Walking the Path of a Workaholic in Cliché Novels (QT) Chapter 2

    An Yinong seriously refused again: “I’m not interested in face slapping.”

    “Why? No, no, don’t you find it very enjoyable?” The system raised their volume, “It’s like popping a pimple. The process is painful, but the end result is cathartic. The moment the dirty things are squeezed out, it seems that any pain and troubles have been emptied and are replaced with relief and happiness.”

    “…I don’t think so.”


    “Because the squeezed wound will get inflamed.” An Yinong made a pun.

    The system rolled its eyes and added: “But his regret value can be exchanged for golden fingers. A little regret value can be exchanged for 10 points. What’s wrong with points?” 

  “What is regret value?” 

   “It’s the specific data that you have converted into regrets.” The system explained. “Because the first protagonist and the second protagonist are lovers, we should start from the aspect of love. Let him fall in love with you, and then go to the crematorium!

    “As long as the first protagonist feels regret from the bottom of his heart, and sincerely says or does With the gesture of “I regret it”, you can get 100 points of regret! But we don’t need to get one hundred points, just sixty points, isn’t it super simple?”

    An Yinong slowly hummed: “Oh…. How about a show? ” An Yinong applauded expressionlessly.

    The world was suspended in time, there was no wind or rain, but the system felt that its heart was chilling. This host was too difficult to deal with. “Why not do this, this is the easiest way to earn remorse points. You don’t know that this kind of character has a protagonist’s aura, and it’s terrifying to touch and die! But once he falls in love, he will lose his mind and the aura will start to lose effect.”

    An Yinong probably understood: “Then you should find a love expert, a prodigal, the kind who scores every day, I have never even driven a stroller.”

    “No, host, you don’t have to worry at all, you are a special human with a naturally high charisma value that I found through thousands of potential candidates.”

    This statement made An Yinong’s brows twitch, and he coughed twice and didn’t want to say anything.

    But the system still said to itself: “Here, I suggest you follow the original main plot, because it is a proven successful strategy route, but at the end, you just need to cruelly abuse the scum.”

    Talk about the feeling of falling apart? Didn’t they have to work? Didn’t they have to live? No need for entertainment?

    “Even if what you said is true, I’m not interested.” An Yinong shook his head, life was very difficult for social animals, what love was there?

    “Don’t you want to get rid of your troubles?” The system suddenly asked, “Because of your special physique, all those who fall in love with you will only want to monopolize, hurt or even kill you, just like a curse. It doesn’t matter?”

    An Yinong abruptly raised his head, his gaze as sharp as a sword.

    “Don’t be so fierce, right? I’m your savior.” The system was quite aggrieved.

    Savior? To put it that way, the old pagoda tree in Nie Xiaoqian was also a “life-saver”.

    An Yinong withdrew his sharp edge and smiled harmlessly again: “I did meet some bad people, but it’s hard to believe that I am cursed because of that.”

    “It’s true… oops, the time freeze is about to end!” The system said anxiously, “I’ll transfer the original owner’s memory to you now.”

    A light spot floated out of its body, and it was so fast that it sank into An Yinong’s body in the blink of an eye. It was like a bullet shot through his head. An Yinong felt an iron stick stirring his brain, and his whole body was going to be crushed.

    “Persevere!” The system yelled from the side, “In order for you to receive it smoothly, the system will give you a free soul body enhancement. If you pass out, you will regret it.”

    But An Yinong, who was in severe pain, didn’t hear the system’s words. With a ‘bang’, he knelt on the ground and curled up. At this time, the static world began to move, and the raindrops fell in a slanted line. An Yinong on the ground beat the ground, splashing water around. The black umbrella on the side of the road was blown by the wind and turned around.

    The system kept looking at An Yinong, thinking that he couldn’t take it anymore, but he actually held on, only occasionally groaning a few times between his teeth. It should be painful, but it was as sticky as melted candy. The sound of sobbing, and the fragile feeling of a precious thing being broken, made people blush and their heart beat.

    “…” Oh my god, this host was really a natural heartthrob, he didn’t need to do anything extra, he only took a few breaths, and others couldn’t take it anymore. With such a helper, isn’t it true that people block and kill people, and Buddhas block and kill Buddhas?

    After an unknown amount of time, the severe pain stopped, An Yinong stroked his forehead, feeling an unprecedented sense of clarity. Many memories that he felt he had forgotten or half-forgotten appeared clearly in his mind. It seems to be back to the peak period of knowledge in the third year of high school.

    In addition, the memory of another person appeared in his mind, named ‘Ke Yinong’, with the same name but different surnames, with similar life trajectories but very different personalities.

    An Yinong looked at the system expressionlessly: “So I’m ‘Ke Yinong’ now?” He had the memory of “Ke Yinong”, but it didn’t feel real, like watching a movie.

    Ke Yinong was born in an ordinary dual-worker family. His father passed away due to illness, and his mother remarried later. However, he accidentally stepped into the entertainment industry and became a popular singer.

    As for this Zhao Ze, he was a ‘friend’ who came to his door when his career was at a low point. Playing hard to get a few tricks there, coaxing the original owner to confess, grabbing him like a drowning man grabbing driftwood.

    “Tsk, the timing of Zhao Ze’s appearance is too subtle. It was when the original owner was weak, and he always felt that there was something wrong.” An Yinong was a different creature from Ke Yinong. He was much more indifferent and rational, and he was full of conspiracy theories. Of course, what he cared most about now was not that ‘ex-boyfriend’, but himself.

    “How can I get rid of this special physique?” He just wants to know this now. All his misfortunes since he was a child have come from suitors who didn’t have any self-knowledge. If he could cut off this so-called charm, he could even die again.

    “Not for now.” The system secretly felt guilty.

    An Yinong showed an obvious disappointed expression.

    “Why? Isn’t it good to be attractive? No matter how many people want to ask for it, they can’t ask for it.” The system couldn’t understand it at all.

    “Charisma?” A drugged world deprived him of his voice. One cut off every opportunity he can, watching him struggle in pain, waiting for him to degenerate into a doll without ego, and the other killed him. The malicious love of others was hell.

    An Yinong who calmed down returned to his decent and gentle appearance.

    After calling the car with the software, he looked at the system: “Then tell me about the mission. Your mission is limited to this world, or will it continue without end?”

   “Mission?” Speaking of this, the system will not be sleepy. “As long as the host earns 10,000 points, that is 1,000 regret points, he can freely choose whether to continue to do the task, or find a world to live the life he wants.” 

   So he was now a slave sold to the system and must earn enough ransom money? This metaphor made An Yinong raise his eyebrows. He didn’t like the feeling of being controlled by others, and he didn’t really believe in the words of the system.

    “That is to say, I don’t have a choice now?”

    “For you, this kind of task is very simple.” The system smiled like a thief: “You probably don’t know, just now, that man has generously contributed more than a dozen points of remorse.”

   “You said he has regret?” An Yinong didn’t believe it at all, “Remorse can’t come fast enough?”

    “Whatever he regrets, it makes no difference. After completing the task, the host can use the points to exchange for many things, such as a portable space, the secrets of cultivating immortality, everything you expect.” 

    The system pulled out a transparent page, on which there are many seemingly unbelievable things. An Yinong even saw a product called ‘God of Songs Level Music Skills’, for 180 points. After using it, one can directly have the skills of a God of Songs? An Yinong thought to himself, wasn’t the existence of this kind of thing really a mockery of professionals like him who have studied for more than ten years?

     “Isn’t it super exciting?” The system talked a lot, advocating a better life after completing the task, but An Yinong was extremely calm: the salesperson in the bank tricked others into buying wealth management products like this, but when it came time to withdraw money, things changed.

     He was very grateful to the system for having the opportunity to survive with another identity, but it was absolutely impossible to obey the system because of this.

     The car arrived after a while, and the driver saw that he was soaked, and kindly handed out a towel: “Young man, nothing is too difficult.”

    “Thank you.” The stranger’s kindness made An Yinong, who was cold all over, feel a little warm.

     The car started, and the scenery all the way back made him feel both familiar and strange.     “What’s the punishment for failing to complete the task?” An Yinong asked suddenly.

     The system thought for a while: “If the regret value is not enough, it means that the task has not been completed, so you can only stay in this small world. Don’t worry, if you get more than 60 regret points, you will pass the level.”

    “What if you get 100 regret points? 100 is the full value, right?” An Yinong was a little curious.

    “Ah, that…it’s too much, there’s no need.” The system laughed dryly, “Live sixty years, one more point is wasted. How about it, have you decided to complete the task?” Sure enough, there was something to hide.

    Without being able to start a direct confrontation for the time being, An Yinong said vaguely: “I need time to think about it.”

    “Do you not want to do the task?” The system became vigilant, apparently it was not the first time it heard such words. After living for a long time, it can always meet a few hosts who torture the system.

    “If you don’t complete the task, everything you have now will be taken back, including your life.” The system suddenly changed a serious face, “A tasker who cannot complete the task has no existence value.”

    An Yinong’s heart skipped a beat. The more urgent the threat was, the more it means that this matter needs careful consideration. “Why do you think so? It’s too late to thank you for your kindness to me. It’s because I value it that I need to think about it.” As he spoke, he stretched out a hand to hold the system, with a sincere expression on his face.

    The rubber man system was so dazzled that it turned into a steamy pink color, stammered and said, “Don’t tease this system, even if you do, I won’t open the back door!” Oh, it turned out that the back door could be opened, and An Yinong’s smile deepened.


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  1. The sound of sobbing, and the fragile feeling of a precious thing being broken, made people blush and their heart beat….

    Is the author…a sadist? And what’s with the pimple analogy…


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