crazy random fan, so the assailant, who was not afraid of death, showed a panicked expression and roared: “You can’t!” 

    “I can, and I will do it.”

    The assailant gasped in anger. He vomited blood, and the world was about to be stained red.

    The world was getting darker, An Yinong was panting weakly, and suddenly saw a gold-plated trophy rolling on the ground, probably rolled down during the dispute. ‘The Champion of the XX Young Singer Selection Competition’, with An Yinong’s name engraved on it. Recalling the high spirits from when he won the award, he coughed up a mouthful of blood, and the corners of his eyes were wet, but he was still smiling: life was short.

    He slowly closed his eyes: If there was a next life, he would live happily, and no one could make him compromise. His consciousness drifted in the darkness, and after an unknown period of time, light gradually appeared in front of his eyes.

    “Let’s break up.”

    An unfamiliar voice appeared in his ears, because he hadn’t ‘heard’ anything for a long time, An Yinong was pleasantly surprised, he felt like a cloud falling on the ground. The world changed from blurred to clear. An Yinong heard the sound of raindrops hitting leaves and soil, the rhythm was so brisk and lively, the wind whistled through his eardrums, awakening his world.

    How long has it been since he heard such a sound? Surprised and at a loss, An Yinong stretched out his hands and cupped his ears to listen to the sounds outside, his eyes gradually turning red.

    “What expression are you showing? Threatening me with tears?” A vague shadow loomed high above, making annoyed noises.

    “Hush—” An Yinong, who didn’t know whether this was reality or a dream, made a muting gesture.

    The tall and blurry shadow in front of him still came to pull him, and the wonderful, natural music was being destroyed. An Yinong, who used to have a good temper, became irritable at this moment: “Stop! Be quiet!”

    He held down the mouth that was making noise with one hand, and carefully listened to the sound of wind and rain, as well as the sound of splashes caused by cars passing by the water-logged road in the distance. It was like a symphony.

    A bright smile bloomed on An Yinong’s face, happiness shifted from his eyes and spread to the corners of his mouth, and tiny stars seemed to flicker in his eyes: Long time no see, sound.

    It wasn’t until his clothes were soaked that An Yinong calmed down. He looked up at the tall man whose lips were covered, and said in a daze, “Who are you? Huh?” An Yinong touched his throat, since when was his voice hoarse and smokey?

    “Why are you pretending to be stupid?” The tall man pushed his hand away, “You don’t know me? I am Zhao Ze.”

    An Yinong looked at him carefully, but he had no impression. He hesitantly spoke: “Zhao Ze?” Who was that?

    This tall man who called himself Zhao Ze was manic, as if he was angry: “I’m here to inform you that we broke up.”

    Break up? When did his vision become so bad? An Yinong couldn’t remember who this person was anyway, he looked around vigilantly, was there a spoof variety show recording? “Have we dated?”

    Zhao Ze, who couldn’t hold back his temper and had a dark expression, “Don’t pretend to be crazy, I don’t care. Because you don’t want to break up, you even resorted to faking amnesia?”

    He grabbed An Yinong’s wrist and clenched. An Yinong broke away, with a slightly displeased expression on his face: “I really don’t know you, did you recognize the wrong person?”

   “Don’t know me? Even if you make an excuse, you should find a good one.”

    Looking at his reddened wrist, An Yinong was in a bad mood: “I don’t know who you are, but if I am the person you are looking for, I can’t wait to agree to break up. When people are together, they are cruel to themselves.”

    “Ha,” Zhao Ze seemed to have heard a joke, “I’m overconfident? Ke Yinong, don’t forget how you tried to please me. If I’m overconfident, what are you?” He was confident, of course, the aloof posture was greasy and disgusting, like an old dish with a layer of congealed oil floating on top.

    An Yinong didn’t like this attitude and tone very much. He took a step forward with a dangerous smile on his face: “You say I’m flattering you?”

    Because of this sudden movement, Zhao Ze’s heart beat faster. He suddenly felt frightened: “What do you want?”

    “I want to beat you up.”  An Yinong was soaked, the rain dripped from the tips of his hair onto his face, his eyes were lit with soft light, very energetic and intimidating .

    When Zhao Ze came to his senses, he had already been forced to retreat to the side of the car, with his back leaning against the door. His newly washed car was waxed, and the place where his fingers touched was slippery and cold.

    An Yinong stared at him, his face probably showing a kind of displeasure at being offended, without any humbleness of the past.

    Zhao Ze even felt that this shy and introverted person would really hit someone this time. Young Master Zhao, who claimed to be a civilized person who had never fought before, couldn’t help feeling timid. Impossible, he dared not.

    Zhao Ze told himself that the person opposite him was playing a trick: if he really dared to do it, he would not be polite. Moreover, if he moved his hand, he would never get up again in this life.

    “Huh?” An Yinong narrowed his eyes, the person in front of him had the disgusting arrogance and conceit of the so-called “rich and powerful”. These people were spoiled by the resources they had, and were always unscrupulous. So what resources did this person have? Will it affect him? He decided to understand the situation before making further plans.

    “Break up, right? Okay, I agree.”

    “Huh?” These words ‘woke up’ Zhao Ze, he saw An Yinong take a step back, brushing his fingers slowly through his drenched bangs. His eyes were indifferent, as if he abandoned him like throwing away garbage.

    Zhao Ze was ashamed and angry, so he smiled angrily: “No, I don’t want to break up again. Are you happy? I won’t break up. Do you believe I can make you unable to stay in this city?”

    Sure enough, he was a stupid rich second generation, and his lines were all standard brainless words. Can’t stay in this city? Then change the city, what was the big deal?

    An Yinong no longer wanted to communicate with this kind of person who could not communicate, so he took out his mobile phone and wanted to call the police, but found that it was not his mobile phone.

    He seemed to realize something, looked up and around, and found that he was on a winding mountain road, with no villages or shops, only a strange black car parked on the side of the road, and an unclaimed umbrella on the ground.

    He finally felt something was wrong.

    “Ke Yinong.” Zhao Ze tugged at An Yinong angrily, but when he met those dazed eyes, he froze for a moment, and his rising anger miraculously calmed down.

    “You were sharp-tongued just now, what’s your expression now? You…”

    “Get out.” Before Zhao Ze finished speaking, An Yinong threw out the words.

    His temper that had just been calmed down reappeared: “Okay, break up, you said it yourself, don’t regret it, whoever regrets it is the loser.”

    “Whatever, it won’t be me anyway.”

    The furious Zhao Ze drove away, he stepped on the accelerator and left. An Yinong stood alone in the rain.

    “People I don’t know, places I don’t know, I don’t even know the location names on the road signs…I’m not dreaming, am I? Only in dreams can I hear voices.”

 “This is not a dream.” The wind stopped, the rain stopped, and the world turned still.

    An abstract thumbnail appeared out of nowhere, floating in the air with hips akimbo looking at him.

    “Hello host, I am your exclusive system, you can call me Xiaoqi.”

    “System?” An Yinong looked puzzled.

    “Is it strange to hear a voice suddenly? Because you have traveled through time, and now you are standing here as another person. Do you remember that you died? Someone sneaked into your house and hid in your closet…”

    An Yinong was stunned for a moment, gushing bloody liquid and a knife appeared in front of his eyes. His old trophies rolled on the carpet, the clocks turned, and the world began to spin.

    “I’m dead?”

    The key word opened up his subconsciously forgotten memory, An Yinong reached out and stroked his forehead, the peace in his heart was disturbed.

    “Do you remember now?”

    An Yinong put down his hand: “What is your purpose for bringing me here?”

    “Help me with the task!” The system waved its hand, and several twisted children’s graffiti pictures appeared in the air.

    “This is a work.” It pointed to something similar to a book or a picture, “This work has become a world for a certain reason. However, due to the problems of some works themselves, this derivative world is deformed, and it is easy to burst like a bubble.”

    The system drew a burst bubble.

    “What’s the problem?” An Yinong asked.

    “Taking this world as an example, as the second protagonist, ‘Ke Yinong’ resisted fate and refused to return to his place, and at the price of disappearing, he hopes that the main protagonist will feel pain and regret everything he has done.” “

    “…Breaking up with a broken love, the consequences are so serious?”

    “I don’t know the details, anyway, this world has issued a mission to save itself, hoping that someone can replace the disappearing ‘Ke Yinong’ and prevent the world from being destroyed. I am an auxiliary system, And you, dear tasker, your task is to replace him.”

    “Getting broken up?”

    “No,” the system said meaningfully, “Slap this man in the face instead of him. Step on this self-righteous and arrogant guy and ruthlessly trample him underfoot.”

    An Yinong crossed his arms and took a step back: “I refuse.”



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