After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 111

Ping Wanshu darkened with fury. Arthur the cat was stunned.

Ping Wanshu recovered from her weak state in seconds, and was directly ready to avenge her sons. What? Is that in the future? It hasn’t happened yet? A woman’s revenge is earlier than later. As far as my son is concerned, he has been bullied, and now I want revenge.

“Tan Zhou has already been locked up, but without the Tan family, Tan Zhou would not be so arrogant. I will destroy all his uncles!” Ping Wanshu clenched her fists, radiant light appeared behind her, and Queen Jane clapped.

Arthur was thoughtful in a stunned state. This gesture of clenching a fist was very familiar. Mingyou, even if he was not raised by his mother, there were many similarities with her.

After Ping Wanshu clenched her fist, she began to formulate a detailed revenge plan. First set a small goal, to take back the autonomy of Blue Sky. For this reason, she would hide her identity and go undercover to collect criminal evidence of several big families.

After Ping Wanshu was blackened, she developed a slight persecution complex.

Ping Wanshu: “Even if Tan Zhou goes to prison, the Tan family and the Heping family may still come to trouble Chenxi and Mingyou in the future. I would rather let them become orphans than let them have anything to do with the Tan family and the Heping family.”

Jane: “Okay, okay.”

Ping Wanshu: I entrust Mingyou to you big sister, please help me arrange a good background for him.”

Jane: “No problem, no problem.”

Ping Wanshu: “Sister, please help me find a good family for Chenxi. I want to change his surname.”

Jane: “No problem, but Mingyou is fine, he is already an adult. But is it really okay if you don’t accompany Chenxi?”

Ping Wanshu: “When I finish the undercover mission, please help me change my identity and appearance, and I will appear next to him with a brand new identity.”

Jane: “No problem. Then I will take care of Chenxi first, and I will pick him up after your mission is over.”

Ping Wanshu hesitated: “If Chenxi lives with Mingyou, will someone guess his identity?”

Arthur raised his paw: “I know a good place for you and Tan Chenxi.”

In his previous life, after Tan Chenxi became an alpaca, because he broke relations with the Tan family, he had to figure out how to train alpacas to fight. Then, when he was on a mission with his roommate, he met an old alpaca couple. The old couple fell in love with Tan Chenxi at first sight. They recognized Tan Chenxi as their grandson and taught them their fighting skills.

“The couple lived in seclusion at the junction of the chaotic star area and the autonomous star area. Because of their chaotic interests in their early years, their lives were not stable and they did not raise children. Later, their health deteriorated and they thought they could not provide a good environment for their children. But they really wanted kids of their own.”

Arthur explained: “I know their weaknesses. If I come forward, I should make them recognize my mother-in-law as their daughter and Tan Chenxi as their grandson. By then, both mother-in-law and Tan Chenxi will have their identities. As for the father, say he just died in the chaotic star area. Most of the children in the chaotic star area are from single parent families.”

Jane trusted Arthur very much, and believed that since Arthur had spoken, he would definitely keep his promise. But she was curious about what the couple’s weakness was.

Arthur’s cat’s ears twitched, and said: “Their weakness is not actually a weakness, it should be a favor? They owe Aunt Zongqing their lives, but Uncle Anthony hates the couple very much. He once said that they are not allowed to enter his sphere of influence.”

Arthur covered his mouth with a paw, and said with treacherous eyebrows: “The couple were Aunt Zongqing’s previous suitors.”

Jane showed a clear look: “Uncle Anthony is so jealous…”

Ping Wanshu thought for a while, and said, “Aunt Zongqing? Is Arthur talking about the marshal?”

“According to the history I have experienced, Aunt Zongqing is about to resign as Star Marshal for Uncle Anthony who suffers from spirit beast paralysis, and will live in seclusion in the spirit beast sanatorium.” Arthur suddenly remembered something very important “Sister-in-law, you must persuade Aunt Zongqing to wait another twenty years until I grow up before resigning. As for the spirit beast paralysis, as long as Mingyou’s brain develops enough to carry his memory it can be cured immediately.”

“Before Mingyou recovers his memory, I also have a way to alleviate spirit beast paralysis.”

The position of Star Alliance Marshal was very important, and this time it cannot be emptied again. Wasn’t he tired of gathering the army again?

Jane nodded: “I know, don’t worry. Even though Aunt Zongqing left the office for nearly twenty years, he still easily won the power of the army for you, didn’t he? He is not someone who has no backup.”

Arthur the cat proudly raised his chest: “The main reason is that I am too good!”

Jane smiled and stroked the little black cat’s perked ears: “Yes, yes, the most important thing is that Arthur is really outstanding.”

Arthur the cat continued to hold his chest and tail high. Yes, excellent!

Ping Wanshu looked at the little fluffy black cat and was very jealous. But although the other party was her son-in-law, he was also the little prince of this country. In addition, Arthur’s attitude towards her was not very good, she could only be envious.

Arthur sensed Ping Wanshu’s desire. He jumped onto her lap, lowered his head and said, “Mother-in-law, do you want to pet the cat? As long as you wake up, you are my real mother, and can touch my ears.”

Ping Wanshu: “…”

Ping Wanshu hugged the little black cat and rubbed him vigorously: “Arthur is so cute, big sister, your little black cat is so cute, how can he be so cute?”

Jane smiled: “As long as you maintain this current mentality, he is also your little black cat.”

Ping Wanshu touched the kitten’s warm ears, felt the sensation of the cat’s ears fluttering and rubbing in the palm of her hand, and felt that her heart melted away, and all troubles disappeared.

As if under a psychedelic spell, she said in a trance: “Who needs a man if you have a cat? Fluffy is so nice. Back then, I fell in love with Tan Zhou at first sight because he looked so cute as a llama.”

Arthur the cat tilted his head, and almost blurted out an interstellar curse. No way no way? Just because of this? Are you Mingyou’s real mother? Oh, you are indeed Chuyou’s real mother. But Mingyou’s bad habits were brought from his previous life, so it had nothing to do with her? Why are you like this, mother-in-law?

“Of course, he saved me several times when he was young, which was the reason why I had a deep affection for him. Although thinking about it now, he was just showing his kindness in front of everyone. But even if it was not pure goodwill, even for him, it was not goodwill at all, and that was the only light in my childhood.”

Ping Wanshu lowered her head and gently stroked the little black cat’s head. Tears flickered in her eyes: “I have paid enough for this light. Now, it’s time to wake up.”

The little black cat raised his head and said: “When Mingyou talked about the red… the red alpaca, he also commented on his past in the same way. Although the red alpaca was Mingyou’s half-brother, he had unreasonable thoughts about him. Fortunately, he met me.” The little black cat hinted crazily.

Sure enough, Ping Wanshu’s expression changed: “He dares!”

The little black cat had a serious expression, and didn’t want to sue for eye drops: “It’s okay, Mingyou has me, so he won’t be used.”

Ping Wanshu gasped for a breath of air, her internal organs were almost frozen to death by the news. She fell in love with an alpaca at first sight. Mingyou may also like the red alpaca.

She met Tan Zhou’s impure kindness in the darkest time of her childhood, and she regarded him as light. Mingyou met a red alpaca who deliberately approached him at his most painful time, thinking that the friendship he took advantage of was the only light in his dark time.

She married Tan Zhou, suffered torture, died at his hands in the future, and made her youngest son suffer from abuse. Mingyou… If he hadn’t met Prince Arthur, what would have happened to Mingyou in the future when he faced a half-brother who had unreasonable thoughts about him?! In short, although she has committed a crime, when she thought that her son would commit a crime for a red alpaca, it was absolutely impossible, absolutely impossible!

Shall she kill that immature red alpaca right now? Ping Wanshu’s face darkened, and she had an extremely evil and inhumane thought. Of course, she just thought about it, and it was impossible to really do anything to a child.

“I will never let Mingyou meet him again!” Ping Wanshu said while clutching her chest.

Arthurs raised tail swirled gently. Plan was successful!

Jane wanted to palm her forehead. She had heard Arthur talk about the red alpaca. Obviously this person posed no threat to Arthur, and even Mingyou almost vomited out of nausea after learning that the person had unreasonable thoughts about him, but Arthur still remembered the matter of “the only light” and drank vinegar all his life.

Baby cat, what are you doing? They were all reborn, and he still remembered it? He even went to complain in front of his mother-in-law, making her hate the red alpaca that would almost be impossible to appear in front of Mingyou in this life?

Jane sighed inwardly. With Arthur’s temper, she didn’t know who he learned from. Alas, don’t think about it, it must be his brother’s fault. (His Majesty the Great Golden Lion: ???)

After sending away the arrogant mother-in-law who wanted to avenge her two sons and upset the entire Sky Blue Star, Jane took Tan Chenxi and Zongqing to find the old alpaca couple for help.

Anthony the tiger was forced to stay in the palace by his golden lion nephew, under the pretense of having a physical examination. “I don’t believe it! What can a kitten do? He can’t cure me!” Roared the rebellious and stubborn white tiger.

With a flick of Arthur’s tail, six kittens were separated, which were the same size as him. The colorful kittens surrounded the stubborn old man in the middle, opened their mouths, and emitted light waves the same color as their fur.

Stubborn old man had a shocked face. Was he dazzled? Why were there more little black cats? Also they changed color?

“Ahhhhhhh!” The stubborn and powerful white tiger let out a scream, and fell down with green smoke from its mouth. The poor half-paralyzed tiger was successfully attacked by the little black cat without any precautions.

Arthur walked on tiptoe, proudly walked up to the fallen big white tiger, pinned the tiger’s nose with his small paws: “Do you believe it now, meow?”

In the background, the chubby baby Mingyou pushed his head out of the cradle with his old strength, and shouted: “Da…Bai…Boom!”

The white tiger, breathing green smoke, wanted to knock down the baby’s cradle. What’s so white? Boom? How could there be such a nasty baby?! Whose family did he belong to?!


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