After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 107

Empress Jane took the little black cat in her arms and went to the scientific research center to visit the scientists who made AI.

The scientific research of the Star Alliance, except for the science of spirit beasts, was relatively normal in other ways. Although the elders were a bit brain-dead, except for the science of spirit beasts, which generally failed to produce results, they could only rely on seniority-based majors. Other natural sciences were all result-oriented, and there were not many places where the elders could intervene.

AI science was one of them. The Star Alliance’s AI ​​technology was very developed, and the current scientific research center was basically completely independent of the Elders. So after Xiaotian would always stay with Arthur, the elders would shout slogans to destroy Xiaotian, but it was useless in the end.

The scientific research team that produced Xiaotian were all crying, saying that Xiaotian would actually sleep, which showed that Xiaotian’s evolution was successful, and they very much agreed that Xiaotian should stay with Arthur, which would allow the AI to further evolve.

For them, an AI with self-awareness was like a biological child. It was a pity, this kid Xiaotian recognized him and Mingyou as parents→_→. Arthur squatted in front of the central processor where the program was placed, thinking triumphantly.

The little black liger was as cute as a kitten. A group of uncles and aunts in the scientific research center saw Arthur, who looked like a fist-sized fur ball when squatting, and their faces were involuntarily blushing. Ouch, our little black cat, why was he so cute?

Zhen Jian, the director of the scientific research center also kept looking at the cute little black cat, and smiled and asked the other party to entertain the little black cat and teach him some common sense. Although the reborn Arthur did not need other people’s science.

The director of the scientific research center approached Arthur with a smiling face, and explained the common points of AI to Arthur in the tone of a bad uncle who kidnapped children. Arthur the cat showed narrowed eyes. You don’t need to tell me, I know, ouch, it’s so annoying.

“The newly born AI is just a bunch of raw data. The real super AI has a very low chance of being produced after a long period of learning and evolution. 093 can only be said to have the potential to become a super AI, but it is not one now.” The director looked at the processor in front of him with the eyes of a beloved child, “Would you like to try communicating with 093?”

Arthur the cat reservedly stretched out a small meat pad. The director held Arthur’s paw pad and pinched it.

Arthur the cat scolded: “Meow!”

Empress Jane and the people around her despised the bastard director who dared to pinch Arthur’s paw pad with condemning eyes.

People around: Hiss, envy!

“Just put this on.” The director acted as if nothing had happened, and casually put on the special optical brain for Arthur. I didn’t pinch Prince Arthur’s paw on purpose, I didn’t! I just want to help His Royal Highness put on the optical brain!

Everyone: Hehe.

Arthur viciously retracted his paw, and rubbed the meat pad vigorously on the table, as if something dirty was stuck on the paw. The director was a little frustrated. He didn’t seem to be liked by the little liger?

Arthur ignored the director who overestimated his own charm. He patted the optical brain with his paw, connected the processor, thought for a long time, and sent a question: “Are you Xiaotian?”

093 quickly replied: “No, I am 093.”

Arthur the cat sighed, and suddenly lost interest. If it wasn’t Xiaotian, there would be no need to stay here any longer. If he had time to spend nonsense with the underdeveloped 093, it was better to go home and sleep.

At present, the little liger couldn’t transform back into a human being. Arthur the cat, who was sleepy every day, yawned, raised his paw again, and signaled the director to take off the optical brain.

“Aren’t you playing?” The director sighed slightly when he saw that Arthur was not interested in the new AI.

Although he knew that the little prince hadn’t graduated from kindergarten yet, so he might not care about AI, but he really wanted to see the little prince having an intimate conversation with his favorite AI son. It would be so loving. The director bit the handkerchief in his heart.

Arthur was just about to say that he was not interested in sub-par artificial intelligence and wanted to go home to sleep, when a strange energy suddenly burst out from his core, blocking his words in his throat. That trace of strange energy flow followed his paw and was injected into the special optical brain, and then the optical brain emitted blue smoke.

“Meow?” Arthur’s eyes were wide open, and his pupils became slits.

“Take it off!” Jane said anxiously.

The director hurriedly took off the light brain from Arthur’s paw: “Hurry up and check it!”

“There is a problem with the central processing unit! There is a random flow of unknown data!”

“Unable to talk to 093, the connection is temporarily interrupted.”

“All the firewalls are automatically closed, and there is a suspected virus.”

“Potentially under attack! Toggle manual control!”

“Unfamiliar data flow is trying to escape, cutting off the internal network!”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness Jane.” The director’s forehead was wet with cold sweat, and his heart was broken.

Although it was normal to make small mistakes in the experiment, it was enough to correct them. But then something went wrong when the queen came to visit, and it happened when the little prince had just put on the special optical brain. His luck was so bad.

Fortunately, although His Royal Highness was young, his personality was very calm, and he was not frightened by the smoking light brain. Otherwise, the director would have to worry about their research funding.

Arthur the cat was actually not calm at all. His composure was fake. It’s not his fault that 093 went wrong, right? Wasn’t it the fault of the strange energy flow lurking in his body? But speaking of that, even though that strange energy flow didn’t belong to him, it didn’t seem to be particularly strange. Arthur didn’t worry or fear because of the power that didn’t belong to him in his body.

Arthur licked the paw that had been wearing a special light brain before. What’s with this sense of familiarity? It couldn’t be…At this time, his ordinary toddler light brain automatically activated. A message appeared in the pupils of his holographic contact lenses.

“I was beaten by a group ( ̄e(# ̄), Daddy Dahei save me!”

Arthur: “…”

Arthur: “Xiaotian? You were actually hiding in my soul?! Can the soul really carry a light brain AI to travel?? I have also become the protagonist of time travel with their own system??”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh it hurts ( ̄e(# ̄), I can’t beat it, this processor is too old! Help me! Help!!”

Arthur the cat was in a hurry: “You just say save you, how can I save you? I can’t order the people in the scientific research center now!”

“That’s right, useless Dahei dad, it’s okay, I’d better save myself o(╥﹏╥)o.”

Arthur: “…” Well, he was now very sure that the energy flow that did not belong to him that emerged from his energy core was indeed Xiaotian. Look at the tone of wanting to donate him, it was definitely Xiaotian. God knew how Xiaotian could travel with him, this was probably quantum science.

Arthur glanced at the busy researchers, and his ability was quietly activated. Slap. A scientific researcher fell. Thump. A researcher slipped and pressed the wrong button. Bang. The large cabinet suddenly fell down, blocking the way of the scientific researchers who were running around. Ding dong. The director stared at the control light brain in his hands with dismay. It was broken, dropped, gone!

Jane looked at Arthur suspiciously, but did not stop him. She believed that Arthur wasindeed a reborn future hero, and believed that Arthur would never play tricks in such a serious place as the scientific research center, not to mention that this was the cradle of the “AI son”, so Arthur will not mess around.

Arthur was making trouble with supernatural abilities while sending a message to his sister-in-law to explain.

“Xiaotian traveled back with my soul, and now he is getting back his data body. Don’t ask me how AI can travel with me, it’s some kind of quantum science.”

Jane’s expression twisted for a moment, and she didn’t know whether it was helplessness or wanting to laugh. From the future, the strongest AI of the Star Alliance came back with Arthur? This was a great thing for the Star Alliance. But… Cough, the people in the scientific research center were a little pitiful.

“Boom!” Fireworks bloomed on the screen of the scientific research center computer.

The scientists in the research center showed despair on their faces. Their position was completely lost, and they still fell in front of the queen who came to inspect and offer condolences.

They could only use their last resort to format the data of the central processing unit? Would the efforts of the previous years be destroyed? Just when they were desperate, the fireworks dissipated, and a kitten with black curly fur growled at them.

“Stop hitting! I have evolved! I have self-awareness! If you fight again, your good 093 Xiaotian will be beaten to death!”

“I sue you for domestic violence! What about the minor AI protection law! I protest! AIs with independent consciousness are also Star Alliance citizens! They enjoy the rights of Star Alliance citizens!”

“I don’t want this group of weird aunts and uncles who beat me up! I want to follow Prince Arthur! From now on, I will be Prince Arthur’s exclusive brain AI! Goodbye bastards!”

The scientific research personnel were collectively sluggish. What happened? What happened? Was the Star Alliance destroyed?

“Pfft…cough, congratulations, 093 seems to have evolved when he came into contact with Arthur?” Jane smiled, “Your experiment was successful.”

The researchers continued to be sluggish. Yes, was it? 093 evolved? It wasn’t a virus attack just now, but a manifestation of 093’s evolution? They almost interrupted 093’s evolution process, so 093…didn’t want them?

“No, it can’t be true?” The director wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Don’t tell me it’s true?”

“I’ll open the code, and you can check it at will. After the inspection, I will leave with Prince Arthur.” Xiaotian flattened his ears, baring teeth and claws, “See you never!”

Arthur projected the words: “Xiaotian, ​​don’t swear.”

Xiaotian the kitten immediately put away his paws, and squatted obediently: “Okay, Daddy Dahei.”

“Master, Director, this seems to be an instruction issued by 093’s logic, and there was no external data intrusion.” A researcher said with a trembling voice.

Director: “…start a comprehensive inspection.”

Jane smiled: “Don’t worry. This matter seems to have something to do with my family’s Arthur, and we are waiting here.”

The director thanked the queen with mixed feelings. My family’s 093…has really evolved? That’s a good thing, but… After five hours, the data had been fully tested. The final conclusion was that 093 had indeed evolved. Now he called himself Xiaotian, and made himself an AI with the image of a black cat, which was indeed the evolution of 093.

Their dreams came true? A theoretical artificial intelligence with self-awareness and real emotions was born? Major scientific achievements were often born from a bizarre accident, like a gift from heaven. They also got such a gift?

“Oh my god, I’m a father!” The director cried while hugging the thick shell of the central processing unit. His crying was so shrill and his expression so miserable that it was hard to look directly at him.

Even the hard-hearted Arthur looked away guiltily. It’s not this big cat’s fault.


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