Chapter 37 Children

The outer base wall was built up but since the inner circle already had protection it was necessary to increase construction projects to provide a place for the new people to live. Although the vast majority of communications had been cut, military specific satellite and phones still ran normally.

Early on, the problems on base became more serious at this time dangerous news reached the southwest base. Apart from ordinary residents, there were many important people who needed to move to the more sturdy bases in A-city.

The southwest base was main acceptance, rescued people went to the western and northern bases. So the pressure was lighter on the east side – the northeast base was responsible for that. It was true, in A-city the two bases in the north and northeast were now in trouble and could be overrun at any time. With the west base as a precedent, the two bases had decided to start evacuation to other well established bases.

Building the outer wall was only part of the task, in the event the wall was not yet built and the three accidents created a deluge of zombies…they would need to retreat into the inner circle defense. They needed to build additional defences.

Recently a lot of people lived in Wang Jing district because behind them was a stretch of farmland, so the community area was considered pure. But in the last two days, with the emergencies on three bases, it was no longer clear.

The east side of Ping Fang district, which had been flattened years earlier had been recently cleared of rubbish and foundation was being placed.

Listening to the sound of thumping from outside the wall, Puppy opened her mouth and lazily yawned. Half body in the balcony sun, her head lied on her paws with grains of dog food and slippers.

She stood and shook her warm fur and tail while trotting off to the nearby large glass box. She toured her territory, the whole room was hers! Although she was not actually that arrogant, since her owners lived here, so did she.

The little quails who lived in the glass box were now active, running here and there. Drilling and sometimes grasping the earth with little claws to dig up some mealworms or pecking at slivers of lettuce in the soil. A straw-like object hung over the whole aquarium, each half day water would drop to irrigate the vegetables.

The puppy’s nose was pressed against the glass, forming a thin layer of mist. Lifted a paw for the 20th time to confirm she could not play together with the small animals. The little puppy turned away proudly then secretly turned her head to look at what the quails happily pecked at…something green and delicious?

The puppy tilted her head at the big white pipe that circled the balcony with a half blocked metal fence. The green things on top seemed to be the same as what the birds pecked at?

Swinging her tail at the bare rail fence, for security reasons Luo Xun did not leave the barricade too high. At the puppy’s current size, she may be able to jump out…but a collision would hurt!

No, curiosity killed the cat, the little chow chow puppy was very smart. She understood that they could do some things but not others. If she really jumped out and never came back what would happen when the owners came back?

If you do something bad, keep your tail clean! Never get caught!!

She flicked her tail and did two laps inside. Then jumped onto the box of dog food to eat a few big mouthfuls before leaping out. In order to easily eat food there was a box half the size of the bigger one used as a ladder.

When the puppy jumped out she did not step on it and instead knocked against it…wait moved?

A light bulb flashed over the dog’s head and after a while the sound of shuffling came from the room.

The seven people with four cars were sweating in their situation. At this time, Yan Fei the only ability user was also tense, his forehead beaded with sweat.

“The front can only be rammed past.” Luo Xun clenched his teeth and floored the accelerator.

Their luck was not good, more like horrific! After managing to escape from the supermarket towards the exit, they hit dozens of cars with a string of zombies in front of them!

Luo Xun and the other’s cars could hold more things but could not really be regarded as strong. There were a few modified SUVs in front, the most common type of delivery vehicle! Could not compare to the speed of a puma, the vehicles could only be merged into the tail of the convoy. Even worse was that for some unknown reason the cars were not speeding away!

Although the crystal nuclei had recovered a lot of Yan Fei’s mental strength, there were a lot of zombies outside the car so his hands moved in bursts to kill batches of the creatures. The car was not strong enough so he had to also strengthen the small truck and his spirit was on the brin of collapse.

“Go ahead, there should be no problem with the front.” Yan Fei had conveniently added some metal parts for protection and durability.

As for Li Tie, their two cars were right behind, following as if their lives depended on it. The two could not handle more at the moment and could only pray for better future luck.

The car in front suddenly increased horsepower and rushed forward followed by another…and another. Suddenly spun around to face Luo Xun and the other students.

“What a situation!” The car was not fast, but the road ahead was blocked, Luo Xun and company could not get around!

Yan Fei’s brow wrinkled, the car’s speed, angle, where it separated…

What was wrong with the car? Or…was it on purpose? Luo Xun was unavoidably sort of anxious while the car in front slowed down, the headlights flashed, the horn honked but none of the peer cars were ready to help.

A number of desperate zombies jumped on the car, a layer of dead bodies obstructed the vehicle. One waved its arm, drooling dark green saliva as the fresh meat in the car caused a burst of crazy hunger.

Luo Xun could only helplessly watch from the back. The car was in a parallel position and one could faintly see looks of panic – the people inside had not been infected. The other cars rushed forward, away from the zombie group while some wanted to stay and watch. Their thin skin could not stand the act of ignoring the car.

Luo Xun lightly shook his head, he had nothing to say, no mind to go down and save them. Shined his tail lights, behind Li Tie said they were ready to face the zombie horde and so they slammed down on the accelerator.

It took 20 minutes for them to rush out from the zombies. The car was not far from the team and was not in almost complete tatters. WIth draped bodies, the source of a disgusting nauseous liquid, unknown claw marks, it looked scary.

Although there were not many zombie groups on the roadside, the number of zombies wandering on the road of the residential area only increased. There were even a few fast running zombies stuck next to the motorcade.

Luo Xun let out a breath, if this continued they would be back in a few minutes. As his mind started a thought, he did not have a chance to speak with Yan Fei when all heard a faint cry – the cries of a baby.

Did not know which car, with the crying, zombies rushed to a car in the convoy. The crying suddenly stopped, listening carefully one could still faintly hear some noise. It seemed that someone in the car had blocked the child’s mouth with something.

But the zombie’s ears were more sensitive than people thought, the cry had become quieter but had not completely disappeared. The faint voice inside the car instead only further excited the zombies. One suddenly rushed the car with a harsh cry, the car’s trunk burst open.

Another zombie suddenly leaped towards the car, the baby cried again and some people screamed. From behind wanting to bypass the siege a car window was lowered and a parcel was thrown out.

“Child! My child!” A woman whimpered in a hoarse voice from behind cover.

Luo Xun and group watched as the zombies pounced on the small parcel.

“…Inhuman.” Luo Xun’s lips curled and he took a deep breath.

He suddenly turned left at the next junction, behind the student’s cars hurriedly followed. He knew it was a common scene in the apocalypse, not only uncontrollably crying children/babies, old people and women whose menstrual blood attracted zombies were thrown out of vehicles.

A lot of people escaped as soon as possible in their cars, dropping ‘bait’ in exchange escape time. These were all too normal. Those who were pushed down were mainly the infirmed, elderly and the very young. Those prioritised in peacetime before the end of the world had been the first to be abandoned.

Luo Xun thought he had seen a lot of things, a little less than the first apocalypse but it would get worse and worse over time. When he had fled north to A-city southwest base had he not seen many such things on the road? Sure enough he was unsuited to leave the base for work huh…

Suddenly the silent Yan Fei raised a hand to reassuringly pat Luo Xun’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, don’t think to much.”

Luo Xun looked around hium with some surprise, his expression was as calm as always with some indifference. Luo Xun who had already had a heavy life was not calm yet. Did ability users also get an effect of stabilizing the mind?

With a long sigh, Luo Xun slightly nodded and pressed down on the gas pedal to run over a zombie. “I’m fine, nothing to say to those people and their peers are dangerous.”

So he turned down a street. Of course Luo Xun would not admit that those people were not pleasing to the eye.

Yan Fei quirked a smile and suddenly asked, “You like children?”

Luo Xu paused a moment. Then shrugged with some melancholy. “I once wanted the chance to adopt a child but unfortunately…”

His last life had been too lonely, there were so many people on base but living during the zombie apocalypse was like animals in a cage. Trust between people was extremely weak. His past life, there had been a reluctance to communicate with others to avoid trouble but the environment of persecution made people unable to believe in each other.

However human beings could not live alone without communication, one’s spirit could not stand a long period of isolation.

At the beginning of the road north he had thought of partners however Luo Xun did understand that two may not really stay together upon reaching A-city. But there had been a thought in his mind, to at least not let him feel lonely. Although he did not remember the man’s name and his appearance had long been blurred.

At the end of his life, did he not buy the child because he was too lonely? After a hard day’s work, there was no one to talk to at home. All he wanted was to have a son. It was better than dying alone in the future, his dead body hidden in the basement.

But the boy had run away. Seeing Luo Xun’s look of deep sadness, Yan Fei’s heart could not help but sink but he was not deterred from the conversation.

“Adoption?” Yan Fei smiled, “Why not marry a wife and have a child?”

Even if the present situation was not good, if he really wanted to find a woman to live with, Luo Xun’s hamster nest would help. Besides, what kind of person thought of adopting a son in the current climate? Unless he knew for certain he would never have a child in his life or was unwilling to marry a woman.

Luo Xun laughed and shook his head in amusement. “Can’t afford to marry.”

He could not say he had become bent long ago, not to mention living alone, keeping a dog as a son would be an early alternative. Now was the first part of the apocalypse, his doctrine was too advanced, estimated that no one would accept.

Yan fei raised a rather profound smile. “Good follow me and have the chance to adopt a son to being home.”

The originally steady car suddenly drifted in a ‘s’ shape. Li Tie who was behind got a huge scare and agitatedly tried to keep up with the car in front.

Waited for the car in front to return to normal and did not find anything to avoid on the road.

“What happened just now?” Li Tie asked He Qiankun beside him.

He Qiankun wiped off some cold sweat. “Hit, hit the steering wheel wrong?”

Li Tie breathed a sigh of relief. “Must have been driving too long, caused by mental stress.”    

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  1. Ahahaha can totally imagine Luo Xun’s flustered reaction to that sort-of confession… (swerving car and all that jazz XD)

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