After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 109

Arthur was going to use his silver tongue to snatch Mingyou’s custody. But he had been away from his sister-in-law for too long, and had forgotten her superior eloquence.

Who wouldn’t stand on the moral high ground? Jane taunted Ping Wanshu, the star thief was beaten away, and the people in her boat were not considered to be in danger of life, and the murderer could be let go.

Ping Wanshu hugged the quilt and shivered, and kept explaining: “I just asked to arrange a prison with better conditions for him, and I didn’t mean to let him escape legal sanctions.”

Jane sneered: “Is he worthy?”

Ping Wanshu trembled: “Not worthy.”

Arthur: “…”

Ping Wanshu tried to change the subject. She smiled at Arthur and said, “You are the young Prince Arthur, right? You are as cute as big sister said.”

Big sister, what’s with the name? Were they not friends before? At most, add the title of good sister and best friend, right? Wasn’t this name wrong?

“Mother-in-law is good too.” Although he felt that the style of speech was wrong, Arthur still greeted very politely.

Ping Wanshu: “…”

She trembled more violently. Her baby was just born! She didn’t want to imagine him getting married! Ping Wanshu roared in her heart.

Ping Wanshu tried to win respect: “Maybe the current Changgeng is not the one you know…”

“Mother-in-law, please call him Mingyou. The character for bright Ming, the character for blessed You. Tan Changgeng is someone else, a red grass…a red-haired person. His mother is your half-sister.” Arthur said very seriously, “Sister-in-law should have told you the specific reason. Please don’t insult my Mingyou with this name.”

“As for whether he is the Mingyou I know.” Arthur turned his gaze to the incubator.

In the fully transparent, constant temperature incubator, the baby Mingyou woke up at some point. It stood to reason that the organs of a newborn baby had not yet fully developed. Baby Mingyou’s vision should be blurred.

But he opened his bright black eyes and looked straight at the little boy, as if he could really see Arthur’s appearance clearly from a long distance. Arthur smiled at Mingyou, his body glowed, and he turned into a little black, palm-sized cat. He jumped onto the incubator, and stretched his limbs to the top. A small cat face was laminated with glass, forming a super weird face.

The baby Mingyou jumped up and down, like a little turtle turning his belly.

He opened his mouth: “Da…da…”

“Mingyou is learning to speak.” Seeing the lively and lovely appearance of baby Mingyou, Jane’s cold expression melted into a smile, “Although a child can make sound at birth, it usually takes two to three months to produce a proper syllable. Mingyou is amazing.”

Ping Wanshu was wiping away tears: “The child is calling for his dad.”

Jane’s face darkened again.

At this time, the baby Mingyou clenched his fists, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, sank to his dantian, and roared out a syllable: “Hei!”

Arthur smiled: “Meow.” It’s me. The phrase “it’s me” must be read in words. He was not showing off.

Baby Mingyou opened his eyes, but his fists were still clenched tightly: “Da…da…hei!”

Arthur the cat smiled: “Yes.”

Baby Mingyou giggled, eyes sparkling, and looked at the strange face of the little black cat: “Da… Hei!”

Arthur: “Yes.”

Baby Mingyou: “Da, hei!”

Arthur: “Yeah, I’m here.”

Baby Mingyou let go of his fists, trying to reach out his chubby right hand with a dimple, trying to touch the little black cat on the top of the nursery. But baby Mingyou’s hands were too short, and his limbs were weak, and he was far away from the top of the nursery incubator.

He was in a hurry, and like a little turtle turning its shell over, he pulled his short and weak limbs vigorously: “Da… Hey! Da, hey!”

For a baby whose vocal cords were not yet fully developed, he could barely pronounce consonants such as “b”, “p” and “m”, but “h” was really too difficult for Mingyou. He had to inhale, and then exhale hard from his throat to make a similar sound, and his face turned red.

“Stop barking, it will damage your vocal cords, and be careful that you will turn into a broken voice.” Arthur’s little paw patted the top of the incubator, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you. Whether it’s the Tan family, or anyone else, they won’t hurt you again in this life.”

Baby Mingyou finally calmed down. But his black, grape-like eyes were still staring at the little black cat, as if he was worried that the little black cat would disappear if he looked away.

“He didn’t call me Arthur, but Dahei. Dahei was the name he gave me. He’s so bad at naming people, so that everyone in the future Star Alliance would call me Prince Dahei.” Arthur got up from the top of the incubator, squatted down and licked his paw, “He is my Mingyou.”

“I’m sorry, mother-in-law, this is a Mingyou who has suffered a serious heartbreak. He has lived with me for nearly five hundred years, and the mental trauma left by the abuse he suffered in childhood has not healed.”

“The shadow of childhood will accompany a person’s life. Even if he had boundless happiness in the future, the pain in the past would still wake him up from sleep.”

“You might want to make it up to him.” Arthur said coldly, “but I’m sorry, he doesn’t need you anymore.”

“You should be glad that Tan Chenxi didn’t come back. The future Tan Chenxi always thought you were a strong and independent person who tried to protect him and Mingyou, but because you suffered from the Tan family, you had no choice but to leave your beloved sons.”

“He lost you, and he almost lost Mingyou. Do you know the feeling of powerlessness that almost drove him crazy?” Arthur lowered his head and licked his paw again, “If you don’t love the person who loved you in the previous life, you should at least love him. If you don’t love them, just chase after a lunatic. Tan Chenxi is just a child now, if you wake up, you can make up for him and give him the happy life he should have, who is ignorant of the future.”

“As far as Mingyou is concerned, it’s already too late.” Arthur said coldly.

He hadn’t intended to be so ruthless. He originally wanted to have a good relationship with his mother-in-law. Perhaps Mingyou no longer needed this maternal love, but Arthur wanted to give him what Mingyou should have.

What’s more, Ping Wanshu just gave birth to a child, even with Star Alliance medical treatment, in the face of natural childbirth, if all went well, the pregnant woman would be alive and kicking the next day. Most of the reason why Ping Wanshu was recuperating in bed now was “heart disease”, and her body was completely fine. Arthur still wanted to make his mother-in-law feel better.

But Ping Wanshu’s sentence “the child is calling daddy” angered him. Maybe Ping Wanshu was just sad that Mingyou didn’t have a normal father, but Arthur couldn’t control the anger in his heart as long as he remembered what kind of perverted lunatic Mingyou’s biological father was in Ping Wanshu’s mouth.

This must be why this body was so childish. Arthur the cat thought.

“In his previous life, Mingyou was locked in a small room, no one talked to him, no one taught him common sense, just like an animal in a cage. He didn’t die, he didn’t go crazy, he didn’t become a fool, it was just because of a coincidence he picked up a light brain with super AI.”

“But at any rate, he was considered a ‘waste’ without supernatural powers by the lunatics of the Tan family in his previous life, so he was not physically abused. Now that Mingyou is in good health, his supernatural talent must be very strong, maybe he is a natural spirit beast. If something happens to you again, how will that lunatic treat Mingyou?”

“Prick him with a needle? Burn him with boiling water? Cut his delicate skin bit by bit with a knife?” Arthur’s small paws patted the top of the incubator, “How fragile a baby is. Even if my sister-in-law and I have been paying attention, as long as he is gone from our line of sight, he may be in trouble.”

“Mother-in-law, even if you want to continue to pursue your love, Mingyou is innocent, and so is Tan Chenxi. I have no intention of taking away your custody of Mingyou, and I can’t use power to overwhelm others. I just ask you to let me stay by Mingyou’s side, never parting for a moment.”


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