Walking the Path of a Workaholic in Cliché Novels (QT) Chapter 3

    It turned out that he had arrived at the city where the original owner resided. An Yinong thanked the driver, then walked into this storied community, and walked towards the unit where the original owner’s house was located. There was a public living room on the first floor, with sofas, a surveillance camera, double elevators, and an emergency passage.

    “Ninth floor.” He pressed the elevator.

    “Ding.” Shortly after reaching the ninth floor, the elevator opened, and An Yinong walked out, leaving behind wet footprints.

    “I have a question. Taking things a step back, you need his sincere remorse, but is it possible that love remorse is only one kind of emotion? Are other things such as family affection, friendship, and career failure different?”

    “Of course they are different!”

    “What is the difference?”

    “Because only love is crazy and irrational.” The system took it for granted.

    “…” An Yinong wanted to pick up the little rubber system and shake it to see how much water he could get out.

    Now he began to suspect that this system was infected with the ‘brainless love drama’ virus. Who instilled this wrong idea? It’s teaching children badly, isn’t it?

    “In fact, it is because the failure of friendship and family relationships does not produce much regret, and career failure gives more but not by much. But love is different. Love is the most intense emotion that a person can have for another person who has no blood relationship, so the regret value earned is very high.”

    Seeing that the host’s expression was wrong, the system immediately became serious.

    “I don’t deny that love goes hand in hand with life and death in this world, but what I have learned is absolutely not the same.” An Yinong shook his head, turned the key to open the door, pressed the switch at the door, and the room was brightly lit.

    The small apartment could be seen at a glance, the floor tiles were yellowing, the wall paint was seriously peeling off, and the overall tone was dull, just like the original owner’s life.

    This was a second-hand house. The original owner asked experts to perform two surgeries to repair his throat, and spent a lot of money. Not only the car was sold, but the original house was also sold.

    The original owner’s father died early, his grandparents were not close, and his mother had no contact with him after remarriage, so he could only use his remaining money to buy a house here, at least he had a place to live.

    “Do you want to live in this kind of place for a few years?” An Yinong just felt that he had nowhere to go. Although he could endure hardships, most of the time he liked to enjoy himself, especially in terms of living. So he could have no car, but he must have a comfortable house.

    “Is that a layer of dirt on the sofa? And that historical lampshade…”

    But soon he discovered the treasure in the room. It was a custom-made home recording studio. The original owner bought it at a high price. The most valuable piece of equipment in the house.

    “Recording studio.” An Yinong couldn’t turn his eyes away.

    The system doesn’t know what the host was thinking, it was still trying to sell out: “I’m not bragging, there is really no easier task than ours, I have experienced so many hosts, as long as I use a little bit of care, none of them fail. As for the raiders’ different aesthetics and their own hobbies, the host doesn’t need to worry about that. Basically, follow the plot line and at least get a passing grade in the end! “

    As a result, it didn’t get a response for a long time. The system, addicted to its own world, turned around and found that the host was running towards a strange glass room like a happy bird.

    “Host, wait for me.” The system caught up with him: “I’ve said so much, and the host doesn’t have anything to say to me?”

    “This… system. “An Yinong, who had already opened the door of the recording studio, looked at it.

    The system stopped talking, tilted his head and waited for his next sentence.

    “Does doing tasks conflict with realizing personal dreams?”

    “Ah, no?”

    An Yinong picked up the system and said to it seriously: “I want to be a singer and stand on the stage. Continue my unfinished dream. This is my only request, if not, you can kill me now.”

    “…Are you threatening me?” The system’s voice soared, and it was extremely aggrieved.

    “No, I’m begging you.” An Yinong looked at it seriously. Although he didn’t like this kind of task, he really thanked the system for letting him live one more life and giving him a chance to redeem many regrets. “I like it. Singing, I want to sing.”

    The system’s body softened from seeing these shining eyes: “But didn’t you take the variety show route? Even if you can sing, it was eight or nine years ago. Can you still sing now?”

     “Just pretend I’m not reconciled.” An Yinong closed his eyes, with a sad expression that he didn’t want to recall, “Maybe I still can’t sing well, so I can only follow the original owner’s route and leave the entertainment industry. But even so, I still want to give it a try.” And what he said made sense. He hadn’t sung for so long. He must not be able to sing well, and he probably just doesn’t want to be reconciled.

     The system thought for a while, then gritted its teeth: “If the host can still sing, then I will definitely not stop you.”

     The ‘sentimental’ An Yinong looked at the system: “Really? Thank you.”

     The grateful system blushed slightly: “Just this once.”

     An Yinong relaxed his tense nerves. He cherished his life, but he cherished his freedom even more. If the system didn’t even give him the chance to choose a career, what’s the problem with disappearing?

     “Ah, by the way, I forgot to give the plot to the host.” The system took out a book.

     An Yinong took it and found that the book said “Upper and Lower Body”. There was no time for people to commit suicide. He decided to redeem the regrets of his life and save the white moonlight.

     Countless question marks appeared on An Yinong’s head, and he asked the system: “I guess I’m not that ‘white moonlight’?” 

   “No, you are rice porridge.” The system said.

    “…It’s still a rich second generation who can play around, and the white moonlight, and the plain dish.” An Yinong found a bench and sat down, and continued to look down.

    Taking Zhao Ze as the main perspective, it told how his career was successful, how he was a boss, his private life was chaotic, but he was still a simple man with pure emotions.

    “Did the author misunderstand the word ‘pure’?” He stopped again to complain.

    The plot was still going on, and it finally fast-forwarded to Zhao Ze’s rebirth. After rebirth, Zhao Ze decided to kill the rotten peach blossoms in anger, so as to pursue true love innocently.

    “He has been unsealed several times, and he is worthless, how can he be innocent?”

    The system began to suspect that its host was a joker.

    Here Ke Yinong came on stage and began to break up. There was a brief introduction to “Ke Yinong” in the article. He loved Zhao Ze to death in two lifetimes, and voluntarily gave up his career. He was the “white rice” in the previous life and “mosquito blood” in this life.

    “…Does he want to be shameless? Do you want to give yourself money here? If he didn’t come to flirt every day, would the original owner have taken a fancy to him? What else can he want? Money? Or that silver-like body? Lounging in the front of the car?”

     “Now I know why the original owner refused to return, falling in love with this person is really more uncomfortable than death. It’s fine if fate is manipulated, and normal people are forcibly turned into love brains. Haha, I would like to know, there is something incredible about this plot.”

     In the following plot, Zhao Ze won the business war with particularly inconceivable means, forcing a businessman surnamed Tang to withdraw from the local market, and then continued to pursue his white moonlight while supporting the original owner in the villa. 

    An extra sentence: the original owner was Zhao Ze’s lower body because of desire, and white moonlight was Zhao Ze’s upper body because of affection. He never thought that one could talk about cheating in such a  fresh and refined way. In the end, the white moonlight underwent surgery, and the first period was a success. He said he was very moved, but he really didn’t like him, so he went abroad by plane.

    Although Zhao Ze was very sad, he also expressed his relief. He turned his head and accepted Ke Yinong reluctantly, and said, “Although I lost the one I love, at least there is still someone who loves me.” and promised ‘I will try to fall in love with you’, the original owner was moved to tears. Happy end finale.


    “Host, stay calm! The plot is described from the protagonist perspective, which is relatively one-sided. The only function is to get a general understanding of the development of objective things, and then respond. For example, the original owner will participate in a garbage variety show in the future, and is forcibly set as a villain. He quit the entertainment circle, these are important information points.”

    “I know.” An Yinong returned the plot to the system, “Normal people can’t write this stuff.”

    He looked up at the recording studio. The walls of the glass room were soundproofed, and there were microphones, music stands, etc. inside. He also saw records and posters released by the original owner. That was the most glorious time for the original owner.

    An Yinong was the champion of the professional young singer competition. He started studying at the age of four and entered the entertainment circle at the age of eighteen. After being deaf, he found another way under repeated blows, working behind the scenes, and appearing in variety shows, breaking into the entertainment circle again.

     ‘Ke Yinong’ was discovered in an amateur singing competition, with an outstanding voice and appearance, so he became a high-traffic singer. When he was popular, he was drugged which caused voice problems, and now he was now facing an unemployment crisis.

     There were some overlaps in their experiences. For example, both of them had achieved certain achievements, and then lost important bodily functions in a certain state of complacency, and their careers and lives took a sharp turn. Two sides of a similar coin.

     “I chose it on purpose so that you can feel more involved.” The system took the opportunity to claim credit.

     An Yinong stood up, took out a disc that belonged to the original owner, and put it into the player. If he wanted to sing again, he must first understand his own condition. The first thing to understand was the original owner’s timbre and singing skills. The memory fragments were too subjective. As the disc rotated, the singing voices like mountain springs flowed slowly, and An Yinong listened to several songs in a row.

    The original timbre of ‘Ke Yinong’ was exactly what many singers dreamed of. It could be high and low, with a wide range and many types to choose from. The outstanding tone made up for the original owner’s lack of skills, so he can succeed as a complete amateur. This talent could be said to be given by God.

    “Do you know who the poisoner is? I mean the people behind the scenes, not the tool people who have been sent to prison.”

    The system froze for a moment: “What I know is what you know. It wasn’t mentioned in the plot.”

    “Really? That’s interesting.”

    The original owner was very talented, but definitely not to the point of threatening other colleagues. Who would hate a small artist so much that they would destroy his voice? If he continued to dig into this matter, he didn’t know what ‘surprise’ would appear.

    The system didn’t think too much, it was still working hard to seduce the host: “If you want to become a singer, you need a charming voice, superb skills and a strong team! All these perks can be provided at a low price.”

    An Yinong did not respond . The system didn’t know that since it threatened to ‘take back everything given’, An Yinong had become wary of anything given by the ‘system’.

    “Instead of asking for help from a system that doesn’t know whether it’s an enemy or a friend, it’s better to study hard by yourself.” Of course cheats can be used, but how to use it is up to him.

    “System, you just said that as long as I can sing, you let me chase my dreams, right?” An Yinong turned on the switch, and he lightly tapped the microphone.

    “Yeah.” The system nodded, “But the voice of the original owner is so hoarse, how can you sing?” Hoarse voices were only popular a few decades ago. Rock singers at the time would imitate husky vocals.

    However, in this era of singing and dancing, they appreciated sweet and melodious songs more. This was where the original owner despaired—the world no longer appreciated smokey vocals.

    “If you can sing, you’ll know if you try it.” An Yinong took a deep breath, brewing emotions, and a gentle and sad voice slowly flowed out of his mouth.

    It was still the hoarse voice, there was no accompaniment on the stage, only the singer was whispering to the moonlight. The system was trembling, the timbre was three points, and the technique and emotion were seven points. It was very pleasant to hear.

    “Can I sing?” An Yinong turned off the microphone and winked at the system.

    Author Note: System(meditating): Am I being tricked?


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