After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 108

It took a long time for an AI to learn and develop into a super AI with self-awareness. The odds of an ordinary AI becoming a super AI were probably lower than winning the lottery. In addition, since a super AI becomes an AI life with “emotions”, which only existed in theory, no one had seen it yet.

093 was originally just an ordinary AI with the possibility of becoming a super AI. It had been nearly twenty years since he was born. On the way, the research and management team changed several times. It was not until he met Arthur that he became a super AI.

When Arthur went to the battlefield, no one was optimistic about this young marshal who was still regarded as a child by the Star Alliance. Naturally, it was impossible for Arthur’s exclusive battleship to be equipped with super AI. 093 was just the exclusive AI on Arthur’s battleship.

Arthur later gathered a large group of young scientists on the front line. The scientists headed by the red panda and the purple horse carried out magical changes in 093. Coupled with the huge amount of data fed on the battlefield, 093 became a super AI, such a fast evolution rate shocked many people.

At that time, the director who wrote the underlying logic of Xiaotian had passed away due to overwork. Before his death, the director specially wrote an epitaph for himself, which probably means that people will die if they don’t do what they do, and they die when they do what they do.

With such advanced medical conditions of the Star Alliance, he could still die from overwork, which he himself probably found ironic. But he just couldn’t stop. Life went on and work went on.

So whether it was the super AI 093, or the intelligent life Xiaotian, they didn’t know the director, a bad old man who rubbed his tears and snot on the shell of his data body.

Xiaotian became furious again, and it was strictly forbidden for the director to have a relationship with him. If it wasn’t for the fact that his current processor was too old and the data capacity was not enough, Xiaotianwould definitely rush out of the screen and scratch the skinny old man’s face.

Arthur the cat jumped into his sister-in-law’s arms silently, pretending that he was just an ordinary little kitten and had nothing to do with the farce on the scene. It’s a pity that now he had no subordinates, and no fool, so he couldn’t find someone to take the blame.

“Xiaotian is so energetic and cute.” Jane smiled and praised while touching the ears of her little liger.

Her kind expression was completely like that of a grandmother who saw her grandson messing around. The youngest son, the eldest grandson, the lifeblood of the old man, Arthur and Xiao Tianmiao were just like this, could Jane not be kind?

Although Xiaotian clamored to follow Arthur, the scientific research center did not let him go so easily. In the end, Xiaotian compromised, sharing half of the computing power to play house with them in the scientific research center, and the remaining half of his body resided in Arthur’s light brain. After the people in the scientific research center were completely sure that Xiaotian was harmless, they opened Star Alliance network permissions.

“Playing house… Let’s study together, how could it be playing house…” The old director was lying on a stretcher, with his hands folded in front of his chest, tears welling from the corners of his eyes, as if he was about to be buried in the ground. He was despised by his own children, who still didn’t recognize him as a father. His son was rebellious and broke his heart.

Arthur the cat made an old-fashioned expression and shook his little head. Look, there was another person who was about to be pissed off by Xiaotian. He had been with Xiaotian for hundreds of years without getting angry, which showed how broad-minded he was.

After returning to the palace, Arthur told his brother that the future super AI had arrived.

His Majesty the Golden Lion was very happy, and asked Xiantian with dancing paws: “You brought back all the information and technological materials of the future?”

Xiaotian, projected from Arthur’s light brain, rolled his eyes: “Who would carry that kind of thing with them?”

His Majesty the Golden Lion tilted his head in doubt.

Xiaotian explained: “That data is naturally stored in a separate space, just like you put things in storage cabinets.”

His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…You didn’t bring the memory card back? But you know Arthur.”

Xiaotian said: “What does the stuff in a locker have to do with my own memory?”

His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…” He didn’t understand living AI.

His Majesty the Golden Lion asked curiously: “Then what did you bring back? What is in your own memory?”

Xiaotian proudly raised his chest: “Family portrait!”

His Majesty the Golden Lion waved a paw, telling Xiaotian to roll aside and play with Arthur. This AI was probably useless, just treat it as raising a grandson.

Arthur the cat wanted to say a few good words for Xiaotian. To be able to follow his soul back to the past, Xiaotian was already powerful enough, don’t demand too much from him. With that ray of energy flow, how much information could the AI be required to carry? Arthur was already very pleased that Xiaotian could maintain a complete “personality”.

But Arthur knew how anxious Brother Lion was when he knew that his sister-in-law would die in battle in the future. Thinking that his brother would be anxious for another twenty years, Arthur… Just let him continue to worry, otherwise what else could he do? He couldn’t let him pass his anxiety on to poor little Xiaotian.

“Let’s go, do my homework with me.” Arthur waved his claws at the projection of Xiaotian, “God knows why there is so much homework in kindergarten.”

His Majesty the Lion roared: “Don’t let AI do your homework for you!”

Jane persuaded: “Arthur came back from the future. It’s too cruel of you to ask him to rewrite his kindergarten homework. This kind of simple and repetitive labor can be done by AI.”

His Majesty the Lion earnestly said: “Although he came back from the future, his body and mind still have to experience the growth of ordinary people, and the learning process must not be lost. Jane, you spoil him too much.”

Jane didn’t give in: “What’s wrong with coddling? Arthur lost his parents at such a young age, shouldn’t he be coddled?”

His Majesty the Golden Lion said: “That’s not related to my question…”

Seeing that his eldest brother and sister-in-law were “arguing” about his own education again, Arthur the cat tiptoed and slipped out of the room, sticking to the bottom of the wall. They quarreled with each other, and Arthur would lose if he wrote a single word of his homework!

It had been a year since Arthur regained his memory. In the past year, the Star Thief Group where Leo lived had not been found. If the Star Thief Group was so easily located by the Star Alliance, then they would have wiped out the chaotic star region dissidents long ago.

Leo’s mother and younger brother would be killed more than ten years later, Arthur was not in a hurry, he had plenty of time to fish the yellow monkey out from the Star Thieves.

The two siblings Kerry and Ellie had just entered the army, and they were doing well without being excluded. Adeline’s family was not gone, and they were living a happy life. The worry of the day was which class to skip to do the experiment one wanted to do. Louis and Gu Hai had just been admitted to the military academy, so they didn’t need Arthur to care about them for the time being. The two brothers Xian Luo and Xian Wei, who were in their third year of high school, had almost broken up, but it was not easy for Arthur to interfere in other people’s family affairs.

Arthur made a special trip to high school to take Herman and Yan Yi as younger brothers. Now a polar bear and a wolf cub were led by a palm-sized black liger to swagger through the city, punching the Nanshan Nursing Home and kicking the Beihai Kindergarten.

The Yan family wanted to discipline Yan Yi, Arthur howled directly in the internal family group, and summoned his own adult cats to attack the Yan family.

A group of big cats showed their paws and teeth: “My little black cat wants to play with your gray wolf dog, what’s your opinion?”

The Yan family: “…Yan Yi is a wolf, not a wolf dog, no, I mean, we have no objections, not a single bit.”

Arthur the cat is proud. Telling parents, he was the most professional. So Yan Yi, like Herman, became Arthur’s hard-core younger brother.

“Two high school students who are hard-core younger brothers who have not yet entered kindergarten, they are not ashamed but proud and sincerely surrendered.” Queen Jane couldn’t help but palm her forehead, “If it was just the little bear brother, but why is that little wolf so silly? Arthur, will Yan Yi be this stupid in the future?”

Arthur shook his head: “No, Yan Yi’s character… a lone wolf? Bloodthirsty? Let him blend in with the crowd.”

After meeting Mingyou, what he said was what he said. Not to mention letting him blend in with the crowd, he had even held a concert and danced in the graveyard, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Jane’s face immediately sank. The child’s personality had changed so much, it was obvious that he had a serious heartache. Where could this heartache come from? Did they have to ask? The Yan family was really something.

“Let him avenge his future revenge.” Seeing that his sister-in-law’s head was lighting up again, Arthur hurriedly said, “The Yan family left him to grind his teeth and claws.”

Jane put away the crackling lights, smiled and said, “Okay. Arthur, your daughter-in-law Mingyou is about to be born.”

Arthur’s ears perked up: “Really?! I’ve been waiting for a long time! He’s finally going to be born!”

Jane started to pay attention to Ping Wanshu again, and successfully rescued her when the star thieves ambushed, and prevented Ping Wanshu from driving a mecha to fight for her life. Because she was not injured, Mingyou did not become a premature baby, making Arthur wait for more than two months.

“Ping Wanshu has already divorced that bastard of the Tan family. I also got evidence that the bastard colluded with the star thieves, and I am about to send him to prison.” The smile on Jane’s face was a little cold, “Ping Wanshu begged me to let the Tan family’s bastard go.”

Arthur: “… It seems that the criminal offense of colluding with star robbers is not something we let go of?”

Jane nodded: “That’s what I said too. I was so pissed off by Ping Wanshu that I told her all about your rebirth and her future encounters. I hope it won’t affect her childbirth.”

Arthur: “…Sister-in-law, you should actually tell her after she gives birth.” What if his mother-in-law was too emotional and affected the delivery, and Mingyou became even more stupid?

Jane guiltily looked away.

Arthur gasped, jumped off the top of the climbing frame, and turned into a boy with black hair, golden eyes, short legs in suspenders, puffed out his baby cheeks, and said in a milky voice, “Let’s go, sister-in-law, I’m going to see my wife!”

Jane picked up the old-fashioned young boy and pinched his soft cheeks: “Go, go and piss off Ping Wanshu to death!”

Arthur the child: “…” Sister-in-law, there was something wrong with you. The young Arthur began to worry about conflicts between his in-laws and his family.

In the best hospital ward of Star Alliance Capital Star, Ping Wanshu was pushed into the operating room with a pale face, and gave birth to a boy in a short while. With melancholy in her eyes, Ping Wanshu stared at her little son in the incubator with painful eyes: “Baby, are you really reborn?”

The baby boy closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Ping Wanshu smiled tiredly: “Even if you are reborn, you don’t know who you are now, do you?”

“Ping, Wan, Shu! I came to grab the baby!” A female demon’s yin and yang voice came in from outside the door, and the blood in Ping Wanshu’s face that had just recovered was all frightened away.


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