After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 94

    The adjutant was stunned for a while after receiving the urgent mission from his superior.

    “What’s the matter?” All of his colleagues came together, was there any gossip? How was Mingyou and His Highness’s solo trip going?

    “His Highness asked me to renovate the room, and buy…Buy adult products.”

   The fluffy colleagues’ heads exploded, “Wow” and “Ahhh” several times. Some even bit their tongues.

    “It’s progressing so fast?” Dahuang frowned. Although he had known that Mingyou had probably been eaten to death by His Highness, he always had the feeling that Mingyou was still young and it was too early for such a thing.

    “His Royal Highness has tried his best to slow down the progress.” They finally recovered from the heavy news that Arthur gave him, “Mingyou recommended himself as a pillow, and wanted to consummate the marriage with His Highness without any preparation. His Highness gave him a month’s time to repent.”

    All colleagues: “…”

    “It’s something Mingyou would do.” The yellow monkey pawed his forehead. Mingyou would always show a lack of common sense in certain things.

    “It is indeed necessary to prepare well, otherwise if Mingyou howls because of pain, it might frighten His Highness.” Unfortunately, the little panda with a mouth was lying on the table, looking at the blueprints sent by Arthur for the home renovation.

    Arthur and Mingyou were getting married, and they would have to do adult things in the future and needed more privacy. The new home was the “courtyard” pattern that Arthur heard from Mingyou. Each has a small courtyard, like a villa, and the place to eat and rest was in the middle.

    Even if they get married in the future, the family could still live in the yard. Have private space and be together every day. We are still a family that will not be separated.

    “After your Highness and Xiaoyou got married, didn’t you intend to drive us away?” Unfortunately, the little panda’s tail slapped the floor with its mouth wide open.

    The big wolf said in a deep voice: “His Highness will not leave us. For His Highness, we are a part of his life.” For them, His Highness and comrades-in-arms were also a part of their lives.

    After experiencing life and death, there were only eleven of them left. In the following life, they didn’t just live for themselves. They bore the oath that all the heroes swore before they went out. This may also be post-war mental illness. This mental illness makes it impossible for them to leave each other and integrate into their daily life.

    “For Mingyou, we are also a part of his life. Fortunately, we met him.” Adeline smiled and hugged the sleeping baby panda, “It’s fortunate that His Highness met Mingyou.”

    Otherwise With His Highness’s tenacity on the surface, which seemed to be calm, but actually has a stronger sense of responsibility than anyone else, he would definitely be lonely for the rest of his life, and his future life would only be lived for those who have passed away.

    Their small group added Mingyou, a new member, and the atmosphere was quite different. Every day was full of hope and became full of vitality.

    “We have to think about how to hold a wedding for them.” The red fox’s paw touched an ear, and was glared at by Adeline, and he withdrew his paw, “I want to be the master of ceremonies!”

    “I thought you wanted to be the best man.”

    “We must all be best men, right?”

    “Why don’t we only allow spirit beasts to attend the wedding in the form of spirit beasts? A wedding full of fluffy dumplings, it must be very funny.”

    “Why don’t you say that His Highness will be the best man in the future?” Attending the wedding in the appearance of a big black cat. Dahei married Mingyou, who is Arthur? I don’t know.”

    “Actually, it’s really possible.”

    Out in space, the big black cat sneezed several times in a row.

    Mingyou hugged the big black cat’s head and said, “Congested? No, how could it be possible to get sick? Caught a cold?”

    The big black cat pushed Mingyou away with his paws, head was bouncing and shaking vigorously, and his ears were flapping. After shaking, the black cat lowered his body, raised his behind and stretched, feeling comfortable.

    “It’s those bastards at home who are talking bad about me.” His Highness Arthur immediately guessed the reason.

    He knew that if he told Herman about him and Mingyou, this group of people would definitely gossip behind their backs. With this gossip, he was affected even across the galaxy.

    Mingyou rubbed his nose: “I didn’t sneeze. They didn’t speak ill of me.”

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou. With his dullness, even if they said bad things about him, he won’t feel it.

    When it was time to go out, the big black cat turned into a human. Mingyou eagerly looked at Arthur, and he stretched out a hand to Mingyou. Mingyou immediately happily held hands!

    Arthur looked down at Mingyou holding his hand, thinking it felt good to hold hands and go out occasionally.

    “Arthur! Look at that!” Mingyou, who was shopping, saw a store he was interested in, and rushed out immediately, causing Arthur to stumble.

    It just so happened that beside Arthur, there was a young man leading a silly dog, who was also staggered by the big dog ​​that jumped out. Arthur felt very complicated.

    “This is interesting!” Mingyou said with a smile while holding a decoration. When he is happy, he always spoke with an exclamation point, and his chatter was a bit noisy.

    “Buy it if you like it,” Arthur said.

    “Don’t buy it.” Mingyou immediately put down the decoration.

    Although it was a bit interesting, this thing had no energy fluctuations, and there was no place to put it at home.

    “If you can’t afford it, don’t touch it.” A man with sleek hair snorted coldly.

    Mingyu blinked. What happened? Someone jumped out to find fault? Was it so interesting?

    His long-awaited face-slapping scene was about to appear? Was he going to throw out a VIP card with the highest limit of the Star Alliance Bank, or was he pretending to take out a priceless gemstone pocket watch from his pocket?

    “Customer, I’m sorry, I’ll drive him away immediately.” The shop owner came out, nodded and bowed.

    Mingyou, who was thinking about how to slap his face, froze. Huh? Why not follow the routine? Aren’t we the ones being driven away?

    “Uncle, you…” The man was about to say something when he was framed by two strong men who rushed out suddenly.

    “That person comes to my shop every day to make trouble. I originally wanted to bear with him for the sake of my dead sister, but he always offends valuable customers, and my small shop is almost out of business.” The shop owner sighed, “Guests, I’ve offended you.”

    Mingyou looked at Arthur aggrieved. My face-slapping plot is gone.

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou angrily. Face-slapping plot? Do you know that the places you are shopping now are full of shops selling quality goods that you only know about through special news channels? To put it simply, this is a place where a group of rich people with nothing to do enjoy the fun of “hunting”.

    Although there may be customers who enter by mistake, as long as they provoke a customer that cannot be provoked, these stores would not be able to continue. Their service couldn’t be bad. The store had not yet collapsed after being disturbed by people every two days, maybe there were really some good things in the store.

    After Arthur shared his analysis, Mingyou immediately cheered up and began to search carefully for treasures. The treasures he wanted to find were naturally useful to spirit beasts. Once the system radar was turned on, all the treasures had nowhere to hide.

    After reading it, Mingyou shook his head regretfully at Arthur: “You lied to me, although some things are interesting, but there is nothing you can use.”

    Arthur said angrily: “Can you not be so demanding? Pick something special and just go back.”

    How could there be something he liked on a small remote planet? Even if there was, it must be placed in the auction house. Did he know how much the things he bought before were worth?

    Mingyou scratched his head, then randomly took a jade bamboo ornament from the shelf: “Then this is it… Gungun can grind his teeth.”

    The boss was a little unconvinced when he first heard them belittle the products in the store. But when he saw the ordinary-looking young man in front of him, stretched out his hand to “casually” grab an item, and what he got was the treasure from the shop he had sneaked in, so he couldn’t help being a little puzzled.

    Was this accidental or was this young man’s eyesight really strong? Could it be that they really didn’t like the things in the store?

    The boss was getting a little bit stubborn. He said: “It’s not very good to put things in the store that people can touch and appreciate at will. If the two distinguished customers are interested in gold, jade and gemstones, there are some treasures in my store that are not displayed outside. Would you like to take a look at them?”

    Mingyou glanced at the jade bamboo ornament in his hand: “Is there anything better than this? Isn’t this jade bamboo ornament a treasure in the store?”

    Only this jade bamboo ornament had a little energy fluctuation. This kind of energy fluctuation was a special energy aura mixed with raw material and engraved human spirit.

    This was the same as Mingyou carving green stones. First, he used energy crystals, and then he needed to inject his own spiritual power and emotion to create the green stone candy that his family loved most.

    The things of Sky Blue Star may be a little inferior in material, but if a powerful person carved them and injected their own thoughts into them, it will also have collection value for spirit beasts.

    It was like Dahong collecting ancient calligraphy and paintings. The carrier of ancient calligraphy and painting was ordinary paper and ink, but if the writer and painter’s heart was poured into it, this kind of energy fluctuation would make a spirit beast very comfortable.

    From this point of view, spirit beasts relied on their intuition to “scavenge goods”, and they basically couldn’t make mistakes. Mingyou’s intuition was no worse than that of spirit beasts, and with system assistance, good things couldn’t escape his eyes.

    When the boss heard Mingyou’s words, he knew that Mingyou really knew how to pick them. His attitude also became serious. When you meet a knowledgeable customer, if the things you bring out are not good enough, it will really smash the signboard.

    “I have a few treasures in my collection, maybe they can suit the customer’s wishes.” The boss said.

    Seeing that the boss wanted to sell a treasure after hearing what he said, Mingyou couldn’t help being curious.

    This boss was very confident, so let’s go and have a look. Although he was going to the auction tonight, he could brag about it to everyone when he finds something good in a small shop. It would be great if he could find a gift suitable for confessing to Arthur. Mingyou thought depressedly.

    What was romantic, Mingyou couldn’t think of a romantic way at all. Even if he asked Xiaotian to search the Internet, those romances were for little girls and boys and didn’t match up with his own star hero, Dahei, at all.

    He could only simply replace “romantic” with “romantic confession gift”, so that was is probably not wrong. It’s a pity that the things in the system were all spirit beast props, which had nothing to do with romance. Otherwise, he could just exchange a set of props from the system as a gift.

    Cough, whatever. Mingyou and Arthur followed the boss to the underground warehouse.

    The underground warehouse was like a treasure house, with three floors inside and three floors below, filled with various high-tech anti-theft devices. Hearing from the boss that the treasure house was guarded by high-level supernatural beings in turn, Mingyou was speechless.

    “I can’t tell, boss, you are so rich that even spirit beasts come to watch the door for you.” Mingyou said in surprise, “You are so powerful, how could you be bullied by that greasy-haired man?” Spirit beast… doorkeeper? !

    The handsome supernatural being who was even more handsome than Arthur in disguise said angrily, “I’m his own son, and he let me come to see the door for free.”

    “Wow.” Mingyou said without emotion. Surprised a bit.

    Wow…you big-headed ghost! What are you wowing? ! The handsome boy was a little angry.

    “How do you talk to the guests? Go shoo.” The boss seemed to be chasing away flies, “Since you have time to sleep here, why don’t you help me drive that bastard out? He offended the guests again.”

    The handsome guy snorted coldly: “I want to beat him so that he doesn’t dare to come again, but you won’t allow it.”

    “You are not allowed to do illegal things.” The boss nagged, and then smiled helplessly at Mingyou and Arthur, “My son is an adventurer, so my behavior is a bit vulgar, I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay.” Although the handsome guy’s expression was a bit pinched, Mingyou could tell from the contact of the power of the heart that the handsome guy cared about his father very much and was a filial child. It didn’t matter if they are malicious or not, he was not angry.

    If the handsome guy was willing to turn into a spirit beast and let him stroke his fur, he would be even less angry. Mingyou thought to himself.

    “Heh.” Arthur, who had been acting as the background board, gave Mingyou a sarcastic laugh to remind him.

    Mingyou immediately fixed his gaze. I, I, I, I didn’t think about anything, I didn’t want to pet the strange plush!

    The handsome boy glanced at Arthur, who was obviously jealous, and then at the ordinary-looking young man who could recognize him as a spirit beast.

    Based on his many years of adventuring experience, he immediately came to the conclusion that these two people were definitely disguised. Maybe these two were also spirit beasts? He couldn’t feel the abilities of these two people, was it because these two people may carry high-end goods that could hide abilities?

    The young master of a rich family’s spirit beast? Or was it an old spirit beast with a young face who has actually fought on the battlefield even though he looked young? No matter what his identity is, Dad may really have met a big client this time.

    “The two guests want to find things that can be used by spirit beasts. I can recommend those.” The handsome guy said, “Most of the good things in Dad’s shop are bought by me outside.”

    “Wow.” Mingyou didn’t bring any surprises.

    This “wow” made the handsome boy feel angry for no reason. What was this guy’s deal? What’s the meaning? Want to fight?

    “Don’t get me wrong, he meant to cheer you up.” Arthur explained, “This is a habit he developed at home with his children.”

   The handsome boy: “…” You might as well not explain it, he treats me as a Child?

    “Did I do something wrong?” Mingyou asked suspiciously.

    Arthur said: “You don’t need to cheer him up, he’s not a child, he doesn’t need you to respond to every sentence, let alone your unemotional response.”

    Mingyou: “…Do I have any?”

    Arthur squinted: “Please have a little bit of self-knowledge.”

    Mingyou plunged into Arthur’s arms: “Oops, I brought out the habits of the family, I’m sorry, please ignore me, I really want to find a crack in the ground.”

    “I’m not a hiding place.” Arthur put his arms around the back of Mingyou’s head, “Stop being coquettish, go choose something.”

    “Okay.” Mingyou rubbed his face on Arthur’s shoulder, and followed the boss with a kind smile on his face. The deepest treasury.

    The kindly smiling boss glanced at his handsome son. Son, look, what a sweet couple, right? Have you ever been sour? Come back and bring me a daughter-in-law, okay? Or you can be someone else’s wife, I am not picky.

    The handsome guy ignored his father’s gaze urging him to marry him, and also ignored the mentally handicapped guest who suddenly showed affection. He walked into the treasure house with long legs, and with a swipe of his finger on the optical brain, a small box flew into his hand.

    “This is the only thing you would value in this room.” The handsome boy said.

    His father was so angry that he blew his beard: “Nonsense! I have a lot of good things, customers will definitely like them!”

    The handsome boy didn’t even give his father a look: “Then you take it out and let the guests choose by themselves.”

    The boss immediately picked it up. Two small boxes came out: “Look at my treasures! Especially this sapphire bracelet, which is said to be worn by our hero queen!”

    Arthur’s eyelids twitched.

    Mingyou asked curiously: “Really?”

    The boss said: “It must be true! Look at this!”

    The boss took a small flashlight and took a photo of the inside of the sapphire bracelet: “Do you see this signature? This is my own identification of our queen’s signature.”

    Mingyou frowned: “But why did things used by the queen end up here?

    “Materials, held an auction and sold a lot of things.” The handsome guy said, “My family snatched a sapphire bracelet.”

    Mingyou looked at Arthur: “Really?”

    Arthur nodded silently.

    Mingyou followed Arthur and nodded, and said: “How much is it, I bought it.”

    Arthur said: “No need. All she sold was ordinary jewelry, which has no commemorative significance. She kept the commemorative things.”

    When Arthur was talking to Mingyou, he added telepathically: “The auction back then was just a show, pretending that we could no longer control the army. When they were paralyzed, I took the guards and robbed the Academy of Sciences.”

    “But my sister-in-law temporarily bought a batch of ordinary-quality jewelry, engraved her own signature on the inside of the jewelry, and sold them for nearly ten times the price. It was indeed considered military expenses.”

    Mingyou almost laughed out loud. No wonder Dahei’s mood was so complicated. It’s not because this thing is very important, but because this bracelet was something used by the Queen’s sister-in-law to take advantage.

    “Sell it? If it sells, I’ll buy it.” But Mingyou still decided to buy it. “If you meet, you will be destined. This is very beautiful. Buy it back for the children.” Although it was useless, there were such stories in it, so Diandian may like it.

    The boss was very hesitant. Although the other party’s attitude of “you can make an offer at will” was very bold, he just wanted to show off, not really want to sell. This thing was really very commemorative, and he planned to pass it on to his wife whether it was a man or a woman.

    “Let’s look at other things, maybe the customers have other things they like.” The boss could only continue to sell.

    Maybe the guests were interested in other things and are not interested in this jewel bracelet?

    “This obsidian earring is also of great origin.” The boss said mysteriously, “It is said that it was worn by Prince Arthur.”

    Mingyou -_-: “Boss, you have been deceived, Arthur… the prince does not wear earrings.

    The boss said: “How do you know that he didn’t wear it before? His Royal Highness Prince Arthur wore it very fashionably when he was still in school. These are the earrings he wore when he was in middle school.”

    Mingyou -_-: “No, I don’t believe Prince Arthur would wear such tasteless skull earrings.”

    The boss continued mysteriously: “You don’t know about this guest. Prince Arthur was a rebellious boy when he was young, and he liked this kind of decoration. Not only did he wear skull earrings, but he also liked to wear clothes with metal chains, often pretending to be This is a gift he gave to his little lover.”

    Mingyou -_-: “Boss, if you continue to slander, even if your son is a spirit beast, I will I beat you.”

    Mingyou said while rolling up his sleeves.

    Boss: “…what I said is true.”

    Mingyou clenched his fists.

    The handsome guy pulled the boss away, and said: “You are just looking for a beating for saying these unreasonable things in front of the guests of the Star Alliance. Do you know the prestige of His Royal Highness in the hearts of young people?”

   The boss said aggrievedly: “Can’t heroes be ridiculous when they are young ? And I’m not without reason, what I said is true! I saw it with my own eyes! I was there!”

    “But the one I received was from his lover, he drank a glass of wine with His Royal Highness, and he gave him the earrings. I recognized His Royal Highness, so I bought the earrings at a high price!”

    Mingyou snorted coldly: “Didn’t you say you were pretending? How did you know His Royal Highness?”

   The boss proudly said, “Don’t look at me as an ordinary store owner. I have also entered the palace and seen Prince Arthur’s powerful supernatural powers before. “

    Mingyou frowned and asked Arthur, “Is what he said true?”

    Arthur took the obsidian earrings and observed it, and said, “It’s true, but what happened is not what he said.”

    Mingyou was curious: “What happened?”

    Arthur said: “At that time, the prince planned to take an adventure in the chaotic star area, and discussed with his good friend Herman to raise funds. The prince deliberately revealed his identity, and Herman deliberately pretended to be an ignorant person who got the prince’s things, and was cheated away.”

    Arthur said very calmly: “After all, he can’t sell his own things openly, right?”

    Mingyou: “…It really has your style. Your Highness the Prince of the Star Alliance.” This method of defrauding money, You and the queen’s sister-in-law are in the same line!

    The boss was dumbfounded.

    The handsome guy smirked: “It seems that the family background of the two of you is a bit powerful in the Star Alliance, and you know this kind of gossip.”

    The boss hurriedly said: “How do you know what he said is true?!”

    “Spirit Beasts can understand their emotional fluctuations. What’s more, they don’t need to lie about this kind of thing.” The handsome boy looked at the obsidian earrings and said, “I thought you were simply deceived, but I didn’t expect this thing to be real.”

    The boss came back to his senses: “That’s right, even though it was an act at the time, the thing is indeed real!”

    “Well, this thing is not for sale.” The handsome boy’s hand was about to fade away, and he quickly put the obsidian earring into himself space backpack.

    Boss: “… Son! This is my product!”

    “It’s mine now.” The handsome boy said, “Look at the things I brought, compared to my father’s only commemorative decorations, my things are really useful for spirit beasts.”

    The boss jumped up angrily : “Give me back the earring!”

    “Impossible.” The handsome boy said coldly, “Who would sell His Royal Highness’s things? Of course it is for our own use. This will bring us good luck and courage.”

    The boss scolded : “You’re superstitious!”

   The handsome guy: “You lack faith, that’s why you can’t break through to become a spirit beast.”

    “You son of a… I’m your father!” The boss was furious.

    Handsome boy: “I am a bastard and you are an old rabbit. But have you forgotten that our family is not a rabbit or a badger?”

    Seeing the father and son quarreling, Mingyou pondered for a while before he figured it out. It turned out that this spirit beast that claims to be a badger is a big black fan of his family!

    Alas, but that’s what Dahei used when he was young, and I want it too. Mingyou was confused.

    “I’ve never used it.” Arthur said telepathically, “This obsidian earring, like that sapphire bracelet, is bought wholesale and sold exclusively. When you sell things, do you sell used things?”

    Mingyou : “…So that’s the case.” You still said that I am a profiteer, but Dahei you are the big profiteer.

    The dispute between the handsome boy and the boss ended soon. In the end, the boss was no match for his son. It was impossible for the obsidian earrings to be sold.

    It was impossible for Arthur to let Mingyou buy this thing. At the beginning, he wholesaled a bag of similar accessories and acted with Herman. It took him a lot of effort to find a big guy who sold them out, so how could he buy them back by himself.

    The bracelet wholesaled by his sister-in-law could indeed be bought for Diandian, which could be regarded as a little commemoration of what happened back then.

    If his sister-in-law was still alive, he wouldn’t dare to buy this bracelet. If he bought it back, his sister-in-law would cut it off.

    “Let you see a joke.” The boss wiped the sweat from his son’s anger, “I will not sell this item, sorry.”

    “It’s okay.” Mingyou said, “Let’s look at other items.”

    The boy opened the box, and strong energy fluctuations emanated from the box, which surprised Mingyou, who was used to seeing good things.

    “What is this?” The boss was startled.

    “It may be energy crystallization, but I can’t absorb it.” The handsome boy said, “I was going to exchange this for contribution value. If you can come up with something more than contribution value, I will sell it to you.”

    “More than contribution value More things?” Arthur raised his eyebrows, “Are you sure we can get them out?”

   The handsome boy said, “I just wanted to ask you if you recognize this thing, but since you may know His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, you may I can really get something better than selling directly to the Star Alliance.” 

After the items are handed over to the Star Alliance, they are either directly provided to Mingyou’s research institute for research, or they are re-listed by Mingyou after being processed by the Contribution Value Mall to earn spirits. A large contribution value of the beast. If it is a spirit beast with knowledge, it was very cost-effective to spend a little more contribution value in advance than handing in to get this thing.

    But for Mingyou and the others, this was of course not worth it. Because the “unidentified” items received by the Star Alliance were directly in his hands.

    But it’s rare to meet a really good thing, Arthur and Mingyou finally have a little interest in shopping for treasures.

    Mingyou weighed that piece of energy crystal over and over in his hands: “You just give it to us, so you won’t be afraid that we will break it?”

    “It won’t break. I found this thing from the ruins of an exploded starship. “The handsome guy said, “It should be the wreckage of the Zerg starship.”

    “Zerg?” Arthur frowned: “There are still Zerg warships wandering outside.”

    “At that time, the space was torn apart by the energy storm on the battlefield, forming a lot of turbulence, and many scraps of the battlefield flew to other places through wormholes. I found this thing in an alien galaxy.” The handsome boy said, “Looking at the starship at that time, the man who controlled the starship was probably a small official.”

    “But this is just pure energy crystallization, not other confidential things, so you don’t have to worry about getting yourself into trouble.”

    “It’s really just pure energy . Crystal.” Mingyou said, “Special high-purity energy crystals. I won’t cheat you anymore, I will pay double the market price for this contribution. Or do you want something else?”

    The handsome guy said: “Special energy crystals? Is this important to His Highness? Let me think about it, I will ask Mr. Mingyou in the live broadcast room first, if he is useful, I may not sell it.”

    Mingyou can’t laugh or cry, should I stop myself from buying it?

    “Don’t worry, I will send it directly to the Mingyou Research Institute when I get it.” Arthur took out a certificate.

    Although the staff of Mingyou Institute of Spiritual Beasts are pretending to be identities, this certificate was absolutely genuine.

    The handsome guy opened the official website of Mingyou Institute of Spiritual Beasts, scanned the certificate, and immediately presented the special energy crystals with both hands: “Can I get a bag of biscuits made by Mr. Mingyou himself? Don’t worry about energy crystals. It can be made in large batches.”

    Mingyou: “…Why are there small biscuits?” Wherever he goes, why do spirit beasts ask him for small biscuits?

    “Because this handmade food may have a relatively large output and is relatively easy to obtain.” Arthur shrugged, “The contribution value will be given, and another bag of biscuits will be added. I can give it to you now, and give me the account number.”

   The handsome boy’s face The cold expression couldn’t hold back anymore, he immediately took out his contribution value account code, and scanned the code with Arthur to complete the transfer in one go.

    Arthur took out a bag of biscuits he ate from the system backpack: “This one is specially made and has a lot of energy. It is different from the biscuits Mingyou used to give away.”

    The handsome guy opened the bag of biscuits with a pious attitude, turned into a gray badger, stuffed a small biscuit into his mouth, and immediately showed an exaggerated expression that was moved to tears: “This energy concentration, this abundant energy Emotions are definitely made by Mr. Mingyou himself! My God, I can eat such delicious biscuits! I eat them with deep love!”

    Mingyou couldn’t help but blushed. Nonsense, what you eat is the little biscuit I made for Dahei, of course it contains a lot of love. Shut up!

    Arthur took a look at Mingyou, and thought, only when he eats the food made by Mingyou, can he feel that he is the only one in Mingyou’s heart.

    After all, Mingyou is too fraternal to the furries.

    The boss was dumbfounded again.

    It was the first time he saw his cruel son crying.

    As for? As for? It’s just a bag of biscuits, why do you look like you haven’t eaten in your life?

    The big gray badger sniffed, looking at the biscuit in his hand very tangled.

    The biscuits are delicious, and I really want to eat them all in one sitting. But after eating it in one breath, there is no such delicious thing.

    What to do, what to do, what to do, I want to cry again QAQ.

    After turning into a spirit beast, I became a crybaby. What to do, but I can’t control myself.

    “Well, don’t worry, don’t worry, eat slowly.” Mingyou couldn’t hold back after all, and touched the badger’s fluffy ears with his hands, “The Star Alliance will have a new spirit beast master soon. Everyone will have homemade biscuits to eat.”

   The gray badger looked at Mingyou blankly. He felt a very warm and close energy fluctuation from Mingyou’s body, which made him want to hug his thigh.

    This kind of energy fluctuation, could it be…No, no.

    He looked at Arthur next to him with a constipated expression on his face. By the way, this person’s name was Arthur, and he also knew everything about the Queen and Prince Arthur.

    Could it be…

    The gray badger’s body took the lead before his brain. He quickly hid the biscuit in the space backpack, and then threw himself on the ground, holding Mingyou’s thigh tightly with his two paws.

    Mingyou: “…” Yes, a little cute.

    Boss: “…” My, my son?

    Arthur: “…” Hehehehe.

    “Well, stop hugging.” Mingyou looked at Arthur’s ugly face, and said cautiously, “Did I say something wrong? I said something wrong, I apologize.” 

The gray badger shook his head vigorously. No, I just guessed your identity. After shaking, he let go of his paw, then rolled to the side, pounce, hug!

    Arthur’s face was stiff, and the big gray badger hugged his thigh.

    The boss was shaky. What happened to my grim son? How did it become like this? Was there something wrong with the biscuits just now, and it broke my son’s brain? Son, speak up, speak up!

    “Your Highness, please, please sign this for me.” The gray badger whimpered.

    The boss, who couldn’t understand his son’s yelling, continued to collapse, while Arthur and Mingyou, who could understand, couldn’t help but fell into deep thought. Where did our identities come to light? Shall we admit our identity?

    “Sure enough, I can’t hide from a spirit beast.” Mingyou surrendered first. If you admit your identity, can you touch it casually?

    Arthur nodded numbly: “Get up, the snot is rubbing against my trouser leg.”

 But the gray badger refused to let go, he showed a foolish look, hugging Arthur’s thigh and rubbing hard: “It’s His Royal Highness! His Royal Highness! “

    Mingyou: “…you let go.” I don’t want to touch this fluffy one anymore.

    The big gray badger continued to rub. Ah, this is the thigh of His Royal Highness, I touched His Royal Highness’s thigh hehehehe.

    Mingyou: “…you let go.” He decided to hate this fluffy spirit beast.

    Mingyou rolled up his sleeves, tore the gray badger off Arthur’s leg, then lifted him high and gently threw him beside his father.

    Boss: “…” I remember my son’s energy body is quite heavy?

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