After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 103

    The funeral ended with cheerful music. In order for the deceased’s family members to understand what the song was about, the lyrics were translated by Mingyou the man behind the scenes, and sung by a choir temporarily formed by the meritorious scientists.

    “Happy mourning. Happy grieving means that death is not the end but a starting point. The old and decayed shell has been shed, and a better new life is ushered in. Today is really a good day, isn’t it?” Arthur rarely showed that his temperament did not match him. With a gentle smile, he straightened his gloves, raised his chin slightly, and saw the dull-eyed family members of the deceased from the corner of his eyes.

    Mingyou said that ten years was not too late for a gentleman to take revenge. But he, Arthur, had never been so narrow-minded, a little bit of hatred, and he still cared about it after ten years. Even if the person was dead, he still had to seize the opportunity and quickly get revenge. If one doesn’t report it, should they stay in the bank and wait for interest? Arthur only relied on his own feelings. What did  it matter if the parties knew about it or not? Spit on the grave and be done with it.

    Seeing that the funeral was successfully concluded, Mingyou snuck up to his elder brother, the captain of the welcome team, and tugged on his short tail.

    Brother Alpaca: “!!!” Where was the brat?! Oh, it’s Mingyou, it’s all right.

    The alpaca brother said helplessly, “Why are you here?”

    Mingyou hugged the alpaca’s neck, and stroked his excellent white curly fur. It’s been a long time since he stroked an alpaca, and his hands were a little itchy. “Watching the excitement.” Mingyou changed the white alpaca’s bangs to a different hairstyle, then looked at the white alpaca’s new fur and giggled.

    A monkey’s head emerged from his shoulder bag: “Stop playing, someone is coming.”

    Mingyou stopped immediately. He turned his head and looked, Huh? What a cute blue alpaca? “He Shu?” Mingyou’s eyes widened. The eyes of the blue alpaca, which were smaller than the white alpaca, were also wide open.

     “Ah, it’s really cute.” Mingyou rushed forward, pressed the blue alpaca’s head into his arms and rubbed it, “Blue fur is so cute, the hairstyle is very individual!”

He Shu tried to bounce Mingyou away. But Mingyou’s strength was too great, he couldn’t dodge at all.

    “It’s Mingyou.” The white alpaca sighed, telling the blue alpaca to stop struggling.

    Mingyou wants to hug you, a spirit beast not as strong as His Highness and Ten Heroes, who could escape?

    Ming, Mingyou? The blue alpaca stiffened.

    “Take it easy, take it easy.” Mingyou touched the little blue alpaca’s ears with a smile, “It’s really cute. When you come to my house with my big brother, I’ll prepare something delicious for you.” 

    The blue alpaca opened his mouth and thought he answered, but the cry was stuck in his throat and he couldn’t make a sound at all. His eyes were full of swirls, his head was in chaos, and he was so nervous that he was about to faint.

    The other alpaca had no choice but to help him answer: “Okay. Mingyou, are you not afraid of being discovered?”

    “No, no, now Arthur is attracting attention, and no one will notice me.” Mingyou said, “I came here specially to look at you, Adeline is helping me keep watch.”

    After speaking, Mingyou complained: “You didn’t come to see me, I can only find a chance to see you.”

    The white alpaca was a little panicked. Mingyou and His Highness were newlyweds, now was the time for their honeymoon, right? Even if it was a honeymoon at home, wouldn’t it be nice for him not to disturb them? But Mingyou complained, so he could only bite the bullet and pretend that he was very busy, and he would definitely come to No. 1 Rehabilitation Star to see Mingyou next holiday.

    “Bring Brother Tibetan Fox as well.” Mingyou hurriedly asked, “His acting skills in reciting manuscripts today was really amazing.”

    The alpaca nodded. Although he was a bit jealous of his roommate, if the Tibetan fox could make Mingyou happy, he could keep his roommate’s dog life.

    “You too, it doesn’t matter if you come to play by yourself. I’m afraid that you will be exposed to outsiders as the identity of the Tan family. I will ask Arthur to help you find an excuse to come to No. 1 Rehabilitation Star for an internship.”

    The little blue alpaca that He Shu turned into was very special and cute, just like a little blue horse in a cartoon, without the association of the Tan alpaca family at all, his attitude towards He Shu was even better. The little blue alpaca nodded dumbly, and Mingyou touched his ears again.

    “It would be great if I could become an alpaca too. The show mentioned on the Internet is pretty good.” Mingyou sighed, “After becoming an alpaca, chasing and biting Dahei’s tail must be very fun.” 

    Brother white alpaca: “… Mingyou, don’t be like this.”

    The little blue alpaca brother: “…” He should stay quiet at this time.

    Dahuang: “Do you dare to tell His Highness this?”

    Mingyou’s eyes fluttered: “Of course I have to speak ill of him behind his back. Say it to his face, am I stupid?”

    On the verge of His Highness’s anger, he frantically tried facing the wall and writing a review, Mingyou, you are very skilled. The yellow monkey lamented in his heart. Mingyou was really being led more and more bearishly by His Highness. But… he was better when energetic.

    The yellow monkey raised a paw and touched Mingyou’s hair: “Okay, keep it a secret from His Highness.”

    The brother alpaca: “…” No, that’s how you teach my brother?

    Brother Little Blue Alpaca: “…” It’s great that Mr. Mingyou is pampered by his spirit beast partner.

    Mingyou was still going to talk nonsense with the pair of alpacas, Xiaotian came to pass the news, Arthur had given enough anger, and was going to go home, telling Mingyou to “get back quickly”.

    Xiaotian said old-fashionedly: “When you said you were going to bite his tail, he felt it. Don’t underestimate the telepathy between the two of you. Why don’t you block him when you speak ill of him?”

    Mingyou froze for a moment, and grabbed his hair with both hands: “Oops, I forgot, it’s over! Got to go, brother Chenxi, Xiaoshu, goodbye, I am going back to face the wall and think about it!”

   The monkey kept sighing. The white alpaca brother and the blue little alpaca brother looked at each other in blank dismay.

    “Mr. Mingyou is so energetic.” The blue alpaca thought for a long time before he came up with such a sentence.

    The alpaca elder brother nodded, with a deep expression like a thinker: “Yes, he’s too energetic.” Your Highness, you have worked hard.

    The little blue alpaca brother was silent for a while, and then said: “It’s great that Mr. Mingyou is so energetic. His Highness and the ten heroes must be very kind to him.” The white alpaca was also silent for a long time before nodding.

    Yes, Mingyou was very happy now. Although he didn’t contribute anything to Mingyou’s happiness, seeing his happiness, he wouldn’t be scolded too badly in front of his mother, right?

    “Hehe.” Arthur crossed his arms.

    Mingyou smiled and squeezed Arthur’s shoulders: “I’m just kidding, don’t be angry, don’t be angry? How can you be angry with me for something I haven’t done?”

    Arthur sneered: “It’s still my fault?”

    Mingyou nodded seriously: “Yes, it’s your fault, Arthur, cheapskate, cheap cat.”

    Arthur: “…!!!” He turned into a black cat, and raised a paw.

    Mingyou yelled loudly on the private ship, while scurrying around: “Dahei is beating someone, domestic violence! Is there any law for the king!”

    The big cat flicked his tail, and the colorful kitten balls were divided into several groups, Chasing and intercepting Mingyou.

    The polar bear who was very tired from dancing rubbed his shoulders: “What are your Highness and Mingyou doing?”

    “Maybe it’s a game where they chase each other?” The red panda pinched his throat and said, “It’s quite difficult to sing this song, my throat hurts. Mingyou! Is there any medicine for throats!” 

    Pressed by the little cat balls, Mingyou, who was being crushed by the black cat, stuck his head out from the cat’s fur, and said, “Yes! Wait, I’ll get it for you.”

    The black cat jumped off Mingyou, and said, “Give it to me too. I have been feeling off all day long, and my throat hurts too.”

    The spirit beast partners came to get the medicine one after another; some had muscle aches, some had sore throats, some had sore cheeks, in short, everyone who was happy at the funeral was tired. But the funeral was so good it was worth it.

    “Even the little money spent is still distressing.” Mingyou said with emotion.

    The black cat held a bottle of throat-soothing drink in his paws, hiccupped for a while, patted his stomach and said, “Don’t feel bad, I will earn it back.”

    The happy funeral was just the prelude to revenge, and the follow-up liquidation had just begun. He didn’t know how much the mourning could be worth.

    Mingyou nodded while rubbing the big black cat’s stomach. It’s good that Dahei had a plan. He stopped thinking about it. Instead of thinking about these troublesome things, it is better to make more achievements to earn a small amount of money to support the spirit beasts at home.

    After Mingyou’s spirit beasts were in good spirits, they happily went to do other things. Among the public, this “happy mourning” public opinion has just begun.

    People said that they had never seen such a lively funeral. People with brains already knew that their great Prince Arthur was slapping the other in the face. And what the Holy Mothers and Fathers want to say, “the dead are final”, were also a bit powerless.

    “Happy funeral, isn’t that happy enough? Can you pick out the faults in the funeral system?”

    “Aren’t you overthinking? When my great-grandfather passed away, the family invited people to dance. Happy funeral, wasn’t it? Be happy, it’s impolite to cry with a sad face.”

    “Are you serious? Look at the coffin board that is about to fall, look at the welcoming faces of a group of alpacas, and the song by the meritorious choir. Are you sure His Highness is serious? Seriously helping the other party with the funeral.”

    “Sure, definitely. His Highness is such a good person, even if the other party resists him, he will not be able to resist him. His Highness is the most generous in the entire Star Alliance.” 

   “That’s right. I believe it.”

    Ordinary people laughed together, a lot of spooky animal videos were edited, and all kinds of coffin-carrying music flooded the screen everywhere, but they didn’t get any warning. They get it, and the officials let them liven it up. Why don’t you do it soon? In the internal forums, some people are happy while others are sad.

    Needless to say, those who were worried, they thought that after Prince Arthur had such a high reputation and status, his temper would be restrained, at least he would not settle accounts after the fall. Unexpectedly, His Highness was still the same, nothing had changed. They have to think about the future of the family.

    The happy people had already started uploading coffin-carrying videos that they imitated. Who couldn’t carry a coffin? Come, they will send you to heaven today.

    “Cool is the only usable word, as expected of His Royal Highness who can lead us to smash the Senate!”

    “Seeing the meritorious scientists singing loudly on the stage, I finally feel relieved. That’s right, the old politician is dead, isn’t today a good day for the academic world?”

    “Mr. Ariake stands in the front, what are you afraid of? Mr. Mingyou himself is the biggest new student, I am willing to be exploited by Mr. Mingyou!”

    “Dreaming, the benefits of Mr. Mingyou’s research institute are so good, can ordinary people enter? Go in line at the back.”

    “It is said that someone who suspected Mr. Mingyou appeared at the funeral, I don’t know if it is true.”

    “His Royal Highness and the Ten Heroes attended the funeral, so Mr. Mingyou must be there too. His Highness and the Ten Heroes will not leave him alone.

    “They don’t trust other spirit beasts. Hey, as a bodyguard, I haven’t performed the task of protecting Mr. Mingyou yet.”

    “Oh, you are the spirit beast that has performed the most tasks of protecting Mr. Mingyou, right? “

    “No, it’s me (proud).”

    “Is Tan Chenxi’s account in your hands? Every time you circle Tan Chenxi, it’s you, a mentally handicapped, squinty-eyed Tibetan fox who comes out.”

    “No, I just set his nickname as a special reminder. By the way, Mr. Mingyou is indeed at the scene, and he invited me to be a guest on No. 1 Rehabilitation Star. I’m ready to go on my next vacation. Hehehe.”

    “You have a square face and you are amazing? You squint your eyes and you are amazing? Your emoticon pack is amazing? Your lucky value is overwhelming and you are amazing?” 

“That’s right, that’s how amazing you are. (Tibetan fox growls)”

    On the first day, the lucky Tiebtan fox came out and attracted all the hatred. The topics discussed by spirit beasts were instantly distorted, and no one cared about the mourning family anymore. It seemed that the whole family who hadn’t died were all sent away by a suona, as if they were completely unworthy of attention. Although they continued to cleanse themselves in the realm of public opinion, no amount of whitewashing could match the sound of suona brainwashing music. As long as that person was mentioned, the people now only had suona and bears carrying the coffin in their hearts, and that person was almost frozen in the picture of the coffin board that was about to fall off.

    He actually had achievements when he was young, but even those achievements that really belonged to him had been forgotten by everyone. The age is too long, I can’t remember clearly, I only remember his graveyard.

    Mingyou closed the webpage with a smile, logged into the holographic game, and began beating the players as an NPC. What kind of comments did he read, how was it not fun to be an NPC and make players go around? It’s really nice to be a planner who can roam around in the game. Did they want to add some private goods to the game? For example, let the alpaca family appear on the scene as the BOSS?

    He Shu who played games with Mingyou: “???” This…don’t want it? It was shameful.

    Alas, forget it, people spoke lightly, and the final result was probably fine as long as Mr. Mingyou was happy. When Mingyou thought he was going back to his leisurely life, the family was once again shrouded in gloom. The pressure was so stifling this time that Mingyou was frightened into thinking that the Zerg had invaded again.

    “The wreckage of the Lion King has been found,” Arthur said.

    Mingyou froze for a moment, then immediately hugged him. Arthur didn’t struggle. He stood there blankly like a stone statue, letting Mingyou hold him. His back was straight, as if he would collapse if he relaxed a little.

    The Lion King, the logistics ship his sister-in-law was on. When he robbed military supplies back then, his sister-in-law opened up a special route to transport the supplies for him, and it was only then that he survived the frontline battlefield.

    But at the darkest moment before dawn, the coordinates of the route were betrayed by spies, the Lion King and the Zerg flagship died together, and the wreckage was swept away by the turbulence of time and space, leaving nothing behind. Now the ship has finally been found, and according to the information in the black box, the spies can finally be revealed.

    It turned out… there really were spies. The Zerg were a predatory civilization, and even they were not considered a civilization in many galaxies. All their instincts were used to plunder, to steal more energy, so that the Zerg queen could give birth to better offspring.

    High-level Zerg could control the consciousness of many low-level Zerg, and they were all war machines that completely obeyed orders. At the same time, they are also very cunning and can use various tactics. The only thing they couldn’t do was to bribe others. Because of the predatory civilization, there would be no survivors at all.

    If the Star Alliance fell, then all the administrative planets would be destroyed, and those who were able to flee would flee to other galaxies as refugees, and those who were not able would stay on the planet to die.

    Arthur originally thought that for this kind of extremely predatory civilization invasion, at most some people would passively resist and wait for their families to escape. They may think that the Star Alliance can’t win, so it would be better to save their wealth and quickly find a galaxy to “naturalize”, because they were still good people anyway.

    But Arthur did not expect that there were actually spies who would collude with the Zerg. The Star Alliance is gone, what good was it for them? All of them were high-level members of the Star Alliance. If the Alliance is alive, wasn’t their status higher than a so-called wealthy interstellar refugee?

    “Maybe…they are just worried about winning the war and their negative behavior will be punished.” Arthur finally understood.

    In fact, it’s not that he didn’t understand, but he just couldn’t believe that there would be people who expected all the people on the hundreds of administrative planets of the Star Alliance to die because of this reason.

    Because I am worried that I will be liquidated, I would rather everyone become refugees. Everyone has a thousand yuan, but they only have a hundred yuan, and they are very dissatisfied. They want to make everyone’s deposits zero or even negative, and they think it’s fair.

    Is that so? Really? Even if they were liquidated, they would only lose their current status, but the future generations would be able to return to their current status sooner or later as long as they had the ability in the prosperous and peaceful Star Alliance. Even if their crimes may only make them “retire”, not up to the level of imprisonment, would they rush to drag the Star Alliance to be buried with them?

    In other words, they didn’t think about the demise of the Star Alliance, but simply wanted to kill the people on the ship of the Lion King. Because the queen was still in charge of the dark side of the Star Alliance, holding the most information? But even if the queen was dead, the intelligence organization would not stop chasing them.

    “It’s also possible that they know that the general situation has been settled and the war was over, so they just wanted to make me and my brother feel sad.” Arthur said again.

    Perhaps, this group of people were simply crazy, wanting him and his eldest brother to lose their most important relative. The Queen was the eldest brother’s lover. The real mother in Arthur’s heart.

    “They will pay the price, but I can’t be happy.” Arthur wanted to smile, but he couldn’t. “No matter how many punishments there are, the Lion King can’t be brought back.” 

    Louis stared blankly outside the window. Gu Hai’s soul has been with him across the stars, and now he has finally found the place where Gu Hai’s bones were buried. Unfortunately, in that turbulent time and space, only the strongest black box and a bit of starship wreckage could remain.

    “Take me to have a look.” Mingyou said suddenly.

    Arthur waited for a long time, and finally recovered from his stone-like state. He hugged Mingyou and gently rubbed his face against Mingyou’s hair, as if this would subdue the anger and sadness in his heart that seemed to tear everything apart: “What are you going to do? There is only wreckage there.” 

    “Gu Hai’s heart could cross the ​​stars and come to Dalan, maybe there are remnants of their powers of heart in the starship.” Mingyou said seriously, “If I can find the remnants of their soul, maybe I can let them chat with you.”

    “Although this will not help. But if she really has any remnants left, letting sister-in-law know that Diandian is healthy, she will be very happy.” Mingyou took a deep breath and said: “The dead cannot be resurrected, but I may be able to give them a formal farewell.”

    Arthur didn’t speak, but Louis smiled: “Let Mingyou go and have a look, it doesn’t matter even if there is no heart power left. Any remembrance is better than none.”

    “If there is, a formal farewell will indeed make people feel a lot better.” Louis put his hands on his heart, his eyes were slightly closed, and a happy smile appeared on his face, “Since parting is inevitable, at least we can formally say goodbye.”

    Arthur grasped Mingyou’s arms. He didn’t say anything, but Mingyou knew that Arthur had agreed. Mingyou didn’t come up with this on a whim, but the system released a new main task. Originally, there was only one main task, and the only one left to complete the spirit beast illustrated book. But now, a new mainline task suddenly popped up.

    “Do you believe in miracles?”

    Miracles? Mingyou thought of their wedding rings, Arthur’s “not ready” special move, and the miracle the system said when he felt Gu Hai’s heart power. He finally remembered where he had heard the word “miracle”.

    Death was like a lamp going out, and the soul was like floating ashes. Even if there was a future life, it was like a brand new person. The regrets of this life stay in this life, no matter how sad or regretful one can only move forward.

    The rules of the world were like this, so the spirit beasts in this world did not have ghosts. But he worked a miracle. Gu Hai was able to cross the stars, the system said it was not a miracle, but Mingyou believed that it could definitely be considered a miracle.

    Even if the next life was a brand new start, there may not even have time to say “goodbye”. Even if the regrets in the hearts of both parties could be relieved in the slightest, it was a miracle. Was this what it meant by the new main task of the system?

    Mingyou believed in the system, believed in the system that brought him a new life and accompanied him in his most painful days. So this time, as always, he pinned all his hopes on the system. For him, the system was like a parent who took care of him in this life. When he was at a loss, the system would help him, just like a parent helping a child who had fallen.

    Mingyou wanted to go to the wreckage to find the remnants, but Arthur didn’t tell anyone. Only he and his subordinates knew, Arthur didn’t even tell His Majesty and the snow leopard. Arthur didn’t want others to have too many expectations, and he didn’t want Mingyou to bear too much burden.

    As a new member of the big cat family, Mingyou went to the Lion King to mourn. The Lion King was now stored away. The Star Alliance was building an independent exhibition hall to tell future generations the glorious history of the Lion King.

    There were almost no spirit beasts on the Lion King, and their feats were ones that ordinary people could get. Presumably, the people of the Star Alliance would understand this and be moved by their heroism.

    Hearing what the builder of the exhibition hall said, Mingyou didn’t know how to comfort him. His Majesty personally came to the construction site and used the machine to build the exhibition hall brick by brick, just like building a magnificent palace for his loved one.

    Mingyou walked into the hall where the wreckage of the Lion King was stored. The black box and all the remains of the Lion King were stored in a transparent sphere, floating as if it was still in space. Visitors could walk around the sphere and see every detail of the wreckage of the Lion King.

    In the holographic exhibition hall, there would also be a restored holographic projection of the Lion King. The audience could shuttle between the wreckage and the restored Lion King to feel the passage of time on the ship. The process of the battle had also been holographically simulated, allowing the audience to experience the cruelty of war and the greatness of heroes.

    Mingyou did not enter the holographic world to look back on this cruel battle. His eyes were firmly glued to the wreckage, as if he saw something that others couldn’t see. Arthur immediately asked everyone to leave, and called in His Majesty the Golden Lion and the Snow Leopard who were sweating profusely.

    “What’s wrong?” His Majesty the Lion asked. He looked normal, much calmer than Arthur. It seemed that when he looked at the wreckage of the Lion King, he was no longer sad.

    Arthur said nothing. He was waiting for Mingyou to speak. Mingyou seemed to be listening to something. After listening for a while, Mingyou’s heart power fluctuated like mist, gradually spreading to the entire exhibition room.

    Arthur raised his head, rubbed his eyes, and looked at the fluorescent lights flying all over the sky, feeling very excited. They had seen this scene. The spiritual remnants of the spirit beasts who were imprisoned in the illegal experiment base at that time had appeared in this way.

    It turned out that not only the living had mental waves, but also the dead? It turned out that not only the soul strength of spirit beasts would leave fragments of longing, but the souls of ordinary people could be so powerful?

    Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief, he turned his head, smiled at Arthur, “Your mission is fulfilled.”

    After speaking, a translucent shadow appeared behind him. A very beautiful woman was smiling at Arthur with her folded arms.

    Arthur lowered his head, choked with sobs and said, “Sister-in-law, I’ll take you home.”

    The woman nodded, and turned her gaze to the snow leopard next to her.

    The snow leopard squatted on the ground, trying to straighten up his chest: “Mom! I am very strong now! I will be able to beat Dad soon!”

    The smile on the woman’s face became brighter. Her gaze finally turned to the dumbfounded golden lion beside her. The golden lion had now turned into a statue, and he didn’t even respond to what his son said.

    The woman didn’t speak, but the voice appeared in the golden lion’s mind: “Mingyou said, when I’m not around, you eat and drink, and grab other’s snacks. Are you going to become a big orange cat?”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion’s chubby body trembled, and he shook his head frantically: “No, no, don’t listen to Mingyou’s nonsense, I definitely am not!” 

    Arthur raised his head and said expressionlessly: “No, he has.”

    The snow leopard howled : “Yes! Mom! Dad, he is too much! When I was getting treated, my mind retreated to a little baby, and he even snatched my feeding bottle! He even snatched a baby’s feeding bottle!” 

   His Majesty the golden lion pulled his ears: “No, no, dear, you trust me, you have to trust me!”

    The woman smiled and looked at His Majesty the big golden lion. She kept smiling.

    His Majesty the Lion lay down silently on the ground, and covered his ears with two paws: “I was wrong, I reflected on it, and I will face the wall and think about it.” 

    Mingyou blinked: “Brother and Dahei act similarly.”

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou: “Aren’t you the one who often faces the wall and thinks about past mistakes?”

    The woman straightened up with a smile, she rubbed Mingyou’s hair, but her hands went through Mingyou’s head. She floated in front of the lion lying on the ground again, tried to rub his ears but her hands went through him.

    Arthur and Diandian took the initiative to move their heads, but the woman could no longer touch her two beloved sons. There was a difference between life and death. But at least, she saw that the Star Alliance won the war, learned about the promotion of new spirit animal science, and learned that the people she loved were very happy. All the regrets in her heart disappeared at this moment.

    “Don’t go!” Seeing the woman’s luminous body turning into a spot of light, the golden lion jumped up from the ground, rushed towards the woman, and then missed.

    “I’ll wait for you. Live your life well. When I come to pick you up, tell me the happy things you’ve experienced.” The woman gradually turned into light, but the voice still echoed in everyone’s minds, “Please live as long as possible so I have more interesting things to listen to.”

    The golden lion whimpered and nodded, like an abandoned cat.

    “Mingyou, thank you.”

    Mingyou said: “You’re welcome, see you, sister-in-law.”

    The light spots scattered, just like what Louis saw back then. After the family said goodbye, the other light spots gathered together and formed familiar figures.

    They smiled and bid farewell to His Majesty the Emperor and His Highness of the Star Alliance, to their comrades in arms Prince Arthur and the Ten Heroes, and to Mingyou who brought a new future to the spirit beasts and the Star Alliance. They would also talk about things they regretted, some people they didn’t have time to see, Xiaotian squatted on top of Mingyou’s head, his eyes were shining brightly, and recorded everything. The living would try their best to realize the regrets of the dead.

    “Seeing Your Highness, I am relieved.”

    “Your Majesty, please mourn.”

    “His Highness Hans has become stronger, that’s great.”

    “Comrades, don’t be sad.”

    “Mingyou, I’ll entrust my family’s spirit beasts to you.”

    “Seeing you, I don’t have any regrets in my heart, everything is fine in the Star Alliance.” 

    “It’s enough to go home, floating in the universe is full of loneliness.”

    “I hope that other comrades in arms can also go home.”

    “In my next life, I will be a member of the Star Alliance.”


    Arthur and the others stood up straight and saluted: “Comrades, please go on. Don’t worry, the Star Alliance has me.”

    The light spots scattered again, turned into fireflies, penetrated the roof, flew to the distant sky, and flew to an unknown space. Arthur and others kept the military salute until the light dissipated, knowing that Mingyou’s heart power had completely dissipated.

    Mingyou sat down on the ground panting, sweating profusely.

    Arthur hurriedly rushed over and hugged Mingyou: “Tired? How are you? Go for a checkup first!” 

    “I’ll sleep for a while. Dahei, do me a favor, hold a memorial ceremony for the martyrs again, I have a way to locate all the black boxes.” Mingyou’s eyes slowly closed, and the last part came directly through the remaining spiritual power. Arthur’s mind rang.

    “I’ll take them home.”

    Arthur picked up Mingyou, looked at his tired face, and said nothing.

    “What’s wrong with Mingyou?!” Herman and the others rushed over, anxiously asking.

    The snow leopard and His Majesty were separated by Heman and the others, so they could only look around anxiously.

    “He’s tired. Check first.” Arthur said, “Mingyou asked us to hold a grand memorial ceremony for the martyrs again. He can locate all the black boxes that are still left outside and take the martyrs home.” 

    Everyone stared in surprise. Their round eyes were shocked.

    After His Majesty the Golden Lion was surprised, he frowned and said, “I believe Mingyou will not promise what he can’t do. But if he wants to scan the entire universe, can his mental strength sustain it?” 

    “Although I also want to take the martyrs home, if there is something wrong with Mingyou, this is absolutely not allowed!”

    “Mingyou is too important to us and the Star Alliance, I can’t take risks!”

    “The martyrs have spirits, and they will never agree!”

    Arthur said: ” I know. I’ll talk about it after he wakes up.” But Arthur knew that since Mingyou had already made the request, it was very likely that they would not be able to resist at all.

    As long as Mingyou used the excuse of the task assigned by his supernatural educational optical brain, he could only do it. But what would Mingyou pay? Could he help Mingyou? If Mingyou would lose his health or even his life because of this, he would absolutely regret it.

    “Don’t worry me.” Arthur murmured with his forehead against Mingyou’s, “It’s not your responsibility, don’t force yourself.”

    “Find them.”

    “I will take them home.”

    “So don’t worry, don’t force yourself.”

    “Promise me.”

    Mingyou’s eyelids moved, as if he heard Arthur’s words. The medical team rushed in and carried Mingyou onto the stretcher. The doctors were directly in the medical vehicle, urgently examining and treating Mingyou. Arthur stood outside the makeshift treatment room of the medical van, looking gloomy.

    “Don’t worry, Mingyou is not a child who will mess around.” His Majesty turned into a human, patted Arthur on the shoulder and said, “He knows how important he is to you, and he won’t make you sad.” 

    He looked at the others who were waiting then repeated: “He knows how important he is to you. If something happens to him, you will be very sad. Mingyou is so kind and will never make you sad.” 

   Hans also nodded: “Trust Mingyou, He’s really not a messy person.”

    The corner of Arthur’s mouth twitched: “I know.” But he would always be worried. What Mingyou said now was too shocking.

    Mingyou once secretly said that all the gifts of fate had their prices marked on the back. So, what was the price for this miracle? Can they really afford a miracle?

    “If Mingyou insists on doing this, then we will be together.” Herman said seriously, “We are partners with Mingyou, we can definitely share the cost with him.” Everyone else nodded.

    They fought side by side once, and they will be together now. The contract was two-way. If Mingyou really overtaxed himself, they could help share the burden without his consent.

    Arthur nodded. He raised his head and looked at the distant starry sky.


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