Chapter 39 Beauty vs Beauty

Zhang Yi was half asleep when he seemed to feel someone walk forward, the sensation of going upstairs – his foot touched down on the stairs. After being put down Zhang Yi’s eyelids opened a crack – those people who absolutely did not have a good heart, who had framed and abandoned him. After leaving how would they come back to save him?

Therefore when he fully opened his eyes to see a few unfamiliar faces, he felt relieved and closed his eyes.

“Did he just open his eyes?” Han Li asked.

Wang Duo nodded in affirmation. “Right, opened.”

“Did he faint again?” He Qiankun had an impulse to poke the person’s face – especially since the guy’s face was so fine without any pores. It added to the aggravated impulse to leave finger marks.

“Is it possible he bled too much?” Luo Xun hurried to check on the second floor, relieved when he confirmed no overt blood loss.

Li Tie paid little attention to the new handsome man and did not participate in the discussion. Instead he excitedly pulled Luo Xun after scrounging around the room for a while.

“Brother Luo Xun! There’s so much to take back!”

“Yes, yes there are chairs and beds. Should we bring a few back?” He Qiankun’s attention was immediately shifted to more practical gains.

He went upstairs and saw the things in the rooms – with these, they would not have to make their own bed!

“And these…I’ll collect it first, pack it tomorrow morning!” Wu Xin rolled up his sleeves and dashed over to a pile of pots and jars.

Wang Duo smiled and threw cold water on the excitement. “Some are empty and useless, have you confirmed what products you can use?”

“EIther way, I could use them as mouthwash.” Wu Xin gave an angry looks while tirelessly looking at the beauty products.

Yan Fei did not talk to the two groups that were gossiping. He stood alone in the room in front of the stairs. All the metal he had stripped off before going up, the stairs floated in midair; slowly intersected, condensed and slanted into a smooth slope under his control.

With a loud noise, a strong fence appeared at the front of the staircase.

“Done?” Luo Xun turned around to see the situation.

Seeing Yan Fei had transformed the staircase into a slide, Luo Xun hurriedly found somewhere to grab a towel to wipe off sweat.

Yan Fei took the towel and calmly wiped his face since he had exerted quite a bit of effort. He silently regretted that someone did not help him wipe the sweat off…no hurry he did not have a short temper.

Whether on the negotiating table with his own unscrupulous parents, reading each other just needed enough patience and calculation.

So he turned and walked past Luo Xun saying over his shoulder. “Eat first and then see what things to take away tomorrow morning.”

Luo Xun’s attention shifted to something on the second floor of the building. He was not interested in the cosmetics that Wu Xin wanted – his face was not too sensitive. Also was not interested in the chairs and bed – their home had a sofa and a king size bed, incomparable to regular sleeping things.

But he was interested in the huge curtains hanging on the windows and the towels in the cabinets. Luo Xun had settled in a beauty salon not far from the residential area. Fortunately since it was in the shop street , the beauty parlor had a rare second floor, which was why they chose the place as a temporary resting place.

So, the beauty salon furnishings…Luo Xun thought of someday in the future, hearing these five university students possible falling from these beds and being uncomfortable.

The heavy curtains tightly blocked any prying eyes while Luo Xun and the others began to prepare dinner. Because there was now a patient in the team, they deliberately made some soup to take turns spoon feeding the handsome man.

Sadly the handsome man did not give them the chance as he woke up as the last step of dinner was finished.

“Come and have dinner first.” Wang Duo glanced at the beautiful man with anticipation, patience, anxiety and so on while handing over some porridge they had just made.

Luo Xun brought a piece of corn bread to make the porridge, directly thrown into bubbling liquid to make a large pot of food. Easy and convenient. Luo Xun had made the corn cakes for the apocalypse, dry and long lasting.

Deliberately for making simple porridge while out on the go. If there was a time Luo Xun was by himself and there was no other food to eat, he could choke down the dry ration.

After receiving the porridge bowl, Zhang Yi looked at the group in front of him – looked very young and clean, no sign of harm from the apocalypse.

He sighed in relief but his heart had a strange feeling when he saw Yan Fei – the person seemed to dislike him a bit. Of course in face of the other, Zhang Yi also immediately realized the same feeling towards Yan Fei. Both were handsome and pleasing to the eyes…

The two similar people repelled each other as they ate dinner in silence with occasional secret glances. The first to notice the unknown hostility was the rescued, just awakened Zhang Yi. It was likely since he was just rescued after having a bad experience with his previous team members.

He observed the other man there was an undisguised sense of strength – the two of them both had good looks but their minds were not the same. Not the same kind nature so not enemies, more unnecessary to each other.

“Thank you.” After eating, Zhang Yi had some difficulty passing the bowl back to Wang Duo. Revealing a pure, harmless smile successfully caused the five students to shiver.

Luo Xun covertly glanced at the smiling man with peach blossom eyes. He discreetly shuddered, a static discharge down his back. He did not notice as he moved closer to Yan Fei.

Yan Fei instantly was vigilant towards the other but also internally expressed goodwill. “Have you eaten your fill?”

“Ah? Ah.” Luo Xun hurriedly nodded and looked away.

Although he did not gorge himself all the time, he was sure to eat enough food after physical exertion. Otherwise if he became hungry and dizzy while fighting a zombie, would he not be asking for death?

Zhang Yi quietly gave a side glance at the two then smiled with profound meaning. Li Tie and the others introduced themselves.

While waiting for his turn, Luo Xun reminscied – this was the first time he had met the ‘wind god’ face to face. He had heard of the man’s achievements several times from others. Luo Xun could only nod at the supposed demon of wind.

No, the gap between memory and reality was too big. He had a headache and wanted to close his eyes to temporarily escape reality.

While Luo Xun was in disarray, Yan Fei beside him pointed out sharply, “When we saw you, we saw some motorcycles from the supermarket. You left yourself behind in the group of zombies?”

Because the blood from the wound was a normal red, it was apparently not caused by a zombie so Luo Xun took him into the car and brought him here. Otherwise who would take a man whose arm was covered in blood?

Zhang Yi’s expression changed, the original smile became a bit distorted. Seeing he did not want to bring up the matter, Yan Fei changed topics with a well meaning smile. “We are from the southwest base. What will you do? Stay here? Or come back with us?”

Zhang Yi took a deep breath, a hint of darkness in his eyes and a wry smile. He glanced at Yan Fei. “I did not expect this to happen. I was injured by a previous companion form there.”

He knew Yan Fei wanted to know if his injury would end up a problem, he had no answer, he would redirect the conversation.


“How could it be!?”

Li Tie and the others exclaimed, they had not thought of that possibility. But with the situation at the grocery store it was not hard for the subconscious to think of the dark possibility.

Zhang Yi’s facial expression was blank, eyes looked straight towards the fire, voice flat. “I do not know what living on the security base is like after the zombie apocalypse but outside…it is common for living people to rob each other and to have confrontations. Especially when people come out to collect things and get besieged by a lot of zombies. They need a ‘decoy’ to attract the zombie’s attention so the others can escape.”

“So you were the bait!?” Wu Xin gasped with a startled face.

He Qiankun hesitantly asked. “It was voluntary? You sacrificed yourself for the team?”

The corners of Zhang Yi’s mouth twisted into a grimace. Wang Duo interrupted. “You silly? Would you take the initiative?”

He Qiankun touched neck, glaring while muttering. “If he could not run…it would not be impossible…”

With those words, Wang Duo was about to hit a second time but instead pressed a hand and rubbed his face. “You silly but not stupid, even if encounter danger better to have everyone escape!”

Zhang Yi’s expression shifted, seeing those with innocence towards the world, his heart sighed.

“Where do you live?” Luo Xun who had been quiet put away his memory of the guy in a corner and pulled out a map.

“Live?” Seeing the map in Luo Xun’s hands, he paused then pointed. “Here we live here in a high rise district.”

The shops and homes near the top were already being evacuated as far as they could be, most of the survivors were joining the ranks. It was just he had not expected this situation with his current team today.

Luo Xun took out a pen to mark out tomorrow’s route. On the side Li Tie thought of a question and asked. “Wait, aren’t you a wind ability user? How could they harm you?”

Were all the people in the team power users? How else would such a powerful person get injured?

Zhang Yi suddenly laughed sarcastically. “Because none of them knew I had powers.”

He had hid his strength from the beginning, sure enough the last man had betrayed him again. This was the second time, two days before apocalypse plus this one. The next time they met, he would not hesitate to use his razor sharp control of wind to execute with one slash.

It was a beautiful smile but the handsome man was scary. Luo Xun who was plotting out the next day’s route looked up to see the smile. The last time he had seen that smile in his past life a group of people had died.

Luo Xun shivered again, chills down his back…did he bump into something? Turned to face Yan Fei who also suddenly smiled with ambiguous meaning. Luo Xun’s scalp felt numb as he tried to stagger backwards.

Yan Fei took out a coat and covered Luo Xun’s body. “The night is cold. Once the route is planned, go rest.”

Luo Xun thought to himself…why did all beautiful men have such scary smiles? He wanted to flee back to base?

Although Luo Xun felt caution towards Zhang Yi, Li Tie and the others who had not experienced that brutal killing scene in the past did not feel any problems. Together they comforted the ‘poor’ beauty who had been betrayed, framed and abandoned by his companions.

The feeling of despair over the state of the world was temporarily thrown aside by a flood of compassion.

ZhangYi had bled too much and needed to rest overnight. The group took turns with a watch schedule. Although many people came to the business district after the apocalypse to find things, wandering zombies would be attracted, fortunately the number was not too high.

Luo Xun and company killed some zombies in the vicinity, the blood of corpses spilled everywhere to cover up the scent of the Otaku team.

The next morning they determined that there were only 10-12 zombies outside. Luo Xun stood in the window and shot one at a time while Li Tie and the students began to frantically dismantle all the cloth in the room as well as part of the furniture.

The steel staircase once again covered, Yan Fei to Zhang Yi’s shock calmly overlapped the metallic materials into the car frames – to strengthen the body itself. Unneeded materials would go to the base, others could be peeled off for continual use.

It was a good way though Yan Fei was a little dizzy after handling the metal.

Zhang Yi was like peacock in his own territory, smartly climbed into Wang Duo’s open car. With no other problems, the group of seven plus one went to load the cars, the rest would have consumed too much of Yan Fei’s mental reserves.

Began trips to the salon to transport things into the vehicles. No mistake, as soon as these things were packed, the car would full with no space. Li Tie and the others removed a full five beds from the store, also asked if Yan Fei wanted one. He declined and instead added a stack of chairs to the roof container.

Such a large pile of things looked dangerous but with Yan Fei the items and the roof blended together. They would be separated after heading back.

Luckily their location was not too far from the southwest base, enough to let the group go all out.

A lot of survivors had gathered outside the southwest base gate. There was a newly built high wall to enter open space of a temporary waiting area before entering base.

When they arrived, it was almost full of people and after entering the designated location by the military, everyone was relieved.

Zhang Yi and Luo Xun separated before the registration, although they had brought him back and points would be counted to their team, the base would take care of the rest. The base would arrange for them to follow the rules, no need to worry.

What was more, Zhang Yi also had an injury. The wound needed professional help and people with injuries were observed longer than ordinary people.

“The waiting area is for those from base who went searching right?”

Han Li with his height stood and looked around but did not find people who looked familiar in the crowd.

“The people who went out with us last time, did they come back?” Wu XIn asked.

“Who knows? We came back fast, wait a while we’re able to redecorate our home well! Finally have a bed to sleep on…” He Qiankun happily hugged a big bag to his bosom.

Their cars were parked in designated area, the outside had to be disinfected. After some time to go in and pick them up.

As for the materials to be handed over to the base, just registered upon arrival – can be sure. Yan Fei who deliberately draped the outside of the car in metal did not need to turn over, it was earned!

The stuff they brought back did not included bedding – the supermarket section had been picked clean by earlier people. But they had found the right cotton and cloth from the fabric store nearby. It could be processed simply after going back home.

It had been killing them to have no covers or bedding in such cold weather.

“Well, we just have to wait about five hours before we can leave!”

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