Walking the Path of a Workaholic in Cliché Novels (QT) Chapter 5

    “Do you have time?” A deep male voice came from the other end of the phone. An Yinong’s eardrums seemed to be electrified, and he couldn’t help rubbing his ears.


    “Come to the company today.”

    “Who?” An Yinong seemed to be asking the system, but also himself.

    It took him a few minutes to find out from his memory the owner of the voice, the boss of the original owner, a supporting role who didn’t have a high sense of presence in the whole story, and didn’t even have a name.

    In the original owner’s memory, this was a company boss who only existed in the agent’s mouth. The very few meetings did not leave much impression. He just remembered that he was a good-looking young man with an old-fashioned style of doing things. He didn’t like it when others were late.

    Didn’t like people being late? He looked at the time, yes, it was getting late. An Yinong got up and took a quick shower, but his mental state was still very poor, his body was sore and limp, and his temples were swollen. He checked the thermometer and it was still burning, 38.1°. Fortunately, there was no burning sensation in the throat, so it should not be a viral cold.

    “It’s too late to call and ask for leave to go to the hospital now. I’ll go to the hospital after I go to work.”

    He drank cold medicine again, took a deep breath; when he walked to the door, and stepped out, his exhausted expression disappeared from his face. As an artist, he has to be in the best condition when he goes out. Fifteen minutes later, An Yinong went from a familiar yet unfamiliar place to another familiar yet unfamiliar place – Starlight Entertainment, the original owner’s company.

    The company was on a bustling commercial street, and the middle three floors of one of the office buildings were owned by them. It could be seen from this that the company signed by the original owner was just a small entertainment company.

    The facts were the truth. The entertainment company signed by the original owner had only been established for four or five years. It was a very young company with few  artists and staff. This company only flashed two seconds before the plot, because the original owner would soon quit the entertainment industry.

    He took the elevator to the sixth floor. As soon as the elevator door opened, he could see a pair of beautiful twin receptionists. When he sees someone, he will show a perfect professional smile: “Mr. Ke, hello.” 

   “I’m here, please let them know ” An Yinong took off his mask, his cheeks flushed with fever, but because of his bright smile, no one could tell that he was in bad condition.


    There were quite a few people in the open area, they were sitting or standing, chatting or drinking coffee, all of them were glamorous, making An Yinong seem even more downcast. After seeing An Yinong, the expressions of these people were filled with pity and a little indifference.

    “Someone from the program team of “My Way, My Show” is here.” A woman with neat short hair walked past him with a cup of coffee. An Yinong turned his head, but only saw the back of her head.

    “My Way, My Show” was the ‘plot’ that An Yinong has been thinking about all the way. It was the last variety show that the original owner received, and it was also the show that sent the original owner to the guillotine to make him collapse and quit the circle.

    In the plot, the original owner had no choice but to go to Zhao Ze because of this variety show. From body to soul, he was completely reduced to a vassal. An Yinong frowned, even though he knew there was a deviation in the plot, he still cared about it.

    “The general manager asked you to go up now.” The twins at the front desk hung up the phone and made a gesture to him.

    He took the internal elevator to the eighth floor, the innermost door was the general manager’s office.

    “Please come in.” After knocking on the door, a deep male voice came from inside, like mung bean cake with mint green tea, clear and cold.

    The door opened, and the man who was buried in his work looked up. He had a young and handsome face, and his glasses added a bit of elegance. He doesn’t look like the boss of an entertainment company, but rather an entertainer of an entertainment company.

    “Here?” The man at the desk raised his glasses, “Please sit down.”

    “General Manager, what do you want from me?” An Yinong walked in and took a quick look around the office.

    This office was too simple, except for a few things needed for work, no personal items. This made him feel strange. As far as he could remember, the general manager had been here and worked diligently every day, so how could this office not have any personality?

    “People from the program team of “My Way, My Show” are here. Originally, your agent should be responsible for this matter, but after your agent left, the new agent has not yet been put in place, so I will be in charge of this matter for the time being.” The voice of the general manager was unhurried.

    The small company’s embarrassment of “lack of people and you have to work by yourself” was just a trivial matter for him.

    “Because of what?” An Yinong recovered.

    “They want to terminate the contract without compensation.” The general manager raised his head, “Tell me what you want. Do you want the other party to continue to fulfill their promises, or get compensation?” An Yinong combed the hair on his forehead.

    In terms of resources, “My Way, My Show” couldn’t be compared with the national-level “Singer-Composer”, but it could be seen in the small variety shows of many local stations.

    If he didn’t know the future development, and just considered it from a practical point of view, of course it’s better to win this resource. But An Yinong, who had seen the plot, knew that this was a dead end.

    This variety show designed the original host as a villain who was arrogant, self-righteous, lacking talent, and bullying newcomers, and his appearance was even more ugly. The colorful pheasant could sting the eyes just by reading the words. The biggest advantage of the original owner besides the voice was his appearance, but it would be gone.

    The script was already so bad, and it was edited maliciously in the later stage, and the original owner was directly hacked out of the circle. As popular as this variety show was, the original owner was cringeworthy. After two episodes, he quit the entertainment industry forever amid scolding.

    When An Yinong watched the plot, he felt that the planner of the show had an enmity with the original owner, and there was a life-and-death enmity that would never end. Otherwise, it cannot explain why the planners wanted to kill him.

    “If I want to keep it, how sure are you?” An Yinong didn’t say no right away, which didn’t fit his current personality.

    The general manager sat there, crossing his fingers: “Thirty percent. The program team has a new leader. The other party is an ambitious guy who wants to make a popular variety show for young audiences. He prefers idols who are more popular than those who break contracts. I think he is more willing to take a gamble. But I suggest you terminate the contract.”

    Seeing that An Yinong’s face remained unchanged, the general manager continued: “If you must stay, you will be in a disadvantaged position, and the other party will propose very harsh and unfavorable conditions for you. Variety shows are large-scale live-action dramas, and all dramas should have a character that makes people disgusted.” 

    An Yinong was surprised by the general manager’s sensitivity, but the manager still underestimated The other party was more than a villain, a disgusting character who was entertained as a ‘meme’.

    “Since the program group wants to terminate my contract, has a replacement guest been found? Who is it?”

    “You should ask how many.”


    This means that half or more will be replaced? The general manager stood up and opened the door, turned to look at him and said, “If you are curious, go and meet them. They are in the living room. Keep calm until the results come out.” 

   An Yinong stood there for two seconds then walked out. “Who is the program crew planning to replace me with?” An Yinong’s questions continued until he entered the reception room, where a person who should not have appeared was sitting there.

    “Long time no see, Senior Ke Yinong.” Zhang Ruojun, who had silver hair and delicate eyeliner, looked at him provocatively, and then turned to the general manager, “Is the general manager here? Oh, look at me, I forgot Senior Ke’s manager left two months ago.”

    An Yinong pulled out his chair and sat down, ignoring him. The relationship between Ke Yinong and Zhang Ruojun was complicated. Two years ago, Zhang Ruojun was Ke Yinong’s assistant. A year ago, Ke Yinong lost his voice. Zhang Ruojun didn’t know what path he took to be labeled as  “Mini Ke Yinong”.

    There was no outstanding appearance, no amazing voice, no outstanding skills, but through various marketing and resource accumulations, Zhang Ruojun became popular, shooting commercials, acting, and “singing” at various evening parties, only one step away from the top traffic.

    However, there were rumors in the industry that the benefactor behind him had found a new person and would no longer support him, so he had to work hard on his own.

    The small reception room was quite tense, but the general manager turned a blind eye. He put his hands on the table and looked at the representative of “My Way, My Show”: “Let’s make a long story short.” 

    “Are you the general manager, or…”


    The general manager lifted the frame of his glasses: “It’s been two months of planning from the appointment of the program team, the pre-heating of the network, and the broadcast of the trailer. If we change the guests at this time, all the previous efforts will come to naught.”

    “This is no longer a matter of your own program group, and the participating artists also put their own reputation and credibility on the line, which is an intangible asset. Is it inappropriate to tell me to change at this time?”

    The person in charge of the program straightened his back: “I understand your thoughts, but even for official variety shows, for the best results, sacrifices have to be made. Can you understand, Teacher Ke?” 

    An Yinong turned his head, endured a slight headache and smiled, “Sorry, as a victim of personal interests being violated, I reject this kind of moral kidnapping.”

   The person in charge choked: Didn’t you say that Ke Yinong has a gentle temper and doesn’t easily offend people?

    The general manager smiled: “This is another matter and cannot be confused.”

    The person in charge of the program group strategically drank water again: “Our program group has a new leader, and he proposed a new plan. Because of the need to cooperate with the new plan, some adjustments need to be made in terms of personnel. “

    “This is a matter within your working group. The general manager pointed out the key point, “It should not be paid by others.”

    “Teacher Ke.” When the matter got to this level, the person in charge was not going to continue to pretend, he directly aimed at the ‘weakness’, looking down at An Yinong with a haughty look in his eyes, “This is the decision we made after the meeting, I sympathize, but there is no way.”

    [An Yinong, I’m sorry, but this is the decision of the above.】

    The appearance of the person in front of him overlapped with the faces of many people in my memory, with similar tone, words, and attitude. Because he was weak, struggle and resistance could also be regarded as cute. An Yinong fixed his eyes on the person in charge, laughed briefly, and his expression returned to calm again. Cute? Be careful not to break your teeth.

    “Actually, with Mr. Ke’s current resources, I can understand why he doesn’t want to leave.” The person in charge of the program group laughed annoyingly, “So, our group leader gave us a second plan. If you accept it, it’s not impossible to continue.”

    Someone who looked like an assistant handed over a bound book.

    “Really?” The general manager took it, and the person in charge smiled.


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