After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 101

    Arthur and Mingyou’s wedding went completely crazy in the end. They don’t know who started it (actually, it started with His Majesty the Golden Lion), the guests threw their wine glasses and turned into spirit beasts with a “boom” and followed the black cat and Mingyou all over the place.

    It was only then that the audience discovered that after all the decorations were removed, the wedding was held at a super-large spirit beast amusement park, in which there were various “training” facilities that spirit beasts could use.

    All kinds of drinks and snacks that spirit beasts liked are brought up pot by pot, bucket by bucket. While moving to the beat, all kinds of fluffies stuck their heads into the buckets to eat and drink, and continued when they were full. Bumping around, baring teeth and claws, dancing indiscriminately.

    The band in charge of playing the music changed its tune at some point, playing a variety of cheerful dance music numbers with a strong sense of rhythm. Some band members even turned into spirit beasts, playing with their paws and tails while controlling the musical instruments with supernatural powers, as if they were dancing while playing.

    The guests who couldn’t turn into spirit beasts were also very happy. They shuttled among the flurry of spirit beasts, touching the ear of this friend for a while, and the tail of the elder for a while, and they didn’t even care about eating.

    The audience bit their handkerchiefs sourly. “It’s so fun, I want to go to the wedding venue too QAQ.”

    “As a spirit beast, I watched them eat and drink, and shed bitter tears. I want to participate!”

 “I will never complain that the wedding is down-to-earth, there is no more luxurious wedding than this one. The food they ate was so good that it brought tears to their eyes.”

    “Of course, the wine I’m drinking now is brewed by Mr. Mingyou himself, hehehe.”

    “What! Catch the spirit beast that participated in the live wedding! Don’t run away!”

    The audience was sour, but they also showed cheerful smiles on their faces along with the spirit beasts present. Compared to a solemn and sacred wedding, it was indeed more fun for everyone to celebrate together. All the red tape was left aside, the wedding was a day for everyone to laugh together, not a ceremony for the newlyweds to suffer.

    “I wish His Highness Arthur and Mr. Mingyou will be united forever!”

    “I wish His Highness the cutest big black cat in the entire Star Alliance, and Mr. Mingyou, the cutest in the entire Star Alliance, have a happy union for hundreds of thousands of years.”

    “His Royal Highness and Mr. Mingyou will be happy forever, I would like to exchange a lifetime of meat and vegetables for your happiness!” 

    “His Royal Highness and Ten Heroes must be with Mingyou forever, be happy forever and ever, bless you!”

    “I will light a handmade love lamp for you, and I hope you will never encounter any troubles.”

    The audience frantically forwarded the words of blessing on the Internet and in the live broadcast room, and they were happier than if they were married. Some sane people couldn’t help but be speechless. His Royal Highness Arthur and Mingyou are really idols of the whole people, and their popularity was outrageous. If the two of them did not go wrong in the future, they would probably stand at the top in this life, and no one can pull them down.

    So, how to get along with these two people in exchange for benefits? Arthur and Mingyou finally announced the “strong alliance”, the royal family “included” the only spirit beast master, which is equivalent to integrating the spirit beasts of the entire Star Alliance. The strength of the Star Alliance is unprecedentedly strong, and this will cause many waves . But what does this have to do with Ming Xiaoyou, who we are already having fun with?

    “Dahei, Dahei, we will be together forever.” Mingyou hugged the head of his own Dahei and kissed his fur.

    The big black cat touched the drool on his face in disgust, and let out an awkward “hmm”.

    “Ah, His Highness is shy.”

    “His Highness is really arrogant.”

    “His Highness, don’t be like this, it’s disgusting.”

    “His Highness, can you be more frank?”

    “His Highness looks like Mingyou’s shy little daughter-in-law.”

    “Your Highness, tsk tsk tsk, if you twist your waist again, you will look even more like a shy little daughter-in-law.”

    “Your Highness… I won’t say anything.”

    “Your Highness… Ahhh! I haven’t said anything yet!”

    His Royal Highness the black cat left his newlywed lover Mingyou, waved his paws and chased after his subordinates, intending to smack these criminals and bury them alive in the ground.

    Mingyou picked up the child that hung on his lap, rubbed his little fluffy head, pinched the little round ears: “What’s the matter? Sleepy?” 

   Gungun hugged Mingyou. Resting his head on Mingyou’s shoulder, he shook his head: “Yeah!” I’m not sleepy, I just want to be with you.”

    Mingyou smiled: “Okay, Gungun and we will always be together, we are a family.”

    Gungun narrowed his eyes with a smile.

    Mingyou raised his head and glanced at his partners flying around in the sky, and he narrowed his eyes with a smile. After the wedding was over, after Mingyou handed over the brown bear’s special training plan to Herman, he was not in the mood to take care of the brown bear’s affairs for the time being.

    Because Arthur’s relatives kept inviting Mingyou to visit him one after another. Arthur’s relatives, of course, were all big cats. Big cats didn’t have a strong concept of family, only small family units. Although they helped each other at critical moments, they don’t visit each other often.

    Even after Mingyou appeared, they wanted to make friends with him. But between going out to find Mingyou, and going home to bask in the sun and sleep, they resolutely chose the latter. Big cats were mostly lazy.

    This time, when Arthur and Mingyou got married, they had to leave their “nest” and come to Capital Star temporarily, so they exchanged feelings with Mingyou at the same time. So Mingyou got to meet all kinds of big cats, from the tiger family, to the leopard family, and even the house cat family.

    Mingyou hugged a two-meter-long maine coon and didn’t let go: “Oh my god, I actually saw such a big house cat!”

    The elder raccoon cat tilted his head and flapped his ears in confusion. “What is a maine coon? “

    “So cute, so cute.” Mingyou couldn’t walk every time he visited the house. When he saw the familiar cat, he couldn’t even walk. A real two-meter-long cat! A house cat! Meow!

    “You don’t care about your wife?” Another elder asked jokingly, “Is this cheating?”

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou and said, “Don’t worry about it. As long as he turns back into a human, he won’t like it anymore.” Mingyou’s fascination was limited to spirit beasts.

    The elder smiled and shook his head, and no longer commented on the younger generation’s feelings. It’s good for them to know. But when Mingyou returned home at night, he obediently wrote a review. Although the wild cat was good, his Dahei at home was the most important.

    It was a big deal. After writing a self-criticism and facing the wall to think about it, he will continue to make the same mistake next time. The black cat rested on his side of the bed with one paw propped on his chin, looking at Mingyou. While reviewing, his eyeballs were rolling. He knew that Mingyou couldn’t reflect. But he didn’t need him to reflect. He wasn’t angry, he just wanted to see how Mingyou wrote the review. This was fun, did they understand?

    His subordinates talked a lot.

    “Do you believe His Highness is not jealous?”

    “I’m sure he’s jealous, but I’ll be coaxed back as soon as I get home.”

    “Mingyou is really strong.”

    “Why didn’t I know Mingyou had the potential to be a scumbag before?”

    “He is not scum, right? What kind of scum likes spirit beasts?”

    The mental power of the black cat floated over, and the subordinates scattered. Slip away, although His Highness won’t do anything to Mingyou, His Highness will really beat them up.

    After taking a look at the young couple, they rolled back to their old nest. Even big cats who were also in Capital Star, have no intention of continuing to visit. The younger big cats were drifting around in the universe again, realizing their dream of conquering and adventure.

    But they all exchanged contact information with Mingyou. Although they were too lazy to visit, if Mingyou was willing to go to their house to play, they would welcome him with their paws raised. But obviously, Mingyou’s character has been raised like a cat by his Dahei, and he didn’t bother to move his nest.

    Arthur originally planned to take Mingyou on a honeymoon trip, but his appearance of being stuck on the carpet at home and refusing to move made him give up this plan.

    “Honeymoon should be spent at home.” Mingyou rolled around on the ground with a warm cat in his arms.

    Arthur wanted to deny it, but the laziness in his bones also told him that he was too tired recently, didn’t want to move, and wanted to stay at home until he died. So he silently turned into a big cat, climbed onto his big gemstone climbing frame, and lay in Mingyou’s hand-made luxury spirit animal wool cat nest on the top of the climbing frame. Except for the tail and ears, the whole body was spread out into a big cake.

    It was so comfortable that even thinking seemed to have stopped. There was a blank in his head, it was so comfortable. Herman walked in with a stack of documents, and he saw Mingyou who was rolling around on the carpet, and His Highness who looked like a useless cat on the top of the climbing frame.

    He was speechless for a while, then stuffed the files into his space backpack, got into his cabin, and closed up. Why was His Highness pretending to be a useless cat here, and he had to be so busy? Just because he was an adjutant? But they were all retired, and he was no longer an adjutant. No matter, he also wanted to be lazy.

    Yan Yi, who was waiting for the documents, hurried over to look for Dabai, and found that Xiong was already snoring loudly in the cabin, and was speechless at once.

    “What are you doing?” Yan Yi asked, holding his breath.

    The big black cat gave him a look, and didn’t even bother to send a telepathic message.

    Mingyou was still quite energetic, and said in a full-fledged manner: “Lazy!”

    Yan Yi: “…very good.” You are still very arrogant, aren’t you?

    As a result, there was a waste wolf lying on his back in his den and biting a fake bone in the house. Isn’t it lazy? Who doesn’t like it?

    Later, the blue seal got into the constant temperature pool in the house, and lay on his back on the water to pat his belly; the yellow monkey sat beside Mingyou, building blocks with him and Gungun; the kangaroo came over with a plate of snacks. 

    While eating and playing; the little panda asked his bad friend: “Dazi, what are they doing?”

    Dazi said: “Skipping work and be lazy.” After that, he sat on the wicker chair by the window and started reading novels .

    Although he was very cheap, he is actually a workaholic little panda: “???” No, can you stop being so decadent?

    “But we’ve already retired.” The blue seal dived into the water, speaking with mental strength while spitting bubbles.

    The little panda was full of question marks. They just quit the military, are they really retired? Aren’t they still promoting spirit animal science? Wasn’t it still selling all kinds of special food, medicine and equipment for spirit beasts? Aren’t they so busy every day? As a researcher he also stayed up late every day, okay? How can they suddenly become decadent?

    “Ring ring.” The red fox yelled, pushing the little panda who was blocking the way aside, “Mingyou! The game equipment is here!”

    “Ooooh, let’s go play games together!” Mingyou said excitedly, “The World of Spirit Beasts has been in service for half a month, and I haven’t played it yet! Get out of the way.”

    The little panda who was in the way kicked it away, “Your Highness, where do you put the game equipment?”

    “Can you stay out of the way?” The little panda that was kicked aside happened to be in the way of the younger sister.

    The little panda was angry: “I’m so busy! You guys want to play games together!”

    Mingyou said in surprise, “Aren’t you going? I’ve prepared your game equipment too.”

    Little panda: “…Go.”

    The purple horse took off his sunglasses, and glanced at the aggrieved little panda. As he said earlier, don’t resist, learn to enjoy. Look at him, he hasn’t been eaten to death by Mingyou. His Highness the black cat “flowed” down from the climbing frame, rolled lazily to Mingyou’s side, asking him to carry him into the game cabin.

    While helping the black cat to debug the game equipment, Xiaotian complained, “His Highness the black cat is getting lazy.” “

    “Let Dahei be lazy for a while, it’s our honeymoon now, so he can be lazy.” Mingyou still had a look of doting, with an attitude of “His Dahei is good at everything”.

    His other partners were speechless. Who told you that honeymoons are for being lazy? Do you think this is a student’s winter and summer vacation? There is still homework during the winter and summer vacations.

    The black cat pawed at Mingyou’s hand. Mingyou immediately took out a wrench, transformed the big black cat’s game compartment, and changed it into a two-player game compartment, and squeezed in by himself.

    All plushies: “…” Are you two together?! Play a game and squeeze in together? And Mingyou, wasn’t the speed at which you transformed the machine more and more amazing?

    Now they were increasingly doubting whether Mingyou’s brain had also been transformed by the high-dimensional civilization. Why can Mingyou know everything?

    “Why are you still standing there? Let’s go together.” Mingyou clenched his fist, “Enter the same novice village, establish a guild, and become king!”

   The polar bear lay down in the game room, and said: “Mingyou, our game doesn’t have Guilds, they don’t try to dominate.”

    Mingyou said: “I know, I’m just talking.” After finishing speaking, he started the game, and his consciousness sank into the virtual network.

    After entering the game, because he was a pure rookie who had not registered, he first watched a holographic opening prologue. In the animation, the story of war between monsters and humans in ancient times was explained. Afterwards, monsters and humans who did not want to fight got together to quell the war and build a world where monsters and humans lived in peace.

    Now, the monsters had been renamed as spirit beasts, and those who could fight side by side with them were called spirit beast masters. In this place called “Earth”, technology and life revolved around spirit beasts. However, although almost everyone could bond with spirit beasts, only “spirit beast masters” could fight side by side with them. And people in this world regard becoming the strongest spirit beast master as their dream.

    Mingyou glanced at it briefly, and found that the world view was similar to that of the Pokemon games in his previous life, that was, turning the elves into spirit beasts. If there was any difference, the spirit beasts are all fluffy, there were no plants, fish, etc., and there were ordinary animals in the wild, so there would be no such scary things as spirit beast steaks.

    Ordinary spirit beasts are all AI, with high IQ, and their emotions were set templates, which were similar to the ordinary holographic pet games of the Star Alliance. The high-level NPCs were all controlled by the Star Alliance’s strongest AI, which guaranteed interesting stories, and could beat you to death with spirit beasts. Occasionally, they would make a guest appearance as a mythical beast, and Xiaotian had already had a great time playing, as if he had become an internet-addicted cat.

    Mingyou really didn’t expect that AI, who spends his time on the Internet every day, was addicted to the Internet. In addition to ordinary players, there are also spirit beast players in this world.

    Spirit beast players also had a dedicated game line, they could choose to go out and roam the world by themselves, or they could partner with human players in a special instance to explore the world together.

    The combination of spirit beast players and human players was no stronger than human players and AI spirit beasts. Because the AI ​​spirit beasts were more obedient, human players could control them at will, at most they only had good feelings and defects to the system.

    Spirit beast player… Hehe, are you teaching me how to do things?! Therefore, to be recognized by spirit beast players, one must have a badge. Even with a badge, it was impossible to make spirit beast players obedient. Spirit beast players could also choose to start with humans to try to “conquer” other spirit beasts. The most powerful person had privileges, even playing games, other players were always envious.

    “It’s not a spirit beast. You can’t play half of the content of this game. This is the sorrow of the weak.” These words have spread throughout the Star Alliance. The S-level ability user who couldn’t get up was humiliated again.

    After Mingyou finished walking, the animation ended, and Xiaotian came to receive Mingyou in person.

    “Mingyou, Mingyou, do you want to be an NPC? Now many AIs and spirit beasts are working as NPCs in the game. It’s fun.” Xiaotian bounced on top of Mingyou’s head.

    “No, give me a normal human account to start the game.” Mingyou said, “What account did the others choose?”

    Xiaotian said: “They all chose a spirit beast account.”

    Mingyou was puzzled: “Why? Why not become a spirit beast master?”

    Xiaotian said: “I don’t know, maybe they are not interested in keeping pets.” Xiaotian complained that they were only interested in being raised by Mingyou.

    Hearing that all his partners had “reincarnated” spirit beast accounts, Mingyou hurriedly entered the game, fearing that his partners would be picked up by other players. Xiaotian was amused. Spirit beast players found partners voluntarily, if they don’t follow others, who else could force them?

    Mingyou woke up in bed. This was the way he strongly requested newcomers to appear in the game. In the game, all players did not appear directly in Novice Village, but appeared in a “single-player instance”.

    In the single-player dungeon, they would get out of bed, go to the spirit beast research institute to partner with a spirit beast, and spend the first plot in the forest outside their birthplace before they could enter the first real “novice village”.

    However, there was no strict novice village in this game. All cities were safe, and as long as they had money, they could travel to and from each city by means of transportation. Most of the roads between cities were also very safe, the more one deviated from the main road, the higher the danger of wild beasts and wild spirit beasts.

    In other words, if the player didn’t want to level up, but just wanted to explore, as long as they didn’t deviate from the main path, it was completely fine. So life players could also live comfortably in this world.

    Since this game was mainly to promote the knowledge of spirit beast masters, the game account was bound to an identity, and each person had only one account, and the account couldn’t even be deleted, just like a public social network.

    However, there were many props in this world that could hide one’s face and identity, and there were no nicknames to find in other games, or player positioning props, and there would be no lack of playability just because of account binding.

    In general, this world was created by Arthur and Xiaotian to be as close to the real world as possible. Ordinary people blending into this world was like a drop in the ocean. Unless you come out and jump around by yourself, others are unlikely to find you.

    There were many people in the Star Alliance, so the game was naturally divided into many servers. Each server held a spirit beast conference every year, and selected the strongest spirit beast masters in the server.

    The “Spirit Beast Master Championship” common to all servers was held once every four years. During the four years, the top ten players in each server Spirit Beast Master Conference would be eligible to participate in the championship.

    Although the game had just started, four years was still too early. But game critics had already predicted that the championship game four years later would definitely be a real fight between spirit beasts and gods.

    The contestants in the championship competition were probably real spirit beast masters. It took four years to cultivate a group of spirit beast masters that could be used by the military, and the time was just right.

    The voice of the familiar NPC mother sounded, Mingyou didn’t care to listen to the nagging, and rushed to the spirit beast research institute, wanting to get a newcomer spirit beasts, quickly passed the novice task, and joined his partners.

    The NPCs of the Spiritual Beast Research Institute were set by Arthur’s evil taste to the images of Mingyou’s two adoptive fathers that he saw in his spiritual illusion, and even their personalities were set according to Mingyou’s memories. The player was pissed off. Seeing a familiar person appearing, Mingyou shook his head.

    “Oh, Mingyou, you are late. Your spirit beasts were all chased away by a spirit beast cub that suddenly appeared. Now there are no new spirit beasts in our village.” The spirit beast doctor said annoyed .

    Mingyou was stunned for a moment, and raised his voice: “Been beaten away?” Wasn’t taken away by others?

    The doctor nodded: “Yes, a black pig cat beast suddenly appeared in the research institute. It can eat and drink and is domineering. It is really a headache.”

    Pig cat beast? Mingyou shifted his gaze to the back, and saw a familiar cat beast.

    “Pig cat beast, you ghost! Who set up this race name?! Change it back for me!” A small black cat the size of a palm and a pair of small wings rushed out, planning an uppercut.

    The other spirit beast doctor slowly walked out of the room, and said, “Mingyou, why don’t you try to tame this little black cat? Although he has a bad temper, he has very good qualifications.”

    Mingyou hugged the little black cat who was planning to attack, and asked in a low voice, “Why are you in my novice dungeon?” The black cat was so angry that his tail turned into a propeller, “What kind of pig cat beast, this was definitely done by Xiaotian! Change it for me!”

    “Change, change, change.” Mingyou said with a smile, “I’ve decided, Dahei, you are my partner!”

    Mingyou raised the little black cat with both hands, and made a pose to subdue the spirit beast, and the two spirit beast doctors applauded him and handed him a spirit beast ball. But obviously, it was impossible for the little black cat to enter the spirit beast ball.

    The newcomer spirit beast master Mingyou embarked on a new journey with his little black cat on his back. After battling all the spirit beasts in the novice dungeon forest, he finally came to the big world where multiple people could be online.

    Mingyou couldn’t help being taken aback by the bustling scene in the city. Although Arthur said long ago that all the scenes in this city were simulated based on the world of his previous life, Mingyou couldn’t help but lose his mind when he saw the familiar capital, as if he had returned to his hometown.

    At this time, he was woken up from his memories by continuous screams. Mingyou looked blankly at the players surrounding him.

    “You, you, just left Novice Village, right?” A beautiful young woman held her chest and asked nervously.

    Mingyou nodded blankly. The little black cat froze for a moment, then raised a paw to cover its face. Stupid, you’re done. It’s definitely not his fault. The little black cat thought very confused.

    “Ah, ah, ah, you are Mr. Mingyou, right? You must be Mr. Mingyou!” The young woman continued to scream, as if she was about to faint.

    “The little black cat with wings, only His Highness the black cat!” 

    “Just after leaving Novice Village, there is a spirit beast master who is followed by a unique spirit beast. Do you need to think about it? Mr. Mingyou, please sign this and take a photo!”

    “Your Highness, I love you, please let me touch your ears.”

    “Get out, don’t harass His Highness!”

    “Mr. Mingyou, I’m your fan. I have a question about spirit beasts…”

    “Your Highness, have the other ten heroes come? Has Major General Xian Luo also come?”

    “They must all be here. Wow, don’t squeeze Mr. Mingyou. What if Mr. Mingyou goes offline?”

    The players squeezed this way, holding hands and circling in a circle, forming a human wall, separating Mingyou and other players. Mingyou was like a monkey surrounded by people, “enclosed” in a wall of people, unable to move. Oops, social terror strikes.

    The little black cat sighed deeply, began to consider whether he should enter the spirit beast ball, and then pretended he didn’t know anything? How did he know that Mingyou would be recognized when he appeared in the city as himself?

    “That, that…” Mingyou wanted to deny it, but seeing how excited everyone was, he knew that it was useless to deny it. So, there was only one way. That was… escape offline. When Mingyou got out of the game cabin, his spirit beast partners had already come out of the game cabin.

    “Xiaotian told us that you were recognized.” The polar bear worried, “Are you okay?”

    Mingyou wiped the cold sweat off his face, and forced a smile: “It’s, it’s okay. So many people scared me a little.” Although he had faced the crowd in reality, he had always been protected by people around him, and he had not directly encountered the crowd’s impact. This time it really scared him.

    “It’s not my fault.” The big black cat jumped out of the game room, squatted in front of Mingyou, and said seriously.

    Then Mingyou’s fluffy partners swarmed up and buried the black cat who was trying to get rid of the blame. The big black cat howled under the pressure of the subordinates, but did not dare to resist. Sign of a guilty conscience.

    Mingyou looked away. Dahei, I’m sorry, you can help me take the blame. Both of them were wrong this time, and they didn’t realize that they would be recognized by the crowd with a little black cat spirit beast with wings. In the past, they often went shopping like this. The little black cat has always set itself up with supernatural invisibility and optical invisibility, and is not worried about revealing its identity.

    Playing the game this time, they were negligent. After all, it was in the game world, and they regarded it as a holographic live broadcast. Luckily, they’re just taken aback and won’t cause major problems. Right?

    Mingyou watched the cries all over the Internet wishing him to go back to play games, and fell silent. So Mingyou’s plan to play the game like an ordinary player died. Ordinary was impossible to be ordinary. Although he could change his spirit beast partners, it was too immoral to use real spirit beasts to torture other ordinary players.

    In the end, Mingyou arranged an NPC role for himself and added it to the updated feature film. Mingyou, became a spirit beast master at the age of eleven. He became the winner in the Newcomer Spirit Beast Master Conference that year, won the championship the following year, and then began to travel around the world with his partners to explore the mysteries of various legendary spirit beasts. .

    It was said that although he was only in his twenties, his strength could be called the number one in the world. When you meet him, if you can pass his trials, you might get some good things. But Mingyou and his partners were very eccentric, when you meet him, you may not get anything, and you will be punished instead. In four years, the winner of the championship will be eligible to challenge Mingyou.

    Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief: “Being an ordinary player is impossible in this life, only being the ultimate BOSS can you barely live.”

    The black cat nodded vigorously, preparing to add his and Mingyou’s private goods to save the world in the new version of the game plot. Who said that the players in this world were the protagonists? He would completely write their group of people as the heroes of this world. What Mingyou said before about saving the twelve dimensions could be added.

    His spirit beast subordinates were very hesitant. Was this really good? Was it really good to include such shameless private goods in the game? Was it really okay to shoot the game promotional video and the main storyline of the game as a hero movie featuring them?

    “The world needs heroes. Instead of making up an unknown NPC, it’s better to let us do it.” Mingyou strongly supported the big black cat’s decision.

    The big black cat squinted: “What? Are we unworthy? If such a crisis really occurs, who else can save the Star Alliance?”

    Domineering! When the subordinates heard it, they suddenly felt that it made sense.

    The yellow monkey palmed his forehead and complained to himself: “Why do I feel that our thoughts are getting closer and closer to His Highness and Mingyou?” More and more… dramatic? Don’t you feel ashamed of writing yourself as a hero?

    “Mingyou and His Royal Highness had decided to save the world in the game. If the other spirit beast partners beside Mingyou are not us, don’t you feel more awkward?” Dazi said.

    After hearing this, Dahuang had to admit that these words hit him in the dark. When they could no longer prevent His Royal Highness Arthur and Mingyou from suffering eighth grade syndrome together, they could only bite the bullet and follow along. Otherwise, let Mingyou take other spirit beasts to save the world?

    Therefore, the main plot of this game will be mixed with private goods in the future, so it was settled. When the game version was updated and a new plot animation appeared, all players had a series of question marks on their heads.

    “I’m so stupid, really, at most I thought Mr. Mingyou would hide his identity and continue playing the game after being recognized by us once. I really didn’t expect Mr. Mingyou to become an NPC?” 

   “Becoming an NPC is normal, but… But as for arranging such a big background for yourself, I laughed so hard hahaha.”

    “Come on, let me see, the genius spirit beast master, the strongest spirit beast master and spirit beast cultivator, although his subordinates are only eleven spirit beasts, each spirit beast can wrestle with wild legendary and mythical level spirit beasts. Well, no problem, what’s the problem? Isn’t this our Mr. Mingyou?”

    “Yes, although there are a lot of plot holes, but if you look carefully, where are the holes? This is obviously true, help me.”

    “Good guy, the promotional film is directly out of the country with real people, what about the promotional ‘animation’?”

    “Yes the movie is not an animation, so wave your hand.”

    “I want to make a correction. In the game plot, Mr. Mingyou does not only have eleven spirit beasts, but thirteen. Xiaotian is also Mr. Mingyou’s spirit beast, one artificial spirit beast born from the Internet.”

    In the internal test of the test server, Xiaotian was an artificial spirit beast created by the villain organization. After the explosion, Xiaotian ran away with Mr. Mingyou.

    In addition to Xiao Tianmiao, Mr. Mingyou also raised a black and white panda cub, yes, you are familiar with Gungun. In the game plot, there was a couple of spirit beasts that died from exhaustion while saving the world, and entrusted the child to Mr. Mingyou.”

    “The real ghost upstairs? Are there any more revelations?

    “It’s coming soon, so spoilers don’t matter, right?” “

    “So who is the ghost? The players in the test server are all active soldiers, right? How could someone leak the secret?”

    “Oh, the ghost is a little panda.”

    “Huo Ritian…what do you want me to say about you…”

    “Ah, auntie! How can you be a hero by yourself! I want to as well!” Immediately after the release of the game trailer, Diandian ran over, hugged Mingyou’s thigh on the ground and howled dryly, “I want to save the world too!”

    “Okay, okay, I’ll ask your uncle to add scenes for you in the game.” Mingyou was very easy to talk to.

    “Go away, talk about business, don’t make trouble.” His Majesty the golden lion stepped on his snow leopard son. The snow leopard obediently rolled aside, only daring to strike back at his father with his eyes. Obviously, although he has become stronger, he was not as strong as his father, and he was still beaten by his father.

    The serious matter His Majesty the Golden Lion mentioned was the death of a “highly respected” old scientist.

    “His family is so kind, to apply for a state funeral, and want me to attend with my subordinates?” Arthur sneered.

    While comforting the poor leopard whose head was trampled by his father, Mingyou asked curiously, “Is he a bad guy?”

    Arthur was silent for a while, and said with a sarcasm, “How should I put it, he’s not doing bad things, just being wise and protecting yourself.”

    An originally talented scientist, after entering middle age, began to fight for power and profit, formed cliques, eliminated dissidents, and became the top academic leader of the Star Alliance, the most “great” scientist. But he never again achieved any scientific achievements. His research team seriously held back the Star Alliance in the fight against the Zerg invasion, and they failed to study the Zerg’s weaknesses until the end of the war.

    At that time, at the worst time of the war, it was Arthur who led the young scientists who defected to him to analyze the weaknesses of the Zerg on the battlefield, which established the subsequent victory. The red panda and the purple horse were the leaders of this team.


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