After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 91

    Mingyou looked at the pink panda cub in the incubator and smiled, and the black cat sofa behind him was tucking away his ears, waving his claws to handle work.

    Although Arthur had publicly stated that he had retired, Arthur was still leading the promotion of new spirit beast science and the development of the new industry.

    The workload of starting a business was no less than when he was an official, and Arthur had been irritable several times.

    Now in Mingyou’s room, in addition to an incubator containing the pink panda cub, there was also a large cabinet. This large cabinet was where Arthur decompressed.

    Whenever Arthur wanted to turn into a pet tiger because of work, he would hide himself under the cabinet, only showing a long tail outside. Mingyou squatted next to Arthur, poking his behind that was spread into a cake.

    Arthur moved further inside, and his behind was pulled into the bottom of the cabinet, leaving only a long tail. Mingyou touched Arthur’s fluffy tail again.

    Arthur’s long tail slapped Mingyou’s hand, and then it was put into the bottom of the cabinet, leaving only a little fur outside. Mingyou licked the cat’s fur.

    Arthur immediately turned around under the cabinet very unscientifically, arched his head out and flowed out from the bottom of the cabinet like a puddle of cat liquid, pounced on Mingyou, and rolled him like a pillar.

    Mingyou crossed his hands in front of his chest, straightened his legs, and was scraped and rolled around by Arthur’s big paws. At this time, if any other partners came in, except Daqing, they would all join in the game of rolling Mingyou.

    After the game, Arthur felt comfortable all over, the pressure was gone, and he could continue to work.

    Mingyou, who successfully decompressed Arthur, immediately got up from the carpet, leaned on the big black tiger sofa, and continued to look at the pink panda cub in a daze, euphemistically calling it observation and research.

    At first, Arthur thought that Mingyou’s smirking look at the panda cub was really an eyesore, but later he was actually infected by Mingyou’s terrible aesthetics, thinking that this pink cub was cute.

    “He will be my godson from now on.” Arthur made a final decision.

    The four old and confused spirit beasts couldn’t even take care of themselves, so why take care of a delicate, pure special-type spirit beast cub?

    It was not easy for special-type spirit beasts to grow up, and cubs had become spirit beasts in just a hundred days, and there would be many inconveniences in the future growth process. Just because he could detect the other party’s malice at such a young age, it would make a child who didn’t understand anything very uncomfortable.

    Since the four old people had decided to let Mingyou take care of the child, it was not a problem for Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts to become the child’s adoptive parents, right?

    Of course, the four old people thought there was no problem. Knowing that they were weak, they had already searched for someone in the same clan who could take care of their grandchildren. If Prince Arthur took care of them personally…the four of them cried for a long time holding their children’s photos. This must be the son and daughter protecting their family.

    Although there was no formal procedure, it had been confirmed that the panda cub would stay with Mingyou and Arthur for a long time in the future.

    Mingyou was excited, before Arthur turned back into a big black cat, he jumped on him, hugging Arthur’s neck with his hands, hanging his legs around his waist, peppering Arthur’s face with kisses. After the kiss, he jumped down and ran to give the panda cub a physical examination. The whole process was done in one go without any pause, which made Arthur stunned for a long time.

    Arthur changed from a human to a big black cat in a daze. He couldn’t figure it out, and then changed from a big black cat to a kitten in a daze, and put on his hood. The little black cat in a hood squatted blankly in the middle of the road, unable to figure things out.

    The little black cat who can’t figure it out was too dark and small. Even though he was wearing a white hood, he was still stepped on by the polar bear who was trotting with a stack of documents, and had a fight with the bear.

    After the fight, the little black cat figured it out. Mingyou… This was probably because he had gotten used to his human form and didn’t know the difference between a human and a cat. As for whether this was a good thing or a bad thing… maybe, probably, maybe a good thing?

    The little black cat who was obsessed with the authorities did not know that Mingyou was in a relationship until now, thinking that they were dating every day.

    Mingyou looked at the panda cub with a grin, and Arthur worked as a sofa, so he could be called love. Brother Alpaca who accepted Mingyou’s love counseling really didn’t know what to say.

    He really wanted to tell Prince Arthur about this matter directly, and it happened that he had Prince Arthur’s personal contact information, although he had never contacted him.

    But the alpaca brother was very worried that Prince Arthur had no feeling of love for his younger brother who may have strange brain circuits (the size of the Milky Way), and the younger brother may just be sentimental.

    Although His Royal Highness doted on Mingyou very much, maybe His Royal Highness just doted on him like a junior. Hasn’t he seen that the Ten Heroes also doted on Mingyou?

    Even if His Majesty Dahei had been sleeping with Mingyou, using him as a mattress, quilt, pillow, or even a towel hat and hand warmer, this may just be an elder’s doting… “Aren’t you guilty when you say that?”

   The Tibetan fox. asked curiously, “Your parents and elders sleep with adult juniors every day, and use them as mattresses, quilts, pillows, towels, hats, hand warmers? People who do this must have serious mental illnesses, and even have incest plots, right?” 

The alpaca brother was speechless: “…” He beat up his roommate, and then continued to pour cold water on Mingyou, telling him not to be sentimental.

    It was of course good that Mingyou and His Royal Highness could get together smoothly, but if His Highness didn’t mean it, it was better for Mingyou to be mentally prepared. Prepare for the worst in everything so that he will not be disappointed.

    But Mingyou was blindly confident at this time. He hugged and gnawed at the human-shaped Dahei, and Dahei pampered him, occasionally responding to him, stroking his hair, and kissing his forehead.

    If this was not a relationship, what was a relationship! Dahei and I have a sweet atmosphere, okay?

    Mingyou continued to happily and unilaterally fell in love. In what he thought was sweet, the pink panda cub finally grew some fluff and looked a little bit like a giant panda.

    Mingyou immediately started a nationwide live broadcast, announcing the great event. Since “adopting” the giant panda cub, Mingyou had edited many videos for the giant panda cub in the name of popular science.

    The reason why the video was edited instead of live was because Mingyou believed that the little panda cub should also have the right to privacy. The cub looked naked now, it’s better not to be seen by others.

    Every time there was a live broadcast, Mingyou will wrap Zaizai in a small veil, which not only showed Zaizai’s cute little head, claws and tail, but also did not make him appear to be naked.

    Mingyou’s tenderness and doting towards Zaizai can make the audience get sore teeth through the screen.

    At first, they thought Zaizai was a bit ugly. Newborn human babies were also wrinkled, like ugly hairless monkeys. Why was it said that the giant panda cub, which was about as cute as the red panda, was so ugly?

    But after watching it for a long time, perhaps infected by Mingyou’s feelings, the audience also began to think that this little cub had become cute.

    Look at Zaizai’s small mouth, the clenched fists that were waving wildly, the hind legs that were stretched and bouncing in place, and the dishonest tail that was always dangling. Cute.

    The little pink Zaizai who was filled with malice from adults when he first appeared, but the little Zaizai was still working hard to grow up. The ferocious look of the little cub drinking milk almost melted the hearts of the old aunts and uncles.

    They watched Zaizai grow up little by little, tiny fur grew on the pink skin, and now he was finally colored, and they felt like Mingyou in their hearts, and couldn’t help but get excited.

    “Oh, oh, Zaizai’s fur is really obvious, it’s the color of a giant panda, that distinct black and white color.”

    “The size of a giant panda is not small, right? Thinking about how a palm-sized cub can grow so big. It’s amazing.

    “The cutest panda baby.”

    “I’m so anxious, I don’t even have a boyfriend, and I feel like a mother, I wish the baby would grow up overnight, but I can’t bear to miss the memories of his growing up.”

    “Now I am waiting for the baby’s video on time every day, and our family is raising the baby in the cloud.” 

“My daughter who just entered elementary school is raising the baby in the cloud. She is old-fashioned every day now. Evaluate where the baby’s fur has grown, and preparing toys for the baby.”

    “My son is the same. The children in our family are probably born with spirit beasts in the future, and they will turn into spirit beasts in junior high school. My son said that he will become the most powerful spirit beast, to protect Zaizai.”

    “Has Zaizai’s name been confirmed? Zaizai will not be named that in the future, isn’t it good to be called Zaizai?”

    Mingyou thought so too. “Giant panda baby, should it be called Gungun?” Mingyou discussed with his partners.

    As for the four old men… oh, they decided on their first names, and their nickname, Mingyou, would never give up the right to be named.

    “Why is it called Gungun?” the partner Spirit Beast raised a paw and asked.

    Mingyou said: “Because giant pandas like to roll around since young, they are called Gungun.”

    Partner spirit beasts -_-. They didn’t think that could be the reason for the name.

    They thought of a lot of auspicious names, saying that the little baby was the first cub with a special ability after the spirit beast entered a new stage. His healthy growth could herald a bright future for the spirit beast.

    When Mingyou heard it, he thought it was right, and decided that the baby should be called Jixiang.

    Partner spirit beasts -_-. They said to choose an auspicious name, not to let the baby be called auspicious!

    “He should be called Ah Fu.” Mingyou said, “Lucky, easy to feed.”

    Arthur raised his paw and asked, “Don’t you think this name is too common? Calling Ah Fu on the street, there will be at least ten people turning around, and there may even be cats, dogs, and birds responding to you.”

    Mingyou insisted: “You can feed yourself if you are common. As the saying goes, you can feed yourself with a cheap name.”

    The partner spirit beasts were actually persuaded by Mingyou. Anyway, Zaizai had a very formal name, so it didn’t matter if the nickname was tacky, right?

    By the way, what was Zaizai’s name? Forget it, they just needed to remember the nickname. Before going to school, Zaizai didn’t need a big name.

    “Then it’s better to call him Gungun, at least there are not many people with the same name.” After discussing, they actually returned to the name Mingyou originally proposed.

    Mingyou pursed his lips, complaining in his heart. My partner spirit beasts were like the most hateful party A in a joke.

    Party A: I want a plan.

    Party B: Alright, do you think this plan is good?

    Party A: Not good, change it.

    Party B: Okay.

    After changing multiple times, the deadline approached.

    Party A: I think it is better to be the first one, so I will be use first one! 

    Party B: #¥@&*%¥%! ! ! !

    That’s how he felt now. It took a whole day to choose the name, but the partners actually chose the name he said at first, so angry. Therefore, Zaizai was officially named “Gungun”.

    The partner spirit beasts naturally wouldn’t say that Zaizai’s nickname was Gungun because giant pandas liked to roll around. The origin of Gungun’s name, of course, was the meaning of blessing and good luck.

    The audience was very satisfied. The name Gungun sounds very cute, very special, and had a good meaning. Blessings roll in, good luck rolls in, blessings and good luck will come too. This was not only a blessing to Gungun, but also a sign of good luck for the spirit beast and the Star Alliance.

    As expected of His Royal Highness, the Ten Heroes, and Mr. Mingyou, a super-educated person, the name was really amazing, what is a coincidence? This is a big deal!

    A person with such a thick skin as Mingyou blushed when praised. “Maybe I really think so?” Although Mingyou blushed from being praised, he couldn’t help but want to brag. His partners, the spirit beasts, looked at Mingyou with caring eyes.

    Mingyou coughed dryly, and couldn’t bear it any longer, “When the baby is two hundred days old, shall we have a hundred-day feast for him? This is a hundred-day feast for newborns.” The partner spirit beasts nodded.

    In another hundred days, the baby panda will probably be able to crawl, right?  Indeed so. After Gungun began to grow hair, his body growth speed suddenly accelerated. Soon, he changed from a pink and tender mouse to a fluffy bear.

    Gungun’s eyes were bright, like two pieces of obsidian. His body fur was snow white, and the hair on his ears, eye rims and paws was pure black, making his eyes more alert.

    The cub was full of energy now. Although he couldn’t crawl, he could wriggle around in the blanket that Mingyou hand-knitted for him even if he was jumping around on the spot.

    After Zaizai turned into a bear cub, he could start a live broadcast. Furry cubs don’t count as streaking. The viewers were moved to tears as they watched the cute panda cub in the live broadcast.

    Was this still their panda cub? He had undergone many changes. Although they were mentally prepared to bear the changes, how many days had it been? Was there a month? This change was too big!

    “My God, this little bear has a round head and ears, so round and so cute!”

    “I used to think that ordinary little bears were cute enough, but this little panda is extraordinarily cute. Is it because of the black and white color scheme? Is it because of dark circles? Why is it so good-looking?”

    “Maybe it’s really because of dark circles. You see, human eyes appear bigger when they use eyeliner and eyeshadow, and babies’ black markings also makes their eyes look bigger. Very energetic and clever, right?”

    “And the black sleeves and pants are great too, obviously it’s just a different color, but the baby panda is really cute.

    “Just looking at it makes me full of little ideas. Alas, let this sister kiss your eyes, okay?”

    “The ears will flutter, his ears will flutter! One by one, like little wings, cover your face, I am a tough guy who doesn’t like cute things, I really don’t like cute things.” 

“The ears of spirit beasts can flutter. But I have to say, the fluttering ears of our panda are the cutest, and no rebuttal is allowed!” 

“Take off my red panda membership badge. I decided to join the Giant Panda Conservation Society.”

    “To be honest, the red panda’s appearance is not inferior to the baby, but the key is that the mouth of the only red panda in the Star Alliance is too sharp. I want to beat him up every time he presides over popular science. Compared with a stinky adult who has been corroded by black mud, a pure baby is more lovable.”

    “I will work hard to research and try to become a spirit beast master for Gun Gun in the future!”

    “That’s right, Mr. Mingyou is an elder, and Gungun will definitely have his childhood sweetheart as a spirit beast master, so I’m fine.”

    “You don’t even look at yourself. How old are you? You still want to be a childhood sweetheart for Gungun, are you worthy?”

    “I deserve it, I absolutely deserve it, I just need to put on the quilt and put on the blindfold, and it will be matched in half an hour!”

    “Someone actually said daydreaming in such a specific way, you win.”

   The red panda was angry. He, Huo Ritian, was the cutest in the star alliance! What giant panda, how can it compare to him!

    Speaking of which, his little panda came first. Even if he was called a giant panda and he was called a little panda because of the size of creatures in ancient times, why do they default to a giant panda when they talk about pandas now? Why?!

    “Actually, in ancient times, a panda refers to the giant panda, and the red panda will be specially marked.” Mingyou also hit him, “Even in the eyes of most people, the red panda is probably confused with a raccoon or something. 

The red panda was furious: “Are people in ancient times blind! Red pandas and raccoons look completely different?! The raccoon’s mean-spirited look is far from the cute and warm red panda! We even have different coat colors!”

    Mingyou shrugged. How does he know? But that’s the way it is. A panda was a giant panda. Red panda? Did you mean crispy raccoon?

    Okay, Dacheng, go ahead and get angry, I’ll go work. Mingyou grabbed Gungun’s two front paws, raised the front paws sideways, and spread them out. Go! take off!

    Gungun: “Hmm!” Take off!

    Dacheng was so angry that he stuffed his tail into Mingyou’s arms: “Tell the truth to my tail, is the giant panda cuter or the red panda?”

    Mingyou pet Dacheng’s tail and said, “If you don’t speak, you will be as cute as my Gungun, but once you open your mouth… Dacheng don’t you really want to change your character?”

    Dacheng angrily pulled back his tail, and decided to have a cold war with Mingyou for a long time. The reason why there was only half a day is naturally because it was time to have dinner later.

    The giant panda baby was born out of nowhere, not only because of its cuteness, Dacheng, who was full of yin and yang, was hit hard, and other bear spirit beasts were also affected.

    Gungun was indeed cute, but aren’t baby bears cute? Didn’t you all like baby white bears, baby black bears and baby brown bears the most? Especially baby black bears. Didn’t you say that baby black bears with crescent moons on their chests are the cutest?

    Why did a panda suddenly come from behind and directly become the most adorable bear family? Plus! Why was Gungun a panda?! Gungun was a bear!?

    “Gungun doesn’t look like a cat? Look at that round head, short mouth, and those beautiful black ears, it really looks like a cat.” 

“That’s right, Gungun’s head is very similar to a cat. It’s completely a cat’s head.”

    “(Gift) Look, Gungun can flow down from the edge of the cradle, which proves that he is liquid, and a cat is also a liquid, and the same reason can be proved, he is a cat.” 

“What a good reason. I believe it.”

    “When Gungun and His Royal Highness lie together, they really look like brothers. As expected of His Royal Highness Little Black Cat’s child.”

    “Those dripping eyes are very similar, they are the same. It’s like a cat.”

    The raging spirit beasts: “???” Look at you! Blind!!

    “No way, the facts are like this.” Mingyou came out to popularize science, “In ancient times, it was said that pandas were called panda bears before, but later they were just called pandas. And the cat nature of pandas seems to be more than that of bears.” 

“What is cat nature?” The little black cat in the hood raised his paw.

    Mingyou said: “Love to play?”

    The little black cat in the hood nodded. This one does.

    Mingyou said: “Greedy!”

    The little black cat in the hood had arriwed eyes. Only orange cats were greedy!

    Mingyou said: “Tsundere.”

    The little black cat in the hood flew up a paw and slapped Mingyou’s nose: “Who is so arrogant?! You are so arrogant!!”

    Mingyou touched the nose that didn’t hurt. Look, Dahei also said that he is not arrogant. This was going from arrogant to violent. However, even if it was a violent Dahei, he still liked it very much. Mingyou thought happily.

    After Zaizai turned into a fluffy cub, the four old men stood in front of him, wanting to communicate, but afraid that the panda cub would be afraid.

    Although they got Zaizai’s forgiveness with Mingyou’s help, and they were able to feed him, but Zaizai still ignored them.

    But the panda seemed to feel that he had grown up now, and finally he hopped up in front of the four old people with his belly like a fish, hummed at them twice, and tried to stretch out his fluffy little claws. The four elders took turns holding the panda’s little paws and cried.

    My Zaizai is so cute, the panda is really cute, he really looks exactly like his elder brother who died young, they are both so cute. After their grandson died young, they did not leave any images of their grandson as a spirit beast.

    They were afraid of seeing the image of their grandson in the spirit beast period. The black and white stripes looked like cursed patterns to them. But now, the entire Star Alliance was praising their grandson’s coat color, which was really unique and cute.

    “Dark circles under the eyes really make the eyes so bright and energetic.” The old man laughed while crying, “Gungun is the most beautiful cub in our bear family.”

    Gungun smiled. His IQ was much higher than that of ordinary children, and he could understand the praise of the old man. Gungun knew that the old people were his direct blood relatives. Gungun also knows that Papa and Cat Papa were his not real parents.

    Gun Gun was willing to reconcile with the grandparents, and Dad and Cat Dad said that they already knew their mistakes.

    But Gungun liked daddy and cat daddy more. Their love for him was like the sunlight that seeped through the bed at noon, making his fur warm and fragrant, and the baby soon fell into a sweet dreamland.

    There were many uncles and aunts in the family. His father said that he can call them godfather and godmother, and they are all his parents. Gungun has many parents. Gungun no longer had to worry about being abandoned by those close to him. Gungun grew in love.

    However, the current Gungun still doesn’t know what love was. But Dad emphasized this, so “love” must be very important, and it must be an indispensable thing for bear parents to grow up.

    Gungun was picked up by Mingyou and held in his arms like a baby. The big black cat held a small milk bottle in his paws and stuffed it into Gungun’s mouth. The happiest time was drinking milk.

    The taste of milk was different every day, and the color was also different. But the taste of each kind of milk was super delicious. After drinking it, Gungun seemed to have endless energy in his body. Go! Take off!

    Mingyou looked at Gungun’s little feet kicking hard while drinking milk, and smiled intoxicatedly. Now he was not only a breeder of spirit beasts, but also a breeder of giant pandas. How can he be so happy?

    After the panda had eaten his full stomach, Dahei began to teach Gungun to walk. Gungun was held by Dahei’s tail and his limbs tried to slide, as if he was swimming in the air.

    Mingyou’s other spirit beast partners put down their work one after another to watch Gungun learn to walk. Even the red panda who hated Gungun had a stern face and dedicated his tail to prevent Gungun from bumping into other things while walking.

    This little thing was indeed cute enough, but not as good as him. The red panda thought angrily. He decided that he must talk to Gungun carefully, so that he can establish a correct concept. Giant pandas are never better than red pandas!

    As long as Gungun thought that Huo Ritian was cute and admits defeat, the others are talking nonsense! The red panda proudly raised his belly.

    Mingyou immediately sent Gungun to the red panda’s belly.

    “Hey, hey, don’t grab my hair!”

    Gungun’s little claws grabbed Dacheng’s belly fur, he looked blankly.

    Dacheng: “…” Forget it, what do I care about with a kid?

    Dacheng lay flat on his back, letting Gungun learn to walk on his stomach.

    Dazi held back laughter until his stomach ached. Huo Ritian, Huo Ritian, I didn’t expect you to have this day.

    Was it because the giant panda was also a “panda”, which made him feel that this was his kind? You have grown up suddenly, and you have the self-consciousness of an elder, which really surprised me.

    Huo Ritian snorted coldly. He was about to say a few words to Dazi, but when he raised his eyes, he met Gungun’s curious eyes, and he immediately swallowed the swear words.

    You can’t be angry in front of the baby, it will be bad if the baby learns badly. When he was in private, he would scold Dazi again.

    Gungun tried his best to squirm onto Huo Ritian’s chin, and rubbed his ears against Huo Ritian’s chin: “Yeah!”

    Huo Ritian: “…” Ah, the cubs of our panda family are so cute!

    Mingyou touched the big black cat with his elbow, and telepathically said: “Dahei, Dacheng has matured QAQ.”

    The big black cat nodded silently. It’s amazing to see Huo Ritian become mature and stable in this life.

    Gungun appeared, relieving the work pressure of Mingyou and his partners. Their work efficiency had been greatly improved, and they finally barely completed the current work plan.

    Mingyou looked at the spirit beast partners lying on the floor pretending to be dead, and at Gungun who was striding hard, shaking his head and running around the godfathers and godmothers, and couldn’t help but record a video.

    Compose music and post it on the Internet, so that everyone in the Star Alliance would envy him again!

    “Dahei, why did you set such a high mission target?” Mingyou asked while sitting next to the head of the black cat touching his ears.

    The big black cat rolled jis eyes, and was so tired that he didn’t even have the energy to speak. His barely completed work plan was an internal plan. The public plan is naturally not so high.

    Internal plans, of course, were determined by their own limit, so as to improve their work efficiency. It’s just that he himself didn’t expect that this was actually done.

    “Mingyou, I’ve decided, I’m not a human anymore.” When the big cat finally recovered, he spoke.

    Mingyou was stunned: “Ah?”

    The big black cat continued: “I don’t want to be a tiger anymore.”

    Mingyou: “…Dahei, what’s wrong with you?”

    The big black cat said dumbly: “I will be a cat from now on.”

    Mingyou: “Ah?”

    The big black cat: “A house cat.”

    Mingyou: “Uh…”

    “How nice a house cat is, it eats, sleeps, and plays, and you don’t have to worry about anything.” The big black cat tilted his head , his eyes seemed to have lost their light, “Don’t I have you to raise me? I want to be a house cat that doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

    Mingyou: “Okay!” Although he doesn’t know why Dahei wanted to be a house cat, Dahei can do whatever he wants!

    Hearing Mingyou’s decisive answer, his other fluffy partners quickly got up from the state of pretending to be dead, took Mingyou away from His Royal Highness, and gave a serious education to His Highness and Mingyou.

    Your Majesty, it is wrong for you to escape from reality like this. You are the most powerful spirit beast big cat in the entire Star Alliance, how can you be so decadent? Who said that with great power comes great responsibility?

    The big black cat puts his paws over his ears. Whoever said it was definitely not him. I remember now! It was that stupid Mingyou who said it!

    Mingyou nodded silently. Yes, what he said, have nothing to do with his Dahei. If Dahei doesn’t want to do it, let it be. Anyway, there are so many spirit beasts in the Star Alliance, and Diandian has already assumed his responsibility as the prince of the Star Alliance. Dahei’s work can be delegated to Diandian.

    The snow leopard, who had just entered the door and was about to tease the panda, paused. He was very, very sad.

    Mingyou, was he still the favorite little leopard? Does he still remember the vows he made? So, love goes away, right? This time, the big snow leopard also shut himself up.

    Mingyou said awkwardly: “Well, why don’t you let the cousin Leopard who fished in the chaotic star area come back?”

    The big snow leopard and the big black cat looked at each other. Yes, there was still a strong man.

    “Even so, His Majesty Dahei can’t be a house cat that only eats, sleeps, and plays.” The polar bear sighed, “That’s not a house cat, it’s a pig cat.” His Majesty the Black Cat:

    “Yes, I am a pig cat.”

    His fluffy subordinates: “…” It’s over, His Highness was really tired and broke the jar. His Highness can’t put down the job, if His Highness does, their workload will be multiplied many times.

    All the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance cannot do without His Highness. Without Hid Highness, would the science industry and welfare of spirit beasts be promoted so quickly? Would the Chaos Sectors and Autonomous Sectors keep coming back?

    Now even the training of spirit beast masters was on the right track, and many good seedlings had appeared, and they have already invested in the cultivation of spirit beasts.

    Although these spirit beast masters have not yet produced the power of heart, they have not become partners with spirit beasts. But the so-called power of heart was the power of a bond between them and the spirit beast. For most people, they had to get along with each other to have a bond. Therefore, ordinary staff, as long as they have enough professional knowledge was enough.

    Now that the holographic game “Spirit Beast World” dedicated to spirit beast training had started a closed beta test, it was the busiest time, so His Highness can’t let down.

    “Your Highness, why don’t you give yourself a month’s vacation, hide your identity and take Mingyou to play around together.” At critical times, Adeline will always be the most reliable, “This month, we will support you. Let no one bother you.”

    Now that the phased work was over, there were not many things going on for the time being. Even if they shared the big black cat’s work, it can be regarded as a half-vacation.

    Dahong wanted to say that everyone could go on vacation together, but when he saw Mingyou’s eyes lit up, he closed his mouth and showed a sly smile.

    So that’s what Adeline was thinking. That’s right, give them some time to be alone, maybe when they come back, they can make arrangements for the wedding of the two big babies in the family.

    Although they liked Gungun very much, the two biggest babies in the family would always be Prince Arthur and Mingyou.

    “Baby Gungun will be taken care of by us too!” Dacheng didn’t want Gungun to leave his sight. Now that Gungun was still so small, how can he travel long distances?

    Mingyu hesitated. Although honeymooning alone with Dahei for a month is great, he really can’t bear to leave Gungun when it was the cutest time.

    “The growth period of a spirit beast is different from that of a biological creature. Gungun will maintain the appearance of a baby spirit beast for a long time before he becomes an adult. His body shape will rapidly grow into the appearance of an adult spirit beast after he turns eighteen.” Dazi said, “You don’t have to worry about missing Gungun’s childhood. Go out and play alone with His Highness, we don’t want His Highness to become a decadent house cat from now on.” 

What’s wrong with a house cat? As long as Dahei was willing, he was very happy to keep Dahei all the time. Mingyou said in his heart. But he knew it and couldn’t say it.

    The spirit beast partners present were either his and Dahei’s elders, or Dahei’s elder siblings. As brothers, sisters and elders, they would definitely not be happy to see him and Dahei be decadent, sitting on a huge pile of money and waiting to die. Young people still have to work hard.

    “Dahei, let’s go out to play.” Mingyou said, “Why don’t you accompany me back to Sky Blue Star.”

    The big black cat was thinking, his subordinates were so unanimous in wanting to “drive him out”, isn’t it? He was tinkering with some bad idea, but was interrupted by Mingyou, who was about to have an epiphany: “Sky Blue Star? Don’t you hate this place the most? Why do you want to go back?” 

“After all, it is the place where I first lived in this world. Although I don’t have many good memories, I can’t say I hate it.” Mingyou said, “The house fight is now at its most exciting moment, and my red haired brother said that he has sorted out all my mother’s belongings for me. I can go back and get it at any time.”

    The big black cat immediately turned over and got up, hunched over and jumped two meters from the ground: “He threatened you?! Damn him!!”

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