After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 110

After returning home, Jane crossed her arms and looked at kitten Arthur with a half-smile.

Arthur the cat curled up into a guilty ball. Then his big brother next to him let out a mocking grunt from his throat, and Arthur immediately puffed up his fluffy little chest and squatted domineeringly. What a guilty conscience! I did nothing wrong!

“Was it okay to make Ping Wanshu faint?” Jane sighed first, then gritted her teeth, “Good job!”

Arthur: “…” So my sister-in-law was not planning to scold me, but to praise me?

His Majesty the Golden Lion nodded vigorously: “Oh!” Well done! As expected of his brother!

Arthur: “…” It turned out that the eldest brother didn’t laugh at me, but just smiled happily?

The couple chatted happily, while the little black cat doubted life. Were the eldest brother and sister-in-law in his memory such gloating people? Wass it? He could not remember.

“That… sister-in-law, if mother-in-law is dizzy from anger, will it affect us to snatch the child?” Arthur asked cautiously. It was a joy to be happy, but it would be miserable if Mingyou was not grabbed.

“Don’t worry, based on what I know about Ping Wanshu, although she is a bit stupid in love, her kind heart is true. She already believes that you are the person who came back from the future, and that Mingyou has suffered very badly in the future. I will only do my best to make up for Mingyou.” Jane smiled and said, “If she doesn’t have any shining points in her personality, will I still want to give her a hand after being angry with her countless times?”

Arthur the cat nodded. His sister-in-law was right. His sister-in-law has said so, so there was absolutely no problem. Arthur rubbed a paw pad, looking forward: “Then when will we take Mingyou home?” He just wanted to look at Mingyou every day!

“Let Ping Wanshu and Mingyou get along for a while first. After she gets along with him, it will be easier to deal with some things in the future.” Jane picked up the little black cat with an expectant face and said, “I know you are worried Mingyou, I will prepare some things for you, you go to the hospital to accompany them for a while.”

Jane warned: “During this time, don’t be angry with her anymore.”

Arthur nodded and said: “As long as she doesn’t mention that person from the Tan family, I won’t be angry with her. As soon as she mentions that person, I can’t control myself.”

Jane smiled and said: “It’s okay, I can’t control myself when I mention that person too. When you can’t control it, you can get angry casually. She is an elder and an adult. You are just a baby, she reaps what she sows.”

His Majesty the Golden Lion mentally slandered. When you asked Arthur to do his homework, you said he was an adult who came back from the future, so he didn’t need to do his homework; when Arthur bullied others, you said he was a baby, so don’t care about it. This kind of doting was really envious.

His Majesty the Lion picked up a metaphorical bowling ball with his paw, threw it, and knocked down all the vinegar bottles that had been piled up.

Jane noticed the golden lion’s displeasure, and immediately stretched out her hand to pet the big lion’s ears, and the lion immediately lay down on Jane’s lap, making a gurgling sound from his throat.

Arthur the cat mentally slandered. His golden lion brother was now an orange cat, how could he have the domineering arrogance of a lion?

Jane thought Arthur was envious of the Golden Lion, so she stretched out her finger and scratched Arthur’s chin. Arthur the cat immediately lay down into a kitten cake, purring in his throat.

Jane smiled and watched a big golden cat and a small black cat purring together, feeling warm and regretful at the same time. It would be great if her son could become a kitten too.

In order to suppress Hans’ abilities, Jane sent Hans to a foreign system where the energy concentration of abilities was very low, and the development of civilization was completely different from that of the Star Alliance. She missed her son.

Arthur, who was purring with his eyes closed, raised his head: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, although I don’t care much about academic matters, knowledge about future spirit beast nutrition is already common knowledge. Copying this common sense is enough for Hans to grow up healthily.”

“Xiaotian is now sorting out the basic knowledge of spirit beasts based on my memory and his. After Hans’s class this semester, he can transfer back to the Star Alliance. Our family is reunited.” Arthur finished speaking, and then closed his eyes and grunted.

His sister-in-law scratched her chin so comfortably. Unlike Mingyou, who scratched and scratched, he jumped up and rolled over. Except when he was treating his injured leg, he hardly gave a good massage. Mingyou should learn how to pet a big cat, instead of rubbing t and rolling around on the big cat.

“Okay.” Jane said with a smile, “I’ll handle the transfer procedures for him right now, and he’ll be back after the end of this semester.”

His Majesty the Golden Lion lazily said: “Arthur, it’s not fair to Mingyou to publish his achievements in advance and share the honor that he should have won with other people.”

Arthur the cat turned over, tucked in his four paws, and turned his belly up, motioning for his sister-in-law to touch his belly: “It’s okay, Mingyou won’t care about this.”

“It’s better to say that it is easier for Mingyou to fabricate a group of non-existent people and give the honor to those non-existent people.”

“In the previous life, Mingyou’s halo of honor was too heavy, which put too much responsibility on his shoulders and too much pressure on his heart. He dedicated his whole life to the study of spirit beasts. Even if the social fear was cured, he rarely left the No. 1 healing star.”

“Without the shackles of honor in this life, he can live a more carefree life.” Arthur stretched out, straightened his limbs, and turned back into a kitten cake. Sister-in-law rubbing his belly was really comfortable. It was not like Mingyou, who jumped up with a “bang” after rubbing.

“More arrogant? Isn’t it more comfortable?” His Majesty the Golden Lion opened his eyes in doubt.

Arthur was adamant: “Comfort is not enough, you need to be more arrogant!”

His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…” He always felt that there would be endless mess in the future.

Jane gently smiled and said: “Yes, more arrogant. Your elder brother and I are already using the new spirit beast science to seize power from the Elder Council. You can continue to be arrogant in the future, don’t worry about other things.”

Arthur raised his fist: “In this life, I want to go to the battlefield with Mingyou, form a group of colorful beasts to form Arthur’s team, wipe out the Zerg, and behead the Zerg Queen!”

Jane continued to smile softly: “Okay, when the time comes, I will give you the highest honor medal of the entire team, and each of you will have one on your body.”

Arthur the cat thought excitedly that he would separate out a group of big tigers to accept the award. Highest honor? All by myself. At most, I will give you a copy.

The subordinates in this life could live their own peaceful and happy lives. As a hero or something, I, Arthur, would become a hero alone. The Arthur hero team was dispatched!

After Ping Wanshu woke up, she found that the little black cat had moved in. She was heartbroken, but there was nothing she could do.

Her silly little son only knew to say “ahhhhhhh” every day. Even her eldest son, who just entered elementary school, followed the younger son’s lead. No conscience! Ping Wanshu half leaned against the head of the bed, feeling weaker.

“Mother-in-law, take your medicine.” The little black cat came upright with a small plate on it.

Ping Wanshu: “…” So… so cute!

“Thank you Dahei.” Ping Wanshu smiled weakly. It was not that she was not determined, it’s just that this little black cat was too cute.

After thinking about it, her youngest son spent nearly five hundred years with Prince Arthur in his previous life. Such a deep love allowed them to travel through life and death, and even from the future to the present. Who could stop it? The love she would never get, the youngest son got it, she should bless him.

Speaking of love…”Dahei, Chenxi… who is his future wife or husband? Is he happily married?” Ping Wanshu hesitated for a while, but still couldn’t help asking curiously.

The little black cat stared at Ping Wanshu after taking the medicine, and said, “Tan Chenxi, he has never been married in his life. He hated the blood of the Tan family in his body, saying that he was afraid of giving birth to a lunatic like his father, and he was also afraid of himself becoming a lunatic, and unwilling to harm other people.”

Ping Wanshu’s face froze.

The little cat scratched his head with his paws, landed on all fours, then turned back into an ordinary cat, squatted down and said: “But he was not alone. Although he was not married, he had a good friend who was a Tibetan fox. There was absolutely no love between the two, but they supported each other all their lives, and their relationship was deeper than love.”

“Sincere feelings are not only love. Not to mention the future, there are many people who will not get married for the rest of their lives. They formed a small group of mutual support with their friends and happily lived their lives. Mother-in-law doesn’t have to worry about Tan Chenxi.”

“He didn’t want to get married in his previous life, but that doesn’t mean he won’t meet someone who wants to get married in this life. Even if he repeats the path of his previous life in this life, he was definitely very happy in his previous life. He lived a really comfortable and happy life.”

Ping Wanshu bowed her head and smiled wryly: “I know, I know that for many people, love is not necessary for a happy life.”

But active selection was different from passive selection. Tan Chenxi was unwilling to accept love because of her childhood heartache. Mingyou’s childhood shadow made it difficult for him to get along with strangers all his life. Even after the social terror was cured, it was difficult for him to become friends with strangers.

Tan Chenxi’s childhood shadow didn’t make him not believe in love, he just didn’t believe in himself. He hated his last name, hated the half of himself that killed his mother, even nearly killed his brother, and killed all the people he loved.

Tan Chenxi believed in love, just like he believed that Mingyou and Arthur could live happily ever after. What he didn’t believe was that he could give others such love.

Ping Wanshu covered her face with her hands, and finally cried bitterly.

Arthur the cat was so frightened that his fur exploded. What happened? What did I say again? I didn’t mean to be angry with her! Arthur tremblingly handed the tissue to his mother-in-law.

Ping Wanshu took a tissue and blew her nose fiercely: “Doo!”

Arthur: “…” Mother-in-law, be more refined, don’t be so vulgar all of a sudden.

Ping Wanshu accurately threw the tissue that she had blown her nose into the open mouth of the garbage robot, and said viciously, “I’m going to kill Tan Zhou!”

Arthur: “…” Who was Tan Zhou? Oh oh oh, that lunatic from the Tan family was called Tan Zhou.

“Wait, don’t be impulsive!” Arthur waved his two paws indiscriminately, his face terrified, “Mother-in-law, calm down!”

Ping Wanshu said with a wooden face, “I can’t calm down.”

During this period of time, she imagined the appearance of her youngest son being abused every night, and the appearance of her eldest son in grief and powerlessness. The more she thought about it, the sadder she became, and the more angry she became. While getting angry, she began to recall every little thing about herself in the Tan family, and every little thing about Tan Zhou’s kindness to her.

After such a memory recall, she suddenly realized that what once supported her, the happy past between her and Tan Zhou, didn’t seem to be particularly good. The shackles on her mind fell to the ground, and Ping Wanshu was at a loss.

She used to… what was she insisting on?


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