After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 97

    After Mingyou returned to No. 1 healing star, he didn’t care about Sky Blue Star anymore. He believed that although he caused a lot of trouble, his partners would help him solve it.

    Arthur was just the opposite. He was not in the mood to “force” Mingyou to prepare a confession gift for him. He allowed Mingyou to cause this big mess, and he could only take the initiative to clean up the mess with his subordinate’s half-smiling expression.

    First of all, Arthur had to stop the spirit beasts of the entire Star Alliance, especially the group of spirit beasts in the chaotic sector that didn’t obey very much, from leveling the Sky Blue star. Well, it was an exaggeration, but the dignitaries of Sky Blue Star were really having a hard time.

    As a backward self-governing planet that was poor in manufacturing, agriculture and other aspects, their economy was almost entirely dependent on trade from foreign planets, and tourism were the mainstays.

    For ordinary people on Sky Blue Star, their life on the planet was not as if they were people from the interstellar era, and they didn’t feel deeply about it. But the dignitaries of Sky Blue Star were different. They didn’t want to be trapped on this planet and become real “natives”.

    As the culprit, the downfall of the Tan family was inevitable. Mingyou’s friend, the red alpaca, naturally also had to be investigated. However, he didn’t do anything illegal, and there was indeed evidence that he tried to save Mingyou, so he was not punished.

    “He is an ordinary and ambitious illegitimate son. He returned to the Tan family and wanted to ‘take back what he should have’.” Afterwards, Arthur told Mingyou the story, “His mother is the illegitimate child of the Heing family. The daughter was your mother’s half-sister. So he replaced your identity, following the Heing family’s instructions.”

    “The Heing family wanted a child with their own blood to control the Sky Blue Star, Tan Chenxi broke ties with the Tan family, and you had no supernatural power, and the new Tan family mistress had no children, if your scumbag father casually found an illegitimate child to inherit the family business, the Heing family thought that their status in Sky Blue Star would be damaged.”

    “As for why he didn’t return to the Tan family as an illegitimate son, but took your place… For him, the status of a legitimate son was easier to compete with Tan Chenxi for the family business. For the Tan family, when Tan Chenxi was still alive under the premise that the illegitimate child inherits the family business, it is not good for their face. For the Heing family, your grandmother’s family had a high status in the Tan family, and your grandfather does not want to have an illegitimate daughter for himself, but also reveal the matter of being a mistress in public.”

    Mingyou concluded: “In short, is the social circle really chaotic?”

    Arthur concluded: “In short, the bamboo basket fetching water was all in vain.”

    Mingyou asked: “The thing about my mother being attacked and poisoned is really true. What did the scumbag do?”

    Arthur was silent.

    Mingyou said: “Okay, I know, he must have done it. Why?”

    Arthur was silent for a while, and said: “Your father…is crazy.”

    Mingyou: “…Don’t joke with me.”

    Arthur was helpless: “I am not joking. After reading his confession, I can only come to the conclusion that he is crazy.”

    “He had a good relationship with your mother when he was young. But your mother was getting more and more powerful. At that time, the Tan family was also in chaos. Your mother worked hard for him to enter the Star Alliance army, make military achievements, win the support of the Star Alliance, and stabilized his position. He hated your mother.”

    “In the beginning, he was just looking for a mistress to disgust your mother. He played off the matter of the star thieves, and he just wanted the star thieves to intercept the goods brought by her, so that your mother would be disgraced. Who knew, your mother was pregnant and still chased after the star robbers. Later, your mother guessed that he did it, and finally woke up from love and divorced him. He went completely crazy, killed your mother, and abused you.”

    Arthur: “What else would he be if not crazy?”

    Mingyou: “Terrible.”

    Arthur nodded.

    Mingyou asked: “Being crazy won’t affect his sentencing?”

    Arthur shook his head: “No, don’t worry.”

    Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Is there anything else you want to know?” Arthur asked.

    Mingyou bowed his head in silence for a while, then raised his head and said, “Where’s Di Li? Surely he won’t stay in Sky Blue Star?”

    Arthur was puzzled: “Who is Di Li?”

    Mingyou: “… Former friend, the red alpaca.”

    Arthur suddenly said: “Oh, so his name is Di Li. The red alpaca left the Sky Blue Star, and I don’t know where he went. I guess he went to work hard in the chaotic star area. But a red alpaca is so conspicuous, where did he go? He will probably be beaten up by other spirit beasts.”

    “Although he didn’t intend to kill you, he participated in and acquiesced in replacing your identity from the beginning to the end.”

    Mingyou: “For the sake of power, it’s not shameful. But as a spirit beast, even if he doesn’t stay in the Tan family, he would have a good future.”

    Arthur nodded: “Family reasons, my horizons are small.”

    “Let my elder brother take care of him, after all, he thought about saving me from the Tan family. When I was in high school, I had him by my side, so my mind didn’t get too twisted.” Mingyou was living a good life now, so he was very generous, “Where is the old class? You are the principal?”

    “Your old class is crying bitterly in front of the media, saying that he is not a good teacher. Except for doing something to keep your college entrance examination results in the end, he was conniving with others to hurt you. He will stay in Sky Blue Star for the rest of his life, and contribute to education.” 

Arthur said, “People with a conscience are very harsh on themselves.”

     Mingyou sighed old-fashionedly: “This world is unfair to good people, because they set too many shackles for themselves. But I’m here, as long as he is still a good person, it will be hard for him to have a bad time in the future.” Mingyou, super inflated! He was amazing!

     Arthur nodded. This time he will never make another mistake. He thought this matter was over, but Tan Chenxi found Mingyou, saying that his scumbag father and his ex-friend, the red alpaca, wanted to see Mingyou.

    The scumbag father would die naturally, Mingyou didn’t want to stain his eyes. He could still meet the red alpaca ‘brother’. The red alpaca who had restored his original name looked at Mingyou with painful eyes, and seemed to have a lot to say, but he didn’t know where to start.

    But Mingyou said as soon as they met: “Hurry up, hurry up, show me the red alpaca!”

    Di Li: “…”

    Tan Chenxi hit his forehead. The little black cat lying on Mingyou’s head flicked his tail, covered his mouth with his paws and yawned. He knew that Mingyou was willing to meet Di Li because he was curious about what a red alpaca would look like.

    “Change quickly, what are you doing in a daze?” Mingyou continued to urge.

    Di Li gritted his teeth and obediently turned into a spirit beast. Mingyou was happy. It’s a red alpaca! The shape of his brother was similar to that of the huacaya alpaca, with thick curly fur all over his body, which looked like a round cotton ball. The former friend was different. The shape of his alpaca was similar to a suri alpaca. His body was covered with slender fur, which was shiny like silk. Di Li’s head shape was also very cool, with long hair parted on the side to cover one eye, which looked extremely cool.

    “Hahahaha, it suits you very well.” Mingyou patted Di Li on the head, completely letting go of his resentment towards his ex-friend.

    “Big brother, you change back too, take a photo with the three of us!” Mingyou had a whim.

    Tan Chenxi sighed and turned into a white alpaca. Two alpacas, one red and one white, guarded Mingyou with a little black cat on his head in the middle. Mingyou made a peace sign! The photo was sent to Mingyou’s video column, and the name was “Three Brothers of the Spirit Beast”.

    When the audience saw this photo, they were silent at first, and then burst into tears with laughter. “Hahahahaha, three alpaca brothers, what kind of weird expression is this hahahaha.”

    “Although I knew that Mingyou had a good temper, I would probably forgive my ex-friend, but… Mingyou, did you forgive your ex-friend because he can turn into a red alpaca with flowing and smooth fur???”

    “I suspect that if the fake young master couldn’t turn into a spirit beast, Mr. Mingyou will never forgive him. Yes. Mr. Mingyou is only very generous to spirit beasts hahaha.”

    “If I look at the face of an alpaca, I can also be generous hahahaha.”

    “Only I am thinking, if Mr. Mingyou was not born with a deficiency, he could become a little spirit beast. How cute would his alpaca be?”

    “It must be similar to his big brother, with thick and soft curly fur, chubby like a plush doll.”

    “So, the Tan family is actually an alpaca family? A amily fighting for power? What? The atmosphere suddenly became funny?”

    “Isn’t the Tan family who can cover the sky with one hand on the Sky Blue Star? Change it to Alpaca Star, and set up alpaca attractions everywhere, selling alpaca sounvenirs, I will definitely go hahaha.”

    Mingyou showed Tan Chenxi and Di Li the wonderful comments from netizens: “I think this suggestion is very good.”

    The white alpaca and the red alpaca said in unison: “I don’t think this is good.” Who wanted to be the mascot of the planet!

    “What a pity. If I can also become a spirit beast, I would definitely like to become the planet’s mascot.” Mingyou touched the little black cat on his head, and said regretfully, “Do you really not think about it?”

    The white alpaca and the red alpaca said in unison: “Don’t think about it!”

    “Oh.” Mingyou gave up.

    “From now on, change your mind and be a good alpaca. I’m saying hello to the Star Alliance, so they don’t target you.” Mingyou patted the red alpaca on the head and said, “This is a thank you for your company in high school. To be honest, I almost closed myself off, but fortunately you were there. No matter what the reason was for you to be my friend, I am very grateful to you.”

   The red alpaca silently lowered his head. The little black cat looked coldly at the red alpaca who had unreasonable thoughts about his family. Yes, the red alpaca did pull Mingyou unconsciously, that’s why he let the red alpaca go.

    Only he, his subordinates, and his eldest brother knew that the planet of spirit beast masters did not exist at all, and Mingyou’s golden finger came from “memory of previous lives” and “gift of advanced civilization”. That was to say, when he was locked in a room when he was a child, and when he was isolated in school, Mingyou survived alone.

    No one took care of him, no one loved him, no one gave him any warmth. Even Mingyou’s “educational light brain” was an ordinary AI without self-awareness and self-emotion, and could not give Mingyou any spiritual comfort.

    There was a limit to a person’s spiritual endurance, and when the body grows, the personality would become more fragile and extreme due to the influence of hormones. Even though Arthur was very reluctant to admit it, the red alpaca was a life-saving straw for Mingyou. Mingyou relied on this straw to survive until he graduated from high school.

    Mingyou himself admitted that, in fact, he had long since discovered that Di Li met him with other motives, and that his friendship was mixed with other bad things. But it’s just impure kindness, Mingyou was also willing to be grateful.

    After seeing off Di Li and Tan Chenxi, the little black cat jumped to the ground and turned back into a human. He said with displeasure: “I had a very dark, evil and disgusting thought now.”

    Mingyou was curious: “What? Tell me!”

    Arthur said with a sullen face: “I’m glad he betrayed you.”

    Mingyou tilted his head: “Huh?”

    Arthur smiled bitterly: “Otherwise, his position in your heart is probably something no one can compare. You might be with him.”

    Mingyou immediately panicked: “What are you talking about! He is my brother! My brother!”

    Arthur: “What’s wrong with a brother?”

    Mingyou shook his head vigorously: “No, no, no, don’t be jealous! I refuse incest!”

    Arthur said depressedly, “I’m not jealous. He’s obviously interested in you. He’s so important in your heart, you’ll definitely accept him.”

    Mingyou cleared his ears: “Arthur, are you kidding me?”

    Arthur: “Didn’t you notice?”

    Mingyou shook his head vigorously.

    Arthur: “…He was so obvious that even your stupid brother was able to figure it out.”

    Mingyou: “…!!!”

    Mingyou rolled up his sleeves: “Dahei, go, stop him. I think I was wrong. Oh, I shouldn’t be magnanimous, I’m going to beat him until he can’t take care of himself. I’m going to die of nausea! I treat him as a brother! He wants to sleep with me! He spoiled the beautiful memory in my heart! I can no longer recall the past!”

    Arthur: “…” Suddenly he stopped being jealous. He even felt sorry for the red alpaca :).

    In the end, Mingyou was persuaded by Arthur to come back instead of beating up the red alpaca. Forget it, just pretend that nothing happened. Wouldn’t it be even more disgusting if it was made clear.

    Mingyou: Vomit!!!

    Seeing Mingyou’s fierce reaction, his fluffy partners all understood very well. The pure platonic touch of friendship had turned into being taken advantage of. Was this different from being harassed? They were about to spit out their overnight meal. They temporarily put away all the red things at home, and blocked all news about the red alp-aca and Sky Blue Star on Mingyou’s network, so as not to further deteriorate his mood.

    Mingyou hugged his big black cat, buried his face, tears were about to dry up. He, Mingyou, miserable, really miserable. In the past, there was very little warmth, and even the only good memory was tarnished.

    Hearing Mingyou’s howling, the big black cat obediently squatted down while Mingyou used him as a washcloth to wipe away tears. Cry, bid farewell to the past this time. From now on, everyone’s life will be happier day by day.

    “But don’t think that you can forget my gift because you are miserable.” The big black cat reminded.

    Mingyou almost fainted, his tears were stopped by the big black cat. There were so many things going on recently, he forgot about it!

    The black cat’s eyelids drooped, and the round eyes turned into inverted triangles: “You wouldn’t forget, right?”

    Mingyou, who was full of tears, vigorously shook his head: “No, no, no! Absolutely not! I have already prepared it for you. The best gift!”

    The big black cat sneered: “I hope you didn’t lie to me. You hate others lying to you, so you won’t be a big liar, right?”

    Mingyou shivered: “Yes, yes “

    The system is a higher power! Help him! I beg you with all my knowledge, give me a good product! I am willing to spend twice the price of knowledge in the mall to buy it! The extra knowledge value will be given to you as a kickback!

    The system that had no response to this matter suddenly shut down for maintenance and upgrade. Ten seconds later, the system upgrade and maintenance ended, and the new mall was handed over to Mingyou. Dear! Choose a gift! Come to the system mall! Take a look at this row of beautiful spirit beast props, all of them can be used as gifts!

    Mingyou was stunned. Was this the correct opening mode of the original system? It turned out that the system had been ignoring him before, was it because he was too stingy when buying things? As long as the system was paid, the system was omnipotent, right?

    Mingyou: [Tongzi, do you really have no self-awareness? ]

    System: [Return to the host, really not. ]

    Mingyou sighed. 

“Why are you sighing?” The big black cat said with a cold face, “I asked you for a gift, but you still sighed? The cat was happy.

    The other fluffy partners are watching.”Sure enough, only His Highness can wake up Mingyou when he is immersed in grief.”

    “As long as Your Highness does enough, Mingyou won’t have the energy to think about other things?”

     “Don’t rush away, are you still here to watch Mingyou and his highness the big black cat show their affection?”

     With the help of the system, Mingyou finally took out a decent gift. This gift is a ring. The ring itself was no big deal, except to enhance telepathy. However, if they achieve great harmony and unify their spiritual power and physical body, the big black cat could further evolve through the ring.

     This was similar to super evolution props and Z-crystals. The big black cat was finally going to be real every day. The fluffy ones were stunned. There were such powerful spirit beast props?

    “Z-power can only be used after super-evolution, whether it is super-evolution or Z-movement, it can only be used once. The name of the move is ‘Miracle’.” After reading the instructions, Mingyou said, “The function of the move is unknown, how to use it is unknown, and the method of super-evolution is also unclear. The manual says that when the time is right, Dahei and I will know how to use it.”

    The big black cat put his head on Mingyou’s shoulder, looked at the manual and said: “ Why does it sound a bit unreliable?”

    “But the meaning is good.” Adeline said, “As long as the gift has a good meaning, it is enough.”

    Others nodded. Although they don’t know what that “miracle” was, it sounded like a good thing. Even if it was just a gimmick, it’s okay for newlyweds to have an auspicious gimmick.

    However, Mingyou faintly felt that the word “miracle” seemed to have been mentioned by the system at some point. But as he tried to recall, he couldn’t remember when he heard it. Perhaps an illusion? After all, the word “miracle” was used too often. But no matter what this was, he had finally passed Dahei’s test. Since the ring could be “upgraded”, it saved  Mingyou the engagement gift and wedding gift in the future.

    “I’ll look for the resources to upgrade the ring. This is a gift from me.” Arthur originally prepared extra engagement and wedding rings, but now he didn’t need them. This “miracle” ring was more suitable for him and Mingyou.

    Mingyu breathed a sigh of relief. He thought he had to find two more presents, and he was really worried.

    “The engagement ceremony will be skipped, and we will get married… We will get married here, and we will not invite other people, only the spirit beasts you have saved.” Arthur said, “We will broadcast live broadcasts for the whole people, so that all viewers can participate in our ceremony.”

    Mingyou said shyly, “That’s so embarrassing.”

    Arthur raised his eyebrows: “Huh?”

    Mingyou immediately said seriously: “I mean, this is great!

    Arthur laughed. Mingyou’s eagerness to survive was really cute. Sometimes, he was not angry, but he just wanted to see Mingyou’s desire to survive. He was full of coaxing him and flattering him. This kind of hobby, he thought, can last for a long time.

    Arthur and Mingyou officially got together, and soon reached a great harmony in life. The next day, Mingyou and Arthur were alive and well, nothing happened. Both could get out of bed, and no one had back cramps. This disappointed all the fluffy spirit beasts who were guarding the door early in the morning to see the joke. The corners of Arthur’s mouth twitched slightly. With his and Mingyou’s physical fitness, they were fine. This group of people was really boring.

    But for the first time, life was in harmony, both of them were satisfied. The two newbies decided to explore how to make each other comfortable every other day or two. Arthur and Mingyou were obsessed with the bed, and they were a little absent-minded at work.

    Therefore, His Majesty the Golden Lion had to give both Arthur and Mingyou honeymoon leave, and hoped that they would work hard after taking care of themselves.

    Everyone knows about the holiday leave. A good thing had come to pass for both of them. Before the wedding ceremony was held, the two of them accepted the gift —there was Arthur’s prestige, and Mingyou was the treasure of the spirit beasts of the All Star Alliance. The spirit beasts of the Star Alliance couldn’t wait to give them a big gift pile of presents.

    If they want to accept them all, they have to buy a few private planets to house the presents. So they refused most of them, and only accepted gifts from people they know. The wedding still needed to be arranged. The pace of life with his fluffy partners had slowed down again, and he returned to his daily routine.

    Mingyou rode a big black cat with a little doll-like object around his neck, and led his partners to work in the field. It was a bumper harvest, and they will start a live broadcast today, so please enjoy the live broadcast room.

    The audience watched Mingyou show off his skills. All kinds of food made from spirit beast fruits were piled up on the table. His Majesty the Golden Lion, whom they jokingly called His Highness the Orange Cat, had completely lost the air of an emperor and was lying on the table to feast. Envious. At this time, each of them wants to become an orange cat.

    “Brother, can you pay attention to your image a little bit?” The black cat pushed His Majesty the Golden Lion, who was lying on the table with food piled up beside him, and said disgustedly.

    Not only did His Majesty the Golden Lion not reflect, he even grabbed a small cake and stuffed it into his brother’s open mouth.

    Dahei: “Wow!” He swallowed then glowered.

    The plate in Mingyou’s hand fell off, and it shattered with a bang: “Dahei!!!!” The live broadcast was interrupted. This live broadcast accident frightened many people. They prayed online one after another, hoping that His Royal Highness Arthur was okay. And His Majesty the Black Cat, who was cared for by the entire Star Alliance, was stroking his bare behind and worrying.




    In front of him, three kittens were playing a game of you stacking me and me stacking you. Upon closer inspection, the three kittens had no body, tail, nose or mouth, just a fluffy ball with cat ears.

    It would be scary if humans were just jumping around with their heads, but the fluffy balls were surprisingly cute. Even His Majesty the Golden Lion stopped eating and concentrated on photographing the cuteness of the three cat dumplings.

    “Mingyou, what’s the result of the examination?” Only the adjutant, Herman, was a little more reliable and knew how to ask His Highness the black cat.

    Mingyou didn’t know what expression to make, he was a bit dumbfounded: “Wasn’t Dahei practicing with avatars before? This can be regarded as accumulation? After being pissed off by the elder brother, he finally got angry via avatar?”

    His Majesty the Golden Lion pointed his paw at himself. Is it his fault? No, it’s his fault?

    “Yes, it’s thanks to the eldest brother.” Mingyou nodded, “You are energy bodies, so in theory, energy can leave the body, and the energy body should be able to split.”

    “As long as a spirit beast has enough energy, it is almost impossible to be disabled. As long as they are not dead, the disabled part will grow out after energy is sufficient.” Mingyou recalled the good news from the Star Alliance Sanatorium, and his expression was very gentle.

    In the spirit beast sanatorium, there were many disabled spirit beasts. Their energy was exhausted, and the disabled part did not grow well. In this case, turning back into a human would not only affect the physiological functions of the body, but also make the living body become disabled, and they may even lose the ability directly and become a disabled ordinary person.

    But under the tireless research of Mingyou and the scientists of the research institute, their disabled parts gradually grew out, and they hoped to return to normal people. Due to the nature of the research results, even though Mingyou dropped the plate in public, he was not very worried about the black cat’s tail-docking.

    His family’s Dahei had taken care of his body a long time ago, and now his nutrition was definitely the best in the entire Star Alliance. Even if his tail was broken for some reason, Mingyou believed that the black cat could grow it back by himself.

    But he didn’t expect that this big black cat could create three kitten balls by breaking his tail. Wasn’t this the same as the black cat demon in an anime he had seen? It just so happens that Dahei was also black!

    “You guys will be called Black Ball from now on.” Mingyou named the three kittens Ball.




    The three cat balls bounced back. Mingyou couldn’t feel their self-awareness, so he had to ask the black cat: “Dahei, can you control them?”

    Dahei had a sad face. He thinks he can, but in fact, now he can’t. The three cat balls were just playing on their own, not listening to him at all, and he couldn’t turn the three cat balls back into his tail. He looked back at his big, round, fluffy behind. Stand up, fall down.

    The big black cat was angry: “Come back to me!” Without a tail, the body couldn’t keep its balance!

    “Do spirit beast cats also need to use their tails to keep their balance?” Mingyou was curious.

    All the fluffies stared at Mingyou with depressed eyes. You are a veterinarian, you don’t even know, how do we know?!




    The three kitten balls jumped onto the fallen big black cat, jumping vigorously on the black cat’s body like playing on a trampoline.

    “It’s so cute…” Adeline couldn’t help covering her face.

    The other furries nodded one after another, and Xiaotian was controlling a drone to take pictures non-stop. Aaaaaah so cute!

    “Come down!” the big black cat roared.

    The three kittens frowned, and then bumped into each other, stumbling towards Mingyou. Mingyou stretched out his hands, and the three kittens jumped into his arms and huddled together.

    “It seems that they have basic self-awareness.” Mingyou smiled and squeezed the three kitten balls.

    These three kitten balls were also pure energy creatures. What was even more peculiar than the spirit beast was that there was no “organ” formed by solidified energy in the kitten ball, it was just pure energy, only fur was attached to the energy group, forming the appearance of a kitten ball. This state was similar to Dahei’s tail.

    Naturally, there were no organs in the black cat’s tail, not even bones, it was just a pure energy construct. Dahei struggled to stand up, shaking its body. There was no tail to keep balance, as if half of the body had been “cut” off, the black cat had a top-heavy feeling, and after a long time of adaptation, he could barely walk as usual.

    It was not enough to run, he would fall headfirst and roll wildly on the ground. Jumping from a high altitude would not work, he would directly fall into a ball of fur. Fortunately, the Kitty Ball would not affect his life after becoming a human. As long as Arthur turned back into a human, the kitten ball would automatically return to his “body”, and the human appearance will not be affected.

    “I thought it was the front tail that disappeared after His Highness became a human being.” The little panda said with his little paw, stroking his fluffy chin.

    All the fluffy colleagues: “…” Huo Ritian, you are finished.

    Mingyou looked curiously at the “tail” in front of Arthur: “Is it really okay?”

    Arthur carried Mingyou back to the bedroom, threw all his subordinates out of the door, and said a cruel sentence: “Huo Ritian, your hair is gone.”

    All the fluffy subordinates applauded the brave little panda one after another. Great, applause for your perseverance. The little panda proudly raised his belly. So what if the hair was burned off by His Highness? He contributed to the great harmony of life of the newlyweds, he was a hero!

    “Uncle Huo, what’s the tail in front of you?” Gungun said in a milky voice.

    Little Panda: “…”

    The other fluffy people pushed each other, and they are all hiding back, fearing that they will be caught and asked questions by the roll.

    “Huo Hao!” Adeline turned into a kangaroo, her fists glowing. Adeline’s form had also evolved. Her fist became the size of a casserole with a poisonous stingers, as if holding two meteor hammers, the blow became more powerful.

    Little Panda Huo: “…” Oops, it’s really over this time.

    Gungun shook his head and walked to Little Panda Huo’s legs, tried to stand up, hugged his hind legs and said, “Uncle Huo, what is the tail in front? Do I have it too?”

    Little Panda Huo laughed dryly: “Yes, of course, You are a boy, why not?”

    Gungun was torn off from Little Panda Huo’s legs by the polar bear and held in his arms, the yellow monkey stretched out his paws to cover Gungun’s ears and eyes, the kangaroo quickly punched, and Little Panda Huo screamed and turned into a shooting star outside the sky.

    When Mingyou was let out by Arthur the next day, and made delicious food for his colleagues who could only go to the cafeteria of the research institute for dinner last night, he saw a red panda with a swollen face. His face was so swollen that all the fur on his face fell off completely, and his hairless skin turned into a purple panda.

    Mingyou was silent for a long time, then asked: “Dacheng, it’s alright if you provoke Dahei, but why did you provoke Daqing?”

    Do you really want to die that much? Mingyou was helpless.

    Dacheng sniffed, not daring to speak. He was afraid that if he said something, he would be sent to death by Adeline’s mother. This time, this time he must reflect on himself.

    Just waking up, Gungun strode over, head shaking, twisting and turning, leaping towards Mingyou, and hugging his thigh.

    “Mingyou, what is the tail in front of you!” Gungun asked in a childish voice with his innocent eyes.

    Mingyou: “…”

    Mingyou: “It’s the place you use in the bathroom.” 

    Gungun said milkily: “Has the place where Dahei goes to the bathroom disappeared? Then how did Dahei pee?”

    Mingyou: “The place where Dahei goes to the bathroom is fine, it’s not gone.”

    Gungun tilted his head: “Then why did Uncle Huo say that Dahei’s tail is missing?”

    Mingyou: “He tried to curse Dahei, and then he wanted to beat him up.”

    Gungun nodded: “That’s right. That’s what Uncle Dazi said, and Uncle Huo did it again?”

    Mingyou: “Yes, don’t imitate him. This is a curse word.”

    Mingyou calmly finished teaching the child, and then handed Gungun over to the black cat that had lost his tail again, and let Dahei take Gungun, and three playing with a cat ball.

    All the fluffy eyes gave Mingyou a respectful look. In terms of education, Mingyou was still good, they could only capitulate.

    Mingyou laughed after hearing their complaints: “This is just a normal physiological structure. If a child is curious, tell them. If you don’t tell them, they will be even more curious. By then, the answer they will find out by themselves probably won’t be what the parents want.”

    All the fluffy ones nodded in unison. After being taught and taught, they will no longer hem and haw about Gungun in the future.

    But Dacheng deserved to be beaten up! How can he talk about inappropriate things in front of children! Dacheng crouched in the corner facing the wall, thinking about his mistakes. He didn’t expect Gungun to pop out suddenly. Wasn’t he sleeping in the cradle?

    Gungun crawled to Dacheng’s side, and together with him, they faced the wall and thought about their mistakes. The latter just thought it was fun. The three kittens also followed, facing the wall and thinking about it, fumbling, meowing and wailing.

    Arthur, who had no tail, was holding his breath, and his expression looked like he was constipated. He tried to control the three kitten balls with his mind, and pushed the three balls back behind, trying to turn them into his tail.

    Among the other fluffy subordinates, some helped Mingyou make breakfast, some tidied up the house, and some went to Arthur to give him bad ideas. The black cat tried every means, even directly pressing the kitten ball on his behind, but it still didn’t work at all.

    Mingyou looked back, today is another beautiful day.(The big black cat and the evil cat growled: “What’s so beautiful?!”)


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