Walking the Path of a Workaholic in Cliché Novels (QT) Chapter 6

    The script was in the general manager’s hands, and words such as ‘rejecting other judges, opposing the public, and ridiculing the contestants’ are written all over his lenses.

    He flipped through the script page by page, and when he saw half of it, he put the script on the table. The smile on his face was gone: “My entertainer is not a cheap commodity to be bullied.” An Yinong was taken aback.

    “If this is your sincerity, then we can talk about liquidated damages.”

    The general manager’s sudden outburst startled everyone, even An Yinong was surprised. Although the other party was here to find fault, it was rare for the boss to respond back so hard.

    “Mr. Lu, don’t be angry. This condition is a bit harsh, but we are still very sincere. After all, we are also a serious variety show on the TV station.”

    “Your…Mr. Ke, hasn’t had any resources for several months, right? Black and red are still red.”

    The person in charge of the program group seemed to have expected the general manager’s reaction long ago. He picked up the script and looked at An Yinong: “Why doesn’t Mr. Ke decide for himself? “

    An Yinong didn’t answer: “I trust the manager’s decision.”

    He didn’t know if it was the cold medicine that took effect. He was very sleepy and sleepy now, and there are even overlapping figures in front of his eyes. An Yinong, who was not in good condition but still maintained his sanity, decided to let the general manager take full charge of this matter. From the previous conversation, the general manager was fighting for his interests, maybe he could believe it for once.

    The person in charge took back the script and smiled: “If you are not satisfied, you can say it, we also came here with sincerity.”

    “Sincerity? “The general manager bowed his head and read the contents of the script, including instructing ‘Ke Yinong’ how to be a monster, how to use himself to set off the truth, goodness and beauty of others, and how to guide fans to tear themselves apart. Even the staff on the program team changed his face. How harsh was this contract? It was simply inhumane. It was to cut off the star and future of ‘Ke Yinong’, and even affect his real life.

    An Yinong leaned on the table with one hand and held his face. It was obviously an annoying content, but after being relayed in a low and calm voice, it made him drowsy. Strange, since he was such a responsible temporary manager, why did the original owner agree to be on the show?

    “The stage is not big, but there are a lot of dramas.”

    The general manager half-smiled, with some sarcasm: “It is said to be a training variety show for ‘powerful singers’, but internally, it is such a variety show that specializes in cutting fans’ leeks?”

    “Mr. Lu, this circle is like this. You run an entertainment company, don’t you know what the hidden rules are?” The person in charge disagreed.

    “The reason why the unspoken rules are unspoken rules is because they are shameful and cannot be publicly stated, let alone something to be proud of.” The general manager’s words caught everyone’s attention.

    The boss was such a boss, no wonder the company is such a company-it has not improved after five years. An Yinong couldn’t help laughing, and suddenly felt that this boss was a bit serious and cute.

    “Let’s talk about liquidated damages. We are in business and we abide by the rules of the contract. If there is no legitimate reason to breach the contract, we need to pay enough liquidated damages. You understand this truth?” 

    The person in charge of the program group argued sophistry. “That’s true, but your Mr. Ke Yinong is also responsible for the termination of the contract.” 

    An Yinong, with half-lidded eyes, raised his head and sat upright: “Do you want to spit out some ivory?”

    The person in charge choked, this company, from the boss to the artists, was such a guy who had no emotional intelligence and spoke harshly. No wonder this broken company would not be able to continue.

    “Mr. Ke has been away from the music scene for a long time, and I’m afraid he is not used to the popular music style today. We are looking for a celebrity mentor, someone who can guide newcomers, Mr. Ke…” He glanced at An Yinong: “Mr. Ke has lost the ability to sing and is not a singer-songwriter itself, and the qualifications are not enough, as a celebrity mentor, I may not be able to convince the public.”

    “Manager, who is the celebrity mentor that was appointed earlier? Shall I talk to them?” An Yinong directly interrupted the program director.

    “I don’t have much face, so I can’t have the same as the other three. Otherwise, let’s invite people from those three companies to have a party?”

    “This world has always been small, especially those in the same circle. Who doesn’t have many friends and mentors, right?”

    The program group of “My Way, My Show” replaced four mentors at once, indirectly offending four entertainment companies. Although there’s nothing with being offended, everyone in the mall was interested in profit. But if the four were integrated to eat a piece of meat from the program group, no one would refuse, right? After all, it was a small variety show of a local station, and it was not strong enough to ignore these entertainment companies.

    “Mr. Ke really likes to joke.” The person in charge of the program group couldn’t sit still.

    Bypassing the series of language traps and directly finding out the biggest weakness of the program group and making use of it, An Yinong’s calm and quick response was surprising. Not only the people in the program group looked at him, but even the general manager couldn’t help but take a closer look. The confusion and uneasiness in the singer disappeared, and the whole figure was like a sword that had been re-forged and polished, sharp and dazzling.

    Because the general manager refused to give an inch, and because the program team was at fault, they still paid for their willfulness in the end, and the liquidated damages were as high as one million, most of which would be remitted to An Yinong’s account to ease his recent financial shortage. After the matter was resolved, the program crew left sullenly, followed by the general manager.

    “Ke Yinong.” When An Yinong was about to leave, Zhang Ruojun grabbed his arm from behind.

    An Yinong turned his head and looked at his grasped arm, with neither a smile nor anger on his face, he was very calm: “Is there something wrong?”

    Zhang Ruojun was shocked, subconsciously let go and took a step back. What happened? The previous Ke Yinong didn’t have such creepy eyes.

    “I still have something to do.” The dizzy An Yinong turned around and wanted to leave.

    “Wait!” Zhang Ruojun once again remembered the time when he was an assistant to this person. This was how he was so high above and above, he made suggestions out of good intentions, but was ridiculed that ‘you are not qualified to teach me how to do things’.

    Obviously at the beginning, he entered this circle because he liked him. Because of this sudden impulse, Zhang Ruojun grabbed An Yinong’s wrist again, casually opened a room next to him that was often empty, and dragged him in.

    An Yinong was pushed against the wall. He was already in a state of fever and stared at him for a moment. At the same time, many bad memories were brought back, and the thread of reason was tense, almost torn. This guy…

    “Ke Yinong,” Zhang Ruojun leaned forward, lowering his voice, “I have tens of millions of fans, popular variety shows and high-end endorsements, am I qualified to teach you now?” Does he have enough sense of existence? Why was he still ignoring him like this?

    “Oh!” Zhang Ruojun was punched in the abdomen, An Yinong deliberately chose such a position, so that it would not be easy to leave marks.

    He looked at Zhang Ruojun, whose eyes were bloodshot, with a half-smile: “Go to the hospital if you are sick, don’t be like a mad dog, biting anyone you catch.”

   “Why are you ignoring me?” Zhang Ruojun gasped heavily, clutching his abdomen. He found that he could bear Ke Yinong’s glare, but couldn’t bear the ignorance just now, as if he was an insignificant piece of trash on the side of the road.

    “Interesting.” An Yinong looked at him, the villain in the eyes of the original owner, “Are you angry because I ignored you? Is looking at you very important?”

   Zhang Ruojun choked, he became angry with embarrassment: “Don’t be self-righteous, I just want to prove to you that I am better than you and more popular than you. You were the one who was wrong at the beginning!”

    This was really… An Yinong couldn’t help laughing: “Packaged fast-moving consumer goods. Do you take yourself seriously? Is a million-level sound maker easy to use?”

    His hoarse voice was full of provocation, and a fire was burning in Zhang Ruojun’s chest: “Senior, what about you? Can you eat?”

    An Yinong covered his forehead with one hand and gave a light snort.

    “What are you laughing at?”

    “Laughing at your stupidity. Idols and singers are two different concepts.”

    An Yinong opened his eyes and glanced at Zhang Ruojun: “Is the Chinese music scene coming to an end? All kinds of monsters and ghosts have come out.”

    “Hey, Zhang Ruojun, what you want to sell is your song, your talent, not the persona and face you packaged. Garbage is worthy of talking to me about music?”

    The original owner and Zhang Ruojun broke up precisely because of their disagreement. The original owner knew that strength was the basis for him to go on, so he wanted to temporarily leave the flashy circle and go to the music academy to study, but Zhang Ruojun felt that he should seize the opportunity given by capital, and followed the fan’s request to ascend to the top position. An illegitimate fan who tried to control and manipulate idols.

    Zhang Ruojun was instantly irritated. He clasped An Yinong’s wrist and approached him again: “Do you think you are still the glamorous ‘Ke Yinnong’? Now you have no ‘voice’, no resources, and even fans are almost gone. What are you proud of here?”

     “Oh, did you know where they went? They are here with me! You begged your grandpa to sue your grandma for this variety show, right? But it’s mine now too. If you don’t talk about music with me, is there anyone else willing to talk with you, a useless person? Ke Yinong, you have nothing now. Why don’t you come back and be my assistant? I’ll pay you the highest salary… Ah!”

   An Yinong, who was originally under the control of others, suddenly pushed Zhang Ruojun’s abdomen with his knee, and took advantage of his loss of consciousness. He flipped the other over and beat him hard a few times, aiming at places where it was not easy to leave marks, and finally pressed Zhang Ruojun against the corner of the wall.

     “Speaking of which, don’t do anything here, I don’t like it.”

     Zhang Ruojun’s eyes widened, and he was pushed heavily against the wall, one wrist was clasped, and his neck was locked by five slender fingers. His heart beat faster and his lips were dry. He didn’t know whether it was because of nervousness or the feeling of suffocation.

    “Zhang Ruojun.” An Yinong’s voice was hoarse and slow, Zhang Ruojun’s ears seemed to have been brushed by feathers, and goose bumps appeared on his exposed skin.

    He didn’t see An Yinong’s face, nor did he see those darkened eyes: For a person who took music very seriously, singing was a sacred profession that does not allow insults.

    “His hands are hot.” Zhang Ruojun swallowed, only to feel that the palms holding his wrists and neck were extremely hot, so hot that they would melt him away.

    “You have self-knowledge, don’t insult the word singer.”

    He said this sentence calmly, but everything from Zhang Ruojun to his ability was dismissed lightly. Zhang Ruojun returned to reality in an instant, a fire was pressing in his chest, and the more it burned, the more panicked he was.

    “Bang!” The closed door was pushed open, and the sound woke up the people inside. An Yinong let go of his hand, took two steps back, and looked at the door as if nothing had happened.

    The general manager appeared at the door, his eyes swept over Zhang Ruojun who was leaning against the wall, and stopped on An Yinong. His clothes were neat and there was no sign of anything wrong. Judging from the scene, Zhang Ruojun looked like a victim, while An Yinong was the perpetrator.

    The general manager stretched out his hand and gently pulled the tie, his eyes calmed down.


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