After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 98

    Arthur shut himself up. He finally shut himself up. When he was silent, three kitten balls were bouncing around in front of his nose, trying to make poor Arthur lose face.

    “Cats and tails are two different creatures. It turns out that this is true.” Old Neil laughed, and tried to reach out his hand to touch Arthur’s round and fluffy behind.

    Dahei turned his head and roared! Didn’t know that a liger’s behind can’t be touched!

    “Come on, let me check.” The researchers all showed wretched expressions.

    Arthur struggled wildly, Mingyou hugged his head: “It’s just a physical examination, don’t make trouble.”

    Arthur QAQ: Your husband was molested, you still say this? Am I still your favorite big black cat? !

    “Yes, yes, yes.” Mingyou appeased, while winking at the researchers. Hurry up, hurry up, while he comforted Dahei, hurry up and check his back!

    The researchers rushed forward and covered poor Arthur with inspection instruments. Arthur whined and almost spread his wings and flew away, but Mingyou caught his wings.

    “Quiet, quiet, don’t you want your tail to come back sooner?” Mingyou grabbed Arthur’s wings as if holding a pair of chicken wings, “If you make trouble again, I’ll anesthetize you! “

    Arthur (:з”∠)_. I am a poor tiger who was betrayed by my partner. I have lost my dreams, my future and my courage to live.

    The three kittens jumped onto Arthur’s limp body, meowing happily and non-stop. The researchers present couldn’t help showing kind smiles. Hey, these three little cats really seemed to be the children of His Royal Highness Arthur, so cute.

    “Don’t make trouble.” Mingyou said, “Be good.” The three kittens were stacked on top of each other, and they leaned against Arthur’s head and fell silent.

    Arthur gave the three kittens a hard look. You are my tail! How come you never listen to me! Mingyou touched Arthur’s drooping ears to comfort his poor partner.

    In his previous life, he had seen many shows with cats, and many cats could do that by turning their tails into kitten balls. But even if other cat demons turned their tails into kittens, their own tails still existed.

    Unlike the poor Dahei, his tail disappeared, leaving only a round behind. Although according to the conservation of energy, the tail should indeed disappear if three kitten balls were to be transformed…

    Although the researchers were holding back their laughter, they did not delay careful inspection. Dahei’s state was indeed fine, he couldn’t control the tail because the current energy fluctuation of the tail was different from his own.

    “Sure enough, all the energy fluctuations of Dahei must be adjusted to the same frequency as the kitten to control them.” Mingyou made this hypothesis after many days of observation, and now the results of experiments and inspections have confirmed this inference. Energy fluctuations, in addition to abilities, also had emotional and spiritual power.

    Needless to say, Arthur and the kitten balls belonged to the same energy body, the fluctuation of the ability must be consistent, and the mental power was also easy to unify. Now Arthur and the kittens couldn’t be integrated, the only reason was that the emotional power was not unified.

    “To put it simply, the cat’s tail has its own consciousness, so it doesn’t want to go back to His Highness?” Old Neil couldn’t help itching his hands as he looked at the big cat. Arthur turned his head and kept warning Old Neil with his death glare.

    Mingyou kneaded the kitten’s foreheads with his fingers: “It’s not just that. Dahei doesn’t regard the kittens as part of his body. His instinct is to reject them.”

    Arthur hurriedly said: “I don’t!”

    Mingyou patted him on the head: “You have.”

    Arthur turned his head.

    Mingyou hugged the cat’s head and rubbed it: “Okay, okay, I know, you hate people saying that you have a cub. These are not cubs, this is your avatar. Didn’t you practice this before? Now you finally have results. You should be happy.”

    “They are not my clones, and they don’t listen to me at all.” As soon as Arthur finished speaking, the kitten ball hit his nose.

    Hit, bounce off; then repeat. Mingyou was so affected by the cuteness that he immediately moved them into his arms.

    “The kittens’ personality is similar to yours. If you repel them, they will ignore you.” Mingyou moved aside and said, “Dahei, be more mature.”

    Arthur let out a series of growls . In the “ears” of Mingyou, who could communicate with him telepathically, there were a series of garbled characters.

    The researchers looked at each other with smiles in their eyes. His Royal Highness Prince Arthur had always been majestic, serious and reliable in front of outsiders, but only in front of Mingyou, could they see the young side of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur. His Royal Highness was still just a child.

    Mingyou continued to slap Arthur on the forehead: “Dahei! Take heart! After developing the avatar, once you throw out some fur, do you feel uncomfortable that there will be a company of big black cats fighting for you?”

    Arthur fell into deep thought. It’s cool, but when the kitty ball appeared, he discovered a fatal problem – for most people, the person who had the worst compatibility with him was himself. Who can stand that broken personality? What? That’s my character? I @#*&¥&! ! !

    Arthur stared at kitten balls in disgust, and their eyes also stared at Dahei in disgust. Dislike! Despise! Arthur’s heart was filled with an unknown fire, and he really wanted to smash the kitten with his paw. The kitten ball jumped back and forth in front of Arthur. If he can’t shoot, you can’t shoot, you will be maddened to death!

    “Wow!” Arthur covered his eyes with his two paws, trying to escape from reality.

    Mingyou almost burst out laughing. Why was his Dahei so cute? Hahahahahaha. “I’ll help you.” Mingyou put his hand on Arthur’s head, “Let’s discover their cuteness together hahahaha.”

    Arthur felt resentment. How did he end up in this situation! The general fell and was being bullied by him? Kill you! Woohoo!

    Mingyou’s palm was bitten, and he was still laughing. Arthur spat out Mingyou’s palm in distaste, then hesitated for a while, then leaned forward again, sticking out his tongue to lick the place he had bitten.

    Researchers: “…” Can they stop showing affection during the physical examination? Can they show off when there are single people nearby? Some single researchers who devoted their lives to science and spirit beasts were lost in thought.

    “In short, now we want to cultivate a tacit understanding between His Highness and Kitty Ball?” The polar bear pressed his forehead, feeling pain in his head.

    Mingyou named them Black Ball, but everyone still called them Kitten Ball. Because otherwise the kittens ignored them.

    “Yes.” Mingyou raised his arms sideways, and the three kitten balls immediately jumped onto Mingyou’s hands and head respectively, “The kitten balls have a good understanding with each other.”

   The little red fox laughed on the ground Rolling: “Mingyou, are you doing acrobatics?”

    “Hey!” Mingyou smiled and threw up the kitten ball in both hands.

    “Meow!” I was thrown over there!

    “Wow!” I was caught!

    “Woo meow!” I was thrown over again!

    The red fox took the lead in applauding: “Amazing! Can you throw His Highness too?”

    Mingyou threw the kitten ball, and at the same time cast his eyes on the little black cat squatting on top of the polar bear’s head: “Dahei, come on! Let ‘s go together.”

    Arthur the cat turned his head in disdain. Mingyou stopped tossing the cat balls, took all of them into his arms, hugged them and said, “It’s just training for coordination, don’t reject it. Don’t you want to grow your tail back sooner?”

    Arthur flattened his ears, aggrieved. He hesitated and jumped off the top of the polar bear, and looked at the three kitten balls in Mingyou’s arms with scrutiny. Arthur was very small in size, and liked to become palm-sized every day, which was about the same size as three kitten balls. The three kitten balls looked at each other, jumped to the ground and squeezed the little black cat in the middle.

    Arthur: “???” What are you doing! Squeeze me to death!

    “They still like you very much.” Mingyou squatted on the ground and said, “How could you not like yourself?”

    Arthur: Yes, of course I like myself. But I don’t want to see another me.

    But we are not another you. The kitten balls’ eyes flashed, and they surrounded the little black cat, bouncing up and down on the ground, a dance that others couldn’t understand, just like offering sacrifices.

    “They seem to be offering His Highness as a sacrifice to the gods.” The little panda mumbled.




    The kittens circled happily, forming an energy vortex. The little black cat stood in the middle of the kitten ball with a desolate expression.

    “Kitty Ball has taken the initiative to resonate with your energy, Dahei, stop losing your temper.” Mingyou urged. The little black cat glanced at Mingyou resentfully.

    Mingyou continued to urge: “They are you, you must know how to resonate with energy, right?” 

   The little black cat glanced at Mingyou resentfully. Know. I know, I know, but…

    “Dahei!” Mingyu held his breath.

    The little black cat raised his front paws, took a step to the left, twisted, took a step to the right, and twisted.

    Mingyou gasped, almost choking. Seaweed, drifting with the waves. Mingyou once taught the little black cat this dance, but he refused to obey. But now, his “ceremony” that boosted energy resonance was actually the cat seaweed dance.

    This was not a dance where a person squeezed a cat’s hand and forced them to dance. It was a little black cat with flattened ears, standing upright by himself, waving its small paws, twisting left and right. Seaweed, dancing in the waves.

    Xiaotian raised the camera. The fluffy subordinates frantically took pictures. Mingyou smiled. It turned out that Dahei really wanted to dance the seaweed dance, but he was embarrassed to do it because of face.




   The three kittens squinted with laughter, and jumped around in circles following the rhythm of the singing and the little black cat’s twisting. The energy vortex gathered above the little black cat’s head, crackling, exploding into little flowers one after another.

    The little flowers blurred the little black cat dancing the seaweed dance. With flower background and explosion sound effects, the little black cat dancing seaweed dance, even his fluffy subordinates couldn’t help covering their chests.

    The little panda was holding a heart, and said with a distorted expression: “This time, I, Huo Ritian, lost. Damn! How can he be so cute, I want to learn!”

   The purple horse glanced at the little panda, stretched out his hoof to comb the mane on the top of the head. Haven’t you lost many times since you were born?

    Gungun was originally lying in Adeline’s pouch, but a round little bear poked his head out of the pouch, secretly watching the little black cat get angry. After the little black cat started dancing, Gungun became restless. He crawled out of Daqing’s pouch, floated in mid-air, and swam towards the little black cat with his four little paws, as if swimming.

    Mingyou reached out and “caught” Gungun, who was struggling to swim in the air, into his arms.

    “Hmmmm!” He wants to jump too! Rolling and twisting.

    Mingyou smiled and said: “Okay, but don’t disturb Dahei, you can dance right here.”

    Gungun nodded his chubby little bear’s head vigorously, and his little ears slapped. Mingyou put Gungun on the ground, Gungun tried to stand up, fell to the ground, stood up again, fell to the ground again.

    Stand, can’t stand up~>_<~! Gungun tried his best to stretch out his little claws, and supported Mingyou’s knees who were sitting cross-legged on the ground. Using this as a support, he finally stood up straight.

    Jump, dance! I twist…twist…QAQ fell again…

    “Take your time, take your time, Gungun is still a baby, it’s normal to not be able to stand up, the road has to be walked step by step.” Mingyou supported the frustrated Gungun with both hands, “Come on, try again.” Raise the claws flat, twist, twist, twist. You can dance now! Dance with Dahei!




    Gungun joined in the dance, making the kitty balls even happier. While they were bouncing around the little black cat, they also began to spin and dance in place. They jumped, twirled, closed my eyes, and la la la la.

    The little black cat seemed to be infected by the kitten ball and rolling joy, the expression on his face was not so unwilling, and the cat ears on the top of his head were also lifted.

    He jumped, twirled and closed his eyes. What kind of seaweed dance, come, watch him take a skywalk. Skywalking was nothing, he can also zombie dance. La la la, meow meow, he was the prettiest cat on the dance floor.

    “Hmph.” The little red fox got up from the ground and flicked his tail. Your Highness, you are very arrogant, aren’t you? The strongest dancer in the Star Alliance was still silent here. Do you want them to compare?

    The little black cat squinted. Just compare, afraid you won’t succeed? The little red fox got angry, and immediately came up with a set of difficult dance moves.

    Dabai calmly took out a guitar from the space backpack, Dahui sighed, and also took out a second guitar from the space backpack. Mingyou took out a suona from his backpack. Mingyou was stared at. Mingyou retracted the suona and took out a third guitar.

    The three guitars played in an ensemble, and the others beat the time with their hands, watching the little black cat and the little red fox fight dance. Panting out of breath, Gungun stopped and lay on Mingyou’s lap, his little head kept clicking along with the rhythm.

    The energy vortex became bigger and bigger, and the kitten balls were sucked into the energy vortex, turning into light spots and pouring into the little black cat’s body. With a “puchi”, a long cat tail emerged from behind the little black cat.

    “Hey! My tail is back!” The little black cat hugged his tail, smiling like a silly cat.

    The little red fox stopped dancing and said unhappily: “This time it’s a tie! Next time I will definitely win.”

    Mingyou picked up the little black cat that was licking his tail and patted the little red fox’s head. Dahong’s dancing was obviously much better than Big Black’s. Dahei’s dance steps did not step on the rhythm at all, it was just a crazy cat dancing. Dahong really, really liked Dahei. The little red fox turned his face away and refused to admit it.

    “I’m back, I’m back, have you found the trick to get the tail back?” Mingyou didn’t want to expose Dahong, and asked the others with a smile, “After experiencing the whole process once, it should be easier, right?”

    The little black cat’s ears trembled, and flicked his tail. Bang, three kitten balls appeared. The little black cat’s ears trembled again, and the three kitten balls jumped at the little black cat. Boom, there is a long tail behind the little black cat.

    “Your Highness’s talent in supernatural powers is really amazing.” Seeing that Arthur could use the clone technique proficiently just once, Dahuang said sourly. He finally got an extra costume, was he going to be compared by His Highness again?

    Arthur the cat proudly puffed out his fluffy little chest. That’s right, I am the most powerful supernatural user in the entire Star Alliance!

    “What can the clones do?” Dahui put away the guitar and asked.

    Arthur thought for a while, and said, “Bring tea and water?”

    All the fluffy ones were silent. Your Highness, you have been working on it for a long time, and you came up with this?

    “To get three big black cats, it seems that I have to practice for several years.” Mingyou was not regretful, “The clone technique is not so easy to practice.”

    Arthur nodded. He has realized something.

    “The avatar… is divided from your own energy body? This time I divided the tail, so is it okay to divide it next time?” The little panda was not being mean this time, but purely thinking from the perspective of a researcher, “Behind? Lower body? Head? Limbs? From a visual point of view, a clone is similar to a dismembered corpse?”

    Arthur was petrified. The corner of Mingyou’s mouth twitched slightly. It seems that this avatar technique… had to be considered in the long run. Arthur successfully recovered the clones. In order to quell the panic and the rumors that he was about to die from unknown sources, Arthur had to release the video of recovering his doppelgängers.

    Viewers opened the video with reverence, then opened the loop with their faces in their hands. The kitten ball was so cute, why was the kitten ball so cute, Your Highness, can you still give out the kitten ball, can everyone in the Star Alliance give one!

    “The Star Alliance owes me a kitten ball.”

    “The Star Alliance owes us too much.”

    “Silently staring at my tail, I also want to turn my tail into a little fur ball.”

    “His Highness’s dance is so cute. His belly is shaking and his behind is twisting, it’s just too cute.”

    “I’m the only one who is wondering, why can His Highness take the kitten ball back after dancing hahaha, this is not serious. “

    “Scientifically speaking, His Highness used a special dance to form an energy resonance with the kitten ball, and their minds became one. But this way of unity of mind… Hahahahaha, no wonder it took more than ten days for His Highness to put his tail back, ordinary people would not want it.”

    “You are all greedy for His Highness and Kitten Ball, and I took away the one who tried hard to dance. My Gungun is very obedient and is working hard to learn how to dance.”

    “Gungun always looks serious in everything he does. That fluffy, silly face, paired with a serious expression, is so cute.”

    “Isn’t the little fox, Xianluo, who won’t admit defeat, cute? Xianluo is so elegant outside. People with this type of character used to be at home.”

    “Being pampered, you will naturally be self-willed. Who doesn’t want to be self-willed?”

    “Didn’t someone swear that His Highness is about to die? Now come out and take a few steps to see? The rotten eggs in my hand are already hungry and thirsty.”

    “Please don’t waste eggs, even if they are rotten eggs, they can be buried in the ground as fertilizer. Why don’t we just pick up a few stones from the ground?”

    “The so-called His Highness is going to die, does it mean that you are depressed? Looking at His Highness who is alive and dancing, it is probably just because you are not happy because of the loss of the tail.”

    “Gossip, it is true. His Highness’s adverse reaction to losing the tail is pure temper. It’s just irritability. I don’t think it’s the function of the tail.”

    “It’s the function of the face hahahaha. His Highness in the news, and the Highness in the video with Mr. Mingyou in palm of your hand, give him the best things in the world.”

    “Yes. His Highness in the news makes people wish to be held in the palm of his hand and let him give me the whole world hahaha.”

    The tail-docking incident of the little black cat has temporarily come to an end. No, it didn’t.

    The black cat looked at the fourth kitten Ball in front of him, his eyes became cross-eyed. This time his tail was not broken, and his body shrunk a circle, which was gratifying and worthy of congratulations.

    “It turns out that the avatar is only separated from the body, won’t it increase energy out of thin air?” Mingyou, who was wearing a white coat, said while operating the instrument.

    Transformed back into human form, the dog-like Huo Ritian’s tone was still so flattering: “It seems that His Highness’s idea of ​​sending out a group of big black cats to help him fight in groups is impossible. At most, he will send out a bunch of cats. Hey, a bunch of kittens were born.”

    “Shut up, Huo Ritian.” The purple horse still maintained the appearance of a horse, he thought it would be more efficient to work this way.

    Louis put his hands in his pockets, looked at the instrument, frowned and said, “The kitten balls that His Highness gave out, the supernatural energy is getting more and more pure. Sure enough, as Mingyou said, His Highness’s avatar can be based on energy attributes.”

    “How many avatars can be created with as many types of energy as possible from His Higness?” Huo Ritian was curious, “What’s the use of this?”

    “It’s very useful. In the past, His Highness had to count time to cooperate with himself. Now His Highness with different attributes swarms and zooms in.” Louis said.

    Mingyou raised his hand like a primary school student: “I have an idea.”

    “In my previous life, there was a kind of spirit beast whose genes were unstable and affected by the energy of different attributes, and could evolve into spirit beasts with different attributes.”

    “When that kind of elf has not evolved, there was a special move that allows the evolved beasts of different attributes to temporarily lend power to the unevolved self, greatly improving the strength.” Mingyou briefly described an exclusive Z-Moves, an extreme evolution boost.

    It was impossible for the big black cat to use this kind of move, Mingyou just used this move to propose his idea. When the big black cat trained his abilities, the biggest problem was that it was miscellaneous but not perfect.

    The total amount of ability storage was a problem. More importantly, when he was practicing a single-attribute ability, he was easily disturbed by other abilities in his body, making it impossible to experience the higher-level ability of one particular attribute.

    Although Dahei has managed to master all kinds of supernatural powers with hard work and wisdom, and supplemented by supernatural transformation and coordination, there are currently very few spirit beasts in the Star Alliance that could beat him in singles.

    But as the nutrition of spirit beasts became more and more sufficient, and the training became more and more diligent, sooner or later they would break through the current level of supernatural powers, refine their supernatural powers to high aggregate energy, and carry out supernatural power sublimation. The sublimation of abilities was the goal of the next evolution of spirit beasts.

    The black cat was embarrassed. Although he had special powers that were easier to sublimate, because the types of powers in his body were too diverse, according to the barrel effect, if he wanted to raise the overall level of powers to a higher level, he must make up for all the shortcomings.

    With his current abilities interfering with each other and hindering each other, although the big black cat was very strong now, it seems to have touched the ceiling of his current strength. In general, it was simply unreasonable for a person to have conflicting abilities in their body. When Arthur was born, the doctors were afraid that he would explode and die.

    In the end, this guy seemed to be okay, not only didn’t explode, but he lived well until now. Before Mingyou appeared, he was even more comfortable than other spirit beasts. He said that he was the child of destiny, the protagonist of the era, the embodiment of luck, and he was really not bragging.

    “If Dahei can distribute his supernatural powers to other clones, can the clones train Dahei’s abilities instead? If the clone has exercised the supernatural powers to the extreme, it will return to Dahei’s body and feed him back, so that Dahei can leap to the next level?” Mingyou put forward his own hypothesis.

    His three furry researcher assistants were lost in thought. In theory, this is possible, but in reality… Wasn’t it a little too unbelievable. But His Highness has already given birth to a clone, maybe it’s not so unbelievable?

    “It is impossible to completely separate the abilities of different attributes, we can only group the abilities of similar attributes together.” Mingyou used the instrument, and classified the energies of different attributes in the big black cat, “According to the reactions of different energies, With each representative energy as the core, water, fire, earth, plants, magnetism, thought power, special…”

    “Seven kinds in total.” Mingyou said, “with the special department as the core, six more?”

    “Psychic power and special systems complement each other and can stay in the main body.” When Huo Ritian was researching, his tone was a little more reliable, “There is another kind of ‘ice’, freezing and sealing abilities, which also conflicts with other abilities “

    “Water, ice, fire, grass, earth, plus magnetism?” Mingyou said, “These six are tentative?”

    The blue seal nodded in agreement: “These six are easy to separate, and they are the ones we are studying now. The attribute with the most abilities. Magnetic force can be shared with the ability to manipulate metal.”

    “Can His Highness do it?” Dazi said, “It’s hard.”

    “Take your time.” Mingyou asked, “Dahei , What do you think?” The black cat rubbed its eyes. He was cross-eyed for a long time, and his eyes hurt a little.

    “It should work, I’ll try.” The black cat said after rubbing its eyes, “At first, I definitely couldn’t separate out all the supernatural powers in the body in one go. Trying little by little, and I should be able to transfer the supernatural powers in my body as much as possible. To Kitty Ball.”

    Kitty Ball rolled on the ground, carefree. “Now you are carefree. When I give you the power, you have to exercise every day.” The black cat gloated.

    Mingyou laughed: “You still have to train together? Who are you scaring?”

    The big black cat snorted coldly, actually in a good mood. He had been very worried that the strength of other spirit beasts was rising rapidly, but his strength seems to have reached a bottleneck. Before a person reached middle age, the level of abilities may decline.

    The idea of ​​separating out the abilities that interfered with each other, letting them train separately, compressing and sublimating each other, and then returning to the body, although it sounded unbelievable. But his own situation was clear to him. As soon as the big black cat heard it, he knew that this might be the only way for him to further improve his strength.

    “Don’t worry, I will accompany you.” Mingyou felt the nervousness of the big black cat, stepped down from the console, hugged the cat’s head, touched his ears and said, “Isn’t it just raising a child? I’m the best at it.”

    “This rounding up, does it mean that His Highness has really given birth to a baby? Or can it be stuffed back?” Huo Ritian laughed.

    Louis and Dazi watched the panda die silently. They were wondering if he had any strange hobbies, such as a tendency to be abused. Otherwise, knowing that he would be beaten, he just couldn’t control his mouth?

    “Forget it.” Mingyou said with a smile.

    Louis and Dazi silently watched Mingyou act. It seems that Mingyou had also been infected with strange hobbies. Forget it, His Highness won’t even mess with Mingyou.

    After setting a new training policy for the big black cat, Dahei began to work hard in this direction. After mastering the key to clones, the black cat quickly separated the six attribute avatars. But these six kitten balls of different colors… were useless except for different fur colors, let alone training abilities.

    The big black cat was so angry that he hit the floor with its paws: “Can you be more aggressive!”

    The kitten balls in six colors bounced around. You gave us too few abilities, and you blame us for not being up to date? Where’s your face? The black cat was so angry that his fur exploded and turned into a little black cat. He fought with the kitten balls it had assigned, and successfully defeated them. The kitten balls stood in a row, pulling on the ears, listening to the little black cat’s lecture.

    “You guys! Start training now! Even if you can only train physically, you must train!” The little black cat patted his paws, “If physical strength has increased! Only then can we accommodate more abilities! Now! Run with me!”

    The cat lead the team in the front, and the kittens lined up in a row, following the little black cats to parkour in the training facility in the yard.

    Mingyou wanted to step forward to help, but he didn’t expect Dahei to do it all by himself: “Dahei is really amazing.”

    The other fluffies noddedd. Who would have thought that His Highness could use this method to train the Kitty Balls? If it was them, they must have been thinking about how to enhance their strength so that they can control the kitty ball more freely. His Highness actually regarded the Kitty Balls as other individuals and subdued them by force?

    “We have to work hard too, but don’t worry that His Highness’s kitty balls are better than us.” Kerry joked while hugging his muscular arms.

    The other colleagues gave him a blank look, expressing that it was not funny. This was extremely possible! The furries who had just been on vacation immediately became nervous, and Mingyou set a strict training plan for them, trying to catch up with His Royal Highness, and try to make His Highness the Big Black Cat the eleventh strongest spirit beast of the Star Alliance.

    Dahei:??? This group of subordinates all want to turn against each other haha!

    When Mingyou saw that his fluffy partners were all immersed in training, he felt distressed, but he knew that his partners’ desire to become stronger was stronger than anyone else. He will not stop, but will only become the most solid backing for his partners.

    Daily special snacks go! All kinds of training facilities were all hand-polished! A dozen skill cards first, so that partners could feel the thrill of recharging the golden finger! Mingyou’s spirit beasts were definitely not fighting alone! By the way, during training, also start up the live broadcast. For more confidential content, edit it into a video. It is a little money to earn a little money from the audience.

    Training was burning money and resources. This live broadcast was regarded as selling tutorials, and only half of the income will be donated, and the remaining half will be reserved for the spirit beasts for their own use. The audience can understand.

    The audience certainly understands. Not only did they understand, they even hoped that Mingyou would stop donating money. You work hard to live broadcast, and you also teach other supernatural beings and spirit beasts how to train supernatural powers. Don’t say that the reward money for the live broadcast should belong to you, should we pay to watch it? Mr. Mingyou, you don’t have to be so generous. You are so generous, you will raise greedy people. Let’s pay!

    Mingyou thought about it, and it seemed to be the reason. So, he packed the most basic ability training, accompanied by detailed explanations, and sent it to the official website of the Contribution Value Mall. Come, come, big sale, don’t waste your contribution this time, let’s barter.

    This was the first of its kind, and they can also barter on the contribution value official website in the future. Let’s develop an officially guaranteed material trading platform in the contribution value mall. Just deduct a little contribution value handling fee, super cheap! Mingyou started broadcasting commercials.

    The fluffy partners who were training all slipped and fell into a ball. Mingyou’s addiction to profiteers broke out again, and the spirit beasts of the All-Star Alliance were about to be fleeced again.

    Spirit beasts: No worries about it, we have enough wool to be fleeced!

    Mingyou: Really?

    Spirit beasts: QAQ…

    Mingyou, the god who always brings goods. He is not the richest man in the universe, who is the richest man?

    “I brought so much goods for the contribution value mall, isn’t it natural to share my contribution points?” Mingyou proudly took the contribution value share given to him by the official website, and continued to exchange resources on the mall. Mingyou, have plenty of ways to buy things for the spirit beasts at home.

    Money was not a problem, contribution value was not a problem, nothing was a problem.

    System: [Where is the knowledge value? 】

    Mingyu fell into deep thought. The growth of knowledge value had hit a bottleneck recently, how can he further increase knowledge value? The more knowledge acquired, the more difficult it was to further expand the knowledge capacity. Now Mingyou was still improving every day, but the speed of improvement was already very slow.

    “It’s not feasible to stand still, I have to catch more knowledgeable people to gain experience points.” Mingyou said to himself.

    Arthur was working hard there, when he realized that Mingyou had lost his mind, his face turned black with anger. Am I not trying hard enough? Are you not cool enough? Why do you still have the heart to think about other things?

    Mingyou: “I just wanted to see if I could go to a university I’ve been to once, and see if I can catch some knowledgeable people to improve their knowledge.” 

Arthur: “Shut up! Keep your mouth shut!”


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