After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 95

    The four sat in the treasure house deep underground for a meeting. The gray badger finally calmed down, but it was definitely impossible to maintain his prior cool and handsome image.

     The fur on the badger’s body was black and brown, with white vertical stripes on his face, but his hair was closer to metallic silver-gray, and the hairs on his back were like real needles, which looked very prickly. It should be a spirit beast with metal-related abilities. But the hair on his head was still soft and felt good.

    Short thick nose, small ears, corgi-like legs and tail that didn’t match the body, if it was before, Mingyou would have already been bubbling in the bottom of his heart, and thinking about what excuse to touch the badger’s fluffy ears.

    But now, Mingyou just wanted to use his not-so-stalwart body to firmly cover the scorching gaze of the gray badger looking at Arthur, wishing to turn him into a little black cat and hide in his arms.

    Mingyou had long known that Arthur was very respected, and there were many people who liked Arthur. But Arthur mostly appeared in front of him as a black cat, and Mingyou would just hold his face and shout how cute and cute Dahei was.

    Oops, the gray badger left such a bad impression on him this time, even if Arthur turned into a big black cat again, he would be wary of people who approached him. Mingyou thought to himself.

    Arthur watched Mingyou’s jealousy for a while, and finally stroked his black curly hair with kindness, and respected Mingyou’s image: “Don’t be nervous, it’s no big deal even if your identity is discovered, I’m very strong.”

   The boss and the gray badger had a realization. Where did Mr. Minguou look weird, he looked overly nervous. Mr. Mingyou wouldn’t really be jealous of the gray badger hugging his thigh, would he?

    It turned out that Mr. Mingyou was worried about the prince’s safety. Being recognized in the autonomous star area, it was normal for him to worry about safety. Moreover, His Royal Highness and Mr. Mingyou may have other purposes in coming to the autonomous star region. Exposure of identity would probably have an impact on what to do later.

    The boss and his son glanced at each other, and immediately patted their chests to promise to keep the secret, and were willing to directly hand over the authority of the private optical brain and accept the surveillance of the already famous Xiao Tianmao.

    “Although my son is not talented, it’s okay to be an errand boy.” The boss tried to sell his son.

    He was also an adventurer when he was young, but elders always had a double standard for the younger ones. The boss now wanted his son to have a stable job, so that he could live comfortably for the rest of his life.

    Adventuring? Although the income was high, the probability of leaving no bones was also high. Now that the benefits of Star Alliance Spirit Beasts were so good, why shouldn’t he use them?

    Hanging around with His Royal Highness for a while, even if he knew that he cannot keep his son by his side, but if his son behaved well, His Highness the Prince would greet the interviewer of the public examination, and the whole family could immigrate to the central star area of ​​the Star Alliance.

    His son liked adventure and excitement, so he could work as a grassroots cadre in the chaotic star area to help the poor. Now the contribution value income of the chaotic star area was particularly high, and there was additional payment. After ten or twenty years, the whole family might be able to buy a house in the capital star of the Star Alliance.

    The boss’s abacus was crackling. Mingyou’s words of refusal reached his lips, but he swallowed them down.

    He really, really didn’t want an intrusive badger to serve as a light bulb beside him and Arthur, but maybe keeping the badger around would make it easier for them to reveal their identities.

    Or… go home. Anyway, Sky Blue Star didn’t have much, and if someone discovered his identity, he probably couldn’t continue to travel happily.

    Feeling Mingyou’s frustration, Arthur glanced at Mingyou helplessly. What’s so frustrating about such a trivial matter?

    “We have something important to do this time.” Arthur said slowly, “Boss, you used to be a soldier in the Star Alliance. I trust my comrades in arms, and I won’t hide it from you. I suspect that the Sky Blue Star Tan family is colluding with Star Bandits. Regarding the illegal experimentation of spirit beasts in the chaotic star area, they may benefit from it.”

    “Your son is a spirit beast, and the illegal experimentation of spirit beasts in the chaotic star area specially targetted unorganized spirit beasts such as adventurers and star poachers. Beast attack, I think you must hate this matter deeply, and you will not inform them.”

    Before Arthur finished speaking, the hair of the gray badger exploded, and the needle hairs stood up like real ones.

    The boss with a friendly appearance also erupted with an astonishing aura. Although he was a little worse than his son, it could be seen that he possessed considerable strength and combat experience, and his hands were stained with blood.

    “The autonomous star region is reluctant to part with the support given by the Star Alliance, and wanted to maintain its status as an independent kingdom, so it will naturally seek stronger power. Spirit beasts are humans, possessing human emotions and reason, and will not become tools in the hands of ambitious people.” Arthur was not affected by their momentum at all, and continued to speak slowly, as if what he was talking about was not a big deal.

    “Originally, other people were in charge of inquiring about this kind of matter, but Tan Chenxi was my former subordinate, and his family was involved, so I came here in person to see how he would handle it.”

    “The Tan family was not involved in this matter.” Naturally it is best, if you participate and come forward, the process will be smoother.” Arthur said, “I can see that you are very disgusted with the illegal experiment of spirit beasts, I believe you will keep it secret.”

    Arthur blinked, he smiled lightly and said, “Even if it’s an informant, it’s Tan Chenxi who has a headache, and I don’t care. I don’t care about the strength of Sky Blue Star.” The expression on his face was very serious.

    His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, as rumored, was open-minded, bold, and had a pair of eyes that could see through people. Even if it was the first time they met, His Royal Highness could give him complete trust. He was indeed a rare hero in interstellar history.

    They only heard a few words from His Highness the Prince, but they couldn’t help being supported by His Highness’s aura, and they wished they could swear allegiance to him immediately.

    ↑The above was the mental journey of the Badger, his father didn’t think so. ↑

    The boss was just thinking, His Royal Highness refused to bring his son with him, and he wanted to go through the back door, isn’t it hopeless? If he had known earlier, he would have persuaded his deceased wife to move to the central star region of the Star Alliance.

    The sky blue star had a slow pace of life, had a unique primitive planet atmosphere and idyllic scenery, and the old folks who have met since childhood are also nice, and life here was less stressful, and it was all crap.

    If his son was just like himself, just a useless S-level ability user, he could barely survive here. But his son was now a spirit beast. He had accumulated most of his life’s wealth in Sky Blue star, and he couldn’t even buy his son a bag of handmade biscuits. The small handmade biscuits had to be exchanged for contribution value, he only had money.

    Now he heard that those ambitious people in the autonomous star region were incompetent and wanted to persecute spirit beasts? His son was fighting alone, without any support behind him. What if he was knocked out with a stick and locked up for illegal experiments?

    Not all spirit beasts were lucky enough to wait until Mr. Mingyou came to rescue them. Although all the spirit beasts in this wave of illegal experiments were rescued, who knew how many spirit beast experiments have been carried out in the chaotic star area, and how many spirit beasts that were thought to have died in adventures or battles actually died on the test bench?

    When the boss thought about his son, he couldn’t help being persecuted and had a paranoia attack. No, his ancestors accumulated virtues, and unexpectedly met His Highness the Prince and Mr. Mingyou, so he wanted to send his son out no matter what.

    “This matter is related to all spirit beasts. Your Highness, is there anything we can do?” The boss hurriedly said, “I have some influence on Sky Blue Star, so I can find out information for you.”

    Prince Arthur thought for a while and said : “I’ll let Tan Chenxi contact you, you go and help him. I’m here only to respond to Tan Chenxi’s invitation and supervise him to investigate the affairs of the Tan family.”

    The boss immediately responded respectfully. Mingyou was at a loss. What was Dahei talking about, what illegal experiments, what fair handling? Weren’t they here for a vacation?

    When Mingyou followed Arthur out of the shop, he was still in a daze. Fortunately, he always looked blank when he was quiet, and the boss and his son didn’t see anything wrong.

    After Arthur dumped the blame on Tan Chenxi, he took Mingyou away and continued shopping.

    Tan Chenxi felt dizzy when he received the news from Arthur. He didn’t care about taking blame on the Tan family. Since it was “finding out”, it was fine to find out if there is no such thing in the end.

    As for the reputation of the Tan family, when the Tan family harmed his mother and younger brother, they should not want to be famous. But could His Highness calm down and find trouble for him? This was a test of his acting skills, okay?

    Acting in front of spirit beasts, was this a new spirit beast combat training course? He thought of the red alpaca that showed courteousness in front of him every day.

    The red alpaca said that he pretended to be Tan Changgeng in order to protect his safety, so he made false claims with the Tan family forces. He also revealed that he knew Mingyou was Tan Changgeng and was willing to keep it a secret.

    That’s not the point. Tan Chenxi was not worried about this at all. He could now help the fake Tan Changgeng open a live broadcast room, and let the fake Tan Changgeng “reveal Mingyou’s true identity” in front of all Star Alliance netizens. Tan Chenxi shaved off all his hair and gave it to her roommate Tibetan fox as a nest if it could have a slight negative impact on Xiaoyou.

    What Tan Chenxi was worried about was that this guy treated his brother as if… well, not as if, but he really did have that kind of unreasonable thoughts about Mingyou.

    He wouldn’t talk about ethical relationships like half-brothers, anyway, it’s impossible for Mingyou to take a liking to that red alpaca. He was just afraid, if His Highness knew about this, would he have a bad impression of Mingyou? Would he think his brother and the red alpaca really had an affair?

    Tan Chenxi had now received news of his brother’s love progress. His brother said that he and His Highness were indeed in love, but His Highness was very angry because he skipped the process of confession, love, proposal, engagement, and wedding certificate, and directly jumped to the honeymoon. He was now trying to find a way to remedy it.

    After Tan Chenxi received the news, he turned into an alpaca, locked himself in a big closet, and sat there all night. Mingyou, you are really amazing.

    Tan Chenxi had never been in a relationship, so he could only look through love novels to find a way to ask Mingyou for help.

    In romance novels, the high-status male lead would always misunderstand the low-status female(?) lead because of various trivial matters, such as when someone appeared to be a suspected ex-boyfriend, they would shake their heads and say “don’t listen, don’t listen”, and then start all kinds of misunderstandings with the heroine, all kinds of dog blood, all kinds of sadomasochistic love.

    (At this time, the Tibetan fox roommate who accompanied him to read love novels on the hologram network complained: Are you sure? Why did I see that the heroine refused to believe the hero because of a slight misunderstanding, and then “I don’t listen, I don’t listen”, causing all kinds of misunderstandings and all kinds of blood?)

    Tan Chenxi almost frightened the curly hair on his body into white straight hair. This self-proclaimed amorous red alpaca was simply a ticking time bomb. He can’t let him hinder Mingyou’s already very… Forget it, hindering His Highness’s already hard-working relationship.

    Your Highness, I’m sorry, it’s hard work for you to have a lover like Mingyou who has a wrong brain circuit. The big brother Tan Chenxi felt very guilty.

    He hoped His Highness could tie Mingyou up and not let him out to harm others. Mingyou’s brain was something who knew how to fall in love. Only His Highness was so magnanimous that he could tolerate Mingyou’s shortcomings.

    If it was him, he couldn’t bear the shortcoming of his brother’s eyes shining when he saw a spirit beast and being unable to walk.

    I don’t know where I am and I don’t know what’s the use, God, please bless you, you are just an alpaca non-believer who doesn’t really believe that you are in a hurry to go to the doctor, so that Xiaoyou’s relationship can go smoothly.

    Tan Chenxi’s fluffy alpaca face is full of the vicissitudes of seeing through the world.

    “Dahei, the Tan family really…” After visiting two shops, Mingyou finally recovered from the shock.

    The way Arthur looked at Mingyou was like looking at a stupid dog. Could his reflexes be even more sluggish? Did his little toe hit the corner of the cabinet and it took a year before he screamed?

    “What do you think?” Arthur said angrily.

    Mingyou thought about it carefully, then shook his head and said, “Surely not, others don’t like it.” The Tan family only lives in the sky blue star nest. From the outsiders’ point of view, they had no money and no strength. Even if they really have ambitions, no one will take them.

    What’s more, after the red alpaca entered the Tan family, the Tan family had been engaged in internal strife, how could they have time to participate in such a big conspiracy?

    Cough, although this conspiracy was instantly broken by him and his spirit beast partners, it was indeed the largest conspiracy in the history of the Star Alliance, and there was still some force.

    “You are not stupid at this time.” Arthur said, “But the Tan family is indeed connected with the star robbers. The autonomous star region is rampant, so naturally there are many of them.”

    Mingyou looked up and saw that the sky blue star was not blue today. He calmly said: “Oh.”

    Oh… Can he have some other more reliable reactions? This made him want to vaccinate you, and don’t know how to answer the phone.

    “Brother will handle it, let’s leave it alone.” Mingyou looked up at the sky, took Arthur’s hand and said, “Continue shopping, why are you in a daze.”

    Arthur:? ? ? ? ?I… No, who is in a daze! ! !

    The tail of the cat in Arthur’s heart turned into a propeller, and he wished to give Mingyou two whacks immediately.

    Arthur was dragged around by Mingyou and didn’t stop until the auction started at night. Arthur felt his legs were getting tired and aching. Of course, this was just an illusion. Arthur, who had experienced high-intensity battles, did not have such little physical strength. He was just tired. The fatigue of shopping with others has nothing to do with physical strength.

    “If you’re too tired, why don’t you turn into a little black cat and lie on my head?” Mingyou pointed to his curly black hair, “There will be a separate private room for the auction, and the sales will be carried out on the holographic network, so they won’t see us.”

    “You don’t need to tell me, I know.” Arthur said angrily, “I introduced this to you.”

    Mingyou stretched out his hands to Arthur: “Come, come, I will hold you.”

    He sneered, reached out to pick up Mingyou’s lazy waist, and put it on his lap. Mingyou was stunned.

    After a few seconds, his face flushed instantly. The power of his heart fluctuated, unexpectedly changing from light blue to pink, and it spread outward like a supernova.

    Fortunately, Arthur moved quickly and used his supernatural ability to block Mingyou’s heart fluctuations. Otherwise, it was estimated that all the spirit beasts in the auction house would know that Mingyou was coming.

    Arthur was glad in his heart that he told Herman to renovate the room in advance, otherwise he and Mingyou would not have privacy in the future.

    “Put away your heart power,” Arthur said.

    Mingyou snorted and put away hia power of the heart, as if pulling back the rope, Arthur almost laughed out loud.

    It took him a lot of effort to straighten his face, so as not to give Mingyou a little sunshine, and so brilliant that he wanted to go to heaven. Mingyou came back to his senses, feeling at a loss in Arthur’s arms.

    Although in the past, not to mention the big black cat, Arthur in human form had hugged and kissed him, and accidentally kicked him out of bed (cough cough), but now the relationship between the two was clear, and this ambiguous posture, he would still be shy.

    While shy, Mingyou clung to Arthur’s warm chest helplessly, and rested his head on Arthur’s neck. Arthur finally couldn’t hold back, and was amused by Mingyou.

    Mingyou’s shameless and unaffected personality was really in contrast to his previous… Well, there was no contrast.

    After all, Mingyou was a someone who could continue to calmly stroke the fur of a spirit beast after learning that they are human.

    “Stop rubbing, you want to help me solve it here?” Arthur said something with innuendo.

    Mingyou huddled shyly in Arthur’s arms: “If you want, I can try.”

    Arthur: “…No, I don’t want to, and you don’t want to. This is a public place, please respect yourself.” This stupid Mingyou, it’s too annoying. What’s on your mind? Waste paper?

    Mingyou: Most of the second dimension is old-fashioned. If you don’t believe me, let the second dimension gate swear to your husband and wife on your mobile phone! Who would not be happy with such a perfect and handsome lover?

    Mingyou worriedly said: “Arthur, are you still angry with me?”

    Arthur: “…It has nothing to do with being angry or not, I just want you to be serious. And you haven’t confessed yet.”

    Mingyou immediately sat straight in Arthur’s arms. Oh yeah, he forgot about the confession again. Wanting to go to bed without confessing, was he not a scumbag who lied! This was not allowed!

    Mingyou finally turns his attention back to the auction. His romantic confession depended on this auction! If there were no good things in this auction, he could only ask the system for help, to see if the system can package the spirit beast props in a more romantic look, and coax his big black cat for him.

    After the auction started, the guests participating in the auction could enter the holographic conference hall and directly experience the lively atmosphere; they could also sit in the real private room and turn on the holographic projection, allowing the auctioneer to introduce the products on the big screen in front of them.

    Mingyou wanted to enjoy the feeling of being held in Arthur’s arms, so he naturally stayed in the private room instead of going to the holographic auction venue to join in the fun. When he bought things for the spirit beasts at home, he had already had enough fun.

    In particular, some auctions in the dark market were like gatherings of monsters and monks in novels, and they even wore black cloaks to stay secret. The mysterious atmosphere was particularly exciting. Mingyou liked auctions full of mystery the most. This formal auction site, which was sitting on the stadium, lacked a bit of flavor.

    “Their equipment is quite advanced, and the five senses and energy fluctuations of the auction items are simulated very realistically.” Arthur stopped Mingyou with one hand, and flipped through the auction item menu on the light curtain with the other hand.

    The process of all official auctions was similar, the more precious the item, the lower it would be ranked. Arthur didn’t like the little things in front of him anymore. He just wanted to see what treasures there would be at the Sky Blue Star Auction.

    When he saw that among the treasures at Sky Blue Star Auction, there were spirit beast wool fabrics, his mood was very complicated, and he gave Mingyou who was in his arms a hard look.

    Mingyou asked questions all over his head: “What’s the matter?”

    Arthur sighed and didn’t want to answer. For a while, Mingyou was obsessed with teaching spirit beasts how to make various woolen fabrics with spirit animal hair in the live broadcast room. Now, the spirit beasts were really using their fur as a renewable resource.

    It’s fine to give it to relatives and friends, but there were spirit beasts selling woolen fabrics made from the fur plucked from their bodies? What about the aggressiveness of spirit beasts? Did they still remember their identity as the strongest supernatural being? No more face?

    As a spirit beast, Arthur felt very ashamed.

    “That little doll is quite cute.” Mingyou also noticed the spirit beast fur fabric, and smiled openly, “Would you like to buy a toy for Gun Gun to grind his teeth?”

    “Aren’t there enough dolls at home?” Arthur pinched Mingyou’s face , “How much hair have you plucked from us to make a nest for Gun Gun, to make clothes and toys?”

    “The more toys Gun Gun has in our house, the better.” Mingyou said, covering his cheeks, “The energy emitted from the fur of different spirit beasts is different, the more types of abilities Gun Gun has contact with, the better it will be for him to develop his own abilities. “

    Arthur wondered: “Really?” If it was true, it’s okay to buy some spirit beast wool.

    “Really, but we already have enough spirit animal wool fabrics.” Mingyou said, “I just think it’s cute.”

    “Buy.” Arthur sighed.

    Mingyou said happily: “I’ll just make an offer. If the price is too high, I won’t make a bid.”

    Arthur nodded. He knew that although Mingyou was extravagant when buying things for them, he would not be taken advantage of. In the bottom of Mingyou’s heart, he had a reputation and knew the value of various items.

    It’s just that the value in Mingyou’s heart might not be the same as the market price. There was no shortage of spirit beast fur in the house, and Mingyou will definitely not be willing to spend too much money on them.

    Apart from the fact that the spirit animal wool fabric surprised them a little, there weren’t many good things in this auction.

    Based on the hobbies of the spirit beasts at home, Mingyou delineated some local treasures, such as handicrafts, calligraphy and paintings, musical instruments, etc., and then he didn’t know what to buy.

    All the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance were searching for good things everywhere, and gave them to the Star Alliance to exchange for contribution points. All these good things would go through Mingyou’s hands. His vision was raised too high, and he completely despised the so-called treasures in this small place like Sky Blue Star.

    “They still believe in IQ tax?!” When Mingyou saw an IQ tax “power breakthrough water” that he had popularized many times in the live broadcast, he was extremely shocked. “Aren’t they in compulsory education?”

    “Although it is an IQ tax, this thing is very rare, and there are always people who want to try it.” Arthur said, “The Star Alliance has such a large population, and according to the ratio, there are many anti-science people. No matter how hard you work on science popularization, they think you want to stay and use it yourself. Calm down, we don’t buy it.”

    “But this will kill people.” Mingyou worried.

    “We have no control over Sky Blue Star. If you want to control it, you can only wait until Sky Blue Star’s autonomy is revoked.” Arthur said.

    Mingyu sighed. When he said that they couldn’t manage the central star region of the Star Alliance. Although this was his hometown, there was really no way to manage it.

    He just hoped that only the elderly would buy this ability breakthrough water, and when they buy it back for young people to drink, they will be thrown away by the young people.

    “Arthur, is there anything you like?” Mingyou asked with hope. He really couldn’t pick out a gift.

    Arthur saw through Mingyou’s thoughts, and said with a sneer, “I choose the gift, and you pay for it? Are you so lazy?”

    Mingyou shook his head vigorously: “No, no, no, this is separate from the gift I gave.” He just wanted to see Arthur likes, and buy another similar one.

    Arthur glanced at the auction catalog again, and said, “This old mecha is quite interesting.”

    A light bulb lit up above Mingyou’s head: “Do you like old weapon models?”

    “I don’t like models,” Arthur said.

    Mingyou hurriedly said: “I mean, do you like to collect old weapons as models?”

    “No.” Arthur continued, “It’s just that this mecha has a bit of a background, it should be similar to the Zerg found by the Badger. Like a battleship, it flew into the wormhole and floated to other places during the war against the Zerg.”

    Mingyou was puzzled: “But it is an old mecha, the mecha used to fight the war against the Zerg, we also use it now. It’s still in use, it hasn’t been updated yet.”

    Arthur was silent for a while, and said: “There are spirit beasts that bring their own mechas to the battlefield. Some spirit beasts are older and have left the battlefield long ago without updating their equipment. The periphery is responsible for supporting and rescuing the regular army.”

    Mingyou hugged Arthur’s head and patted it: “Dahei, why are all the things you want related to the Star Alliance and the war? This won’t work, you have to develop other hobbies. Before the war, what did you like?”

    Feeling the comfort of Mingyou’s fluctuating heart power, Arthur said, “Does reading novels count?”

    “Forget it, this hobby really saves money.” Mingyou sighed, “Do you have any more extravagant hobbies?”

    Arthur said: “In the game, krypton gold hits the list.”

    Mingyou: “…I can accompany you with that”

    Arthur laughed: “That was a hobby a long time ago, and now I hope to make games, popularize knowledge about spirit beasts, and at the same time earn money from other people. What about your hobbies? Hobbies other than spirit beasts , do you have any other hobbies? Doesn’t your life revolve around spirit beasts?”

    Mingyou thought about it carefully, and said, “Actually, I did. In my previous life… in my previous life, the uncles who raised me after my parents passed away were playing games. Yes, I like to pretend to be an intelligent NPC in their games, issue a lot of cumbersome tasks to the players, and then only give them one game currency.”

    Arthur: “…What are you doing?”

    Mingyou smiled embarrassedly Laughing: “This is actually one of my uncles’ hobbies. I just play with him occasionally. After playing a lot, I also think it’s quite interesting.”

    Arthur held his forehead with one hand. Raising your uncle… Is it really good to teach children badly like this? But…

    “Bringing you up? Isn’t that your adoptive father? Why do you call them uncles?” Arthur asked, “Your adoptive fathers are those two people who were in the research institute in your spiritual fantasy, right? The one with the sword?”

    Mingyou’s eyes became very sad. Even when he first met Arthur, he would not show his sadness so blatantly.

    “Well, I just don’t want them to have an adopted son who lived less than three years after adoption.” He hasn’t shown such a fragile expression in front of Arthur for a long time, “I don’t want to integrate into their family, and I don’t want them to be sad.”

    “I can’t stand this matter, I don’t even want to think about it.” Mingyou lowered his head and looked at his hands.

    But he would open the Red Dog Paradise for him alone, work overtime to modify the program and shut down the server for a day so that he can sleep in his favorite elf world… He was just deluding himself. Those who remain will be sad.

    He knew the fear of imminent death, the fear of being left behind by dead loved ones, and the sorrowful fear of being left behind by dying loved ones. Arthur knew it too.

    “Don’t think about it.” Arthur didn’t expect that it was just an auction, but he actually poked Mingyou’s sadness, and hurriedly said, “Don’t you like pretending to be an NPC? After the public beta of the spirit beast world, let’s go to the game together to be an NPC. NPC, right? We issue a series of cumbersome tasks to the player, and then only give him one game currency.”

    Mingyou smiled reluctantly: “Okay. We will have more hobbies in the future.”

    “Of course.” Arthur rubbed Mingyou’s face, “At least I never imagined that I would take flying you with my paws as a hobby.”

    Mingyou: “…You can actually have another hobby.” The two looked at each other and laughed. In fact, they have changed a lot and have many happy “hobbies”, haven’t they?

    The sad or fearful things have passed, and it is impossible to live without regrets. They can only grasp the present moment.

    “I suddenly discovered that the roller is very interesting.” Arthur pointed to a handicraft in the auction list.

    “This is not a roller, it’s a windmill.” Mingyou said boldly, “Buy it, buy it, buy it, modify it, and use it as a roller for you. By the way, the big black cat has a roller, and the little black cat should also have one. I’ll make it for you when I get home. How about a room full of little black cat toys?”

    “Can I say no?” Arthur snorted coldly.

    Mingyou laughed loudly: “Arthur, don’t be arrogant… ahhhhhhhhh, don’t tease my face.”

    After the auction, Arthur bought a few handicrafts as cat toys. Mingyou still didn’t choose a gift he wanted. But he finally knew what to buy for Arthur.

    Mingyou decided to tell Arthur his true past as a gift. Although he couldn’t confess everything about the system, he could tell Arthur about himself in his previous life.

    When Mingyou first met Arthur, he didn’t hide it on purpose. He just confused the real world with the game world.

    In his mind, “Elf World” was his real world, and elves are also real creatures. Compared with the pain and struggle in the real world, the life in the world of elves was the real life in his consciousness.

    At that time, he thought that Arthur and the others were just spirit beasts like the elves, so naturally what he said was all about his past in the elf world.

    Later, when Mingyou knew Arthur’s true identity, it was hard for him to confess. The world of elves was just a game. He used to be just a sick and weak waste who was addicted to the Internet. He was not a famous genius spirit beast master on a certain planet at all. How could such a thing be said.

    Arthur kept telling Mingyou that everyone should have their own privacy, and there is no need to confess for the sake of confession. Keeping yourself a little secret will make you feel more secure. No matter how close people are, they should have their own independent space.

    But now, Mingyou doesn’t want to have his own independent space. He wanted to confess everything about himself. He also believed that after confessing, Arthur would not leave him.

    He has this confidence. His bond with Arthur was real, and the knowledge he had now was also real, and he was no longer a waste.

    After returning to the hotel, seeing Mingyou with a serious face, Arthur knew that this guy had some important news to tell him.

    Arthur held his forehead: “Let me prepare mentally first, let me take a few deep breaths.”

    Mingyou’s nerves broke after finally jumping up: “Hey, hey, don’t spoil the atmosphere, I want to tell you something very important, this is my confession gift to you!”

    Arthur doubted: “You want to tell me one thing as a confession gift, are you sure?”

    Mingyou reconnected his nerves and nodded solemnly: “Yes, I will use my biggest, biggest secret and give it to you as a gift.”

    Arthur: “About your education?”

    Mingyou shook his head vigorously: “I can’t say this, although you guessed it almost, but I still have to keep a secret attitude.”

    Arthur: “…” If he was Mingyou’s education light brain, he would want to beat Mingyou up. Was there any difference between his secrecy and no secrecy?

    Arthur sighed: “Tell me. What secret do I see that can make you treat it as a confession gift.”

    Mingyou spoke.

    Arthur listened.

    Mingyu was very nervous.

    Arthur made a “that’s it” look.

    Mingyou was at a loss: “Why didn’t you react at all?”

    Arthur said contemptuously: “I guessed it a long time ago.”

    Mingyou was even more at a loss: “Huh?”

    Arthur sighed: “There are many inconsistencies in the past you said. When you enter your Al the contradictions are resolved when you are in the illusion of your mind. The thing you keep talking about about being sick is in reality; and the adventure you talked about with the elves is probably in a holographic game, right?”

    Mingyou: “…You guessed it already?”

    Arthur nodded: “Although it’s amazing, I’m not too surprised. Maybe someone with an educational optical brain deliberately made that game to promote spirit beast science? Even if it wasn’t, It’s normal for the real world to collide with literary works. Quantum entanglement in parallel worlds can cause people in another world to have a flash of inspiration, which is a very common research topic.”

    Mingyou: “…the science of the interstellar world is really awesome.”

    Arthur: “What else?”

    Mingyou: “What else?”

    Arthur sneered: “Didn’t you say you want to tell me a big secret as a confession gift?”

    Mingyou said embarrassed: “This is my biggest secret.”

    Arthur: “That’s it?”

    Mingyou: “Yes, that’s it.”

    Arthur turned into a black cat, licking his claws and saying, “Oh. The confession gift is rejected, please continue thinking.”

    Mingyou QAQ! ! ! ! !

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