Walking the Path of a Workaholic in Cliché Novels (QT) Chapter 7

    “The general manager is looking for me?” An Yinong asked with a smile.

    “Hmm.” The general manager’s expression remained calm, and he was not prepared to ask what happened. An Yinong suspected that even if there was an earthquake right now, the man’s expression would not change.

    The general manager looked at Zhang Ruojun again: “”My Way, My Show” is the stage you choose for yourself? You can do it yourself.”

    “You don’t give me resources, you just let me practice and learn, so I have to fight for it myself. What’s the matter? Is it wrong?” Zhang Ruojun stretched his neck.

    “It’s not wrong, it’s your choice, and I respect your choice.” The general manager just nodded, without anger or explanation, just like a robot.

    “I see.” An Yinong finally understood why both the general manager and his office gave him a strange feeling.

    This man seemed to separate work and life thoroughly, and he didn’t want to mix any personal feelings in his work, nor did he want to make this work a part of his life. So the place where he worked only had work-related things, no personal items that could reflect his hobbies and aesthetics.

    He would argue hard at the negotiating table, just because this was his job as a temporary agent. At this time, if the original owner insisted on continuing with the variety show, he would not stop it. Also because he was just a manager and couldn’t interfere with an artist’s final decision.

    So the original owner in the original plot still participated in that variety show – the original owner decided to drink poison to quench his thirst, and the general manager chose to respect his choice.

    “I have something to tell you.” The general manager left, and An Yinong followed.

    After walking a few steps, the general manager turned around to confirm that he was still there, then turned around and continued walking.

    An Yinong: “…” He felt like a child who hadn’t come home after school, which was worrying.

    Zhang Ruojun didn’t come out, and leaned against the wall. “Damn it.” He thumped the wall hard, almost biting through his lips.

    An Yinong and the two returned to the general manager’s office.

    “What are your plans for the future?” The general manager asked directly. His voice as a singer was done for and his future was cut off, the rational way was to find another way out.

    “I haven’t lost the ability to sing yet,” An Yinong said.

    Surprise flashed in the manager’s calm eyes, and he thought for a while: “If you have enough confidence in yourself, you can consider this variety show—I’m Really a Star.”


    “This is an online variety show, and it’s not very mainstream, and very controversial. If you don’t do it well, this will be the end of your career.” The general manager looked at An Yinong: “For the present you, it is a strong medicine. If you decide to take the medicine, you will either die or live. Think about it for three days.”

    “You are optimistic about it?”

    The general manager paused, bowed his head and tore off a post-it note, writing the words ‘I’m Really a Star’: “It’s not that I like it, it’s because you need it.”

    “…Thank you.” An Yinong reached out to take the post-it note, and his fingers touched the general manager’s hand.

    Just as he was about to put the post-it note back into his pocket, the general manager suddenly grabbed his arm and put one hand on his forehead. His forehead was pressed against the warm back of a hand, and the tip of his nose smelled a faint woody fragrance, and An Yinong froze. He doesn’t like being touched, especially his face.

    “You have a fever.” He said affirmatively.

    “I’ll take you to the hospital.” This was his second sentence.

    When An Yinong came back to his senses, the general manager had already put on his coat, took the car keys, opened the door of the office and turned to look at him, as if saying: Why aren’t you following?

    “…” An Yinong looked outside the door at the staff who were poking around outside the door, retracted and walked by as if nothing had happened.

    “Is this also the responsibility of a broker?”

    “That’s right.”

    Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the community hospital.

    “Recently, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Young people should not be greedy for the cold. These days, they should eat lightly and avoid spicy food.” The doctor swiped the citizen card on the machine to deduct medical expenses.

    “Here, go to the western pharmacy on the first floor to get medicine. By the way, the antipyretic medicine must be taken every four hours, and the other medicines are as prescribed by the doctor.”

   “Thank you doctor.” An Yinong’s muffled voice came through the mask. The meticulous general manager was standing next to him, even in a place like a hospital, he still stood upright in a perfect suit.

    “Shall we go to the first floor to get the medicine?”


    There were a lot of people on the first floor to get the medicine, and the two of them lined up. Because they were tall, they seemed to ‘stand out from the crowd’ at least a bit.

    “Thank you, manager, for accompanying me to the hospital.” An Yinong coughed twice, “Because of me, you had to stop working temporarily.”

    “This is my job.” The general manager’s expression remained indifferent.

    For the first time, An Yinong felt that an adult’s personality was cute, not inferior to that of a teenager.

    “In my current situation, the company is still willing to find resources for me, and there is no repayment.” In the eyes of most people, An Yinong was already a waste who can’t sing, and it was a waste to use resources on him.

    The general manager glanced at him, and seemed to disagree with his self-evaluation: “You are worth it, don’t belittle yourself.”

    An Yinong who was ‘disapproved’ couldn’t help laughing: “In any case, thank you.”

    Lost a variety show, and gained another show. After making a different choice, the plot also changed, which showed that it was not difficult to change the fate of the original owner.

    “I thought you would follow the plot and find a breakthrough point in “My Way, My Show.” The system jumped out. In its experience, the hosts were not very willing to change the general direction of the plot, which would make them lose the advantage of foresight.

    “That’s the enemy’s territory. The moment I stepped in, I lost the advantage. This kind of non-live variety show with a script will not give people any chance to make a comeback. You don’t know the power of editing and posting.”

    “Buzz.” The general manager’s phone vibrated, and he made a gesture of ‘sorry I have to answer the call’ to An Yinong, and took the call to the other side.

    “I need to go back.” He came back within two minutes, and nothing could be seen from his face.

    An Yinong nodded: “Manager, walk slowly, pay attention to safety on the road.”

    The general manager looked at him and confirmed that he could handle things by himself before saying, “Remember to take medicine.”

    After walking two steps, he turned back: “If it’s convenient, send me the license plate of the car you booked, or send me a message when you get back. Can you add me on messenger?”

    “Yes.” An Yinong laughed. The profile picture of the general manager was his own photo, and the circle of friends was empty.

    “Ke Yinong.” The pharmacist took the medicine and announced his name, which interrupted his thoughts, “Your medicine, the directions are all posted, three times a day, and the antipyretic medicine is taken separately.”

    “Okay, thank you doctor.” He opened the bag, checked whether the names of the medicines corresponded to each other, and checked whether they had been opened before putting them away.

    After walking out of the hospital, he looked around, then reached into his breast pocket and took out a mini recorder.

    “What is this?” The system popped up.

    “Sometimes it can come in handy for self-protection.” An Yinong put away the recorder, “By the way, can you help me find out the actual manipulator of the variety show “My Way, My Show”? 

    A question mark appeared in the system’s mung bean eyes: “Aren’t you not going to participate? What are you doing?”

    “I suspect…” He frowned, “Someone specifically targeted the original owner and wanted to drive him into a corner. Moreover, this person and the one who poisoned the original owner years ago are related, or simply the same person.”


    An Yinong squinted at it: “That condition was too outrageous, it was prepared for ‘Ke Yinong’. But where did such a small person get so many enemies? So someone has been targeting the original owner. Is this hard to understand?”

    “No, wait a minute, I’ll check.” The system bowed its head and entered the search phase.

    An Yinong hailed a car and sent the license plate number to the general manager.

    Two seconds later, the other side replied: “Take a good rest.”

    Two seconds later, the phone vibrated again, this time with more words: “Drink more water.”

    “…” He stared at the words for two seconds before finally putting away the phone.

    It was almost night when he got home, he opened the door and entered the house, the inside was still deserted, like a huge coffin. After taking a piece of anti-fever medicine, he became drowsy after a while. An Yinong drowsily leaned on the sofa, but he still waited for the answer. In the entertainment industry, he would not quit. So who were his enemies?

    An Yinong turned on the stereo and sound filled the air, the singing voice was slightly shrill, which made the dilapidated and empty room even more strange.

    “Host.” The system came back.

    He opened his eyes, and the whites of his eyes were bloodshot: “Who is it?”

    “Zhang Jing, the director of that variety show.” The system reported an unfamiliar name.

    “The number in his bank account has not changed, nor has he been suddenly gifted with a large amount of property. It seems that it is just because the host has no backer, and he is going to offend him to death.” An Yinong thought for a while, then shook his head.

    He maintained his judgment that there must be someone behind this matter: “It’s hidden very deep. Keep watching, and let me know if anyone looks suspicious.” He stood up and said, “I’m going to sleep first.”

    At the same time, “My Way, My Show” posted a new promotional video on the Internet. Four traffic singers, four handsome men and beautiful women with different styles. Their fans yelled ‘Beauty and Prosperity’, making people think that this was supposed to be a variety show for training young singers.

    “What the hell? Why are they all fresh meat and flowers?” Netizens who were not fans stared straight, “The traffic that doesn’t exist in any work is also worthy of being a celebrity mentor?” 

    “My idol’s famous song has 10 million downloads.” Their fans were not happy. Okay, 10 million downloads, as long as their fans were happy.

    “So what happened? What happened to those previous mentors?” Netizens were very curious about the story, but neither “My Way, My Show” nor the artists responded.

    Oh, it’s not that there was no response at all, at least the selected stars were replying ‘thanks to the program group for choosing me, you will not be disappointed’.

    “I can already imagine the painting style of this show. The ten-level filter is full, the million-level sound repairer is always on call, and there are boys and girls in macaron colors.” 

    “Isn’t it? The show team is not disappointed. The important thing is that the fans are not ‘disappointed’. Spring was here, everything was recovering, and it was the annual season of harvesting leeks.


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