After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 106

Jane held the little cat and listened to Arthur tell a story of the future. His Majesty the Golden Lion curled up into a big plush ball, pawed the ground, faced the wall and thought about his mistakes.

Then Arthur, who was carried in the palm of his sister-in-law, glanced at this big orange cat brother, and let out a mocking laugh. His Majesty the Golden Lion moved his ears, flicked his tail, but dared not speak out.

After Arthur the kitten finished talking about the bits and pieces of the future in his memory, he began to talk about the things that impressed him the most. Such as hyping and praising the crazy things that Mingyou did.

While praising Mingyou, Arthur had to help him sell a wave of misery first. The matter of the high-level civilization education light brain was a secret between him and Mingyou, and could not be told to other people. The origin of Mingyou was still the “protagonist of the era” he wrote for him before, awakening the memory of a previous life, and bringing the education of the previous life to the brain.

Yes, Mingyou was also the protagonist of the era, and he and Arthur were a natural match. The “life experience” of Mingyou in the previous life did not surprise His Majesty the Golden Lion. In this life, Jane was calmer than her husband.

Compared with Mingyou’s miraculous “previous life”, she cared more about Mingyou’s childhood suffering. After asking about what happened before he met Arthur, Jane was so angry that lightning flashed over her head——Jane was a person with lightning abilities, and she discharged electricity when she was angry. His Majesty the Golden Lion who was often electrocuted knew his beloved’s supernatural power.

“Mingyou must not be tortured again!” She directly made the decision to snatch the child.

Arthur the cat was struggling. Feeling the little liger’s conscience, he should have rescued his mother-in-law out of the sea of ​​misery early, and it was best to divorce that psychopath now. But… his silly Mingyou hadn’t been born yet! Not even a fertilized egg! If this was a divorce, what about his wife? What about his life partner?!

Seeing that Arthur was biting his own tail while tangled up, Jane put away the arcs and said with a smile: “You think too much. Do you think she will really get divorced if you run in front of Ping Wanshu and ask her to divorce now?”

“If it was that easy, she would have divorced a long time ago. Do you know why Ping Wanshu has worked hard in the Star Alliance army for many years, and it stands to reason that she should have many comrades who can entrust her life, but no one has noticed Mingyou’s suffering? Because her friends were all pissed off by her infatuation and ran away.”

Arthur’s cat’s eyes were wide open, and the little cat’s head was tilted, looking at his sister-in-law in shock.

Ping Wanshu passed away when Mingyou was about one year old. Arthur didn’t know the details of Ping Wanshu’s past, and this was the first time he had heard of it. Jane knew this “strange woman” quite well, and introduced Ping Wanshu’s character to Arthur.

Ping Wanshu was definitely an impeccable talent when working and fighting. But as soon as anything involved her husband, she immediately turned into a love brain, which made people very angry.

Cheating? It didn’t matter, as long as the other party said a good word, she could forgive. Domestic violence? It didn’t matter, as long as the other party apologized and said that he was impulsive, he would reflect on himself.

Ping Wanshu worked hard for her husband’s status and the Tan family’s status outside, and she couldn’t even see her family’s attitude when she returned home. She often complained in front of her friends, but once her friends persuaded her to divorce and stop the loss, she would immediately keep saying how considerate and caring her husband was to her.

Ping Wanshu’s long-time friends just severed ties with her, the reason was that said friend went to visit the injured Ping Wanshu and someone from the Tan family insulted her in front of the friend. The friend was so angry that they wanted to beat up the bastard, but Ping Wanshu on the hospital bed stepped forward to protect her husband, and the friendship between the two came to an end.

Arthur the cat was dumbfounded. No, Ping Wanshu in the alpaca’s memory a was not such a person!

“The Ping Wanshu in Tan Chenxi’s memory is the Ping Wanshu who divorced the bastard from the Tan family and barely woke up.” Jane sighed, “Knowing that her husband had a lot of illegitimate children outside, in order to win back her husband’s heart, despite being seriously injured, she agreed to use her body to conceive a child for her husband. Think about it, how much does Ping Wanshu love that bastard of the Tan family?”

“Fortunately, when the other party wanted to kill her and the child in her stomach, she finally came to her senses; unfortunately, she still had illusions about that bastard of the Tan family, thinking that the divorce would make the other party reflect, so she agreed to meet with them, but in the end she was killed, and Mingyou was also implicated.” Jane grit her teeth.

“Based on her feelings for that bastard of the Tan family, if you go to tell her now that you are a reborn person, she will die in the hands of that bastard of the Tan family, and you will also implicate the child who does not exist now, even if you are the prince of the Star Alliance, she will never believe it.”

“You can’t stop her from dedicating herself to love.” Jane’s expression froze for a moment, and then she returned to a gentle smile, “Your only chance is to save her when she gets attacked by star thieves while pregnant. Throw all the evidence at her face, shattering all her fantasies.”

“In the future, she will divorce the bastard from the Tan family, which shows that at least she is sober after being attacked. If you confess the rebirth, even if you can’t stop her from continuing to commit crimes for love, with her kindness, she should be able to take over Mingyou’s guardianship, maybe you can get Tan Chenxi as a bonus.”

Arthur the cat was dumbfounded. Really? Who in the Tan family had such a great charm? To make such an excellent woman like mother-in-law love crazily as if her mind was turned to paste? Even if he loved Mingyou, it was impossible to change like this!

He loved Mingyou because he had a good character, the two of them were in harmony with each other, and they had a wonderful experience of supporting each other in their downturns. Mother-in-law, who do you love the Tan family so much? Why? Did the other party put a love curse on you?

Jane put the little black cat that was frantically scratching his ears on her lap, grabbed his wobbling hind legs, and said, “The bastard of the Tan family was very good when he was young, and he was a good-looking person. I saw him before he fell ill. He was still a hero at that time.”

“The Ping family is no less vile than the Tan family. Compared with the Tan family who still knows how to work hard, the Ping family is even more petty. They only know how to follow trends and seek profit, and they don’t even understand the simple truth of being strong on their own. Although Ping Wanshu is their so-called first daughter, she has not been favored since she was a child.”

“Ping Wanshu and the Tan family’s bastard are childhood sweethearts, she may have been taken care of by the other when the Tan family’s bastard was still a genius. After the Tan family’s bastard fell ill, his abilities declined and he became an ordinary person. Maybe she thought she couldn’t leave her husband because of emotion or reason.”

“She may have been holding the extravagant hope that the other party would return to his original character, relying on the good memories of the past to paralyze herself, unwilling to wake up from the dream.”

“But she became better for the other party, and the other party’s mentality became more unbalanced and crazier. Now the bastard of the Tan family is completely insane, and he is relying on torturing Ping Wanshu, an excellent woman, to prove that he is not a waste.” Jane said with sarcasm, “Ping Wanshu served him, and he only treated her badly. When Ping Wanshu also abandoned him, he went completely crazy.”

Arthur’s fur was blown up and he turned into a black fluffy ball. Although this incident wasn’t too terrible, he, Arthur, had lived for five hundred years in his previous life, and he had never seen any abnormality. But when he thought of Mingyou’s nineteen years under that lunatic’s hands, Arthur trembled all over, even the fur on his body couldn’t stop the chill spreading to the bottom of his heart.

If Mingyou had no system and no memory of his previous life, would he be treated even more horribly? He only had a little imagination, and he wished he could rush to Sky Blue Star now, spit out a cat laser cannon, and razed the Tan family to the ground.

“Please forgive me, mother-in-law, I want to ensure the safety of my daughter-in-law first.” Arthur bowed his head and reflected. Sorry, he was a big selfish liger who must prioritize the happiness of those he cared about.

Jane stretched out a finger and poked at Arthur’s ears: “Leave this matter to me. I know her very well, and I know how to snatch the child from her and save her at the same time.”

She sneered: “Because, the friend who broke up with her not long ago was me.”

Arthur the kitten: “…Meow? Meow!!”

What happened? There was still such a thing?! Arthur finally understood why the big orange cat passed Mingyou’s application in seconds, and why Tan Chenxi joined the independent regiment under his command as a soldier. It turned out that his sister-in-law and mother-in-law were good friends who had been separated for more than 20 years!

“Sister-in-law, thank you for your hard work.” Arthur jumped onto Jane’s shoulder, and his little claws massaged her shoulders by stepping on them.

Even someone as powerful as his sister-in-law couldn’t save Ping Wanshu from the love spell, so he’d better give up that for now. After the daughter-in-law is born, it is his business to hold the daughter-in-law by his side and raise him.

He didn’t know if his daughter-in-law would be born again. probably? When he turned into an old black cat, he hugged the skinny old man, fell into eternal sleep together, and when his soul came out of his body, it was always hidden in his body. The power given by the spiritual remnants of the martyrs finally broke out, and he and Mingyou’s soul was dragged into the vortex of time and space.

The daughter-in-law must have been reborn, but he was probably the same as him. He will not fully awaken his pre-rebirth memories until the brain is fully developed. Moreover, the daughter-in-law had two lifetimes of memory, so it was estimated that it would be more chaotic than his previous one.

He must protect his daughter-in-law! The little black cat squeezed his sister-in-law’s shoulders vigorously, while swearing in his heart.

While enjoying the little black cat’s paws pinching her shoulders and her husband’s jealous eyes, Jane said, “I’ll talk about Ping Wanshu later. Now it’s time to save some of your subordinates first. People from the big cat family should be more selfish. Now that you are reborn, you must first save the people you care about the most, right?”

The little black cat nodded vigorously. Sister-in-law was right! Sister-in-law was the person with the most family spirit! Sister-in-law was the leader of the big cat family in the Star Alliance!

What? You mean His Majesty the Golden Lion of the Star Alliance? Wasn’t he just a big orange cat (pig) raised by his sister-in-law who only knew how to eat, sleep, play, and lie in his owner’s arms when he’s tired? Hehe.

“Speaking of which, your AI adopted son Xiaotian has been born, and is currently undergoing adjustment tests. He has no self-awareness yet, just an ordinary AI.” Although the little black cat had no expression on his cat face, in his heart, he was obviously depressed because of the matter of Ping Wanshu, so he quickly suggested, “Do you want to go and see him when he is just born?”

The little black cat continued to nod vigorously. Okay, okay, he will go see his stupid AI son, ask him a few questions, record the black history of AI’s silly answers, and laugh at him after he evolved into Xiaotian.

Jane saw the little black cat cheer up and arranged to go out with a smile.

As for her orange cat husband? Oh, please continue to face the wall and reflect. His Majesty the golden lion, who had no dignity and no status, continued to act as a fluffy ball with his head on the ground.

At the same time, he internally wondered how delicious future spirit beast food would be to make him so greedy. He swallowed his saliva while imagining the taste.

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