Chapter 32 Role of Metal

Yan Fei’s face seemed indifferent but his mind was reeling from the collection of posts saved on Li Tie’s mobile phone. Li Tie had reacted quickly upon finding the post/thread. Before the apocalypse, the moderators had deleted the last post since the previous entries were okay. Fortunately his actions were practical, otherwise how would he find these things after the network stopped? What’s more, there might still be internet fees, the IQ of the administrators was too high!

Although Yan Fei only saw a cursory glance, he was evidently shocked by the content. It had information about homemade distillation equipment, method of growing vegetables, home safety, how to deal with zombies and other familiar measures…

He followed Luo Xun into the living room, seeing the string of dried chicken, duck, bacon and sausage hanging from the ceiling, his heart shook.

WasteWoodHouse, otaku…was that Luo Xun?

Yan Fei suddenly scrutinized the idea, it was clear that Luo Xun did not have any curiosity towards the post despite the apocalypse having recently started. Luo Xun’s actions were very comprehensive but there was nothing really suspicious about his projects. But Yan Fei still felt something was amiss, how was it so convenient? And all the things in the house…a bit too fortunate.

Luo Xun walked to the balcony and carefully examined the small nest of quail. He used tweezers to throw some mealworms in, gave some grain and water for the birds. Then he turned around to check on the growth of various vegetables growing on the balcony.

“Don’t know how many days we’ll spend outside, Puppy will be home alone…”

Puppy heard Luo Xun call her name but did not understand the rest of the words. She ran straight past Luo Xun’s feet into the balcony wall and fell on her butt.

“Leave some dog food and water, should be fine.”

Yan Fei felt a slight headache while rubbing the little puppy. She was well-behaved but if they were going out for a while, something might happen at home. Time passed quickly, God knew what could happen after a while.

Luo Xun paused then made his final decision. “Block the balcony and second floor, the other rooms she can wander at random.”

They could endure any disorderly biting the sofa or other messes. After all the cage was small, could not hold too much food or water. If the bowls were overturned, they may come back a few days late to a dead puppy.

Yan Fei eyed Luo Xun and dispelled his previous unrealistic idea. If Luo Xun was really WasteWoodHouse and had foreseen the disaster or was reborn before the apocalypse, would he have this ‘burden’? Even if the troublemaker had an intimidation effect towards others…wait, intimidation?

He thought back to Luo Xun’s words, those seeking trouble would be scared away by barking. So the puppy was not completely useless in the end.

“What’s up? What do you think?” Luo Xun had been busy finishing up and wanted to go to the second floor but found a distracted Yan Fei in the doorway. He called, grabbing his attention.

Yan Fei smiled charmingly. “Thinking of where to go in order to find whatever we need.”

His smile was like a blooming flower, Luo Xun averted his eyes and coughed.

“We’ll make a list later, don’t forget to look at the map.”

Done with the house plants, the two grabbed a map, notebook and gathered at the first floor table to plan.

“Flooring, wallpaper, clothes…if convenient still better to get some PVC pipes and plastic buckets. Could place some on the next door balcony. Even if we can’t find any, doesn’t matter since there are spares. Don’t need any electronic appliances we have enough…” Luo Xun sat, writing and drawing.

Yan Fei happily gave him advice. “Also underwear, tableware, toiletries…”

“What about hair styling and beauty products? Young master.” Luo Xun said with a supercilious look.

“What do you think I need?” Yan Fei sneered.

A sudden burst of adolescent rebellion distorted his meaning, luckily reason pulled him back. He was born with this face, unlike others who spent fortunes on face milk, skin cream or other products. Why would he take the initiative to use those products?

No matter if he ignored skin care, his face would still be better than most men. Having no blemishes or acne was enough.

Seeing Yan Fei’s darkening expression, Luo Xun took back his words. “Cough, underwear of course, can’t have no toothpaste or toothbrushes. We also need to grab other daily life necessities…”

Some things were at home but now there were two people, obviously needed to account for more.

Luo Xun resembled a housewife preparing for a big shopping trip. Yan Fei crossed his arms across his chest and laughed when Luo Xun slowed down. “Nice, you would make a great housewife.”

Luo Xun’s brain stalled then he realized Yan Fei was laughing and shook his fist.

“Who’s a housewife? You’re more like with that face!”

Yan Fei would not back down. He narrowed his eyes, grabbed Luo Xun and pinned him to the sofa. “From where I am standing, you fit the bill more.”

Two people almost nose to nose, Luo Xun’s heart sped up and his face turned bright red. Luo Xun had completely crashed before Yan Fei let go as if nothing had happened.

“Don’t need furniture for a while. If we bring back some metal or steel I can make some and it could be transformed into other things too.”

Luo Xun took some deep breaths to calm his emotions. The powerful and handsome Yan Fei had unexpectedly put in a lot of thought.

Luo Xun nodded. “Right, getting those things would be most cost effective.”

Yan Fei could change the shape of metal into many forms. If there were all sorts of metal objects in the room, even if someone broke in, he could quickly change everything into a weapon.

So… “Yes! We can put more metal things in the room that you can manipulate. Even if we are not at home we could use metal for protection, like a gate or something!”

Yan Fei glanced at him with a smile on his face. He had already intended to do so, having only a dog at home was not safe. Completely sealing with metal was simpler than separately covering up plants, animals and windows.

“In that case, just wait until we get back to fortify here and next door! The door here is sealed, usually exit over there. It doesn’t matter even if there is a simple barrier.”

Even if the landlord managed to take back the house, he would just hole up with Yan Fei in the middle rom with his metal. Even if those people came back, Luo Xun really did not want to give up the house…

Yan Fei raised his arms and gave Luo Xun a back hug. “First jot down the things for tomorrow. When we leave, I will seal the house door again.”

A few days ago Luo Xun had spent time with He Qiankun and the others and became accustomed to side hugs. He did not find Yan Fei’s actions strange and was too excited to pay attention at the moment. His hand hurriedly scribbled down what came to mind and any required materials.

They spent the night in discussion, all kinds of coping methods when encountering zombies, advanced zombies etc, essentially pay attention while out. Luo Xun slept heavily that night, woke up the next day oddly in the middle of the bed, almost touching Yan Fei’s face.

The first thing Yan Fei heard when he woke up was *thump*

“Why are you on the ground again?” Yan Fei yawned at Luo Xun who just sat up from the floor rubbing his back with a dark expression.

Luo Xun grimaced in embarrassment and fled into the bathroom. Behind, Yan Fei’s sleepy face dispersed, revealing a cheshire smile.

Downstairs, hearing movement, the puppy spiritedly barked at the ceiling and jumped in her cage.

Luo Xun stared in shock at the door, a tall steel plate covered every inch. Yan Fei smugly looked at Luo Xun.

“How is it? Are you satisfied?”

“Satisfied, definitely satisfied.” Luo Xun quickly nodded with enthusiasm, his eyes filled with sparkles toward Yan Fei.

Goodness, that was the power of a metal ability user.

As long as there were materials, one could build metal walls anywhere at anytime!

The door was part of the small lobby Luo Xun had added to lead into the first floor living room. With Yan Fei’s help, even if the first door was violently torn down, the intruders would see and even stronger door after.

People would vomit blood seeing the steel wall that surrounded the apartment, no way past even with great force. Only those with similar metal-type powers could tear it down in a short time.

In addition to the door, Yan Fei also fortified the balcony window frames. The wall was protected as well since the room had tempered glass. Luo Xun was assured that they would leave and the plants could grow with sun exposure.

Small pumps were connected to several solar panels on the terrace which would give the plants an automatic oxygen supply. Luo Xun had already brought in the outside solar panels in case someone tried to steal them.

The quails had been moved from their tiny tanks to large fiberglass containers. Something sold in aquariums with thick, sturdy glass.

The bottom of the aquarium was covered with a thick layer of earth, sprinkled with some pebbles and cobblestone. Luo Xun had leisurely transplanted some vegetables for the quails to peck at. Also threw in some mealworms in the soil and half buried a basin of water. From a fish bowl to a miniature garden for quails.  

The quail nest spent half a day outside on the balcony in the sun, half indoors. As for the other important member of the family – the puppy, Luo Xun headed directly to the living room to pack up anything small and delicate that could be broken.

Yan Fei used a steel block to hide them away. Then Luo Xun poured a big bag of dog food into a huge plastic box. The box was not tall but relatively wide, for the puppy’s appetite the dog food would last her a month or two.

Water was packed the same way in a box with a lid. There were two holes with pipes glued to a small basin which used the principles of siphoning. Luo Xun refused to come home and find the house flooded because the water bowl was pushed over.

The stuff at home was arranged, the two took some iron pieces to store thing in the car. Yes, a few metal plates. They could have brought more of Yan Fei’s crossbow and arrows but they needed to bring back a lot of raw materials and finished products. In case of an unexpected situation on the road, Yan Fei could use the metal to defend themselves.

He was a metal ability user, his power could be used so long as there was any form of metal around. Especially in the urban area, there would be something he could use. Though he would need something defensive on the road. Otherwise, Yan Fei could disassemble the car as a weapon instead. After they would be forced to walk slowly on two legs.

Their stuff packed, they went back to knock on 1601. The door swung open and startled, Luo Xun took a step back.

“Are you visiting from Arabia?”

He Qiankun stuck out his belly instead of his chest. “To be safe when going outside. This time we’ll also look for helmets, following your example.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    There is one thing I’m wondering about -> “Small pumps were connected to several solar panels on the terrace which would give the plants an automatic oxygen supply”

    … Why would the plants need O2? They produce O2, what they need is CO2.. Have I misunderstood something or did the author writhe something incorrect?


    1. Actually plants do need oxygen to break down their food into energy. For photosynthesis they need CO2 you know when the sun is up, but at night they use O2 and make CO2. That’s why some people say don’t keep plants in the bedroom. Hope it helped!

      Ffufufufu Yan Fei is so sneaky
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    2. For anyone still wondering about this… oxygen pumps, aka aerators, are used in hydroponics to oxygenate the water. It’s basically like the air pump in a fish tank, and serves a similar purpose. Plant roots need oxygen. On a slightly related note, hydroponics can be very effective in conjunction with fish farming, cycling the water filtered clean by plant roots into the fish tanks, and water dirtied with fish droppings – excellent fertilizer – into the plants in a circular rotation. It’s a little more complicated than that, but the concept is there. That requires a considerably larger facility than an apartment, however.

      Personally, I’m wondering – with some degree of horror – just where the dog makes messes. Chows are NOT a small dog suitable for potty pads, even as puppies.


      1. Yes, what he installed is prob aquaponic system and there are small aquaponics meant for small spaces… there are several types and sizes depending on what u wanna cultivate… if u want bigger veg, then a larger system is required…. as for oxygen, yes, plants do need oxygen at night for the process of transpiration


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    “Housewife” 😂😂😂 The label fits so perfectly. MC is so domestic & knowledgable.
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  3. “Are you from Arabia” I didn’t understand this, could someone explain why he said that?
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    1. maybe HQ is wearing the hood thing like arabs have?? I’m only guessing based on the dialogue after where HQ says they should follow LX example of wearing a helmet tho so I’m not 100% confident in my answer xD

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