After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 104

    While the people of the Star Alliance were talking about the “happy funeral”, the Lion King was found and the treasonous spies were arrested. It was like a thunderbolt from the blue, and the ordinary people were dumbfounded.

    “What?! Even the Zerg have people seeking refuge? Really? Is this purely anti-human sentiment?!” 

    “There is evidence from the Lion King’s black box, and the other party has confessed, so it must be true. It’s so miserable, what about His Majesty and His Highness? Can they bear it?”

    “Thinking about Mr. Gu Hai, one of the pioneers of the new spirit animal science, dying from betrayal of spies, I feel too uncomfortable.”

    “Yes, if Mr. Gu Hai was still alive, the promotion of new spirit animal science would definitely be much faster. He figured out how to become a spirit beast master by himself, so he must have a lot of experience.”

    “Not only Mr. Gu Hai, most of the support staff on the Lion King were young and promising scientific and technological talents. My teacher has already passed out from crying, and is now in the hospital. He said that the spies caused a gap in talents in many fields, but fortunately, Mr. Mingyou is back.” 

   “I watched the documentary. At the time, the Star Alliance had internal and external troubles, and post-war scientific research was almost stubbornly conservative. Many talented scientific researchers could only follow His Highness Arthur to establish new scientific research positions at the front of the battlefield. The Lion King was not only an important logistics supply ship, but also one of the important scientific research positions.”

   “The more I watch the documentary, the more I feel that His Majesty and His Highness Arthur had too many difficulties.”

    “The Big Cat family usually doesn’t take care of things, we are a constitutional monarchy in name. Only when something big happens, let the Big Cat family turn the tide, that’s why the people of the Star Alliance stubbornly hold onto a big cat emperor. But to be honest, this is unfair to them.”

    “We can only support the big cat family crazily… Alas, I only found out after the matter of the spirit beasts was made public. The members of the royal family are all big cats. I used to wonder why their family was trusted by high-level officials, and every year they wanted to abolish the emperor, but they were rejected every year. It turned out that they are big cats, so it’s okay. Big cats have a strong territorial consciousness, But lazy…really lazy…it’s hard to be a big cat.”

    “I know it’s unfair to the big cat family. But our emperor is a big cat! Our royal family is composed of big cats! Our emperors, princesses and princes are all big cats! If the Star Alliance loses a big cat, it loses the most important thing. We are the kingdom of cats! We must not change it!”

    “Actually, you can choose a big dog to be the emperor, but I am afraid that they will die from overwork. I’d rather be rest assured with a lazy big cat.”

    “Don’t be crooked. Oh, aren’t you talking about the Lion King? I heard that the arrests this time have something to do with the Xisang family?” 

   “Is there any inside information?”

    “Yes. The Xisang family made His Highness and the old school faction completely tear themselves apart. They began to divide and stand in line internally, which is the credit of the spies.”

    “And this matter… I don’t know if His Highness has already planned it.”

     “His Highness is definitely not sure about the follow-up, but dealing with this group of people using a tough attitude. Forcing the other party to divide must be the policy that His Highness formulated long ago. His Highness is amazing!”

    “I would like to pay high respects to His Highness again. When the Lion King Memorial Hall is completed, I will go to worship it as soon as possible. There are a lot of my idols among the martyrs, crying eyes.”

    “With crying eyes, the queen has been my idol since I was a child, and I have always dreamed of shaking hands with the queen after making achievements. It’s so sad.” 

   “My mother cried several times, and I cried when I saw the news about the Lion King. The queen and her contemporaries, and it is said that most of her contemporaries are the queen’s fans, alas.”

   “…Ordinary netizens are praying for the martyrs, or in shock, or sad and depressed, the internal forum of the spirit beast is full of angry emotions.”

    If it wasn’t for Xiaotian’s crazy post deletion, they would have wiped out the forum. Here, they got more inside information. The case of leaking the coordinates of the Lion King’s course was indeed solved by relying on bought witnesses.

    On a whim, Mingyou suggested a suona coffin-carrying dance accompanied by electronic music, which caused despair among the guilty, and they began to look for their own escape routes. The interests of the high-level families were connected, even if they had not done bad things, they were worried that others would implicate them, so they dared not act rashly.

    If they drew a clear line with each other, then they had to bear the consequences of being dragged into the water by the other party. The heads of those families kept calculating the gains and losses, and felt that they were running out of ideas. So they turned into spirit beasts, trying to solve the problem with intuition.

    Human beings always thought too much, not as good as spirit beasts, who could follow their heart. They laid on the ground, their tails flicked back and forth, their ears drooping, and they poured a bag of new spirit beast food into their mouths. Backwards and downwards, they were enlightened, completely enlightened.

    Both His Majesty and His Highness had performed the coffin-carrying dance, and it was obvious that no compromise was possible. It was useless for them to play dead. Escape to a foreign galaxy with their family? If it was before, they wouldn’t care. The assets had been transferred, how could they not live?

    But now…was there any delicious food for spirit beasts in the outer galaxy? Were there any useful spirit beast props? Were there any fun spirit beast games? Were there any future spirit beast masters?

    Could it be that they wanted to hold a lot of money from those that were struggling in the current chaotic galaxy, so they could only go to the dark market to buy high-priced defective products?

    The others were sitting on mountains of gold and silver, surrounded by beauties, but they could only eat expired food? If they were sick and didn’t have a dedicated doctor, could they do it by themself? After getting old and suffering from spirit beast paralysis, they could only squat on the holographic net?

    Why (slapping paws on the ground)! They worked hard to earn a living, wasn’t it to live a good life? Wasn’t it to let the whole family live a good life? In the future, their descendants wouldn’t even be able to attend Spirit Beast Kindergarten, and they’ll just lose at the starting line. Wasn’t this life over?!

    No, even if they lose most of their property now, or even start from the grassroots, as long as they stay in the Star Alliance, they could continue to enjoy the benefits for spirit beasts. Even if they suffer a little bit, their descendants wouldn’t be able to drink spirit beast milk powder, and could only eat expired biscuits!

    The spirit beast parents immediately held a meeting. When everyone heard what they said, from now on their children could only eat mush soaked in expired spirit beast food, use someone else’s ID to secretly log in to the Star Alliance’s online self-study spirit beast preschool education course, and if they got sick, they could only rely on articles from the Star Alliance website to save themselves, they all shuddered.

    The main combat power of each galaxy was different. Other galaxies did not have spirit beasts, so naturally they did not have the supporting facilities and benefits for spirit beasts. After leaving the Star Alliance, they either gave up on evolving into spirit beasts, or they could only give up all the benefits to save themselves.

    But the pinnacle of supernatural beings was a spirit beast. If they lost the spirit beast, their family would lose their high combat power, and even if they went to another galaxy, they would soon be slaughtered.

    The foreign system also took the risk of hostilities with the Star Alliance to accept “political refugees” for their money and power. Without strength, it was impossible for them to keep their money. If they escaped to the chaotic star area, they needed even more strength.

    “The new science of spirit beasts has extended to the field of ordinary supernatural beings.” The head of the spiritual beast family said sadly, “Mr. Mingyou has already figured out how to quickly break through the bottleneck for S-level supernatural beings. With Mr. Mingyou’s talent, us supernatural beings will definitely advance by leaps and bounds. In the future, we will not be able to compare with ordinary supernatural beings, let alone spirit beasts.”

    “The Star Alliance is our home, our roots, and the place where we were born and grew up. The strength and wealth of our countries all depend on the Star Alliance. Without the Star Alliance, we are just duckweeds without roots, kites with broken strings, and it is almost impossible to live well.” 

    The head spirit beast slammed the ground with his paws: “We have broken the law, but we are not treasonous! We are not! It doesn’t matter if we lose our current wealth or even go to prison, we will not be deported if we have not committed treason! I would rather go to prison than starve myself!” 

   His family members’ expressions were very speechless. He had been talking about the truth for a long time, but the last sentence was the truth, right? However, if they think about it in another way, if they were hungry for most of their lives and suddenly felt full, as long as they thought about the taste of hunger in the past, they would shudder and never want to go back.

    Who is still hungry these days? As the strongest superhuman spirit beast, they has been starving.

    “The prison is also in charge of food.” A younger spirit beast hesitated, “Or, if you want to escape, you can escape. I want to stay, I’m afraid of starvation.”

    His mother hugged him and said: “Good boy, don’t worry, our family will not leave. You will not go to jail.”

    His father nodded vigorously: “At most, I will be fined for my participation. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have money. I can still make money and go out as a salesman. Running a business can also feed you two.”

    Although a S-level power user was a bit useless, he still had the ability to earn some food expenses. Now that the chaotic star area was full of gold, he could just go there and start from scratch.

    “I’m old, I can’t run anymore, and I will starve to death if I go to other galaxies. I am willing to go to jail for you.”

    “Isn’t it just confiscating property? But contribution value will not be deducted, and the Star Alliance contribution value tasks can be done in the future. It doesn’t matter if we barely have food and clothing.”

    “I guess I’ll lose my job. Losing an official post is nothing, it’s better than starving to death.”

    “I will never let my children eat expired spirit beast biscuits!!”

    “Mom, I want to go to school, I don’t want to study at home…”

    “I won’t go, I won’t go anywhere. The Star Alliance is so good, only the Star Alliance is suitable for the life of spirit beasts.”

    “I’ve been stuck at S level for so long, and seeing that Mr. Mingyou has developed a method to break through the bottleneck, I will definitely not leave the Star Alliance.”

    The spirit beasts and supernatural beings spoke one after another, and the ordinary family members had nothing to say. The family business was created by this group of people, so they had nothing to say. Besides, the disaster was caused by this group of people, and it had little to do with them. They could have never left. Thus, the future of a family was thus determined.

    In order not to fall into a situation where they could only eat expired food, and even couldn’t get enough of that, they resolutely knocked on the door of His Majesty the Golden Lion and confessed everything.

    His Majesty the Lion’s door was constantly knocked on, he was so annoyed that he directly took Arthur out of the luxurious cat nest that was made of gemstones and lined with spirit animal hair, and dragged him to the palace to face the swarms of confessions with him.

    Most of the spirit beasts didn’t make any big mistakes, they just knew some inside information. In the past, they chose to play it safe. Now, they chose spirit beast biscuits.

    His Majesty Aldrich and Prince Arthur pieced together the truth from the evidence brought by these people and uncovered the spies. Through interrogation, they found evidence of these people’s connection with the Zerg, and the coordinates of the Lion King after being misled by them to deviate from the course and enter a trap.

    After Xiaotian’s calculations, they successfully found the wreckage of the ship that was swept away by the space turbulence. Even Arthur, who had a unique brain, didn’t expect that just a coffin-carrying dance could make such a big progress in their stagnant investigation work.

    No, this could not be called “great progress”, but a direct jump to “complete success”. This was also the good luck brought by Mingyou. But Mingyou, who brought good luck, was lying on the hospital bed and had been comatose for three days. All instruments showed that Mingyou was in good physical condition, but fell into a deep sleep.

    The doctor speculated that Mingyou had exhausted his mental power, so he relied on sleep to recover his mental power. There were such cases in history. But when Mingyou will wake up, no one knows.

    Arthur turned into a little black cat, lying on Mingyou’s forehead, keeping his forehead warm with his belly. He suddenly didn’t want to do anything, he didn’t want to go anywhere, he just wanted to squat there forever.

    When his eldest brother heard the news of his sister-in-law’s death in battle, was he the same as him, feeling that his whole soul had gone, leaving only an empty body, and even his thoughts stagnated? Fortunately, Mingyou just fell asleep.

    “Hurry up and wake me up. Every day you don’t wake up, I will add 10,000 words to the self-criticism.” The little black cat stretched his limbs, and lay down on Mingyou’s forehead to form a black cat bug. Mingyou’s eyelids twitched, but his mind was still in a deep sleep.

    “Ahhhhhh, I want to go back! The 30,000-word self-criticism hasn’t been completed!” Spirit Mingyou screamed, holding his cheeks.

    He floated around on the hospital bed, trying to get back into his body, but no matter which angle he tried, he just passed through his body in the end, to no avail.

    “Calm down,” the system said.

    Mingyou’s lower body has turned into a cloud of smoke. He was like a genie in a fairy tale, twisting and turning in an “S” shape mid-air: “I can’t calm down, ah, 30,000-word review. Ahhh.”

    System: “It’s useless if you don’t calm down. If he can’t find you, you won’t be able to go back. If you can’t go back, you won’t be able to complete the follow-up tasks. If you can’t complete the follow-up tasks, you can only be a Sleeping Beauty for the rest of your life.”

    Mingyou burst into tears, and his tears flowed like smoke, and then drifted away with the wind: “System, system, please help!”

    The system was silent.

    Spirit Mingyou burst into more tears: “System mom, system dad, please help!”

    System: “…I have no gender, I am neither your father nor your mother, forget it. Because you let me have self-awareness, I will make an exception.”

   Mingyou: “Wow!”

    System: “Don’t bark like a dog, you’re not one.”

    Mingyou: “Meh!”

    System: “…Alpacas are not sheep.”

    The system’s little ball of light flew into the star network while complaining. In a place like a cat’s nest in the network, Xiaotian was holding a chibi Mingyou pillow, crying and biting.

    The system’s little ball of light: “…” I’m afraid this kind of person is crazy.

    “Who are you meow!” When the ball of light got closer, Xiaotian realized the light ball’s existence. He was so startled that his back was arched, his ears were pulled back, and his tail fluffed up. The curly black fur almost exploded into straight hair, and a threatening growl kept coming out of his throat.

    System: “…I am Mingyou’s system.”

    “Meow?” Xiaotian tilted his head.

    System: “Take a message to Dahei. Mingyou is in the ward. If he continues to shut himself up and not feel Mingyou’s existence and save him, I will take Mingyou to continue traveling and find someone else to marry again.” 

   “Meow!” Little Tianmiao frowned again.

    Message delivered, the small ball of light in the system, floated away. Xiaotian still didn’t notice any traces of data flow of the small light ball, as if what was in front of him was a phantom.

    Xiaotian blew up again, kept the stressed posture and rushed out to Arthur’s light brain. “Boss! Don’t sleep, don’t sleep! Your father-in-law is furious!” the holographic projection Xiaotian growled.

    Arthur didn’t even raise his eyelids: “Why are you angry? My father-in-law was sent to hell by a bullet.”

    “It’s not the fake father-in-law, it’s the real father-in-law of the system! The light brain that raised Mingyou!” Xiaotian continued to growl, “The real father-in-law was here to find me! If you can’t wake Mingyou within the day, he will take him out of the Star Alliance!”

    Arthur’s eyes widened suddenly: “Are you kidding! Mingyou said that his optical brain had no self-awareness… No, you won’t joke with me. Is there a video recording?”

    “Nothing.” Xiaotian said with his ears drooping in frustration. He wondered if Arthur would believe him without evidence.

    “The father-in-law system must be real.” Arthur said, “An intelligent AI that cannot leave any traces in front of you must be an AI of high-dimensional civilization. What else did father-in-law say? Any hints?”

    When Xiaotian heard that Arthur immediately believed him, his drooping ears stood up, his tail couldn’t help but curl up, and the tip of the tail was still swinging: “There is a hint! My father-in-law said that Mingyou is in the ward. But he is already in the ward?”

    Arthur was stunned for a moment, then suddenly thought of something, stood up from Mingyou’s forehead, and began to look around. The power of his heart kept scanning the ward, but he still found nothing. Can’t find it, can’t find it anywhere. He can’t find the spiritual power, nor can I find the power of the heart. Where is Mingyou? Was his ability not enough?

    Arthur suppressed the anxiety in his heart. He immediately notified all his subordinates and asked them to come back. They signed a spirit beast contract with Mingyou. If one person can’t feel it, then everyone gathered together might be able to feel something.

    “Your Highness, are you serious?” Herman said seriously, “Mingyou’s optical brain AI really has self-awareness?

    “It is strictly forbidden for an education-AI to communicate directly with the people it guides, so as to prevent the AI ​​from making wrong judgments due to emotions.”

    “But Mingyou is in danger now, and the AI ​​has to remind us?” Yan Yi frowned, “Whether this is true or not, we can only believe.”

    The others nodded. It’s better to have something to do than to wait. Xiaotian squatted next to Arthur, feeling a little upset. It’s better for Arthur and Mingyou, Arthur and Mingyou will never doubt him. Mingyou asked him for help in a critical moment; Arthur believed him immediately.

    Although as an AI, he understands the absurdity of what he has encountered, and it was normal to be suspected, but he liked the irrational Arthur and Mingyou. So he only wanted to be Arthur and Mingyou’s AI. Xiaotian moved a little closer to Arthur’s cat.

    Arthur felt the holographic projection approaching, flicked his tail, and surrounded Xiaotian, as if treating his own kitten. Xiaotian’s tail immediately stood up and circled happily.

    “Your partners are not stupid.” The system’s old father-in-law squatted on top of Mingyou’s head, watching the spirit beasts crowding the ward to the brim, and tried to release their unskilled mind power to search every inch of the ward.

    Spirit Mingyou’s body became more and more solid. He laughed and said, “It’s great to have everyone here, but Tongzi, why did I become like this?”

    The old father-in-law system sneered: “When you need it, call me father, and if you don’t need it, call me Tongzi.”

    Mingyou immediately said: “Father!” Hey, didn’t the system say that he had no gender? Although he has no gender, he has been following a man when he awakened his self-awareness, so he also tends to be a male system.

    Mingyou recalled that it seemed that he had indeed seen spirits during a machine combat animated series. This kind of show was also accompanied by singing while fighting. Uh, what a bad association. He can’t sing, could he play the suona as a spirit?

    Just as he was thinking, a suona really appeared in his hand.Huh?

    The old father-in-law system: “Don’t you want to play the suona? Knowledge is worth once, so you’re welcome.”

    Spirit Mingyou: “…Thank you dad.” Suona was in his hand, let him start with a song of strength and love! Wait, it seems that “Macross” did not float, but Gundam did? Forget it, it doesn’t matter.

     Mingyou, who knew he was about to be rescued, pouted his cheeks and sank into his diaphragm: “Doo, doot! Doot, toot! Toot, toot, toot!”

    All the spirit beasts except the blue seal pricked up their ears at the same time, turned their heads to Mingyou, and revealed inverted eyes at the same time.

    Mingyou twisted his body, blowing more and more vigorously: “Doo, beep, beep~~~!” 

    The system above his head had already disappeared.

    Arthur laughed angrily: “You are very energetic.”

    Mingyou: “Du? Dahei! Everyone! You finally saw me!”

    He jumped for joy! Huh huh huh? Where was he getting sucked to?! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!    “Wow!” Mingyou suddenly opened his eyes.

    “Mingyou! You’ve finally woken up!” The little fluffy dumplings jumped onto the hospital bed and squeezed beside Mingyou. Mingyou immediately sat up and hugged left and right, as if nothing happened, and he was in great spirits.

     “Don’t move around! You still have a probe attached to your hand!” Because Mingyou got up suddenly, the little black cat that rolled onto the quilt growled. Mingyou and the little fluffy dumplings immediately quieted down.

    At this time, the doctors filed in under the call of Xiaotian, and threw all the little fluffies including Arthur out of the ward. Mingyou stayed in the ward for another two days, completed all the examinations, and stayed for observation for one night before he was allowed to leave the hospital.

    As soon as he was discharged from the hospital, he started a live broadcast, and brought his own spirit beasts to show his unfinished performance to the audience who were worried about him.

    Mingyou fainted on Martyr Star, because the incident happened suddenly, the news was not completely blocked, and the news of his “serious illness” were already circulating on the Internet, but because the time was short, this matter had not had time to ferment.

    Now that Mingyou started the live broadcast, he played a brainwashing divine song. Naturally, the pessimistic speculation about his body disappeared, but some people started to discuss it. With Mingyou’s love for the suona, maybe the raging coffin-carrying incident happened because of him. Maybe the Suona military band was trained by Mingyou.

    “If you see it, don’t say it. As a partner, how could he not help his spirit beast vent his anger? But His Highness wanted to protect Mingyou and prevent him from appearing on the scene, so let’s pretend we don’t know.” Ordinary people praised it one after another. That’s right, they don’t know anything, they don’t know that Mr. Mingyou, who is so mischievous and will definitely play a role in the funeral.

    “Okay, it’s exposed.” The little black cat lay on top of Mingyou’s head, patting his forehead constantly with his paws.

    Mingyou laughed. Exposure was exposure, he would always stand on the same front as his spirit beast partners.

    “Where’s my old father-in-law the system? Can I talk to him for a while?” the black cat asked. He was very curious about higher-dimensional civilization.

    Mingyou shook his head: “The father system is gone again. No matter how I poke him, he always says that he has no self-awareness, but just ordinary system intelligence.”

    The little black cat said: “Forget it. Maybe their rules prohibit contact with us. Let’s pretend we don’t know anything, don’t make trouble for him, or he will be punished.” 

   Mingyou nodded vigorously. He thought so too. But after knowing that the system father really existed, he felt that the torture he had suffered in the past was nothing. He was not alone, talking to the unconscious system. The father of the system has always been with him, and someone has always cared about him and loved him.

    He was not alone. Mingyou’s long-standing heart knot finally completely disappeared at this moment. At the moment when he thought about it, Mingyou felt that his mental strength seemed to have increased a lot.

    “You struggled once, and your soul came out of your body and you almost died. Do you really want to hold a memorial ceremony?” The little black cat started to talk about business, “Can you hold on?” 

   Mingyou said seriously: “You must hold on. This time was okay, and it will definitely be okay next time. Just break through this level. This is the main task, and you must do it. If you don’t do it, you will be punished.”

    “What is the punishment?” asked the little black cat.

    Mingyou: “…I can’t say it.” Actually not.

    The little black cat sighed deeply: “Well, as long as you take your system father out, I can’t do anything about it. But according to your main task, I believe more deeply in the goodwill of the high-dimensional civilization to us.”

    He paused, drooping his ears, and said, “Hate towards us cannot be turned into steel.”

    The system asked Mingyou to take care of what they eat, what they drink, and how they live, grow old, get sick, and die. Now even helping to find martyrs. What is it?

    “Don’t worry, I’m absolutely fine.” Mingyou patted his chest.

    The little black cat jumped onto Mingyou’s lap, then kicked his chest, knocking Mingyou to the ground.

    Mingyou clutched his chest and moaned: “It hurts, what are you doing, Dahei?”

    “A 30,000-word review, not a word less.” The little black cat gritted his teeth thinking about the days when his mentality exploded.

    Mingyou wailed: “Huh?!!!”

    The little black cat left Mingyou who was lying on the ground pretending to be dead, and left angrily. If he doesn’t teach Mingyou a lesson, he will definitely dare to do it again next time!

    Mingyou began to wheeze and write the review, and Arthur led his subordinates to arrange the martyr memorial meeting. The timing was just right, ten days later, it happened to be the anniversary day when the war against the Zerg invasion started.

    The return of the Lion King was indeed worthy of a grand memorial meeting, but it was only a dozen days of preparation time, which was really a bit too nerve-wracking. Arthur and his subordinates had to go back to working overtime and stayed away for more than ten days. Mingyou was only accompanied by his alpaca brothers and the Tibetan fox.

    It was the first time for Mingyou to completely leave his partners, and he couldn’t help but suffer from insomnia. But now everyone was busy, Mingyou gritted his teeth and stood firm. After getting over it, Mingyou found that it was not impossible to sleep alone.

    Arthur was worried for a few days first, and after Mingyou kept ensuring that he was fine alone, and his daily physical examination report was sent, he listened to Mingyou’s request and asked him to learn to sleep alone. Mingyou’s spirit beast partners were all wiping away tears. Mingyou has grown up completely.

    The Tibetan fox and the alpacas who slept beside him every day: “…” Yes, they were not human beings.

    After more than ten days of busy work, the Martyrs Memorial Conference was successfully held, and various official media broadcast it live. The difference this time was that Mingyou would also attend the memorial meeting.

    This was the first time Mingyou has appeared in the public eye as a royal and wearing the relevant clothing. The media made countless milestones for his appearance, making it seem like Mingyou was going to run for a certain high official post next.

    The spirit beasts present scoffed at the media’s speculation. Obviously, Mingyou’s appearance as a royal this time was only because this was the first big event after he and His Highness Arthur officially got married.

    Moreover, the martyr of the Lion King returned, and the queen was Mingyou’s sister-in-law, so of course Mingyou would attend. What made them very strange was that after the regular procedure of the martyrs’ meeting, another procedure that they could not understand was added.

    An altar was set up in the martyr’s cemetery, and high-energy materials and incomprehensible machines were placed everywhere. The researchers of “Mingyou Research Institute” were standing in front of the machine, operating it nervously, not knowing what they were doing.

    Others, including Emperor Aldrich, left and the army surrounded the altar, as if they were guarding against something. His Highness Arthur led the ten heroes back into spirit beasts, and stood in a circle around Mingyou, all with serious expressions, as if they were ready for battle.

    And Mingyou looked up at the sky with a nervous expression on his face.

    “What are they doing?”

    Watching the live broadcast of the martyr’s memorial meeting, the audience who were crying out of breath were choked by a mouthful of back tears.

    “I don’t know, does it look like a new prayer ceremony?”

    “Maybe it’s a mourning ceremony for spirit beasts from the spirit beast master planet?”

    “But don’t be so serious, right? It looks like it’s testing some top-secret weapon.”

    “Top-secret weapons will not be broadcast live. You should say that it is launching a new search rocket.”

    “Then there is no need to launch it at the Martyrs Cemetery? I don’t understand.”

    Not to mention that ordinary audiences don’t understand, all the spirit beasts present He tilted his head in doubt. Good guy, what are you doing? Why didn’t we even get any news?

    “Dahei.” Just when the spirit beasts couldn’t help whispering in whispers, Mingyou stretched out his hand to the big black cat.

    The black cat walked to Mingyou, and the other spirit beasts changed their positions and surrounded the black cat and Mingyou.

    “Start.” Before Mingyou finished speaking, his heart power enveloped his partners.

    The heart power of his spirit beast partners also exploded, enveloping others. Layers of heart power fluctuations were intertwined, forming a light blue layer that could be seen even by viewers watching the live broadcast.

    The ring around the black cat’s neck began to glow. His body gradually split into different colored long-necked ligers, and then they raised their heads to the sky and roared at the same time, jumped into the air, and merged into one.

    The ring on Mingyou’s hand also began to glow, the light swallowed him whole, and then turned into a beam and rushed towards Arthur in the air. Arthur’s figure suddenly soared, turning into a cloud of mist, covering the entire planet, and all the instruments started to alarm.

    “A high-energy reaction appears, a high-energy reaction appears, and a measure of the energy value cannot be done!”

    Mingyou raised his head and looked at the light spots that appeared in the mist: “Dahei! Z move, come on, our miracle!”

    The mist shrank, and a cat’s head appeared. The foggy cat’s head roared towards the sky, and the light spots of souls in every corner of the universe seemed to hear the call, and a small space vortex appeared around them.

    All the light spots of souls were thrown into the space vortex, jumping to the sky above the Altar of Martyr Star, which had entered the night. The audience in the live broadcast room saw fireflies all over the sky.

    “Welcome home.” His Majesty Emperor Aldrich stood at attention and saluted.

    All soldiers stood at attention and saluted. All the people in Martyr Star raised their heads in a daze, watching the light spots all over the sky turn into familiar figures, and waved happily at them. How can it be? How can it be!

    “Welcome home.” Mingyou opened his arms towards the sky.

    “Go home? Could it be…”

    “Is it the soul of the martyrs? No way, no way?”

    “Martyr Star!”

    “It’s back, everyone is back!”

    “Is this a miracle?”

    Arthur changed back into a human form and returned to Mingyou’s side. Mingyou’s partners also turned into human forms and stood beside them. Salute. Comrades, welcome home.

    The phantoms of the souls in the sky smiled and turned back into points of light, flowing like a river of stars to the distant horizon. They seem to have paved a road of light, connecting the unknown distance.

     Dots of light slanted down and poured into Arthur’s body. Arthur suddenly felt moved. He seemed to feel a kind of power that had been hidden deep in his body but could not be mobilized. But this power quickly fell silent, as if waiting for an opportunity before being awakened again.

     “Dahei?” Mingyou worried, “Are you okay?”

     Arthur shook his head. He raised his head and, like the others, continued to watch the returning martyrs go away. Comrades, goodbye.     

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