After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 102

    Although Mingyou was only a high school student in his previous life, his two guardian uncles’ companies cooperated closely with universities, so he knew a thing or two about the academic circle.

    Both domestic and foreign academic circles were famous for their introversion, and there were many scholars. It was an “independent small kingdom” that was difficult for the government to intervene. Whether it was the application for funding or the evaluation of award eligibility, the opinion of the school leaders was important.

    This was the so-called “authoritative opinion”. He didn’t expect it to be the same in the Star Alliance. In peacetime, an “authority” who only focused on power and status and ignored academics would only slow down academic development of related majors. In times of war, scientific research positions were an important part of the battlefield. The long-term weak academia had caused great losses to the Star Alliance.

    “There is nothing wrong with him legally, it’s just because his scientific research was not good, and it is impossible to punish him for the crime of delaying military progress.” 

    Mingyou asked curiously, “But why does he have the face to apply for a state funeral?” 

    The red panda rolled his eyes: “Because he is an authority, he is the leader of the school, and our group of scientific researchers who have made great contributions on the battlefield are all his disciples.”

    Mingyou was speechless. How does one say this? That person was like the chief examiner from the feudal period?

    “As long as there are places where people gather, there will inevitably be groups. It is even more impossible for the academic world to lack authoritative positions. After the promotion of the new spirit beast science, you will be a new scholarly authority.” Dazi also explained, “The old faction of the academics is beginning to disintegrate, and their true disciples will naturally find ways to improve their status.”

    For example, they will label all the scientific researchers who have done meritorious service as their disciples, such as using the dead old school leader to give their own faction face.That is one of their methods. Those who did not engage while in scientific research in academic circles were no different from politicians in essence.

    What was even more irritating to them was that when Arthur confronted the Academy of Sciences, hoping to gain his support, this person stood on the sidelines and did not help each other. He called it being neutral.

    But because he did not violate the law, and there were indeed many “disciples and grandchildren”, plus the fact that death was a big deal, even if Arthur and His Majesty the Lion were full of resentment, they could not directly tear their faces apart.

    Mingyou understood Arthur’s aggrieved heart. This person only exacerbated the regression of the spirit beast academic circle. During the war, his so-called “neutrality”, in Mingyou’s view, was actually treason.

    It was like when a person sees a policeman fighting a criminal, and the policeman said to help with a stick, the person folded their arms and looked on with cold eyes, saying that they are neutral, and continued. Although there was nothing wrong via law, it was enough to show that this person had no morals.

    What’s more, this was a major event related to the Star Alliance’s survival. He acted as if he was not a citizen and didn’t care about the outcome of the war against the Zerg. State funeral? With his degenerate character, it would be considered good if his ashes were desecrated.

    “National burial is impossible, he has no credit.” His Majesty the Lion flicked his tail, “But when those people proposed a state funeral, they knew that I would not agree. They were asking for a lot of money, waiting for us to pay back the money on the spot .”

    Mingyou nodded half-understanding. What the Emperor meant was that they made a request that he could not agree to, and after the Golden Lion refused once, he would be embarrassed to refuse the second-class request?

    “Their real purpose is to let me and my subordinates go to his funeral.” Arthur folded his arms and said in a bad mood, “It’s even better to bring you. In this way, they can brag to the public, His Royal Highness and the ten heroes came to the old man’s funeral to respect him. The old man has no scientific research results because he has devoted all his energy to teaching and educating people. Now there are scientific researchers with names and surnames who have achieved results. He has taken care of them.”

    Mingyou felt that these words were too familiar, he had seen them countless times in the news in his previous life. Mingyou pointed to his nose and said, “If I go too, it will add another one. Mingyou, the founder of the new spirit animal science, also respects him?”

    Arthur sneered: “Even your brain can see the twists and turns. They really don’t hide it at all.”

    Mingyou was speechless. Wasn’t this similar to those idols in the entertainment industry in his previous life who used their popularity to improve their status? It turned out that no matter what circle, the word “hype” was very powerful.

    “Then… are you pretending to be sick?” Mingyou suggested, “Although you can’t refuse in the face, if there is an excuse, they can’t help it, right?”

    Arthur didn’t speak, his brows were furrowed in thought.

    “His Highness can pretend to be sick, but he has to publish the mourning article, otherwise he will be criticized for disrespecting seniors in the academic world.” The red panda said eccentrically, “But His Highness doesn’t necessarily care about this. I don’t care, I won’t go , I don’t need any excuses to make excuses.”

    The purple horse said calmly, “I’m not going either.”

    Arthur continued to frown, as if he was thinking about his interests. Mingyou asked Xiaotian to look up that person’s biography, and take a look at his family’s requirements for the funeral. The custom of that person’s planet was “happy burial”. That was to say, at the funeral, everyone should not cry, but should be lively and laughing, and extremely luxurious scenes should be arranged. If they can’t have a grand burial, their soul won’t be able to ascend to heaven. It seemed such a bad habit to have an overly luxurious funeral.

    Mingyou had already thought about it, he had already registered for body donation, and after his death, he would continue to shine for the scientific community of the Star Alliance. After a person died, there was only a pile of bones and rotten flesh left, and when burned it became a handful of ashes. What kind of luxurious funeral was given to a handful of ashes? Was there nowhere else to burn money?

    However, happiness and mourning, luxury, laughter… Mingyou seemed to think of something in his mind, but he couldn’t articulate it for a while.

    “I’m going, I’m going to put on a mocking smile at his funeral.” Arthur finally decided, “Don’t you want me to laugh? I’ll show him a smile. You all go, give me a smile at his grave. Laughing before him.”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion squatted down: “It makes sense. For a joyful funeral, then go and laugh together. If you don’t smile well, just say that I was born with this smiling face. What can you do to me?” 

    The little panda covered his mouth with his paws: “Yes, I have a toothache, I can only smile with a crooked mouth.”

    Dazi said thoughtfully: “I am a cold and handsome guy, I can only smile but not smile.”

    Mingyou: “…I thought of something.”

    Several people looked at him in unison: “What do you remember?”

     Mingyou clapped his hands together and said, “Happy yet mourning! There was a custom of celebrating and mourning on the planet in my previous life, which was very fun!”

A series of question marks popped up, forming a string of ellipsis. Mingyou, what are you talking about without thinking?

    “Hey, I can’t explain clearly. Let me demonstrate it to you.” Mingyou found Xiaotian and whispered to him for a long time. The described situation was modeled holographically. During the modeling process, Arthur crossed his arms and nodded his head, as if he understood something.

    “Come on, play music!” Xiaotian built the holographic model, and Mingyou took out his precious suona from his backpack.

    Xiaotian put on earphones, and a row of electronic musical instruments was projected in front of him: “Yoyoyo! Come on! The funeral music begins!”

    Mingyou puffed up his cheeks: “Doo! Doodle, Doodle! Doodle! Doodle, Doodle, Doodle Beep! Beep beep beep beep…”

    The golden lion and the snow leopard fluffed their fur at the same moment when the suona sounded. His Majesty the golden lion’s long fur was lifted into a big golden ball of fur. Because the snow leopard was a short-haired cat, only his tail was blown up into a fairy stick. The purple horse’s chin almost fell to the ground, and the little red panda hugged his big tail and began to twist.

    Arthur stroked his chin with his index finger, showing a thoughtful smirk. Seeing that Arthur understood what he meant, Mingyou narrowed his eyes in joy, twisted while playing, and looked more vigorously at his companions. Xiaotian’s eyes also narrowed with laughter, the cat twisted and turned, and the tail flicked, as if it was going to fly with the rhythm.

    In front of him, the holographic projections of four people in black funeral dresses were carrying a coffin, walking and moving to the rhythm, the coffin was bouncing up and down, and the boards seemed to be about to be turned upside down.

    Xiaotian’s electronic accompaniment became more and more frantic, and Mingyou’s cheeks looked like a frog in a summer pond. The man in black who was carrying the coffin sat on the ground spinning in circles, The coffin shook more violently.

     Mingyou finished playing a coffin-carrying song in one breath, his eyes were piercing, and he looked expectantly at everyone who was stunned except Arthur: “How?” They didn’t know what to say. The snow leopard hugged his tail in a daze, his eyes were blank and he was dumbfounded.

    The red panda also hugged his own tail, and said: “Mingyou, where is the custom of happy burials, are you out of your mind?”

    The purple horse was about to get off work, and nodded: “Dancing on the grave. “

    Mingyou gave a thumbs up: “Yes, the graveyard dance! This is the effect you want!”

    Arthur put down his finger on his chin, and said: “Tell me about this custom to carry the coffin in detail. Brother, let them entrust me with this funeral, and in exchange, I will let my personal guards and scientists who have done meritorious service come to this funeral.” His Majesty the Golden Lion hesitated a little: “Is that okay?”

    “The custom there is joyful mourning. Wouldn’t it be good for me to give him the most luxurious mourning ceremony?” Arthur smiled, “They will agree, because they know that for the face of the Star Alliance, for those young people who have made meritorious service, scientists will not be judged by others, I will strictly follow their customs, and I will not lower the standard.”

    Mingyou’s eyes sparkled and said: “Can I participate too?”

    Arthur stretched out his hand and pressed Mingyou’s head: “As soon as the funeral begins, they will know that they have been deceived. There will definitely be many Holy Mothers and Fathers who say that death is the greatest equalizer, and it is wrong for me to humiliate them like this. You are young and have a shallow foundation in the Star Alliance, so you cannot come out.” 

    Arthur finished pressing Mingyou, straightened his head and collar, and said with a sneer, “I’m not afraid of these gossipers. What I want is to let those people propagate that I’m humiliating him.” Comparing prestige, popularity, status, and glory, who was Arthur afraid of?!

    “Okay.” Mingyou didn’t insist. He knew that Arthur’s decision was absolutely correct, “Is there anything I can do for my help? I want to help.”

    “Help me train a team of suona musicians.” Arthur said, “You, together with Herman and Yan Yi , adapt a few more festive funeral songs, and use the music from your previous life, so that others will say that the funeral music is wrong, but there is no evidence. I will ask Xianluo and Xianwei to help you adapt the coffin-carrying dance. You can also help with costume design.”

    Mingyou clenched his fists: “No problem! I will definitely give them the most memorable funeral!”

    The red panda thought for a while and raised his paw: “Everyone, I have an idea.”

    They said: “Speak.”

    The red panda’s round cute face showed a very evil smile: “How about changing all the coffin-carriers, music players, and all the guests who appear on the scene into spirit beasts? The uniform must be interesting when twisted. Let’s hold another Star Alliance live broadcast to make everyone happy.”

    “In order not to let them say that I have a dark history of collecting spirit beasts, I am the first to sign up, and I can carry the coffin.” The little panda waved his paw excitedly, “See if I don’t knock his coffin board!”

    Arthur pondered for a while, and said: “Yes. Spiritual beasts carrying the coffin are indeed more comical. And… didn’t he claim to be the authority of spiritual beastology? When he died, a group of spiritual beasts mourned him. Give him face.”

    If you just die quietly like this, I will take the blame for this dumb person, and death is the most important thing, so don’t care about the dead. You’re shameless now, so I’ll put on a few more layers of shame for you. Arthur thought viciously.

    “If the spirit beast carries the coffin, I suggest that Dabai’s family send out…a bear.” Mingyou also raised his hand to suggest, “A bear wearing a black vest is definitely more suitable to carry the coffin. And the bear’s bewildered face is a paralyzed…serious face, it is very suitable for the solemn atmosphere of the funeral.”

    Arthur thought carefully about his adjutant’s face that was always in a state of confusion, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly: “It is indeed very suitable.”

    The purple horse also made a suggestion: “We should let everyone who attended the funeral  do expression management, if they can’t do it, they can be controlled with supernatural powers, and they must not laugh the whole time, and they all must keep a serious face.” With a serious face, are they attending the funeral?

    Arthur, Mingyou, the little panda and the purple horse spoke to preliminarily set the content of the funeral. The lion father and leopard son looked at each other in blank dismay. It’s not that the whole family was not smart, but the fighting power of the uncle/brother and his family members was too strong. Why can’t they think of this idea?

    “I want to participate too!” The snow leopard hurriedly jumped up and down and raised his front paws, “I’m good at disco!”

    The golden lion sighed: “I’ll just squat there and watch you dance in peace. I’m old and I can’t jump anymore.”

    Arthur sneered, “Okay, it’s settled.”

    The golden lion and the snow leopard left the No. 1 recuperation star and started to deal with funeral preparations. Arthur held a holographic combat meeting for all the subordinates who were on business trips and who didn’t know where to be lazy.

    The subordinates of the spirit beasts patted their fluffy chests with their paws after going through the psychological journey of →-_-→Σ(°△°|||)→o(*≧▽≦)ツ~┴┴, indicating that they will definitely complete the task.

    “I’ll go to the chaotic star area to find my brother right away. He has been a combat madman for so long, and he should return to his job as a dancer.” Xianluo smiled and said, “My brother and I will dance in front to open the way for the coffin.”

    Louis, with a cold expression, said, “Didn’t the family want to curry favor with me? Get a seal to dance behind the coffin with me.” The dance of a seal slapping the ground would be very interesting.

    Heman said: “I will find another white bear and two black bears to carry the coffin together.”

    Yan Yi sighed: “I am in charge of the military band.” He actually didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of the entire Star Alliance, but… Forget it, that person deserved to be ashamed, he had already lost all face in the ghost animal video column edited by His Royal Highness.

    “Where is it enough for just four people to dance? Since it’s a funeral, of course we all have to sing and dance.” Ellie snorted coldly, “Brother, doesn’t our family also want to restore relations with us? Let them create a group of deer, doing a bodybuilding dance behind the seals.”

    Kerry nodded: “Okay.” In terms of muscle, he would not be sloppy.

    The red panda and the purple horse were in charge of funeral preparations for the meritorious young scientist team, while Adeline and Leo stayed by Mingyou’s side to protect him. Although Mingyou wouldn’t be on camera, he would attend the funeral with his co-stars. He would pretend to be someone else and watch secretly.

    Leo and Adeline had no family influence in the Star Alliance, so this time they would be with Mingyou, and they will not appear on camera.

    “It’s a pity that I don’t have a good relationship with the Tan family, otherwise it would be fun to let a group of alpacas show up.” Mingyou said regretfully.

    Arthur fulfilled Mingyou’s wish: “The Star Alliance has alpacas not from the Tan family. I will gather a group of alpacas and give them to Tan Chenxi for training. They will also attend the funeral. Cui Li’s Tibetan fox is also good, let him arrange to be the Master of Ceremonies.”

    “The alpacas don’t need to dance, just stand in front of the grave to greet the guests.” Mingyou suggested, “In this way, anyone who sees the alpaca in front of the grave will know what we want to say.”

    Adeline really wanted Mingyou to stop being full of swear words, but now her heart was full of swear words, so she could only sigh and let the matter go. Just when Arthur and others were preparing for the funeral in full swing, the public opinion propaganda of the old school boss really came, and what Mingyou said was exactly what he had expected. Mingyou was extremely proud. Now Dahei will never say that his head was made of frozen tofu.

     Arthur complained privately: “Even Mingyou has seen through the plan of this group of people. Their brains are not as good as that of Mingyou’s frozen tofu.”

    Mingyou made a fist. Arthur turned into a black cat and ran away. Mingyou’s strength was getting higher and higher, and he will probably become a star in the sky after being hit by this punch.

    Although the ordinary people on the Internet were brought into a furor at the beginning, when it came to playing with public opinion, Arthur and His Majesty were not afraid of anyone, and soon someone pretended to reveal the secret. The common people suddenly realized and began to discuss how much His Royal Highness Prince Arthur endured the funeral.

    “I just said, the old school of spirit beasts science was overthrown by Mr. Mingyou, how could His Highness give the old school any face?

    “Many academics have made complaints about this person anonymously. Why don’t you do it, fight for power and gain in the first place.”

   “When the military industry leader I followed made meritorious service on the battlefield forwarded the news of XX’s death, he posted ‘Death is the greatest’. I didn’t understand it after reading it for a long time, but now I finally understand it.”

    “I’m aggrieved, if he doesn’t die, I can still settle it. Now that the old liar is dead before the liquidation, do we still need to use a ceremony to mourn him? No way?”

    “Gossip, the disciples and grandchildren originally wanted a state funeral, but His Majesty rejected it. Later, in order to prevent them from continuing to quarrel, His Highness said that he and the ten heroes would attend, and that His Highness had full authority to arrange the funeral. That guy’s customs, happy funeral, lavish burial, huh, luxury.”

    “His Highness is retired, and it’s too difficult to worry about these things.”

    “Could they still want to call Mr. Mingyou?”

    “They did ‘invite’ Mr. Mingyou to go, but he doesn’t know them, so why should he go? Well, I don’t know if Mr. Mingyou will go, but I hope Mr. Mingyou will not suffer.”

    “Have you forgotten Mingyou’s social fear? If Mr. Mingyou can cure the disease of social fear, why not give us a class tour first? Go to the funeral of someone we don’t know?”

  “They should have no reason to invite Mr. Mingyou? You can’t beat it, and Mr. Mingyou doesn’t need to ‘visit’ the old ‘authority’.”

    “It does matter, why not? They said that the leader of the meritorious scientists this time is the red panda, the purple horse, and Mr. Gu Hai who passed away were all his students.”

    “They were his students? Did he really say that? What about his face?”

    “He said it when he was alive, and shed two tears for Mr. Gu Hai. Now his disciples and grandchildren are also saying the same thing, desperately seeking relationships.”

    “If I were Major General Louis, I would be so angry that I would manipulate a supernatural light cannon to blow up his family. Who doesn’t know what happened to Mr. Gu Hai in the academic world? Who doesn’t know that Mr. Gu Hai was taken in by His Highness?”

    “To be honest, not only Gu Hai, but our temporary team of front-line scientists were all taken in by His Highness. His Highness prepared a scientific research base for us and allocated research funds for us. He had the soldiers grab experimental materials for us from the Zerg army. Death is the most important thing, I can’t say anything, but I have to say what kind of teachers and students will be installed for me. You are a teacher, I am a student, those who have taken your class are all students. But does that matter? I have had many teachers since I was a child.”

    “Take a photo with the poster upstairs. When you said that, I recalled what was wrong. Why can the teacher just come out to share the credit when the students are promising? When I was in elementary school, I was discriminated against by the head teacher, leading the whole class to cold violence. Because of this, I took a break from school for a year, and gradually recovered. After I transferred to another school. If one day I developed well, my head teacher came out and said that he was my teacher, so I was trained by him, I will definitely want to stab him to death.”

    “Add one. It’s not popular to say that a teacher is like a father now, even if he is a real father, shouldn’t he be scolded by a scumbag?”

    “This credit is too easy to grab, can the principal of a famous school say, all the students in this school will make contributions in the future, and he will share more than half of the credit?”

    “Don’t dare, the students work hard on their own, what does it have to do with me? I’m only in administration and don’t know anything about academics.”

    “Haha, took a photo with the principal of the First Star Alliance Military Academy upstairs.”

    “Damn! You are not less proud of Mr. Mingyou!” “

    “Pfft, took a photo with the principal of the Star Alliance Agricultural School. Principal, don’t swear.”

    “Let him talk about it, Mr. Mingyou should have been a student of the Star Alliance Agricultural University. I also want to say that Mr. Mingyou should have been my alumnus, and the first public class should have been at our school.”

   “Stop talking, less talk. I just cried. Our Star Alliance Agricultural University has lost its status as the number one spirit beast school of the Star Alliance in such a muddle-headed way, blah blah.”

    “Agricultural University and spirit beasts don’t match! They don’t match at all! So how does your school specialize in the cultivation of spirit beasts?”

    “After watching Mr. Mingyou’s live broadcast, are you group of spirit beasts not guilty of saying this? Is there any difference between raising you and raising pigs? Isn’t it all about eating and sleeping?”

    “Report your name, real people PK. Common people’s comments on the Internet are about to go crooked.”

    No one cared about that old scientist, at most they felt sorry for His Highness Arthur. The current hot search on the Star Alliance network was whether raising spirit beasts should be included in the agricultural wealth channel.

    The strongest supernatural beings were full of question marks. They said that they were very arrogant. They used to say that they were weapons of war, that they will lose control, and they were afraid that they would die. Now they were going to raise them to get rich? Returning to the Agricultural Channel, believe it or not, they will bombard you with supernatural powers?

    While roaring, they joined the topic with great interest, and applied for hosts on related topics, and they flew with rhythm. Originally, there were ordinary people speaking for them, but seeing that this group of spirit beasts participated in the topic more actively than anyone else, and even started to record videos in the style of getting rich, they could only support their foreheads one by one, and vowed that they would never feel sorry for them again.

    Apart from His Highness and the Ten Heroes, none of these spirit beasts were serious! Even His Majesty the Lion was known as the Orange Cat! What? There were many funny videos of His Highness and the Ten Heroes? Were these kinds of videos unorthodox? Why was this so unreasonable? You apologize! Compared with the random discussions on the Internet, this matter was still being discussed on the forums.

    “Do you believe that His Highness will endure?”

    “Hahaha, His Highness who endures, I am laughing to death. Is he worthy of His Highness’s forbearance?” “

    “His Highness can lead us to destroy the Senate during the war. Now a group of students who have lost their power, do you want His Highness to compromise? They think too much.”

    “That’s right. For other people, they may be worried about gossip. His Highness has never cared about these things since he was a child.”

    “Didn’t His Highness endure it for those young scientists?”

    “As a member of the young scientists, I dare say that this is absolutely impossible. Forbearance must have a purpose, right? You can’t endure for the sake of forbearance, right? Is there any benefit for us? They have a bad reputation among them. Does it matter? Now the head of the Spirit Beast School is the princess.”

    “What are you talking about, princess, please call him Mr. Mingyou, and then address your highness as Mr. Mingyou’s lover.”

    “Although Mingyou would be happy to be called princess, but… I just don’t call him, just slightly.”

    “Don’t be crooked, turn the conversation back. Let’s not talk about the world of spirit beasts, the new achievements of other academic circles are basically related to spirit beasts. Now the intersection of spirit beasts and other sciences is particularly popular, and all walks of life are staring at it. Mr. Mingyou’s scientific research results. If we follow Mr. Mingyou, we will have endless research projects, and the old school’s reputation really doesn’t matter. It’s unreasonable for His Highness to do this.”

    “If it was someone else, I think he just wants to unite everyone. But the power of unity, give the veterans a face, let them put down their face and join us to build the Star Alliance together. But His Highness… shook his head frantically, the kind of shaking that almost takes his ears off.”

 “His highness used to. I don’t believe His Highness will bow his head now.”

    “Am I the only one who doesn’t worry at all? Since His Highness has never suffered from ghosts, why do you think His Highness is at a disadvantage by presiding over this funeral? You guys? Can’t you trust His Highness a little more?”

    “It makes sense, since they have no ability to force His Highness to bow his head, it means that His Highness didn’t bow his head at all. This funeral will be a good show.”

     “Inside information, forget it, I don’t have any inside information. Anyway, His Highness can’t be at a disadvantage.”

    There were also veteran family members who could go to the internal forum. Looking at the analysis in the forum, they were also very disturbed. Although they thought that death is the most important thing, His Highness should not do anything too outrageous. But in everyone’s mind, Prince Arthur was someone who could do things that others can’t. No one could speculate on Prince Arthur with common sense.

    Did they… do something wrong? They began to reflect, but it was too late.

    Arthur quickly arranged the funeral, and the selection of the spirit beast dancers and the spirit beast music members had also been completed. Herman led brothers in the clan to practice the coffin-carrying dance, and his elder brother who had been promoted to admiral unexpectedly joined the coffin-carrying dance with his paws raised.

    “That person is also my teacher, I have taken his class.” Monty the black bear rubbed the white crescent moon on his chest, and said in a sad tone.

    Herman: “…” I believe you his left paw!

    The brown bear would also like to join, but this time only black and white bears were required to carry the coffin, not brown bears. He was sad. He felt excluded. Two of the three brothers participated in the coffin-carrying dance, but he couldn’t participate. It was too miserable.

    In the end, under Migyou’s comfort, the brown bear was “admitted” to the Spirit Beast Funeral Orchestra, and played the suona with Yan Yi, and his mood finally improved a little. At least, he also participated in the funeral, so he wasn’t too excluded.

    The heads of the Ruth family were actually very hesitant when they heard that they might offend the old school boss. As a veteran wealthy family, they were inextricably linked with the old school. But it was useless for them to hesitate. The young seals of the family almost overwhelmed the registration office. In order to fight for a place to dance at the funeral, they also gathered a crowd to decide the strongest.

    The heads of the Ruth family: “…” Forget it, they can’t control the young people in the family anymore, let them go.

    As for the muscular deer family… “What? You want us to do the muscle dance at the funeral? There is such a good thing?!” The elders of the family signed up one after another regardless of their grievances, “We want to promote the muscle dance of the Lu family to the whole Star Alliance! We are the real dancers!”

    Ellie and Kerry were speechless for a while. Can they stop being so full of muscles and think about other things, okay?

    The meritorious scientists convened by the panda Huo Ritian and the purple horse Leon were a little more radical. Not to mention spirit beasts, even non-spirit beasts said they wanted to dance, and send the old man to heaven as soon as possible amid laughter and laughter. It was best to spit while dancing.

    Mingyou was silent for a long time after listening to his partners’ complaints, and said with a dry smile: “Things are going well, which is a good thing.”

    His spirit beast partners lay on the ground and couldn’t get up. Tired, so tired. Can they stop being so unreliable? Are they the only reliable spirit beasts in the Star Alliance? Mingyou squatted down and rubbed each belly. Ah, the fluffy belly was so comfortable to touch.

    “Arthur, turn into Dahei, I want to rub your belly.” Mingyou said confidently.

    Arthur sighed, turned into a black cat, knocked Mingyou to the ground with one paw, and rolled several times. Knead you big headed ghost! Still confident? Get out!

    The funeral began with laughter. The Star Alliance audience waited in the live broadcast room early, watching His Highness Prince Arthur and the ten heroes endure the humiliation with a heavy heart.

    Then, the suona sounded, and a black bear wearing a white vest and a white hat, and a white bear wearing a black vest and a black hat appeared on screen. They carried the coffin and walked off the aircraft.

    The audience put question marks on the screen one after another. What was going on?

    The funeral band came on stage, and the spirit beasts stood up, their heads and bodies were moving and twisting in circles, and the high-pitched suona created a rhythmic electronic drumbeat, kicking off the prelude to the funeral.

    The twin foxes Xianluo and Xianwei jumped in front of the coffin and stood up straight, waving their paws to the left and right.

    The seals behind the coffin patted the ground with their front flippers, rolled around on the ground, patted the ground again, and rolled around. They also spit out water bubbles with their abilities.

    Behind them, a group of muscular deer kept doing various bodybuilding poses. Their muscles were all oiled, reflecting the dazzling sunlight, which almost blinded the audience’s poor ​​eyes.

    And the protagonists of this funeral, the coffin bearers, were jumping happily. Standing up and jumping, sitting on the ground and jumping, even “carrying” the coffin with the stomach, jumping like a live fish thrown on the shore. The coffin they were carrying bounced and bounced, and it seemed that the lid of the coffin was about to pop open.

    The audience’s question marks on the screen never stopped. What was going on? How was this happening? Why so cheerful?

    “According to Mr. Kepu, the funeral custom in this hometown is a grand funeral, there is no problem at all. (Is it really no problem!!!)”

     “This instrument is one Mr. Mingyou has played, right? When the suona sounds, it’s either a wedding or a funeral. It’s okay to use the suona at a funeral, no problem at all. (But I think it’s really a problem!!!)” 

    “It’s okay for funerals, suona is no problem, the funeral procession singing and dancing seems…not a big problem? This is very festive, no problem, no problem at all. (I thought His Highness was bullied, I was wrong, how could His Highness be bullied!!!)”

    “Damn, the guests were greeted by a group of alpacas, His Highness actually mobilized so many from the Star Alliance army, this emoji group is really shocking.”

   “What about alpacas, our European Emperor Tibetan Fox is there as the master of ceremonies, he said the eulogy feebly with his wide-slit dead fish eyes.”

    “The meritorious scientists also presented a well-choreographed dance. What is this? Grave Dance?”

    “Yes, Grave Dance, Singing and dancing to send you to heaven. Congratulations, I am so delighted (waving hands).”

    Arthur glanced at the relatives, friends, disciples and grandchildren of the deceased who were pale or livid, and let out a disdainful laugh.


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  1. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
    a new trend is coming for interstellar era, coffin dance!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


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