After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 99

    “Have you heard?”

    “What did you hear? How do you know half of what you hear? Why don’t you just leave it here and play charades for me?”

    “Hey, the biggest news in this school, what else can it be? Mr. Mingyou is coming to give a lecture at the school… …What are you running for?!”

    “Grabbing a seat, goodbye!”

    “Hey, hey! Don’t sneak away!”

    Mingyou listened with pricked ears, and almost froze.

    His little black cat gloated over his head: “Didn’t you say you want to come to school? Are you happy?”

    Mingyou smiled bitterly: “I said I came to school to study, not to give lectures.”

    “Who else in this school can teach you? You can talk to them at most.” The little black cat flicked his tail, absolutely not admitting that he was intentionally taking revenge on Mingyou.

    Mingyu sighed. He had given lectures to the entire Star Alliance audience many times in the live broadcast room, but this was completely different from the lectures in reality, okay?

    “Wouldn’t it be the same if you put on holographic glasses?” The little black cat sneered, “A concert has already been held, what else is there to be afraid of?” Mingyou touched the full-coverage glasses on his eyes, thinking, that being said, he was still nervous.

    “Okay, it’s just an open class, why are you nervous, I’ll be with you.” The black cat’s tail patted Mingyou’s cheek, “Wearing your little cat hat, what else do you have to worry about?”

    Mingyou smiled wryly. Was it really okay for him to wear a little black cat hat in such a sacred place as the podium? Would the students’ attention be all attracted by the little black cat above his head, and they couldn’t hear what he was saying?

    The little black cat continued to gloat: “Then try to make the class more interesting and grab the students’ attention away from me.”

    Mingyou: “…I will try my best.” If Dahei grabbed all the attention, this would be too embarrassing for him.

    Mingyou was feeling melancholic, when the Dalan came over with a folder in his pocket: “Mingyou, why are you still hiding here? It’s time to go to the auditorium to check the equipment.” 

Mingyou threw himself on the blue seal, hanging on and wailing on his neck: “I’m nervous! Dahei is bullying me!”

    The blue seal couldn’t laugh or cry: “His Highness said that you wanted to give a lecture, didn’t you?” His Highness wouldn’t force Mingyou to do something, right? So when His Highness said to surprise Mingyou, they had no doubts at all.

    Mingyou faltered and said: “I did say that I wanted to come to the school to see, but I never thought about giving lectures.” He entered university once, skipped all the courses and exams, and didn’t even know what would be delayed until graduation. How could such a college student give lectures to the teachers and students of the whole school?

    “Ah, graduated, you graduated a long time ago.” The little black cat licked his paws, and smiled strangely while washing his face, “You don’t know?”

    Mingyou was stunned: “What don’t I know?”

    Xiaotian came out and showed Mingyou’s “profile”.

    Mingyou looked at his series of degree titles, and his soul almost came out of his mouth. When did he graduate with a doctorate? And a multidisciplinary PhD? Not even an honorary doctor? Even if they wanted to award him a doctorate, it should be an honorary one, right? How is a formal degree? Mingyou clicked on his doctoral dissertation…these dissertations were indeed published by him. But his publication of the thesis had nothing to do with a graduation thesis.

    Mingyou checked his thesis, it seemed that every time he published a thesis, his degree would be promoted once. When there was no room for promotion, expand horizontally and obtain degrees from other majors or other schools. As for those various scientific awards, there were countless.

    What made Mingyou the most embarrassed was that he had never heard of his award-winning speeches. This was almost the same as “Mingyou’s Quotations”, it was completely a character that his partners helped shape.

    Thinking about it this way, he looked a bit like an idol from a previous life? The personality of a person was created by the “team” for him? However, the persona “created” by his team was very close to him. He himself also communicated directly with the audience face-to-face during the live broadcasts. There was no such thing as a superficial face or a hidden one, and there was no “collapse of personality”.

    The audience even thought that Mingyou’s “personality” in the live broadcast room was much better than that portrayed in the news. Mingyou in the news was a research idiot, he was afraid of being small and pitiful, and always gave people a feeling of timidity and affection.

    And Mingyou in the live broadcast room… Cough, a little arrogant, dark-bellied and violent. Mingyou firmly refused to admit this after reading the audience’s comments. Although he was not a pitiful figure, he was definitely not a bad person. How could he, Mingyou, be a bad person?

    “It’s… really amazing.” Mingyou looked at his title and sincerely admired it.

    The little black cat on top of his head kept hitting Mingyou’s head with his little claws, and he almost laughed out loud. The blue seal showed a helpless smile. In fact, they wanted to surprise Mingyou at the beginning. But then, everyone forgot about it. For academic matters, they entrusted Old Neil to help them.

    On the grounds of social fear, Mingyou did not participate in any real award ceremony or degree presentation ceremony. The words of thanks were all synthesized by Xiaotian according to Mingyou’s tone, and then His Royal Highness Arthur revised and confirmed them. It was impossible for a collapsed personality, at most there was a little bit of private goods.

    “With your current status in the academic world, you are only giving lectures to universities. Don’t be nervous, just treat it as a lecture in a live broadcast room.” Dalan comforted.

    Mingyou lazily nodded, and the little black cat on his head followed Mingyou’s nod and flicked his tail, laughing and almost twitching. It was rare for Mingyou to have the evil idea of ​​throwing the little black cat on the ground and walking away by himself.

    Make you laugh! Make you laugh! I lost it! But Mingyou just thought about it in his head, he was really reluctant to let him lose it. Mingyou actually came to give lectures in a real school for the first time, and his fanboys and girls went crazy.

    The media analyzed it for a long time, and finally came to the conclusion that Mingyou’s social fear has almost recovered. This was a signal that Mingyou will appear frequently in front of the public.

    Of course, later developments proved that the media’s analysis was a piece of bullshit. After Mingyou finished his lecture, he retreated back to No. 1 Rehabilitation Star, happily living his small life isolated from the world except for the Internet.

    But now, many people believed Mingyou’s nonsense. In order to get first-hand information as soon as possible, many people wanted to sneak into Mingyou’s public class.

    However, in this kind of on-campus open class, all those who attended the class must show their student or faculty ID card, and even the media could only guard outside, and outsiders cannot come in. They could only hope that their own children in school could grab tickets to the class.

    Students majoring in psychics and beasts were all forced to attend this open class, which counted as compulsory course credits. Even if they could be replaced by others, there were no students majoring in spirit beasts who did not regard Mingyou as their idol. The students who studied at the Star Alliance Central Military Academy were either not short of money, or they were very capable, and they didn’t think that others “buy” their status. For a little money, they are more willing to get close to idols.

    Students of other majors may “exchange” identities with outsiders for the sake of money. For the sake of safety, the school strictly cracked down on this kind of behavior. Once discovered, the student status will be canceled. But there were still people who took chances.

    Then, they saw Xiaotian floating in mid-air at the card swiping area at the door, smiling sarcastically at them. Next to Xiaotian, the younger deer sister rarely showed her body as a muscular deer, and her older brother, who was also buff, hugged their hooves and stood on both sides of the card swiping counter, sizing up the students who entered and the media gathered outside with unfriendly eyes.

    “As for that? Let the ten heroes and the most advanced AI of our Star Alliance guard the gate?” A small reporter was surprised.

    The old reporter gave him a blank look, and said, “Mr. Mingyou is the one who is giving the lecture. Do you think it’s too much?”

Assassination? They were afraid that the stunned young man with no IQ would do something irreversible. Even if fools and idiots couldn’t hurt Mr. Mingyou and frighten him, the people of the entire Star Alliance would feel sorry for them.

    “Is there really someone who wants to sneak in?” Kerry snorted coldly.

    Ellie said: “If you don’t break in, don’t worry about it.”     

    Xiaotian said: “Then if you have a fluke mentality and want to barge in on us three door guards? His smile frightened some reporters to lower their cameras. The murderous aura of the ten heroes was astonishing, worthy of being a hero on the battlefield.

    Mingyou had come to the podium and was adjusting his holographic glasses. He wanted to try today, whether he could finish this class without turning on the “cute” mode of the glasses. For this reason, only one little black cat may not be able to appease him.

    Mingyou now wore a little black cat hat, a little gray wolf on his left shoulder, and a little red fox on his right shoulder. On the podium was a little white bear that looked like a doll to help him adjust the equipment, and a big yellow monkey was also under the podium, helping him move the equipment.

    The other partners, except Adeline who took care of the children at home, were scattered all over the campus, some handled media affairs, some were in charge of receiving school leaders, and some were in charge of peripheral security. It was Mingyou’s first time giving a lecture on campus, not to mention his partners were very nervous, and other spirit beasts of the Star Alliance were also worried.

    Some “freelance” spirit beasts had spontaneously come to the capital of the Star Alliance, guarding the campus just in case. The concentration of spirit beasts in the Star Alliance was too high, scaring some people who were sensitive to supernatural powers—yes, those poor, weak and helpless S-level supernatural beings were trembling.

    “The capital star is really scary.” The shop owner who had met Mingyou once wiped his cold sweat, “Son, how many have you beaten?” 

The corner of the badger’s mouth twitched slightly: “Father, please don’t say things like that. Which spirit beast dares to fight on the capital? Are you not afraid of a big cat spirit beast rushing out from the streets and alleys anytime and anywhere to beat you?”

    The capital star was the territory of the big cat family. Big cats can coexist with each other, but it doesn’t mean that other spirit beasts dared not to run wild on their territory.

    The store owner immediately stood up straight and covered his mouth with his hands. He didn’t say anything! The spirit beasts must have heard nothing!

    The badger smiled wryly. His father was so cheap, he had already been locked and warned several times. But he was not a bad person, just like other spirit beasts, he simply came to “pilgrimage” with a good heart, and it doesn’t matter if it bothered other people.

    “Xiaoshu, go to class quickly, mom is just wandering around in the school.” A middle-aged woman with a somewhat sad face smiled cautiously at Heshu, “Mom has navigation on her body, she won’t get lost.”

    He Shu hesitated and said: “Why don’t I go, I will accompany you.”

    The middle-aged woman immediately shook her head: “No, I must go, this is your brother… your idol’s first public class, you have already got the class coupons, you must go. It’s okay,, trust me.”

    “Young master, go to class quickly. I will accompany my wife.” A butler-like human said.

    He Shu nodded, looking back at his mother while walking. Under Tan Chenxi’s guidance, He Shu broke through the bottleneck ahead of time and became a spirit beast. After that, He Shu took the self-enrollment examination, and was admitted to the Combat Department of the Star Alliance Central Military Academy with excellent results. He became a descendant of Tan Chenxi and Mingyou, and fulfilled his first dream.

    Tan Chenxi gave him the lesson voucher. Only then did he know that the couple who he met by chance were actually His Royal Highness Prince Arthur and Mr. Mingyou. Mr. Mingyou had a good impression of him, and specially asked Tan Chenxi to take care of him.

    He Shu rubbed his water-blue hair in annoyance. Although he knew that Mr. Mingyou was his elder brother, Mr. Mingyou was Mr. Mingyou. He could not change this honorific name, and it was impossible for him to establish a good private relationship with Mr. Mingyou as his mother hoped.

    He Shu understood that the family had completely severed ties with the Tan family and his mother’s natal family. In order to bid farewell to the past, his mother even sold all their assets and came to settle in the central star area of ​​the Star Alliance. So his mother wanted him to have a good relationship with Mr. Mingyou, which had nothing to do with the family, but just hoped that he would have a smoother future.

    But…how could it be possible to get in touch with Mr. Mingyou under the protection of His Royal Highness and the Ten Heroes? He was not Brother Chenxi’s roommate. He would be lucky if he could run into Mr. Mingyou for the second time.

    He Shu found his place, sat down, spread out his notebook, and prepared to take notes while listening to the class. Regarding the matter of Sky Blue Star, public opinion focused on the fake. The privacy of these “illegitimate children” was well protected. In addition, after he became a spirit beast, his appearance changed a little, and no one knew him.

    Although his spirit beast form was still an alpaca, alpaca spirit beasts were not uncommon. As long as he didn’t mention his origin, no one would know that he was related to the Tan family. Therefore, the media outside the auditorium and the alumni in the classroom did not notice him.

    But Mingyou already knew of his existence. “That’s Xiaoshu, right?” Mingyou hid behind the curtain and pointed at He Shu, “His hair is bluer, and like Di Li, he is also a straight-haired alpaca!” 

The little black cat complained: “Can you think like a normal person, don’t just imagine the appearance of other people’s spirit beasts when you see people? Please evaluate your half-brother from a human perspective?” 

Mingyou thought for a while, and said: ” Not as handsome as me.”

    Little Black Cat: “…” Sometimes, he was really shocked by Mingyou’s self-confidence.

    “Our family is filled with academic masters.” Mingyou said with a smile, “I heard him say that he transferred to a high school, and thought he was transferred to a school in the Star Alliance. I didn’t expect him to be admitted to university directly. I heard from Brother Chenxi that Xiaoshu is a high school student. He came in with his own strength, and no one opened the back door for him.”

    The little black cat had paid attention to He Shu’s exams, and he nodded and said: “This kid’s combat ability is a bit weak, but his theoretical knowledge is very solid. I suggest that he minor in a little bit of magic cultivation.”

    “Is it the same as Brother Chenxi?” Mingyou said, “Brother Chenxi said that he was sure to pass the first soul beast cultivator qualification exam. Could it be that our family has the talent of a spirit beast cultivator? I inherited it?”

    The little black cat looked shocked, and slapped Mingyou hard with his tail.

    Shut up Mingyou! Stupid! How do you inherit it? Void Inheritance! Tan Chenxi was born earlier than him!

    Mingyou babbled nonsense to the little black cat, and finally relaxed a lot from his nervousness. He took a few deep breaths, and walked to the podium with his three fluffy companions. “Hi everyone, I’m Mingyou.”

    Mingyou appeared in class. The people under the podium looked at Mingyou with piercing eyes. Although they have met Mingyou many times in the live broadcast, the feeling of seeing Mingyou in reality was completely different.

    Mingyou was a bit reserved, not as relaxed as in the live broadcast room. But he doesn’t wear holographic glasses, and seems to be facing them directly. This has probably proved that Mingyou’s social fear is much better, right?

    Everyone here knew Mingyou’s life experience and his experience of being mentally abused. Before meeting His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, most of Mingyou’s life fragments were gray and black, with only a little bit of colored light, which was also submerged in natural disasters.

    The planet of the spirit beast masters, no one knows how it disappeared. They could only glimpse the life fragments of the geniuses with different personalities on the planet from the cultural works that Mingyou produced. Now, every film and television work that flowed out of Mingyou’s hands was something that the audience had been looking forward to. They could quarrel for days and nights over which work should be released first.

    Mingyou said that those works were not created by him, they were all created by other people on the planet of the spirit beast master. Perhaps the planet of spirit beast masters is not guessed by the outside world, but just a research base for spirit beasts. Perhaps it was a livable planet with a long cultural heritage and complete ecology and culture. If so, then its destruction was even more heartbreaking.

    The teachers and students in the audience wandered away for a while, and were soon attracted by the knowledge that Mingyou narrated. Mingyou often gave lectures in the live broadcast room. He was very good at starting from everyday interesting things and expounding more advanced knowledge. Those who could understand would learn knowledge from it, and those who didn’t understand could also listen to the fun and learn some basic common sense.

    Mingyou was currently the only spirit beast master of the Star Alliance, and when he talked about some theoretical courses, he could also demonstrate them in person. Compared with other teachers who could only use book knowledge to explain, Mingyou’s lectures were obviously more convincing.

    “Come on, Dahei, let’s demonstrate emotional resonance.”

    “Dahong, let’s show you how a spirit beast master can amplify the power of a spirit beast.”

    “Dahui, show everyone your new form. There are many types of evolution.”

    “Dabai, freeze Dahuang.”

    Dahuang: “???” Why do you want to persecute me? Can’t you persecute His Highness?

    The teachers and students in the audience laughed.

    After Mingyou’s lecture gradually improved, he gradually returned to the state when he was lecturing in the live broadcast room, and his expression and tone were much more relaxed. The teachers and students in the audience also seemed to have come to the live broadcast room, and their unfamiliarity with Mingyou gradually disappeared.

    “That’s the end of today’s lesson.” Mingyou said with a smile, “We human beings have very strong willpower. The power of will is actually the power of emotion. The power of emotion is not a talent of the chosen ones. Everyone has the power of emotion. The only difference is the sensitivity to this power.”

    “Even if we can’t control it freely, our own willpower can do a lot of things. I think you have seen a lot in the news. For example, the careful care of relatives and friends of a spirit beast can be turned into ‘food’, allowing the spirit beast to tide over the difficulties in their darkest moment.” 

    “It can be said that when the spirit beast science is completely stagnant, most of them were not in too bad condition, except that there was no war to consume their energy intensively, and the meticulous care of their close people will also be turned into energy to nourish their bodies.” 

“The First Military Academy of the Star Alliance has many students who come here to study, have already come into contact with spirit beasts, or they themselves are spirit beasts.”

    “Go and create your bonds. Relatives, lovers, friends, and the strongest comrades-in-arms bonds in the army. These bonds are the gold finger that creates miracles.”

    “The future of the Star Alliance will be written by you.”

    After Mingyou finished the lecture, he couldn’t help but hit the second one. The teachers and students followed suit, but some people made complaints about it online.

    “What about the future of the Star Alliance? Mr. Mingyou himself is younger than most of the people here, okay? The future of the Star Alliance lies with Mr. Mingyou, and the spirit beast partners on Mr. Mingyou’s body.

    “That’s right, Mingyou, how old are you? Is it okay to be so old-fashioned? Speaking of which, His Highness is not very old. We, the Star Alliance, are really young heroes.”

    “Shouldn’t it be said that the middle-aged and elderly people in the past should be ashamed to let a group of children shoulder the burden of the Star Alliance in advance?” Some people complained angrily. This complaint was also very reasonable. Netizens who ate melons began to stand in line and quarrel over this matter, and the Internet was in a mess.

    In Mingyou’s eyes, it was a peaceful atmosphere. Netizens could argue about very boring things, which showed that the Star League was very peaceful, and everyone’s life was pretty good, wasn’t it?

    “Then are you going to give lectures at all the high schools of the Star Alliance?” Arthur asked.

    Mingyou knelt down on the sofa with a plop, put his hands on his knees, lowered his head and said in panic, “Dahei, what did I do wrong? I repent and I will correct it.” He was taken aback.

    Ever since His Highness and Mingyou argued, Mingyou had to kneel on the sofa once every three days, and face the wall to think twice or three times a month. They were used to it.

    Most of the time, His Royal Highness Arthur didn’t need to say anything, just a look, and Mingyou went to reflect on himself, his desire to survive was astonishingly strong. But… he has such a strong desire to survive, why never change! Just admit your mistake sincerely and never change? Sometimes, they really felt sorry for His Highness.

    “Get up.” Arthur pulled Mingyou up from the sofa, “I didn’t punish you, I just asked if you want to give lectures? Many colleges and universities have sent invitations.” Mingyou shook his head until he couldn’t see his facial features. The frequency of his shaking his head made people worry that he might shake himself into a concussion.

    “Isn’t it good this time?” Arthur asked, “This public class works well, I thought you were not afraid anymore.” 

    Mingyou continued to shake his head until Arthur stretched out his hands to hold his head down: “No, no, I get carried away while I’m talking, and then I say embarrassing things.”

    The lecture was good at first, but Mingyou was full of enthusiasm, and at the end he said a lot of words about second grade, which aroused heated discussions on the Internet. That night, Mingyou was so embarrassed that he hugged the black cat pillow and rolled around, wishing he could dig a gap in the big black cat’s fur and get in.

    Dahei: “???” Don’t persecute me!

    “It’s very inspiring, and it’s not embarrassing.” Arthur often said something about the second grade, but he didn’t find anything wrong with Mingyou’s words.

    Mingyou continued to shake his head, Arthur held down his head, but he could still shake his head vigorously. No, no, it’s too embarrassing, it will become black history.

    Arthur sighed, not forcing Mingyou anymore. Perhaps the dose was too much this time. Wait for Mingyou to forget the embarrassment of the sudden announcement in this public class, and then arrange the next time. As a result, Arthur rejected all the school’s lecture invitations for Mingyou, and Mingyou retreated for research again, and the media all felt pain in the face.

    It was agreed that this was a signal that Mr. Mingyou has officially stepped on the political (?) stage? As a result, Mr. Mingyou simply came out to give a lecture, and then withdrew to the No. 1 healing star?

    Can he stop being so cowardly and confront those politicians? Even Prince Arthur has started to take care of his health, they are really not used to it. They were all young people, and the future of the Star Alliance was theirs. How can he live a retirement life in advance?

    Mingyou shook his head wildly in the live broadcast room: “No, no, I can’t, I can’t, this time I didn’t want to come, it was Dahei who hurt me.”

    “I made Dahei angry again, Dahei deliberately tormented me!”

    “Dahei is a bad big cat! Every time he gets angry, he will think of ways to make trouble!”

    The audience was struck speechless. That… Mr. Mingyou, do you remember that you have a very, very cute little black cat hat on your head? Now the tail of your little black cat hat has turned into a propeller.

    Oops! The propeller actually flew out! The audience watched in shock as His Majesty the little black cat’s propeller tail flew out and lifted off on the spot. This, this, this…Your Highness, your tail fell off! Your tail flew away!

    After being reminded by the audience, the little black cat turned around in a daze. There was no tail. Where was his tail? He looked up. The propeller tail was still spinning above the head, and the wheezing was particularly vigorous.

    The little black cat was silent. Oops, he trained too many clones recently, and launched his tail unconsciously. Come back, come back. The tail obediently returned back to the little black cat.

    The audience breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that His Highness was fine, but the pure tail had its own consciousness (?) and flew away by itself (?). Does the cat’s tail really have a mind of its own?

    Mingyou said with a smile: “Dahei, show them a kitten.”

    The little black cat glanced down, and thought, I will show you a big cat right now, from a little cat to a big black cat and crush you to death. Even though he thought so, the little black cat turned out his six kitten balls, bouncing around and making the audience look cute.

    Now the kitten ball was much bigger than before, and had grown a pair of short legs and a small tail, like a creature in a fairy tale, no need to hop around. It’s just that the short legs were hidden in the fur, and one can’t see them unless they look carefully. As a result, when they ran around on the ground, they seemed to be sliding, which was very funny.

    The audience held their faces together, looking at His Highness the little black cat, and the cuteness doubled. The audience with spirit beasts had already grabbed the tail of the spirit beast beside them, come on, come on, you can change into one for me too!

    That’s what the old dean said to Anthony the big white tiger. The big white tiger pulled his tail out of the old dean’s hand, and pushed the old dean backwards with one paw.

    The old dean sighed and said: “You still couldn’t move before, so it’s cuter when I pet you.” 

    The white tiger roared fiercely: “Get out!”

    The old dean raised his eyebrows, hugged the white tiger’s belly, and rolled the tiger away. After a circle: “Get out.”

    White Tiger: “…” When the live broadcast is over, I will kill you! Now I want to watch the live broadcast!

    The old dean smiled and leaned on his white tiger: “Arthur is really powerful. He is really lucky to meet Mingyou.”

    The white tiger snorted coldly and nodded its head. That little black cat was really lucky. Was it true that the little black cat himself said that he was the destined protagonist? Too ridiculous?

    “Mingyou is also very lucky to meet Arthur.” The old dean said again. He now knew that the planet of spirit beast masters did not exist, and Mingyou’s knowledge came from his previous life.

    In other words, in Mingyou’s childhood, no spirit beast master extended a helping hand to him. Fortunately, Mingyou met Arthur when his mind was broken. Only then would Arthur would trust a person whom he met for the first time with all his heart.

    If it was them, even if they knew that Mingyou was pure-minded, they would be cautious and would try every means first. At that time, Mingyou probably couldn’t bear the pressure of their temptation. Maybe they would cause an irreparable tragedy.

    “The current Mingyou had not completely come out of the shadow of the past. But I believe that Arthur will give him complete happiness.” The words of the old dean were expectations and blessings.

    “The wedding is finally going to be held.” It was rare for Xianluo to become a human. Since becoming a little fox can be willful, he seldom turned human. Because after becoming a human, he would unconsciously change back to an elegant appearance, which was very tiring.

    But this time he wanted to be the best man and bridesmaid, he can only become human. Apparently, the proposal to marry His Majesty the Black Cat to Mingyou was rejected. Not to mention Arthur, Mingyou didn’t want to marry “Dahei”.

    At this time, he still hopes to walk into the wedding hall hand in hand with “people”. Mingyou tried very hard to get out of the life of only spirit beasts. First of all, he fell in love with Dahei in human form.

    “Process, checklist, media…” Herman babbled, with a look of nervous breakdown, Yan Yi couldn’t help but rub his forehead. Could the stupid polar bear stop being so nervous, it made him nervous too.

    Gungun, who was finally able to become a human, grabbed Mingyou’s clothes and looked around. Gungun was almost two years old. He walked steadily and could speak clearly. Compared with ordinary children, he was born with a spirit beast, his IQ was higher, and he behaved much more maturely than ordinary children of the same age. It’s just that he hadn’t learned to “shield” other people’s emotional fluctuations. If someone with malicious intent approaches, he would instinctively be alert.

    In order to make Gungun feel more at ease, his spirit beast parents helped him stack layers of protective shields of heart power, so that he would be as ignorant of the oncoming malice as an ordinary child. Ignorance was often a kind of happiness.

    “Go and see your grandparents.” Mingyou encouraged, “Don’t worry, we’ve always been here.”

    Gungun nodded. He let go of the chubby hand that was holding Mingyou’s clothes tightly, and a pair of short legs wobbled towards his grandparents who were looking at him. The grandparents quickly surrounded Gungun and greeted him with greetings. With an embarrassed smile, Gungun took out candy from his pocket and gave it to his grandparents.

    Although he doesn’t know what to say to his grandparents, as long as he gives them his favorite food, they will know that he likes them too. This was what Dahei taught him. The grandparents really burst into laughter, holding up the candies given to them like holding a treasure, reluctant to peel off the candy wrappers.

    Mingyou looked at the harmonious scene between the four old people and Gungun, and bumped Arthur who was beside him with his elbow: “Gungun is so well raised by us!”

    Arthur was speechless. He thought Mingyou was going to tell him that he was a little jealous seeing Gungun getting along so well with his grandparents. In the end, Mingyou boasted in another way.

    “Hey, who is that golden brown bear?” Mingyou’s eyes lit up.

    Arthur followed Mingyou’s line of sight, and saw a silly brown bear huddled in a corner, at a loss, with a very stupid expression. The overall color of this brown bear was yellowish brown, but the color at the tips of the fur was lighter, as if it was covered with a layer of golden tulle. It felt good to look at it, no wonder Mingyou’s eyes suddenly became so bright.

    Arthur, whose fur was black and unable to shine golden, said sourly: “Ian Duran. Heman’s stupid brother, the one who brought you to the nursing home and almost scared you to tears.” 

Mingyou: “I almost didn’t cry because of him, I was just frightened by you.” Recalling that time, when he turned his head and saw a big black tiger, he was just frightened to tears instead of fainting in fright, he really admired his courage.

    When some people are extremely angry, they don’t cry or make trouble and are calm and composed. Seeing a tiger is like a slide; but most of them are like Mingyou, paralyzed with fright on the spot.

    Arthur lifted his chin and glanced at Mingyou out of the corner of his eye. Mingyou immediately changed his words: “It’s all the brown bear’s fault! If he didn’t scare me, saying that there are beasts invading, I would never have been scared!”

    Arthur was amused by Mingyou: “Okay, stop playing tricks, IIf you want to pet him, just say so. He is Herman’s younger brother, you can pet as you like.”

    Mingyou twitched: “Let Dabai introduce him to me.”

    “I think Herman may not be in the mood to introduce you now.” Arthur said helplessly, “He is overly nervous now.”

    Mingyou scratched his head. Seems like this? He and Arthur were not in a hurry, so they understand why they are in a hurry.

    “Don’t scratch your head! The hairstyle has just been done!” Herman screamed loudly, making Mingyou tremble with fright.

    He put down his hand obediently, and said embarrassingly, “I’d better stop petting the brown bear. If I mess up my clothes or hair, Dabai will go crazy.” Arthur nodded, it was indeed possible.

    The poor brown bear continued to shiver in the corner. I “bullied” Mingyou before, what if Mingyou remembers me? I will be beaten, I will be beaten. How can I minimize my sense of presence QAQ?


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