After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 100

    The brown bear did not escape in the end. Herman noticed that Mingyou’s eyes kept looking at the bear, and suddenly remembered that he hadn’t introduced his family.

    Herman’s “remembering at last” expression made his family resentful. You idiot, His Highness’s other subordinates didn’t have a good relationship with their family, so it’s fine if they don’t go home very often, have we treated you badly? You actually didn’t take Mingyou home to let us get rich!

    Herman was speechless listening to his family’s complaints. I do go home, and I brought you a lot of good things. You are not complaining that I don’t want to go home, but that I didn’t bring Mingyou home, right?

    Heman remembered that there were so many bears at home, if Mingyou plunged into the ocean of bears, let alone whether His Highness could bear it, he would not be able to bear it first.

    Gungun was a panda and just a child. How could there be other bears around Mingyou?

    But his younger brother once “bullied” Mingyou, so it was right to apologize to him. Heman grabbed the trembling brother’s bear paw, and put the paw in Mingyou’s palm.

    “You can squish it, it’s great for stress relief.” Herman said generously, “It’s okay since spirit beast fur won’t stick to the clothes.”

    The brown bear complained. Brother, you are being generous!

    Herman glanced over. Do you have any opinions?

    The brown bear’s ears drooped. He dared not.

    “Your fur is so comfortable, even more comfortable than Dabai’s.” Ming You praised sincerely.

    The brown bear’s eyes widened. Really? Was that true? His fur was more comfortable than his brother’s? Come, touch his head, touch his ears, it is very comfortable hehehe.

    Seeing that he was trampled by Mingyou to curry favor with other bear spirit beasts, Herman folded his arms and said, “Mingyou, say that again.”

    Mingyou shuddered, and hurriedly said: “I mean, as expected of your brother, The. fur is about the same as you!”

    Herman: “Hehe.”

    The brown bear hid behind Mingyou’s not-so-great body. He looked at his second brother with nervous eyes. Will his brother be jealous of his fur and shave it? No, no, no, no?

    “Ian is the laziest child in our family. He just broke through the bottleneck of abilities and became a spirit beast not long ago.” Herman’s tone suddenly became serious, “You help him formulate a strict special training plan, and I will personally help him with special training, we can’t let him lose the face of our Bear family.”

    Mingyou nodded stupidly: “Okay. How strict should the special training plan be? According to your training intensity, is his body able to bear it?”

    The fluffies all had a fear of lacking firepower. Even though they were no longer in the army, the special training was more fierce, and each chased after Dahei as a target.

    With Mingyou’s full care, the spirit beast master, they had sufficient energy, and their fatigue could be relieved in time, so rigorous special training was nothing. But other spirit beasts didn’t have this kind of treatment.

    “Halve my training volume.” Herman said after pondering for a while.

    Mingyou nodded: “Okay. If it’s only half of yours, he should be able to survive so long as he increases his dietary energy intake.”

    The brown bear trembled at the beginning, thinking that the second brother took revenge on himself through special training.

    But when he heard that the level of special training was half of his brother, he couldn’t help feeling underestimated. That’s it? That’s it? Brother, are you looking down on me!

    The brown bear immediately patted his chest and said: “No need to halve, I’m fine, I’m not lazy!” He paused, and then said: “I was just lazy before, but I’m not lazy now.”

    “Listen to Herman and Mr. Mingyou. ” He frowned, “Special training should be done in a scientific and orderly manner.”

    The brown bear was very aggrieved. They just looked down on him, they just don’t believe that he can survive. A few days later, the brown bear began to suspect. He understood that his initial guess was correct. His brother bullied him under the banner of special training.

    But at that time, he no longer dared to complain. Because he said “that’s it” before and “are you looking down on me”, now he was tired and complaining, and he would definitely become a laughing stock. His heart was very bitter.

    At this time, the silly brown bear didn’t know what kind of special training hell was waiting for him. He patted the fur on his chest with his paw, and kept making “I’m strong” movements, which made Mingyou’s eyes crinkle with a smile.

    Serious bears, such as Dabai and Gungun, were of course cute. But this bear was also very cute. The raging face was suitable for the simple expression.

    Forget it today. Today was a good day for him and Arthur, so they can’t keep thinking about other spirit beasts. After getting married, Mingyou was going to find an excuse to take Hanhan home and move in for two days.

    As he used to scare him, as compensation for mental damage, it was very reasonable to pet his fur for a few days. Mingyou looked at the silly brown bear and thought.

    Arthur, who was temporarily separated from Mingyou because of the ritual procedure, had an itchy nose and sneezed loudly.

    “Are you eating too much?” Although he ate a lot in spirit beast form, His Majesty Aldrich, the emperor of the Star Alliance, whose humanoid face was still sharp and angular, folded his arms and leaned on the wall.

    Arthur rubbed his nose, and the makeup artist immediately peeled his hands away to touch up Arthur’s makeup.

    He sniffed at the unpleasant smell of the cosmetics, and said embarrassingly, “Nine times out of ten, that guy is stupid and thinking about something scumbag.”

 His Majesty Aldridge asked curiously, “What scumbag?”

    After thinking for a while, he said, “He fell in love with Herman’s brown bear brother today, probably thinking about taking the brown bear home to play for two days after the wedding.”

    His Majesty Aldrich said happily: “You are too jealous. Although your sister-in-law loves to be jealous, she is not as jealous as you. You can make up a big show with just one look from Mingyou?”

    Arthur complained, sister-in-law doesn’t like to be jealous, but you do. And… Hehe, whether this was the truth, they will know tomorrow.

    “Relax, Mingyou just likes spirit beasts, which is different from your feelings for you.” His Majesty Aldridge persuaded, “If you are really jealous, you can tell Mingyou not to take other spirit beasts home. He is a good boy, knowing that you are uncomfortable, he will not do it. He is so self-willed now, isn’t it because of your petting?” 

    “It’s because of my spoiling.” Arthur admitted very frankly, “I treat him as if I don’t care about the spirit beast at home, but I just want to see how Mingyou is full of desire to survive and treats me in every possible way.”

 His Majesty Emperor Aldrich: “…” His younger brother was showing off his love? What kind of deviants were you guys! His Majesty, who can’t show his affection now, thought angrily.

    Arthur ignored his elder brother’s feigned anger, and turned his gaze out of the window.

    The wedding between him and Mingyou was held at No. 1 Rehabilitation Star, and only he, his subordinates’ relatives and friends attended. Although the entire Star Alliance could see the holographic live broadcast of their wedding, in reality, they only needed blessings from people they valued. When it came to weddings, he hoped that the emotions of all the guests were well-intentioned.

    It was one of the most important moments in one’s lifetime. Arthur hoped to give Mingyou, who had encountered too much malice, the purest and most sincere kindness. When he learned about Mingyou’s past, Arthur once thought about putting him in his carefully crafted glass house to isolate him from all the malice of the outside world. From now on, Mingyou no longer had to worry about being injured. But in the end, even though Mingyou actually strongly wanted Arthur to do this, Arthur gave up.

    Mingyou had great talents and abilities, and he deserved the achievements and praises that matched his contributions. Even with achievement and praise came envy and slander. It’s mediocrity that isn’t hated, isn’t it?

    Arthur was an optimist, he always thought about the happy future, and would not give up even in desperation. 

    Arthur was a pessimist, he always thought about the worst case scenario, and then did his best to prepare for the worst possible developments.

    The same went for Mingyou. The worst development would be that he would die in the next battle, or die from some disease that even Mingyou’s golden finger could not save. At that time, he hoped that Mingyou would have enough perseverance and enough links to survive. Like his big brother, like Louie, like all the mourners who lost loved ones in war.

    Sadness cannot be changed, and people always have to focus on the future. Even with tears hanging from the corners of their eyes, they still have to keep moving forward with a smile on their lips. With nostalgia and expectations for the dead, and the ones they love the most, and work hard to live. Therefore, Arthur pulled Mingyou out of his protective shell little by little.

    “What are you thinking, with such a serious expression?” His Majesty Aldridge walked up to Arthur and straightened his collar.

    His mood was very complicated. The little black cat that he watched growing up transformed into a majestic liger, and became a hero who saved the Star Alliance at a young age. This made him, the guardian, feel very useless. Being protected by a child, isn’t he useless?

    Now, the little black cat that he held in his hand wanted to form a family, and will shoulder the responsibilities of other people. This kid, Arthur, will definitely do better than himself. But as the eldest brother, Aldrich hopes that Arthur will not take on too much burden and can live a little more for himself.

    “I’m thinking…” Arthur paused, and said seriously, “If Mingyou proposes to take the brown bear home to play for a few days, should I punish him by writing a review, or punish him by kneeling on the sofa.” 

    His Majesty Aldrich: “…” This brat, I don’t need to worry about him!

    Arthur chuckled. As his strength grew, he became more and more sensitive to other’s mood swings. So, he guessed what his elder brother was thinking. At this time, it was necessary to take out the pro-cat fist that the little black cat was best at, so that the elder brother could forget about the sad things.

    “Have you started yet? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m still on the tram going back, so I can’t watch the hologram!

    “Aren’t you talking nonsense? People you know are people you don’t know.”

    “If they don’t turn into spirit beasts, I don’t know who is who. If they turn into spirit beasts, I’ll recognize them at a glance.”

    “They’re all the same fluff, how can you tell who’s who??? Isn’t the human face easier to recognize???”

    “The major general’s outfit is so beautiful and fairy-like, will it steal the limelight from His Highness and Mingyou?” “

    Mr. Mingyou: I would like to let my family’s Dahong show off a little bit.

    “Hahahaha, that’s something only Mingyou can say. Xiaoyou is the cutest, Xiaoyou single push!”

    “There must be a spirit beast upstairs, keep silent.”

    “If it’s not a spirit beast, it can’t be Mingyou single push? I just like Xiaoyou!”

    “Mr. Mingyou is really nice. It’s cute, but it’s a pity that he was injured when he was born, otherwise he would be even cuter if he could turn into an alpaca.”

    “Many people have drawn pictures of Mr. Mingyou’s alpacas. If Mr. Mingyou was an alpaca, he would probably be the same as his brother, a fluffy alpaca with curly hair, right?”

    “I don’t know what color it is, is it still white?”

    “Be bold, wouldn’t it be colorful? Our Mr. Mingyou, even if he is an alpaca, he must be the most beautiful cub among alpacas, full of rainbow colors!”

    “If he is all attributes, all the colors are mixed together, would it be the kind of black that His Royal Highness Arthur has?”

    “First of all, black is not necessarily all attributes, so it can be proved that all attributes are not necessarily black. I think The rainbow color is very good, I vote for the rainbow vicuna.” “

    I also vote for the rainbow vicuna, and then add black, white and gray. Our vicuna must have all the colors of our partner. “

    “Yes, yes, this wave is absolutely fine. The body is rainbow-colored, the face is white, and there is a curly hair cake head with black highlights and gray, which is full of fashion value!” “Do you have a big touch to draw? Please draw!”

    “Can I do this? (Matching alpaca stick figure) “

    ” Hahahahahaha haha ​​laughed and rolled you. “

    “Rainbow alpaca? It sounds good.” Mingyou said.

    “It’s about to start, don’t read comments online.” Leo adjusted his neckline, “His Highness saw you distracted at the wedding, and wanted to trouble you again.”

    Mingyou immediately obediently closed the comment page of the live broadcast room. He looked at Leo and gave Leo a thumbs up: “Brother Monkey is so handsome.”

    Leo smiled. He was never dressed so elaborately even at the military merit commendation meeting, when he was awarded a medal and the rank of major general. His younger brother was getting married. He and Adeline would take on the role of parents, holding Mingyou’s hand, and handing Mingyou to His Royal Highness Arthur.

    When he learned that he was going to take on this role, he was so excited that he couldn’t speak for a while. Mingyou has Tan Chenxi as his eldest brother, but he was chosen for this position. He and Adeline were very happy.

    Leo and Adeline were very happy, but Tan Chenxi was naturally sad. The time that has been lost cannot be made up, and even if they meet again, the mere blood relationship and clearing up misunderstandings cannot fill the existing rift between them.

    Without the fetters of getting along with each other in daily life, in Mingyou’s eyes, relatives were nothing compared to his spirit beast partners who saved him from the icy sea of solitude. The spirit beast partners were his family. Even though Mingyou already took care of him, his attitude towards him was similar to that towards his roommates.

    “What are you worried about?” Maybe it was the Tibetan fox’s personality that affected the human form. When Cui Li became a human, his expression became more like the Tibetan fox’s sloppy expression, and less of his original calm and honesty. How long have you known Mingyou? We still have a long time to go, in the future, if you communicate with him more, your relationship will naturally improve.”

    Tan Chenxi nodded and cheered up. He and Mingyou had lost nearly twenty years of time together, but they could use the next twenty years, many years later, to make up the relationship between them.

    Following Tan Chenxi, He Shu, who came to the wedding ceremony, almost fainted from nervousness. Why was he invited? This was so flattering!

    “Because you are a water-blue alpaca.” Cui Li, with a square face and narrowed eyes, patted He Shu on the shoulder and said, “Mingyou likes alpacas very much, but the alpaca family treated him badly. It’s really not easy to find one to take care of.”

    He Shu: “…Is that so?”

    Tan Chenxi wanted to say otherwise, but with his shallow knowledge of Mingyou, he couldn’t say otherwise .

    “Don’t be nervous. Although the wedding scene is being broadcast live, the camera will not be aimed at every guest, and you will not appear in front of the camera. Even if we appear, our faces have been disguised, and they will not recognize you.” Tan Chenxi had no choice but to comfort Heshu, “Don’t worry about what happened today will affect your life.” He Shu nodded.

    At this time, the salute was fired and the guests fell silent. Not only did the guests quiet down, but the sky also darkened. Even though the live broadcast room was still under the bright noon sun, the sky above the wedding scene was actually shrouded in the night.

    The upside-down starry sky and the flowing Milky Way were exactly Arthur’s special abilities. Starlight shone on every guest, and the wedding lights lit up, making the venue look like day again. The audience in the holographic live broadcast room lamented that the wedding was very romantic from the very beginning, and His Royal Highness Arthur really understood very well. But the hands of the guests holding the wine glasses were trembling.

    He Shu moved a little closer to Tan Chenxi quietly, and said in a stiff voice, “His Highness, can His Highness control his power well?” This energy response was too exaggerated! Won’t it explode? Won’t it just explode? Just move down a little and they were all screwed, right?

    Tan Chenxi, who had seen Arthur use this unique trick of “upside down galaxy” to flatten the illegal research base, also had a bad face. Your Highness… Can you use such an exaggerated ability in human form? And he still continued to attend the wedding while using his abilities? Was it really okay to use it with a distracted mind?

    The guests all looked at Arthur with terrified eyes. Hey, we are your relatives and friends, not your enemies, right? You don’t need to hang tricks on our heads to frighten us, do you?

    Arthur glanced at the people present, but did not speak. What’s all the fuss about? I just created a starry romantic sky for Mingyou, what are you thinking about?

    Arthur walked to the end of the red carpet and turned to look at the place where day and night alternated. Beside him was Herman, who was also wearing a military uniform. Herman was his adjutant and his oldest comrade in arms. Leo and Adeline, who were wearing formal dresses, each took Mingyou’s hand and walked from day to night.

    Adeline was wearing a silver-blue fringed dress. She had exquisite makeup on, her hair was coiled up, and there were shiny hair accessories, making her look as noble as a queen. The spirit beasts trained by Adeline’s hands were all stunned. They had never seen Adeline dressed so gorgeously, and they had never seen her expression so gentle and kind.

    They turned their attention to Leo beside Mingyou. Leo also took care of himself very well and gorgeously, just like two people before. Leo used to have a long scar on his face, messy hair that seemed never to be combed, and clothes that were never fully buttoned. He looked like a little ruffian. He used his clothes and temperament to tell everyone that he came from the chaotic zone outside the Star Alliance, and that he was a beast that could get out of control at any time.

    But now Leo was not only wearing a complicated uniform that had been ironed, there was not even a single hair out of place. There was also a gentle smile that was very similar to Adeline’s at the corner of his mouth. The scars on his face were long gone. At this time, those who were familiar with him discovered that although Leo’s appearance was not soft and gentle, it had nothing to do with danger. It turned out that after Leo put away his dangerous aura, he turned out to be such an ordinary man who seemed to be simple and honest.

    Mingyou was a little nervous at first, but when he saw Arthur from a distance, his eyes seemed to have found a shining gem, and his eyes were brighter than ever.

    Adeline and Leo beside him were still walking unhurriedly, but Mingyou had already quickened his pace. Although his hand was held by Adeline and Leo, he was already half a step ahead of them.

    When the nervous guests saw this scene, the atmosphere suddenly eased, and the members of the big cat family laughed out loud.

    “Hahaha, don’t hold hands, let Mingyou go.”

    “When Mingyou saw Arthur, his expression suddenly lit up. It’s so cute.”

    “This is love. It’s nice to be young. I think back then…”

    “Mingyou’s footsteps seemed to be about to jump up. Believe it or not, without Leo and Adeline holding him, he could jump directly into Arthur’s arms. “

    The guests whispered, and the audience laughed.

    “Brother Monkey, Mother kangaroo, forget it, forget it, don’t tie down Xiaoyou, this guy’s heart has already flown away.

    “Wouldn’t it be nice to walk up and down? Do they need any ceremony hahahahaha.”

    “The intrigue between Mr. Mingyou and His Highness the black cat in the live broadcast room is probably because Mr. Mingyou walks on the red carpet with a little black cat on his back, right? Laughing loudly.”

    “Don’t be like this, think about it, wouldn’t it be good for them to walk together hand in hand?” 

    “In human form, wouldn’t it be Mingyou hanging around His Highness’s neck and walking the red carpet?”

    The audience laughed in good faith. It was as if they had really entered the scene personally, wishing His Royal Highness Arthur and Mingyou on the spot. Mingyou’s best men palmed their foreheads one after another, not knowing what to do.

    Every time Mingyou saw His Highness, his head was immediately filled with His Highness’s cat fur. He may have completely forgotten what process he was told before. Mingyou was very smart, but sometimes he was stupid. Especially when it came to matters related to His Highness.

    Seeing that Mingyou was about to jump over, Arthur sighed, turned his head and nodded to Xianluo, the master of ceremonies at the low end of the red carpet, and then, regardless of the process, he walked towards Mingyou.

    Adeline and Leo looked at each other, smiled and sighed at the same time, and let go of Mingyou’s hands. Without the “shackles”, Mingyou rushed to Arthur like a bird returning to its nest. Arthur spread his arms.

    “Arthur is so handsome!” Mingyou pounced, and was picked up by Arthur and turned around twice.

    The hands of the guests holding the wine glasses trembled slightly again. You, can you stop doing this? Is it really okay to spin round and round on the wedding red carpet? Do you think this is a wedding photoshoot?

    The audience watching the live broadcast had covered their eyes one after another, “not daring” to watch any more.

    “Oh my god, can you stop showing your affection in public? Can you be more serious when you get married?”

    “Although I want to say that marriage itself is a show of affection, you two dogs… fall!”

    “They are not dogs since one is a cat. Sighing to the sky, what is with the process of hugging and circling on the red carpet? Isn’t this a little too joyful?”

    “Although, I’m really envious, biting a handkerchief.”

    “I can see that, The relationship between the two of them is really good, and the sweetness is almost overflowing.”

    “Some people say that they are just for show, and some people say that His Royal Highness Arthur and Mr. Ming are politically married. I think they are indeed showing off now, to show their affection to others.” The kind of show that people in the Star Alliance watch.”

    “Everyone who says that His Royal Highness Arthur and Mr. Mingyou have no relationship is probably an alien who can’t even access the Internet? I watched His Highness and Mr. Mingyou get along in the live broadcast room. Details, who said such nonsense about a bad relationship?”

    “Yes, bad relationship, can Mr. Mingyou take so many black history videos of His Highness?”

    “Hahahaha don’t talk about black history, I want to laugh again. Today’s wedding ceremony, last night Mr. Mingyou actually posted a secret video of His Highness the black cat, what kind of novel way to decompress before marriage.”

    “Yeah, I persevered in trying to stick my head into His Highness’s mouth when he yawned. Dear Mingyou, can you help me a little more?”

    “This video is not good, it will teach children wrong, no wonder it is restricted to those over 18 years old (to be honest, when I saw the 18th ban, I thought there was really some R-rated content, but this is it?).”

    “It’s broken up, I thought there was something more grand and tidy about their wedding, but it ended up like this? (Funny)”

“Let’s go.” After swinging Mingyou around twice, Arthur tidied him up and flicked his collar.

    Mingyou also stretched out his hand to tidy up Arthur’s messed up clothes, and then happily took Arthur’s hand: “Let’s go, Dahong is still waiting for us.” After that, he dragged Arthur forward.

    Herman was half a step behind Arthur, parallel to Adeline and Leo. At this time, he really wanted to talk to his two companions about Mingyou’s current behavior. But Mingyou was not following the procedure, he couldn’t disrupt any more, so he had to endure it for the time being, nagging Mingyou after the wedding.

    “Slow down, the little flower girl can’t run anymore.” Arthur reminded Mingyou.

    Mingyou said in a daze, “Yes, we still have flower girls.”

    After finishing speaking, he turned his head, and the humanoid Gungun was trying to move his short legs forward, carrying the flower basket. But for a human being of this age, the pair of short legs were too weak and weak. Seeing Mingyou walking farther and farther away, Gungun suddenly turned into a little panda who landed on all fours with a “click”. With the flower basket in his mouth, he tried his best to raise his head, moved his four short legs, and jumped towards Mingyou in a bunny posture.

    “Oh, my goodness, slow down.” Adeline couldn’t hold back, and screamed.

    Before she could finish her sentence, the bottom of the flower basket touched the ground, and the panda’s mouth loosened, and he staggered into the basket he was holding in his mouth, with his hind legs facing the sky, unable to turn over for a long time. The guests stared blankly at the little flower bear planted in the basket.

    Gungun finally struggled to get out of the flower basket, then fell to the ground with an unsteady center of gravity, just rolled to the side of Arthur’s legs, and four claws hugged his leg. Tears welled up in the poor, choked up little bear’s eyes.

    Arthur sighed, and said, “I told you to spread flowers, why did you become a little bear? I have received your blessing, do you want to go to the stage with us?”  The panda buried his face in Arthur’s lap and did not move.

    Arthur said to Mingyou: “Go on.”

    Mingyou looked down at the bear pendant on Arthur’s lap, and laughed: “Okay.”

    So Arthur continued to hold his calm expression, holding Mingyou’s hand, with a cheerful expression, walked towards the end of the red carpet with a baby panda pendant on his lap. At the end of the red carpet, his elder brother and his subordinates were waiting for him, their expressions all speechless.

    The expressions of the guests were also speechless. This wedding… is really full of surprises. Fortunately, His Highness could still be so calm. If there were so many accidents at their own  wedding, their mentality would have collapsed. The audience salivated with envy regardless of the seriousness or not.

    “The little flower girl, Gungun, is so cute! Please give me a dozen of these little flower children!”

 “Is it alright for the little bear to roll about? My baby panda, why are you so cute? You’re so cute, let auntie pinch your cheek.”

    “His Highness is so gentle, Gungun was about to cry, his expression was still so calm, just let the baby panda hang on his lap.”

 “Your Highness is really calm at all times, I feel at ease with him.”

    “No, no, how could His Highness be calm and composed at any time. When Mingyou stuffed his head into his yawning mouth, he was not at all calm and composed.”

    “He didn’t slap Mingyou to death with one paw, he was already very calm and composed.”

    “I want one, I want panda babies, I will die of cuteness.”

    “This wedding is so joyful, so happy. I watched so many live broadcasts of so-called luxury weddings of celebrities. His Highness and Mr. Mingyou are really rich, but this wedding is so down-to-earth.” 

“How is this down-to-earth? You said is the grounding atmosphere of a starry sky created by His Highness with supernatural powers, or is it the grounding atmosphere of the baby pandas? It’s a high-profile luxury!”

    “Okay, I’ve figured it out. From now on, wealthy weddings must follow this standard, and if it falls below this standard, it can’t be called a wealthy wedding.”

    “First, you need a spirit beast to do background special effects for you. “

    “Then, you need a baby spirit beast as a flower girl.”

    “Fall! There is no spirit beast! Ordinary people are not worthy of marriage! (Funny)”

    “What! You don’t have a spirit beast, what are you called a rich family! (Funny)”

    “It really… scared me to death.” Xianluo stepped forward, said his lines, and used telepathy to “open” a chat between his colleagues, Arthur, and Mingyou, “Can you follow the procedure?”

    Arthur and Mingyou didn’t speak, as if they didn’t hear Xianluo’s complaint.

    Herman was lost in thought. That’s right, I can open my mind to complain, and I don’t need to endure it until the wedding is over. Or… am I complaining now?

    “Since the process has been broken, let’s not follow the procedure at all.” After saying the oath, after exchanging the rings, Arthur tore off the baby panda pendant from his leg and held it in his arms, turning into Dahei.

    Everyone had a shocked face. Your Highness! What are you going to do?! Mingyou’s eyes sparkled. Arthur held the baby panda in his mouth and looked up at Mingyou. Mingyou immediately took the baby panda from his mouth, and stuffed him into His Majesty Aldrich’s arms who was about to say blessings.

    His Majesty Emperor Aldrich: “???” Wait, don’t mess around!

    Mingyou stepped onto his Dahei, and the black cat rushed into the sky. Boom! Galaxy fireworks bloom!

    “I knew it, I knew it, how could His Highness and Mingyou follow the rehearsal.” Herman looked sad.

    Xianluo sighed, transformed himself, and flew into the sky on flames. Fire trees and silver flowers bloomed in the night sky!

    “Don’t complain, they can let off fireworks if they want. Fireworks are also very festive.” Leo patted Herman on the shoulder, and not only turned into a monkey, but also changed into his magic costume full of special effects. A stick pierced the starry sky effect and the sun reappeared.

   Dahei: “!!!” Leo, you bastard! Are you messing up?

    “Let’s get together! The wedding is going to be lively!” Mingyou put his hands around his mouth to make a trumpet, and shouted towards the ground.

    “Then let’s play with the children.” Adeline smiled and shook her head, turned into a spirit beast, and followed into the sky.

    Yan Yi: “What should I do?”

    Huo Hao: “What else can we do?”

    Louis: “His Highness and Mingyou…”

    Leon: “Let’s go together.”

    Ellie: “Brother, don’t become a muscular deer.”

    Li: “Hey…”

    Mingyou’s spirit beast partners flew into the sky under the blank guests present and the entire Star Alliance audience. They lined up in a circle, surrounding the black cat and Mingyou, and the abilities in their bodies resonated.

    Mingyou put his hand on the halo of the spirit beast master, and said with a big smile, “Come, come, let the entire Star Alliance see our most magnificent fireworks!”

    The black cat raised its head to the sky and roared, his wings straightened. The spirit beasts surrounding them followed suit, releasing their energy to the maximum. With Mingyou and the black cat as the core, the light blue heart power enveloped all the spirit beasts. All energy was merged into the same wave by the power of the heart. At this moment, they were connected.


    The starry sky exploded, but what was revealed was not the sunlight of daytime, but the iridescence of the sky. The entire sky was “dyed” by their abilities into a flowing rainbow-colored river, like the aurora at night. With these lights, even the sun was covered.


    The rainbow flowed, turning the scenery into night again, before fireworks bloomed again. Above Mingyou and his spirit beast partners’, the sky kept blooming. The light of the supernatural fireworks illuminated the guests and the audience in the live broadcast room. This was the happiest wedding ever.


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