After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 96

    It was another ordinary morning when he woke up in Dahei’s soft fur, but Mingyou was not as full of energy as before. As the time limit approached, he thought to himself. Could their love still blossom and bear fruit? Mingyou was extremely depressed.

    Looking at Mingyou who raised his chin and looked up at the sky, the black cat kicked his ears with his hind legs, turned back into a human, and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Going to school with Mingyou today should not be as boring as shopping. Mingyou was only sad for a while before cheering up.

    On Sky Blue Star, the only place he was familiar with was the campus. He had trampled almost every inch of the campus, and even sneaked into the principal’s office. It was absolutely no problem to show Arthur around. The day they selected happened to be the open house during the holiday. Now is the enrollment season, many parents came here to visit the campus and choose a school for their children to apply for.

    Mingyou’s high school was called “Tianlan Academy”, which was nominally funded by the government, but in fact was a “public” school with dignitaries from the  Sky Blue star as the school director.

    “You can just say private schools.” Arthur sarcastically.

    “Okay, okay.” Mingyou looked around, and was about to introduce the “special attractions” and “special food” on the campus to Arthur. When he glanced at the guard room, he saw a familiar person and couldn’t help being stunned.

    Seeing Mingyou’s dazed look, Arthur followed Mingyou’s line of sight and saw an ordinary middle-aged man with gray hair.

    Arthur frowned, remembering who this man was. He asked Xiaotian to check Mingyou’s past, and had a rough look at the appearances of several people who had a close relationship with Mingyou. Arthur had a good memory, and he still remembered the faces of several people.

    This gray-haired middle-aged man was Mingyou’s high school chemistry teacher. Although Mingyou was locked up in the school by the Tan family, as the youngest son of the Tan family, his grades were extremely good, so he was naturally admitted to the best class.

    A teacher who could serve as the head teacher of the third year in the best class in Tianlan Academy, naturally had the same qualifications and ability. Even if the enrollment rate was not very good, at most they would be “distributed” to ordinary classes. This person was guarding the gate, which was really abnormal.

    “Xiaotian.” Arthur ordered with his mind, and Xiaotian immediately looked up the person’s information, and sent the data to their light brains.

    Mingyou’s class teacher was Qi Ande, who not only had a series of brilliant resumes and achievements, but was also deeply loved by the students. Although due to the “school spirit” of Tianlan Academy, some things were difficult for him to handle, but he tried his best to treat the students equally, and he was of great help to Mingyou.

    Mingyou was able to become the No. 1 student in the college entrance examination of Sky Blue Star, thanks to Mr. Qi’s contribution. After Mingyou’s “accident”, it was impossible for Mr. Qi to intervene in the Tan family’s affairs, but when he tried to cancel Mingyou’s student status at school, and even submitted a report to the Star Alliance to cancel his college entrance examination results, he resolutely stood up to stop it.

    Whether Mingyou was the biological child of the Tan family, what did it have to do with his college entrance examination results? Mingyou’s grades were obtained by himself. The college entrance examination grades were real, and the school was not eligible to cancel them.

    Tan’s family covered the sky with one hand, so his protest was naturally ineffective. But Qi Ande was a stubborn old man, he actually wrote to the Star Alliance Education Committee, and the Star Alliance Agricultural School that Mingyou wanted to apply for, to report the illegal behavior of Tianlan Academy and Sky Blue Star Education Committee.

    He was so bold that he was naturally counterattacked by the Tan family. But at this time, Qi Ande seemed to have gone crazy, and he refused to admit defeat even when he was attacked. He divorced his wife, left the house completely, and asked his wife to move away from Sky Blue Star, while he stayed and continued to fight.

    Fortunately, not long after, Mingyou met Arthur. After Arthur learned about Mingyou, he immediately asked the Star Alliance Education Committee to deal with the situation. Even though Mingyou didn’t seem to want Tan Changgeng’s identity, he couldn’t let others bully him.

    After that, Mingyou’s grades were kept, and his identity was recorded as “missing”. Even if he “couldn’t go to university” in the future, in the Star Alliance’s files, the name of Sky Blue Star’s No. 1 Scholar in that class was still “Tan Changgeng”, and it would not change.

    Even though the red alpaca was renamed “Tan Changgeng”, the guy’s college entrance examination file still showed the original name. This honor belongs only to the “false young master” of the Tan family in the past.

    Arthur knew that even if this matter was dealt with, Qi Ande would definitely continue to be retaliated against in the future. So he deliberately asked several key high schools of the Star Alliance to send invitations to him, and asked Qi Ande to choose a high school in the capital of the Star Alliance at random, and continue to be a teacher.

    With Qi Ande’s qualifications, it was more than enough to go to an ordinary public high school in the capital of the Star Alliance. But he declined the invitation, saying he had other plans. Arthur ignored the matter. Unexpectedly, Qi Ande’s other plan was to stay in this school as a guard?

    Arthur’s expression turned ugly. He glanced at Mingyou’s uncontrollable sadness, feeling angry and embarrassed. If he were a big cat now, he would already be rolling on the ground full of anger, screaming and roaring.

    What about other plans? Was his other plan to stay here and get retaliated against?! He thought the matter had been resolved and there was nothing to do with the follow-up, but now he was embarrassed in front of Mingyou! How can he pay him!

    Arthur kept telling himself. You are the prince of the Star Alliance, and you have a lot of time to deal with things. You were still recovering from your injuries, so it’s normal that you don’t have the energy to pay attention to this matter. But Xiaotian meowed guiltily in front of him, constantly reminding him that with Xiaotian around, he could completely concentrate on dealing with this matter.

    However, he simply forgot. What to do? The black cat bit his tail anxiously. He has to come up with an excuse, he can’t let Mingyou think that he didn’t care about him, and he didn’t take good care of the people who cared for him!

    Arthur said in a deep voice: “He rejected the invitation of the Star Alliance public high school and insisted on staying. It seems that he has a deep affection for this school.”

    Mingyou smiled reluctantly: “It’s what the teacher would do.” Mingyou felt a little regretful, he regretted that he didn’t pay attention to his old teacher.

    Although he treated him well, his teacher was also a very smooth person, and he would never offend the “children of the rich and powerful” who ran the class. If the teacher was not tactful, he would not be able to be the head teacher of a key class in the top high school.

    So although Mingyou remembered his teacher’s kindness, he never thought that he would stand up for him and help him seek justice. Mingyou had been consciously not paying attention to things about Sky Blue Star, not paying attention to things related to “Tan Changgeng”.

    Just as he was able to connect to Starnet and learned of Arthur’s identity, he didn’t think about looking for “Tan Chenxi”, Mingyou didn’t look for his former teachers and classmates either. In his heart, his present had been separated from the past. What’s more, even ordinary high school graduates would not search for news about their former homeroom teachers and classmates after graduation. Therefore, Mingyou didn’t know that this matter was so small that it couldn’t be smaller in a place as big as the Star Alliance.

    In the autonomous star region, this kind of mischief happened every year, not to mention that this year there is such big news about spirit beasts and spirit beast masters. The people were paying attention to the hidden war against the Zerg, the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance, the science of spirit beasts. There was no splash on such small news.

    If Mingyou didn’t search specifically, of course he wouldn’t know. He was very grateful to Arthur for helping him remember and helping him take care of those who love him.

    “Thank you.” Mingyou lowered his head and smiled wryly, “I really didn’t expect that my teacher would suddenly go crazy, haha.”

    “Don’t laugh if you don’t want to.” Arthur reached out and rubbed Mingyou’s hair.

    Mingyou shook his head first, then nodded again. His mind was in a mess, just like when he first met Tan Chenxi. He tried to separate himself from Tan Changgeng’s identity, but found that the past still haunted him and affected his life.

    “He seems to be doing well.” Arthur said suddenly.

    Mingyou looked up, old man Qi was smiling and greeting the teachers who came in. Those teachers were very friendly to old man Qi, and did not “step on the high and flatter the low” when the old man was sent to see the door.

    Mingyou also saw old acquaintances, the head teacher of the next class, a “competitor” who had a bad relationship with his old class, and a female teacher who was called an “old witch” by the students in his class. The “old witch” also took the initiative to say hello to Qi Ande, and brought a bag of fruit, looking like an old friend.

    Some students were very puzzled, and asked their classmates why the old man at the door looked so powerful. Some students had good family conditions and were well-informed. Knowing the identity of old man Qi, they whispered popular science to their classmates.

    “Old man Qi, he used to be a very good chemistry teacher, and he was the head teacher of the best class in our high school.”

    “You know the young master of the Tan family now, right? Famous, old man Qi was the head teacher of the fake young master.”

    “After the Tan family found out that the young master was fake, they not only kicked the fake young master out of the house, but also canceled the fake young master’s school status and canceled his college entrance examination results. The old man Qi actually opposed and insisted on keeping the false young master’s college entrance examination results. Although our school revoked the fake young master’s student status, in the Star Alliance education files, our college entrance examination champion that year is still the fake young master of the Tan family.”

    The inquiring student stared round in surprise: “Amazing, awesome.”

    “Yes, awesome.” His classmate nodded, “Unfortunately, the fake young master disappeared, and he still didn’t get into college.”

    “And…” His classmate showed sarcasm, “It’s really hard to say who is the real young master and who is the fake young master.”

    The student immediately said: “Stop talking, be careful to be heard by the Tan family, don’t you want to stay alive?”

    “Major Tan is back, it won’t be long before the Tan family is knocked down.” His classmate snorted coldly, “Stop talking, I’ll send something to old man Qi, and then we’ll go to the library. My sister was taught by him. I sent him something special.”

    The student exclaimed, “His students like him a lot?”

    “How can you not like someone who would risk his life to get justice for his students?” His classmate shrugged, “Besides, he’s about to get rich. Major Tan is here.”

    The student nodded, “That’s true.”

    Mingyou overheard the conversation between two students not far away, and the sadness on his face faded a lot.

    “Old Qi seems quite at ease.” Mingyou smiled helplessly, “It seems that he stayed here to guard the door to wait for people to laugh at him. No wonder he didn’t want to leave.”

    Arthur nodded. This man was not stupid. Before he died, he had already arranged his family and left Sky Blue Star, and he had already thought of a way out. Even if the Tan family covered the sky with only one hand on the sky blue star, they would not chase and kill them to other planets for this matter.

    What’s more, Tan Chenxi was not dead yet. Even if it was rumored that Tan Chenxi didn’t like his younger brother because of his mother’s death, it was one thing not to like him, but it was another thing to see his younger brother replaced by an illegitimate child, or even killed. Although he acted a little crazy in this matter, he was not completely irrational.

    So this time he didn’t want to leave, probably because he was deliberately trying to avoid those people, waiting to see their jokes. Although this was the last two years.

    “His wife has also remarried him.” Xiaotian found out another piece of good news, which completely relieved Arthur.

    Fortunately, Qi Ande’s situation was not bad, which prevented him from losing face in front of Mingyou. How can the people whom he, Arthur, want to save have a bad life!

    “Yeah.” Mingyou raised his legs and walked towards Qi Ande.

    Arthur followed immediately. Was Mingyou going to confess his identity to the former head teacher? Arthur was curious.

    It would be fine if Mingyou wanted to confess his identity. As long as his status as an orphan of a spirit beast master became an orphan adopted by a spirit beast master, that’s it. As long as Mingyou’s achievements were real, no one in the Star Alliance would question him. It’s just that those who once bullied “Tan Changgeng” would probably be tortured to death by the spirit beasts of the All-Star Alliance, which would add a lot of workload to Arthur’s aftermath.

    “Mr. Qi, I am a student of the Star Alliance Central Military Academy.” Mingyou said after seeing Qi Ande, “I have seen your deeds in the news, and I admire you very much.”

    Qi Ande was stunned, then smiled: ” Don’t admire me. I’ve done a lot of tactful things in my life, and I’ve only been tough once.”

    “As long as you stand up once, you’re already a hero.” Mingyou bowed deeply to Qi Ande, “Thank you.”

    Qi Ande was a little at a loss. He didn’t expect that his deeds were known even to the students of the Central School of the Star Alliance.

    “Everything will be fine, and you will definitely be able to continue teaching students soon.” Mingyou said after bowing, “Sky Blue Star Academy will definitely change.”

    Qi Ande said with a smile: “I believe it too.” He stayed here, because he wanted to try to see if he, who has been regarded as a “hero” by the teachers and students of the school, would cause some changes in the school if he stayed here. He was relieved that everything was going according to his expectations.

    After chatting with Qi Ande for a while, Mingyou bid farewell to him, took Arthur away, and stopped disturbing him.

    “How about letting old Qi become the principal in the future?” Mingyou asked confidently, “If someone disagrees, I will use small biscuits as a reward to crush Sky Blue Star!”

    “You just need to tell the whole star alliance that you are the real Tan Changgeng. If you offer a reward, all the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance will come and crush Sky Blue Star.” Arthur said seriously.

    Mingyou smiled: “Forget it. But it’s good to reveal your identity. I used to think about breaking up with my previous identity, but now I think, why can’t those who bullied me in the past be in a state of anxiety all day long, and let that take care of them? Are people proud of me? Arthur, have you helped me make up a story about my life experience?”

    Arthur nodded, he thought about it for a while, and quickly wrote a short background story and passed it to Mingyou: “It’s finished, you see if there is something that needs to be added.”

    Mingyou only read it twice, and he memorized the words by heart. He exaggeratedly praised: “Arthur, even if you don’t become a prince, but become a novelist, you must be the most popular novelist in the entire Star Alliance.”

    Arthur was proud, and the compliment to Mingyou was very useful.

    “Okay, can I start the live broadcast now?” Mingyou asked, “Can we slip away after the broadcast?”

    Arthur raised his eyebrows: “I asked Xiaotian to drive the private airship to the route. Waiting for you to start. After the live broadcast, you can ride your most powerful big cat partner, fly into the sky and fly out of the atmosphere to stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun.”

    Mingyou couldn’t stop laughing: “Everyone in the family will definitely have a headache.”

    Arthur cleared his throat, imitating Heman’s tone: “My respected Royal Highness, can you use your noble brain to think about your poor adjutant who cleaned up the mess for you before doing everything?”

    Mingyou smiled with tears: “It’s Dabai, it’s definitely Dabai hahahaha.”

    Arthur said: “Where is the highest place in your school?”

    Mingyou pointed to a teaching building and said, “The observatory in that building.”

    “Let’s go. There’s a live broadcast on the rooftop,” Arthur said.

    Mingyou shook his head: “The door is not open during the holidays.”     

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou: “Little fool, what key do we need to go to the roof there?”

    Mingyou: “Ah?”

    Mingyou: “Ah!”

Stealth first, then ascend, and reach the roof smoothly. Mingyou stepped on the transparent roof of the observatory, speechless for a while. Abilities were really convenient. he didn’t know if Arthur abused his abilities many times when he was in school.

    “Can I start the live broadcast?” Mingyou asked.

    Arthur nodded, and removed the optical camouflage on his and Mingyou’s faces.

    “Hi everyone, I’m Mingyou, the anchor of the live broadcast room No. 1.” Mingyou turned on the national live broadcast, “This is my partner Arthur, come on and say hello to everyone.”

    Arthur looked at the camera in the live broadcast room and waved: “Meow.”

    Mingyou: “…” He was in a hurry!! Arthur, what are you doing, what are you doing!! Why are you acting cute in front of the audience in the live broadcast room! No meowing in human form!

    Mingyou was instantly jealous: “Don’t be cute!”

    Arthur: “Meow?”

    Mingyou: “No, no.” He forgot the purpose of the live broadcast, and covered Arthur’s mouth with his hand.

    The audience frantically poured into the live broadcast room:??? They… what live broadcast are they watching?

    This was the live broadcast room of the famous spirit beast anchor Mr. Mingyou, right? Were they here to see the cute big plush? Why was there no plush in the live broadcast room, but only a big black cat, His Highness, who was not a big black cat?

    “Of course, although there is no His Royal Highness the big black cat, His Royal Highness Arthur is also very good. His Highness Arthur is also acting cute to us, nosebleed.”

    “Rolling and rolling, His Royal Highness is so cute, he is meowing! His human form is as cute as a big black cat!”

    “It’s unimaginable, this is our interstellar hero, His Royal Highness Iron-Blooded Marshal, meowing (evil cat) Roaring!!”

    “Holding my nose, I unilaterally declare that His Highness is my husband!”

    “Dreamy, look at the anchor’s attitude, can’t you give up your fantasy?”

    “It’s okay, I can do both!”

    “Is it night where you are? How did you have such an outrageous dream?”

    “Hahaha Mr. Mingyou is jealous, he is anxious, he is anxious, he is anxious!”

    “You all like meowing His Highness Arthur, that cute and jealous Ming Xiaoyou was taken away by me hehehe.”

    “Mr. Mingyou is so cute, he blushed with anxiety, and even covered His Highness’s mouth, like a tsundere girlfriend hahahaha.”

    “Like a jealous wife, he’s so cute.”

    “This live broadcast has not had fluffy people on camera yet. Could it be that Mr. Mingyou started a live broadcast to show his affection?”

    “Be bold, maybe it’s a live broadcast to announce their marriage “

    Well, although I am also the CP of His Royal Highness Prince and Mr. Mingyou, it is better not to flirt casually in the live broadcast room. It is not good for His Highness and Mr. Mingyou.”

    “Don’t worry, please see the name of the number one administrator in this live broadcast room. Xiaotian! Did you see it! The top AI in the entire Star Alliance, the only one recognized as an “AI life” by the Star Alliance! As long as you are not banned, it means that this live broadcast room is acquiesced. Hehe.”

    “Then I’ll howl to see if it will be titled. I wish His Royal Highness Prince Arthur and Mr. Mingyou a long and happy marriage! A hundred years of happiness!”

    “I’m coming too. I wish His Highness the big black cat and Mr. Mingyou forever! A hundred years of happiness! “

    “Hey, there is really no title? I’m coming too. I wish His Highness the Prince and Mingyou a long life! A hundred years together!”

    Mingyou looked at the neat live broadcast room, blushing like a tomato: “Shut up, Arthur and I are not married yet.” 

Audience: Wow!

    Well, the official announcement, the official announcement, the parties admitted. They really were a couple! This time they really came to show their affection!

    “I’m not surprised (eating melon) at all.”

    “There’s no turmoil in my heart (eating melon).”

    “I always thought they had already secretly claimed each other (eating melon).”

    “Can’t you be a little surprised? The parties involved want to see our surprised expressions. I’ll come first. Wow! You are actually a couple!!!!”

    “Can you stop being so exaggerated and be honest?”

    “Shouldn’t we be surprised, the whole Star Alliance knowing that they are a couple, even thought that they even have a child (referring to Xiao Tianmao), are they really together now?”

    “It was only made public now, and it’s not just now.”

    “That’s right, I must have slept long ago.”

    “Are you talking about the big black cat pillow and the big black cat pillow (vicissitudes)?”

    Mingyou: “…Look, Arthur, the entire Star Alliance knows we are a couple. “

    Arthur was helpless: “Are you talking about this in this live broadcast?”

    Mingyou: “Yes, I didn’t mean to say that.”

    Arthur said: “And what the entire Star Alliance thinks has nothing to do with the promise you want to fulfill. Don’t try to play tricks.”

    Mingyou’s face collapsed immediately. He faltered and said: “I didn’t want to play tricks, don’t wrong me.”

    Arthur snorted coldly.

    The audience pricked up their ears. Promise? What promise? Play tricks? What cheating? Say it! Don’t just say half of it!

    “Ahem, I started the live broadcast this time because I wanted to tell everyone the big news.” Mingyou said seriously.

    The audience nodded. I know, I know, the relationship between the two of you has finally been made public, is it going to be live broadcasted by the whole people to get married?

    “Heavy news about my life experience.”

    The audience nodded. The audience stopped halfway, then suddenly looked up. What background? Are you the illegitimate child of the big cat family, the half-brother or half-brother of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur? You two can’t be together?

    “What nonsense are you thinking about?” Mingyou said helplessly, “Don’t slander Arthur’s parents, I will ban them.”

    The audience covered their mouths and shook their heads in fear. Don’t, don’t, we’re crazy. No, no, no, we are absolutely not fooling around, you continue.

    Mingyou said: “Actually, I am from the Star Alliance.”

    The audience: “I know.”

    Mingyou said: “I was born in an autonomous star area.”

    Audiences: “Isn’t that a chaotic star area?”

    Mingyou said: “My mother died shortly after the divorce, and my custody was given to my father when I was still a baby, and then I was locked in a small room, no one talked to me, no one taught me to walk, until my mother’s best friend, a spirit beast master learned about this and stole me away from home with illusions.”

    He only knew after meeting Tan Chenxi that after the attack that year, his mother divorced the scumbag father and took him and him away. In less than a year, his mother died of a serious illness, and the custody of him and his elder brother returned to the scumbag father.

    The audience was dumbfounded. Was it so bloody? But their guess was right, Mr. Mingyou was indeed an “orphan” adopted by a spirit beast master. Father is still alive? Heh, how can a father who abuses his children say he is alive? It is true that Mr. Mingyou is an orphan.

    Mingyu continued to follow the story written by Arthur, talking about a poor emotionally abused child from a third-person perspective. The child was regarded as air by the family, and was usually locked in the house, and only three meals a day were delivered to the room, as if in prison. No one taught him any common sense of life, whether it was talking, walking, or eating, dressing, and going to the bathroom. Living such a life, Mingyou was naturally easily “swapped”.

    A spirit beast, a supernatural illusion, can let children grow up carefree on the spirit beast planet until they go to school.

    Mingyou never went to kindergarten. But when he was about to go to elementary school, people were still staring at him. Even if they couldn’t interfere in Mingyou’s daily life, if Mingyou couldn’t go to elementary school at school age, they could catch the Tan family’s handle and deprive custody of the head of the family. So Mingyou had to go to elementary school.

    The spirit beast masters believed that it was necessary for Mingyou to go to school outside, get along with other children, and receive formal education from the Star Alliance. So Mingyou returned to Sky Blue Star at this time and went to Sky Blue Star Academy. However, his spirit beast master parents still cared for and taught Mingyou through the optical brain.

    Even if Mingyou was locked in the school, he was not allowed to leave the school, was not allowed to surf the Internet, and couldn’t even use the school’s entire library. Apart from textbooks, he had no other means of receiving information and knowledge. But it doesn’t matter, the spirit beast masters would make up for what Mingyou lost.

    Originally, the spirit beast masters wanted Mingyou to enter the university through formal channels, enter the spirit beast cultivation department, and gradually disclose the research of the spirit beast masters step by step as an ordinary spirit beast researcher.

    But who would have known that humans are more vicious than beasts, that even tigers did not eat their own offspring. Mingyou’s identity was deprived, his student status was deprived, and even his life was almost deprived. The spirit beast masters helped Mingyou escape, and contacted Prince Arthur to pick up Mingyou.

    “I originally wanted to go back to the planet of the spirit beast master, but in the inheritance I inherited, the last words left by the parents of the spirit beast master said that when I got this inheritance, my hometown had been destroyed by natural disasters. “

    Mingyou said expressionlessly. His expressionless face was interpreted by the audience as more sorrow than death.

    “I don’t know what kind of natural disaster my hometown was destroyed by. I don’t know the status of my relatives in the Star Alliance. I don’t know what kind of mood they are in. They stayed in their hometown, lived and died with their hometown, and left me alone. But I know that in my hometown, there is only the planet of spirit beast masters. My family is only spirit beast masters. “

    “My original identity with this body has been separated since I was taken away by the spirit beast master parents.” Mingyou finally had an expression on his face. His expression seemed to be smiling wryly, but he also seemed to be confused.

    “My head teacher in high school, in order to keep my school status and college entrance examination results, was retaliated against and separated from my family. Now he has become the old gatekeeper of the school. The identity of my body, the identity of Tan Changgeng, has received very little kindness, so little that I don’t want to admit this identity.”

    “But… even if there is only a little bit of goodwill, there are always people who still remember me and will feel sad for my disappearance and suspected death. I think, just because there are very few people who remember and love Tan Changgeng, I should cherish them all the more.”

    “So, I’ll take this identity back.” “

    “However, my name isn’t Tan Changgeng. My name is Mingyou, Mingyou is my real name, the planet of the spirit beast master is my real hometown, and the spirit beast master is my real identity.”

    Mingyou looked at Arthur: “Arthur and my spirit beast partners are my relatives now.”

    “I confessed my hidden identity before, just to tell some people. Although I don’t intend to take revenge on those who hurt me before, I won’t be manipulated by others. I will investigate the cause of my mother’s death.”

    There was a loud bang in the heads of the audience, and the public opinion of the entire Star Alliance exploded. The audience already knew what Mingyou said about the first life of the spirit beast master. Documentaries about Mingyou in the media mentioned his identity many times, and made it clear that Mingyou was an orphan adopted by a spirit beast master.

    At that time, the audience was still wildly guessing whether Mingyou’s parents had really passed away. Maybe someone will recognize relatives in the future? That would be fun. Now, Mingyou himself has revealed his identity. Tan Changgeng? Sky blue star? What is that?

    “I found it, I found it, I’ll wipe it, the autonomous star region is really covering the sky with one hand!”

    “I’m from Sky Blue Star, I didn’t know that our top scorer in the college entrance examination was almost revoked? But there was really no publicity back then about the matter of the top scorer in the college entrance examination. I thought it was because the matter of the spirit beast master was too sensational, and no one cared about the college entrance examination.”

    “Awesome, awesome, the Tan family is really awesome, too powerful.”

    “If according to what Mr. Mingyou said, he was just locked in the room, no one talked to him, no one taught him the common sense of life, if no spirit beast master rescued him, he would have become a useless person.”

    “What useless person, he would have died a long time ago.”

    “Yes, even if you have the instinct to eat, it must be very difficult to survive in that state.”

    “Although I know that Mr. Mingyou’s life is not too bad with the care of the spirit beast master, I still can’t help crying It’s gone.”

    “Actually, the senior management of Sky Blue Star knows about the young master of the Tan family. But the young master of the Tan family has disappeared, and the Tan family has called the police. What can others say? Nothing can be done without evidence.”

    “It’s too difficult. Besides the helpless young master of the Tan family, and the head teacher of the high school who upheld justice for Mingyou, has anyone else taken care of Mingyou in Tianlanxing?”

    “…I’m ashamed, I’m Mr. No one dares to talk to Mr. Ming. Because the Tan family has specially greeted him, and they are not allowed to get too close to him.”

    “Actually, we still talk occasionally, but no one dared to be friends with him.”

    “I really want to pretend to be Mr. Mingyou’s good friend, but he will definitely be exposed, so let’s tell the truth. Mr. Mingyou has good grades, good personality, many people like him, and everyone treats him well, but he will definitely not become close friends with him, and he dare not interact with him in private. Even his dormitory was a separate small room, not a student dormitory.”

    “Gossip, Mr. Mingyou actually had a good friend at the time. We were surprised at the time, since someone dared not listen to the Tan family , and became friends with Mr. Mingyou. We actually admired their friendship at the time, but in the end, hehe.”

    “Hehe, what are you afraid of, but I am not. My whole family has already moved away from Sky Blue Star. Patriarch of the family, Tan family’s ‘little master’, are you scared?”

    “Tan family’s ‘little master’, are you crying out of fear now? Do you regret it?”

    Mingyou rode in the live broadcast room, holding his big black cat. He flew into the sky and hovered over Sky Blue Academy, allowing everyone to see the big black cat with big wings.

    I, Mingyou, am here. Let’s go! Dahei! The big black cat spread its four paws, stepped into the void, and rushed into the sky. He ran all the way, and set off fireworks with spirit beasts. Now it’s nighttime here at the Academy, so let’s set off some fireworks to celebrate Mingyou’s homecoming.

    “Hey, come on, let’s set off some fireworks to welcome Mr. Mingyou home.” The badger said, “Well, by the way, Mr. Mingyou doesn’t admit that this is his hometown.”

    Tan Chenxi’s expression could hardly be imagined. What kind of stimulation did Mingyou receive, and why did he suddenly disclose his identity? It’s okay to disclose his identity, at most he would be harassed a little more in the future. But… he looked at the petrified red alpaca brother next to him, and suppressed a smile.

    He calculated everything, but how could he predict Mingyou’s actions? His brother’s brain circuit was different from that of ordinary people, one can’t speculate about him with common sense. Even he didn’t think of this. It’s… so scary. Tan Chenxi secretly wiped off his cold sweat. Scared this alpaca to death.

    “His Highness actually ran around the Sky Blue Star…” Others who were far away from No. 1 Convalescent Star supported their foreheads one after another, “He is so energetic.”

    “Is he boring? Over the big city, zooming in on the fireworks with the cat pattern and Mingyou pattern?”

    “What about flying directly into space and returning to the private spaceship? His direction is to circle the ground?”

    “Maybe it’s Mingyou’s idea…” 

    “Then Mingyou was also taught badly by His Highness!”

    “Yes, it must be His Highness’s fault!” The big black cat flew back to the spaceship while sneezing.

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