Chapter 34 Crazy Loading

The car exited the highway and headed for the mall. There were more scattered cars around, apparently many other were also targeting supermarkets since traces of previous people were present.

The group had no desire to head straight to the supermarket – there were a lot of cars currently parked in front. People milled around the store, obviously looking for something. Since a lot of people were near the market, zombies would undoubtedly get attracted over – they would take advantage to enter the shopping center first!

Stopped the car, opened the window and used the crossbow to shoot down the zombies idling around the entrance gate. Luo Xun looked around and found a few trucks of varied sizes in the distance.

Li Tie and the others got out of the car to check the trucks around them. They realized after poking around that they could only enviously stare at the trucks with unopenable electronic locks. But there were two with doors ajar and keys. One key was directly in the vehicle, the other was found on a zombie killed next to the truck.

The group put away the key, grasped their weapons and headed into the home shopping centre.

The hall was in eerie darkness, the sun reflected strangely through the huge half covered windows. There must have been someone here already, it had been a while since the apocalypse had started.

Some of the stuff would not be useful but overall the trip should bring back some great resources. With a glance, Luo Xun motioned the group towards the warehouse.

“Isn’t there a lot of stuff outside?”

Do not know, just ask, good knowledge learning habits.

The five students subcounsciously followed Luo Xun but were still curious enough to ask.

“The outside stuff is all basically samples. There are some but not enough, the bulk of products should be in storage.”

There were even things not in the warehouse, when needed customers would order directly to be transported to their home. Luo Xun had passed by prior to the apocalypse and could roughly guess where the main storage was located.

Sure enough they found a large half-open metal door. Shot down a zombie that wandered by. The group hurriedly opened the gate and scoped out the situation. The skilled lockpicker unlocked the warehouse door then called to Li Tie and company.

“Drive the car inside to directly load things.”

“This….can you drive in?”

There were stairs outside the mall. They were just ordinary university students! They could drive but no one had the skill to drive straight up stairs!

Luo Xun had forgotten about the stairs and the group’s driving skills. Luo Xun silently self-reflected, he mistook these people with those he had cooperated with further along in the apocalypse. Those scoundrels had done stunts such as running over zombies and other tricks like in action movies.

Actually, he did not have stunt driving skills either.

“Use that to move things.” Yan Fei rescued Luo Xun by pointing at a trailer.

There was more than one, each selected a few areas then everyone worked together to move the filled trailer. Wood flooring panels, wall paint, wallpaper, tiles, all kinds of plastic goods, a bunch of PVC tubes, various light bulbs, wire and even timber for chairs…  

The two trucks were filled bit by bit, the group reckoned it would enough to fully furnish two homes. When they carried these things, naturally attracted a number of zombies in the vicinity. Killing zombies, the first time would leave a shadow on the heart but after killing the second, third one’s head would be clearer.

Fortunately the zombies they encountered were mostly in pieces, possible attacked by other zombies before infection. The facial features were hard to distinguish clearly and were hard to look at. Although killing was disgusting, it now left less of a mark on the heart.

A line of people gasped for breath while resting, He Qiankun suddenly pointed at Yan Fei who was leisurely standing aside, hands in his pockets.

“You, you…”

“What’s with you? Speak with proper sentences.” Wu Xin hit the back of He Qiankun’s head.

“Why, why is he not winded?” He QIankun felt wronged as he turned to Wu Xin, tears trailed down his face.

Yan Fei was not lazy while moving things to the loaded car. However he looked refreshingly cool without a hint of sweat. People felt really envious.

Yan Fei scoffed and eyed He Qiankun with contempt. “I have muscles.”

Do not think a fat man would automatically be strong, so long as not a sumo wrestler, most of the fat was puffiness! Have not people seen that fat guys lagged behind? Why would they have more strength? They did not have standard stature, not close to specialized exercise of strong human body.

Yan Fei was excited about his change in physical fitness, not to mention his strength had exceeded an ordinary person. He now thought his stamina could last all night, unfortunately there had been no chance for him to try.

“What are you looking at me for?” Luo Xun found Yan Fei inexplicably staring at him with regret. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and he began to sweat.

It was past noon when all the things were moved and ensured no zombies were nearby. They sat in the car eating some food to replenish their strength. Luo Xun had prepared a lot of boiled eggs before going out – if not eaten would go bad and there were not many left.

In addition to boiled eggs he packed, uneaten pastries, guoba, fried vegetables, vitamin tablets and beef jerky. Yan Fei took the food and did not complain about the taste. It was already good enough to be able to eat outside.

“What about your second hand car?” Yan Fei asked beside a big white van.

Luo Xun had a complicated expression, although the car was not sturdy he was reluctant to leave it behind. He had paid for the car before the apocalypse!

No doubt, in this apocalyptic world of death, Luo Xun was not a wasteful person. He was even more reluctant since he had used his own savings to buy the car. Plus the vehicle could be loaded with things, no big faults other than thin walls.

But how to drive back…from the students only Li Tie and Wang Duo knew how to drive and they already had cars. Not to mention that the new car was safer than the old, how would he convince someone to change?

Seeing Luo Xun twist himself into knots, Yan Fei smirked and laughed. “I could connect the two cars together.”

“What?” Luo Xun had no response, connect? “What do you mean?”

“Connect the two cars.” Yan Fei raised his eyebrows with the corners of his mouth turning into a smile.

Luo Xun staggered away avoiding eye contact – Yan Fei’s smile was hazardous to his health, especially without his face mask!

What Yan Fei had meant…actually connecting two cars together!

Do not forget, Yan Fei was a man with metal abilities! When the two cars were welded together with a steel plate, the scene reaffirmed the power of abilities to Luo Xun. This was the difference between an ability user and an ordinary person.

He had thought when Yan Fei had said ‘link’ he meant to tie a rope between the cars, who thought he would use a steel plate instead…

Li Tie’s cars were a distance away and did not see the details, only thought the two cars were tied together. On their side Li Tie, He Qiankun and Wu Xin three in a car with Wang Duo and Han Li in another car followed by a small trailer. Luo Xun led the way with his double car.

Although Luo Xun had some fighting capacity, his power was far worse than Yan Fei. So Luo Xun was responsible for driving, beside him on the dashboard was a pile of metal pieces, good weapons for Yan Fei in case of danger.

The car drove towards the fabric store not far away from the city. The gate was blocked by a number of zombies. Afraid that those seen earlier were eaten by the zombies, Luo Xun stepped on the accelerator and passed Li Tie’s car.

“To the back door of the warehouse!”

“Okay! Over there?”

“Yes, turn right up ahead.”

Luo Xun saw that there were more zombies up in front, in order to pass they would have to fight. Instead he pointed the cars towards the back door. That place also had zombies but the intersection was narrower. Any zombies staggering over were clobbered by several people rushing over swinging their arms.

Li Tie nervously swallowed, they had just killed some zombies but how many? The time between zombie kills before was more fragmented, a person became accustomed after the second not first kill. Now a large group had staggered over, this kind of pressure left knots in people’s bellies.

The cars invariably stopped with a squeal of brakes. Luo Xun opened the window, raised his crossbow and attacked the nearest zombie in front. Although the number was a bit much, once some were dealt with it would only be tricky for those who just faced the end of the world.

With time, they would understand that if these zombies were not dealt with, how would they come out to collect supplies? A number of places often had a lot of zombies coming and going.

“Don’t panic, take it slow.”

Hearing Luo Xun’s words, the five people in two cars gradually calmed down. There were 20 zombies in front of them, Luo Xun had just killed three, the other window rolled down and three or four other zombies were hit with arrows.

These creatures seemed formidable but were actually easily dealt with? Just like the ones they cleared before! With new found confidence, the five picked up the iron bars and marched out! Full power! It was just a few more zombies! They would win!

The five students yelled a battle cry and rushed from the car, Luo Xun with his crossbow acted as a sniper. Yan Fei leisurely held the metal piece near his feet, from time to time he would break off a piece like a child playing with clay. He would pinch and make something close to an arrow, raise his hand – *swoosh*

Flew out towards a zombie’s head – half way it turned! Luo Xun watched Yan Fei’s control, the metal arrow curved midair to hit a zombie’s head. He involuntarily ground his teeth.

How long had he spent in his last life trying to get a job killing zombies outside the wall? How long had he practiced in this life? But compared to Yan Fei with his powerful ability snatched his thunder.

Ah, ordinary people could only muddle along in this apocalyptic world…

Luo Xun silently sighed in his heart and left the car. Li Tie and company were hugging each other while jumping up and down.

“We are so awesome! Killed so many zombies!:

“Bam, bam, bam. Killing zombies is hard word but the results are worth it!”

The five of them had been too focused to find out if someone had used unusual methods to shoot down zombies.

Luo Xun laughed and clapped a few shoulders. “Let’s drive back and grab more supplies.”

Compared to the previou small, where one did not know what was in the warehouse, the fabric store had a lot of a single category of product. Luo Xun opened a few doors and found a bunch of unprocessed cotton cloth.

He called people together to move fabric. Before the apocalypse he had bought a lot but would consider ever having too much? He had a bunch of compressible air bags, enough to fit these.

“It that cloth for making jeans?” He Qiankun suddenly pointed at an open door.

Luo Xun glanced over. “It’s canvas, also a good thing, if there’s more we bring that too.”

“Can it be used to make pants?”

“Ah, it’s a little stiffer than usual but sturdy.” A simple explanation.

Luo Xun carried a large piece of cloth with Yan Fei to put in the car. They went back together to pick out cloth for a coat.

Canvas, cotton, coral velvet, spongy material and cloth for winter clothes as well as fabric for heavy curtains.

Wu Xin posed an important question as they packed.

“That…the cloth is good but…who can make clothes?”

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    I also wonder if our housewife MC also knows how to make clothing. Logically, for someone who barely had enough to live by during the 1st apocalypse, he would need to know how to mend his own clothes or stuff. I can’t remember if it was talked about at all in previous chapters. Guess we’ll see.


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    “What are you looking at me for?” Luo Xun found Yan Fei inexplicably staring at him with regret. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and he began to sweat.”

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  7. “He now thought his stamina could last all night, unfortunately there had been no chance for him to try. “What are you looking at me for?” Luo Xun found Yan Fei inexplicably staring at him with regret. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and he began to sweat.”

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  9. “ n Fei was excited about his change in physical fitness, not to mention his strength had exceeded an ordinary person. He now thought his stamina could last all night, unfortunately there had been no chance for him to try.

    “What are you looking at me for?” Luo Xun found Yan Fei inexplicably staring at him with regret. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and he began to sweat.”

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