After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 92

    In the first-class cabin of a civil passenger spaceship, Arthur, wearing a camouflage mask, was poking at a virtual screen with a cold face.

    There was a big iron cage on the screen, and there was a black curly haired kitten inside. Every time Arthur poked the screen with his finger, a feather duster stretched out and poked the kitten’s head or side.

    The black curly-haired kitten was screaming miserably in the iron cage. His two little paws were holding onto the iron railing, his expression was terrified, and he would bite the bars with his small fangs from time to time. A caged cat for punishment.

    Mingyou tried to save the cat from the cage, but obviously at this time, he had no right to speak. In other words, he failed to save the cat, and was punished by his Dahei to face the wall and think about it—because he accidentally leaked, and Xiaotian helped him a lot when he stayed up all night studying.

    Arthur: Stay up late??? You let yourself go when I’m not home? Old rules apply.

    Mingyou knelt silently on the bed, looking at the wall for self-reflection.

    “You know what’s wrong?” Arthur poked Xiaotian’s cat face again with the feather duster.

    Xiaotian’s ears were attached to his forehead, his tail was tucked between his hind legs, and he curled up into a ball, whimpering.

    I was wrong, I know I was wrong, and if I encounter this kind of thing in the future, I will first inform His Royal Highness Prince Arthur.

    The current status of Mingyou and the alpaca brothers was separated by stars. Although the adopted brother recognized Mingyou at a glance, it was almost impossible to contact him.

    So here came the question, when did Mingyou get in touch with Brother Red? This was of course Xiaotian’s “credit”.

    Brother Red Alpaca didn’t expect to get in touch with Mingyou, he sent a private letter to Mingyou’s mailbox in the live broadcast room, talking about things about Star Blue Sky and how he missed Mingyou (Arthur smiled).

    After Xiaotian evolved, his temper became a little skinny. He used to filter these messages as spam, but now he was thinking about gossip and told him about it.

    Mingyou was very curious about what this brother would say to him. Opening the letter was one of the rare joys that Mingyou could laugh out loud when Arthur and the others were not at home.

    At that time Arthur was fighting, and Mingyou didn’t let Xiaotian tell Arthur about such a trivial matter. Originally, they planned to tell Arthur after he came back, but…uh, Mingyou forgot, Xiaotian… also forgot?

    Xiaotian’s eyes were full of tears. This little matter was not written in the memorandum, and he forgot it.

    Arthur laughed angrily. The AI ​​that can forget things was indeed the most powerful AI in the Star Alliance. Are you ready for confinement?!

    “It’s a good thing you didn’t take the initiative to contact him.” Arthur pointed his fingers at Mingyou’s forehead, who had finished facing the wall and pondering, and said angrily.

    Mingyou smiled obsequiously. He’s not that stupid yet. It was impossible to contact, so of course this kind of trouble was left to the elder brother.

    Xiaotian the kitten, who had ended confinement above Mingyou’s head, also smiled. He had come up with the idea, and he wasn’t completely stupid.

    Seeing the same ugly smiles of Mingyou and Xiaotian, Arthur held his forehead, feeling very tired.

    Mingyou hurriedly leaned over and hugged Arthur’s shoulder, rubbing his face against his cheek: “I just forgot this time, I will tell you next time, definitely.” 

Xiaotian jumped to the other side of Mingyou’s shoulder, he also rubbed his cheek against Arthur’s face: “Meow meow, yes, yes, next time!”

    Next time… definitely… Arthur felt a heart attack.

    “Mua! Don’t be angry!” Mingyou hugged Arthur’s face and took a bite.

    Arthur looked at Mingyou with a complicated expression. After leaving the group of subordinates at home who would jump out at any time to disturb his thoughts, Arthur finally realized that something was wrong with Mingyou’s recent behavior. This guy must have gotten rid of his anxiety.

    But wasn’t Mingyou’s reaction a bit strange after he became enlightened? Normally, shouldn’t he be shy? Shouldn’t he be planning to confess? How could he just skip shyness and confession, and enter the next stage? Why doesn’t he blush?

    “What’s wrong?” Mingyou blushed and said.

    Arthur: “…it’s nothing.” Uh, Mingyou’s face usually turned red easily, so he couldn’t tell when Mingyou was shy because of feelings.

    In short, although Mingyou behaved very close to him in human form now, because Mingyou behaved more closely to the big black cat, he was deceived.

    After analyzing it, Arthur tore up the analysis report and threw it into the garbage robot’s mouth. This was simply impossible to analyze! It was entirely the fault of Mingyou’s brain circuits being too problematic!

    Now Mingyou has passed the beginning stage and primary stage of love on his own, and entered the old couple mode, which made it very difficult for him!

    “It’s really nothing? But you are still very upset.” Mingyou said lazily, “I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I really just forgot.” 

Mingyou had never taken the matter of the red haired brother to heart. As soon as his partners came back, he left the red haired brother behind.

    When his partners first came back, Mingyou was over-stimulated and lay on the bed for a long time because he missed the transformation process of his partners. After the giant panda baby joined the big family, Mingyou’s mind was full of pink cubs, let alone alpacas. He even forgot to kiss his actual big brother, the white alpaca.

    This time he decided to go to Sky Blue Star on a whim, he just wanted to take a look at the alpaca family. The eldest brother would definitely take care of the matter of mother’s belongings.

    Mingyou now knew the status of so-called wealthy families from the autonomous star region in the eyes of the Star Alliance. With the current status of big brother the white alpaca, they dared not be enemies with him.

    What’s more, there was a problem with the identity of the red alpaca brother. If the white alpaca brother hadn’t thought of him and made the identity of “Tan Changgeng” completely irrelevant to him, he would have come to him a long time ago. Therefore, Mingyou really just went on vacation this time. Watching alpacas on vacation.

    After Arthur heard Mingyou’s confession, his head hurt even more. Did he remember that the group of alpacas was his relatives? How could he treat them like alpacas in a zoo?

    Well, the original alpacas without mutations have long been extinct. If he wanted to look at alpacas that looked similar to the originals from his planet, he really could only find the spirit beasts. But his brother was an alpaca, hadn’t he seen enough?

    “I just want to see how funny the red alpaca is.” Mingyou hugged the holographic projection of Xiaotian, covering his face, “He has always been a cool and aggressive person, and he must have been very happy when he became an alpaca. 

Arthur: “…Are you just watching a joke?”

    “I promise not to laugh.” Mingyou said weakly.

    Arthur didn’t know how to answer. He had already seen the “diary” that the red alpaca persistently sent to Mingyou every day in Xiaotian’s archives.

    These “diaries” were not confessions, or even emotions. But he used the private letters sent to Mingyou as a personal diary, recording his daily life. This person had no thoughts in his heart, his left paw!

    But… If he knew that Mingyou read the “diary” he sent as a novel and decompressed it, would he be so angry that he would immediately turn from love to hate for Mingyou?

    Mingyou even patted his chest and assured him that brother red alpaca would never try to play the emotional card to get even a small biscuit from him.

    Arthur: “Okay, I believe in you.” I believe in you. With his personality and brain circuits, it was absolutely impossible to reconcile with the red alpaca brother. At most, he will be greedy for the fluffy appearance of the other party, ha ha.

    Hearing Arthur’s sarcasm, Mingyou suddenly became energetic: “Arthur, are you jealous?”

    Arthur originally wanted to say “no” truthfully, but he remembered that Mingyou might have been enlightened, so he smiled and said, “Yes so what?”

    So what else? Mingyou immediately took out all his vocabulary and crazily praised the big black cat. My Dahei is number one in the universe! No one can match Dahei’s position in my heart! So don’t be mad, don’t be mad.

    “Let’s not go to Sky Blue Star, let’s go somewhere else.” Mingyou said.

    Although he wanted to see his big brother who had already rushed to the sky blue star fight the former friend, the fight between the two alpacas must be very enjoyable. But Dahei’s mood was the most important.

    “Go.” Arthur said, “I want to see where you used to live.”

    Mingyou blushed again: “Then… that’s good. I, I have been in school before, and I have never gone out. It might be boring to take you around the school.”

    “Not boring.” Arthur said, “I’ll check if there are any safety or moral problems in that school, so I can find someone to fine them.” 

Mingyou: “… No, really not. I was doing pretty well in school.”

    Arthur smiled: “I’m joking.”

    Mingyou slandered, you are my big black cat, are you kidding, I still can’t see it ? So the itinerary was determined, and Mingyou didn’t need to change planes to go to other places.

    In order to hide their identities as much as possible, they traveled directly by civil airline this time. The service was good. Mingyou enjoyed the luxurious first-class VIP treatment, and was full of praise for the free meals on the spacecraft.

    “I think back then, when I escaped from Sky Blue Star, I bought the cheapest ticket.” Mingyou ate while remembering bitterness and sweetness, “Because I had no money, and I didn’t know where I would go to find the spirit beast. So I bought a few packs of compressed biscuits as dry food, and I couldn’t even afford nutritional supplements and canned food.”

    Arthur snapped the knife in his hand and looked up. It was the first time he heard Mingyou mention details of his escape from Sky Blue Star.

    Before, he only knew that Mingyou had bought a ticket to the capital star, and Heman’s silly brother sent him directly from the airport of the capital star to No. 1 recuperation star. During this period, Mingyou didn’t go to other places, he thought Mingyou didn’t suffer too much.

    Now it seems that Mingyou may not have suffered too much exaggeration, but he still couldn’t listen to it.

    His Mingyou was so stupid that he were forced to go hungry, and he couldn’t even afford nutrient solution and canned food? What would Mingyou’s future be like if he hadn’t happened to be seen by his elder brother, who happened to know Mingyou’s mother and gave him the opportunity to work? Deprived of his identity, penniless, and with serious social anxiety, could Mingyou survive?

    “My living expenses were all paid directly to the campus card, and I had no way to withdraw money, but I am such a smart person, I prepared for the worst in everything.” When Mingyou talked about this, he was very proud, “I After I met my former friend, I had been using my campus card to help him buy things. He has strong self-esteem and will return the money to me. For meals, he often asks for leave, and the meals are not expensive, so it is really difficult to save money.” Mingyou frowned, “I also tried to find some work-study jobs on campus, but I couldn’t be discovered by the Tan family. It didn’t always go well.”

    “It would be great if I could connect to the Internet at that time. With the Internet, it might be easier to make money? It’s just that I can only save cash secretly, who pays in cash now.” Mingyou said. When he bought a spaceship ticket with a lot of odds and ends, he recalled the sympathetic look of the conductor.

    In order for the system to help him buy tickets and board the ship without an identity, the knowledge value Mingyou spent made him very distressed at the time. Thinking about it now, that knowledge value was not even a fraction of the knowledge points he earned after publishing the thesis. After having a spirit beast, all aspects of his life improved.  Happiness!

    Mingyou used this word to sum up his current life. Arthur had already helped him cut up the little steak in front of him.

    “Eat.” Arthur put the cut steak in front of Mingyou, and began to cut his own steak. Mingyou happily chewed the steak, full of praise.

    Arthur thought, this was not as good as his own cooking robot, what exactly was Mingyou praising? The meat was not tender enough, and it was a bit burnt, even his own cooking skills were better. 

    But looking at Mingyou’s satisfied face, Arthur, who was a little disgusted in his heart, unexpectedly ate very quickly. It seems… the taste was alright.

    When Arthur helped Mingyou cut the fruit, he thought to himself. The robot serving the distinguished guests stood aside blankly, at a loss.

    Dear guest, these are the jobs I want to do, how can you steal my job? The robot was busy sending instructions to the central controller, asking for help.

    The central control personnel almost sprayed out the water they were drinking. They finally switched from the foreground to the backstage. They were only responsible for dealing with the wrong instructions of the robot. How could they still be stuffed with dog food? Roll roll roll!

    The central control personnel immediately canceled the wrong command. These two were showing their affection sweetly, what are you doing standing around? A robot who doesn’t know how to have fun? Hurry up and get out of here and hide in the corner, wait for the distinguished guest to call you and then go and clear the table! The robot quickly rolled away.

    “Hey, this robot can turn into a ball and roll around. Will our robot do the same?” Mingyou asked curiously.

    Xiaotian: “Good idea, you can turn into a cube and roll around.”

    Arthur glanced at Xiaotian, who was waving his tail, and said, “Show me how a cube rolls around.”

    Xiaotian started to run the program, calculating how to make the box roll. He was the most powerful AI in the entire Star Alliance, and he could definitely do it. He never bragged!

    “Who did Xiaotian learn from?” Mingyou sighed, “It must be you, he is your AI.”

    Arthur glanced. Mingyou hurriedly said: “Maybe he learned from me, I chatted with him the most.”

    Xiaotian glanced. Mingyou really had no status in front of His Highness Dahei. This husband was strict, and it seemed that there was no way out.

    The civil aviation spaceship was a fast passenger spaceship, so it didn’t go through the sightseeing path, and directly jumped through wormholes and entered the star field of the sky blue star. When wormhole jumping, most guests were required to stay in special cabins to ease their discomfort.

    Arthur and Mingyou didn’t need it, but they obediently entered the special cabin, so as not to be discovered by others. When he came to the largest airport in Sky Blue Star, Mingyou was very emotional.

    When he first came to the airport, he was stunned by the airport’s magnificence and various high-tech facilities.

    He had hardly used any high-tech in school, and he didn’t even have access to the library. He could only read textbooks at ordinary times. The only high technology he had been exposed to in Sky Blue Star was the virtual projection in the classroom.

    If there was no system to guide the way, he probably wouldn’t even know how to get there when he arrived at the airport? Now, he has already sat on the most advanced warship of the entire Star Alliance, and has also participated in high-tech wars.

    Stand proud! He was no longer a bumpkin!

    Xiaotian shrank in Mingyou’s optical brain, and stared at the airport where Mingyou had been to with his “eyes”.

    Heh, the equipment was really old. Was Sky Blue Star so poor that even the replacement of airport hardware facilities would be postponed? With this kind of technology, how dare they stop Mingyou from getting in touch?

    His genius could paralyze the entire planet’s network in minutes!

    “Then you will go to court-martial with me?” Arthur said with a cold face.

    Xiaotian immediately hugged his tail and shrunk into a cat ball. Tsk, I accidentally said what was in my heart.

    “Arthur, I want to eat that.” Mingyou pointed to a burrito shop at the airport, “When I was waiting for the plane, this burrito was very delicious, but I didn’t have money to buy it, so I could only enjoy the aroma of the burrito and eat compressed biscuits.”

    You’ve already talked about this, so why don’t I buy it for you? Arthur had no choice but to brush his light brain and buy a burrito.

    “Aren’t you going to eat?” Mingyou asked.

    Arthur took out a pack of his own special jerky with double nutrition, energy and sauce from his backpack, and tore it open. Wasn’t homemade jerky more delicious than this kind of junk meat burrito?

    “When traveling, you have to eat local specialties.” Mingyou said seriously, and handed his burrito to Arthur’s mouth.

    Arthur took a bite with a displeased face, and took a bite of the sauce. Mingyou laughed and took out a tissue to wipe Arthur’s mouth, then he took a bite of the meat burrito, the sauce not only wiped his mouth, but even his face.

    Arthur took out a wet tissue with disgust and wiped Mingyou’s face. As for wiping the mouth, of course he has to wait until Mingyou finished eating the meat burrito.

    Arthur still “pinched” the face of an ordinary handsome guy on this trip, and Mingyou had the face of an ordinary well-behaved student.

    The little girl who handed Arthur the meat burrito was peeking at the handsome guy with piercing eyes, but when she saw the handsome guy and the little fool showing their affection, she couldn’t help but lower her head with trembling hands.

    “Don’t look at it, isn’t it good to make money at work?” The elder sister behind her said, “If you earn money to support the paper people, you can also show your affection.” The little girl QAQ. Sister, what you said made me even more sad.

    “You can also go online to raise pandas in the cloud, which is more fragrant than men.” The eldest sister continued.

    The little girl cheered up: “Yes! Gungun is the cutest!”

    Mingyou heard the words said by the little girl selling burritos. Huh? Are there any parents from my family here? Let me see which cutie likes my family.

    After eating the burritos, Mingyou, who had just been wiped by Arthur, turned around and smiled shyly at the little girl who bought the burritos.

    Younger sister: “Putong!”

    The older sister asked, “What are you pouting for?”

    The younger sister’s face turned into a mournful expression again. I thought he was a little idiot, but why was the little idiot’s smile so cute? I fell in love all over again.

    Arthur also turned his head, just in time to see the little girl showing a disappointed expression towards Mingyou, and immediately pulled Mingyou into his arms, glared at the little girl, and left.

    Younger sister: “…”

    Eldest sister sneered, “Nympho in front of other people’s lovers, are you done staring?”

    Younger sister _(:з」∠)_I’ll go find a crack in the ground and get into it, I’m dead.

    “That elder sister likes my Gungun!” Mingyou, who was being dragged away by Arthur, was very excited, “We’re already popular on Sky Blue Star?”

 “Please keep your voice down. Do you want everyone to know that Gungun belongs to our family?” Arthur said telepathically.

    Mingyou quickly switched to telepathy mode. Although the name “Arthur” was very common, if you call it on the road, several people will turn their heads to look at Mingyou, so he can call Arthur’s name openly, but if you add “Gungun”, this would be easily exposed.

    In addition, one has to mention the pseudonym Mingyou took. Arthur was too lazy to change his name, but the combination of Arthur + Mingyou was easy to imagine. Mingyou changed his name to Tom.

    Arthur was a cat, Tom was also a cat, a perfect match. Hearing the name, Arthur really didn’t understand why Tom = cat. But he didn’t have to argue with Mingyou over a name.

    His personality was a cold and handsome guy, who usually responded directly with his heart when he spoke. What pseudonym Mingyou chose was not important to him, since he didn’t know how to say it anyway.

    Mingyou was very rich now, so he naturally chose the most expensive sea view hotel.

    Nowadays, transportation was very convenient and developed, and the “distance” of the entire planet in people’s minds was similar to that of a city in the past. They wanted to go anywhere in the world, as long as there was no traffic jam, the journey would not exceed two hours. Therefore, Mingyou did not need to choose the location of the hotel at all. As long as the scenery, service and facilities were good, then it would be no problem to choose the most expensive hotel among the best hotels.

    Arthur looked at Mingyou’s extravagance, and tried hard to hold back the trembling of his lips. As the Prince of Interstellar, he had never been so extravagant. Thinking about it this way, the royal family of the Star Alliance was quite poor.

    “Poor? Didn’t you use all your money to buy weapons? You also bought a lot of planets.” Mingyou scratched his head, “You just don’t want to spend money on life.” This was not poverty, it’s lameness. Xiaotian held up a sign on the virtual optical brain.

    Arthur: “Do you want to be imprisoned again?”

    Xiaotian turned around and pouted at Arthur, flicked his tail twice, and then ran into the depths of the network.

    “Xiaotian is getting more and more lively, that’s great.” Mingyou sighed while sending a message to his alpaca brother.

    Arthur looked at the bed in the room, his hands were a little itchy.

    “Change if you want to be a cat.” Mingyou said without raising his head, “No one will find us. Xiaotian is very powerful.”

    His system was also very powerful.

    [System: It is even more powerful, thank you. ]

    Mingyou: Okay, it’s even more powerful.

    Arthur didn’t turn into a cat, he sat behind Mingyou, put his arms around his waist, put his head on Mingyou’s shoulder, and watched him send messages.

    If he turned into a cat, maybe the dating and relationship enhancement would be ruined. How comfortable it was to be a cat, he may not want to change back to a human the whole time.

    Being held in Mingyou’s arms and not having to walk by himself, wasn’t it uncomfortable?

    Mingyou turned his head and kissed Arthur very naturally: “Brother said he wouldn’t come here, lest we be discovered. He is already counting the relics, so I don’t need to worry about it. Let’s rest for one night, and then go to the campus tomorrow, and Visit other scenic spots?”

    Xiaotian has already planned the itinerary, so there is no need for Mingyou to worry about the travel route.

    “En.” Arthur lazily said, “Do you want to go to the beach now?”

    “Okay, okay!” Mingyou said hurriedly.

    Although No. 1 Rehabilitation Star had a sea, they can go there anytime. But the hotel’s private beach must feel different from the beach at home, right?

    When Mingyou came to the beach, he couldn’t help sighing. The hotel’s private beach was really different from the beach at home. Too many people.

    “Are there still many people here?” After listening to Mingyou’s complaint, a young man next to him said, “There are not many people who can afford to book this hotel, and there are already few people on the beach. This is one of the best beaches in Blue Star all over the sky.” One, if they were not backed by the Tan family, they would not be able to win such a good beach.”

    Backed by the Tan family? Mingyou was dumbfounded. Did I send money to the Tan family?

    “Why don’t you change to another hotel?” Arthur said, wearing black swim briefs and showing his beautiful muscles. “The hotel on the island will have its own beach. The quality of the beach will definitely be inferior

    . The most expensive room in this hotel does not have a separate beach, because its own beach is the top of the blue star all day long.

    “It’s okay, just stay here.” Mingyou quickly calmed down.

    The Tan family’s industries are all over the sky blue star, if he wants to avoid sending money to the Tan family, it is easier for him to drive the Tan family out of the sky blue star.

    He didn’t mention this before, and Xiaotian didn’t avoid Tan’s hotel on purpose when he chose the hotel.

    Mingyou secretly glanced at Arthur.

    Arthur’s swimming trunks are all on, let’s go now? how is this possible.

    He looked down at his stomach again.

    Although there is no mermaid line, but there is no small belly, no shame.

    Stand up!

    “You guys are from the Star Alliance, right?” The young man could see that these two people really disliked this place, not pretending.

    “Isn’t this the Star Alliance?” Arthur stroked Mingyou’s black curly hair, “Go warm up, I’ll teach you how to surf later.”

    Mingyou nodded vigorously, and began to do stretching exercises beside him.

    The boy smiled, but didn’t speak. He looked at Mingyou, and always felt that Mingyou’s curly black hair looked familiar to him.

    If he didn’t feel familiar, he wouldn’t come to strike up a conversation.

    The boy didn’t leave, Arthur didn’t drive him away, and didn’t pay attention to him.

    When Mingyou warmed up and clamored to go surfing, Arthur took Mingyou into a jumpsuit before going to the beach.

    Mingyou felt very sorry.

    What was just swimming briefs is now a tightly wrapped one-piece swimsuit.

    As long as the ability is used, the skin will not be worn out when surfing. Mingyou shouted in his heart, but he obediently followed what Arthur said.

    It is really inconvenient to hide your identity and not be able to use abilities.

    The boy next to him was still wearing four-legged swimming trunks, sitting on the surfboard in a concave position, watching Mingyou turn over the deck infinitely, holding his son Arthur and spitting sea water.

    I, I, I, I need supernatural assistance!

    The boy is obviously a water-type supernatural being. He let the current support his surfboard, and stood firmly on the surfboard: “Do you need my help? You can learn to surf quickly with supernatural powers.”

    Arthur hugged Mingyou, who was shy and refused to get up, and said, “There is a couple in the Chichi waiwai, don’t you think you are an eyesore?”

    Boy: “…”

    Mingyou raised his head from Arthur’s arms: “That’s right, why are you following us all the time.”

    Boy: “…”

    The people next to him pointed. Look, there is a man without eyes who insists on clinging to a couple he doesn’t know. I’m afraid he has some mental illness that likes to tear apart other people’s young couples?

    Boy: “…”

    The boy was stunned: “Are you a couple? Aren’t you brothers?”

    Mingyou jumped up from Arthur’s arms angrily: “Why don’t we look like lovers like brothers? Arthur and I are so good for each other!

    ” Se looked at Mingyou who was furious, and stroked his wet hair. He really didn’t know what Mingyou’s anger was. What’s so angry about this sentence?

    “Leave him alone, let’s move to another place, and I’ll continue to teach you how to surf.” Arthur held the surfboard with one arm, and Mingyou, who wanted to argue with the boy with the other, and went to another place.

    The boy froze in place.

    Soon his face was as red as a boiled shrimp, and he dragged his surfboard off the beach in disgrace.

    This is a shame.

    Arthur didn’t take this young man at ease, but Mingyou kept thinking in his heart that this young man really doesn’t have eyes, he must be spoiled by his family.

    Unexpectedly, when they were eating the hotel’s seafood buffet at night, they ran into this boy again.

    The seafood cafeteria was full, and only the boy was left to occupy a big table.

    The three of them looked at each other.

    “Let’s go out to eat.” Mingyou pulled Arthur and said.

    The young man hurriedly picked up the plate, and said, “You, sit here, I’ve already finished eating. I’m really sorry this afternoon, I just see that you look familiar, and I want to make friends.” When Mingyou heard the young man’s apology, he immediately lost his

    temper .

    His anger is strange, and his calm is also strange.

    “Didn’t you just come here? The plate is still clean. Let’s eat together.” Mingyou took the initiative, “Arthur, I will take you to have a big meal tomorrow.” “

    I will take you there.” Arthur said blankly, “Who said today that learning to surf is too tiring and refuses to go out.”

    “It’s not me.” Mingyou left Arthur, and walked all the way with the plate in his arms, to pick out something delicious.

    The most expensive room will naturally be equipped with the most expensive buffet, and the wine and drinks in the lounge are also free to drink.

    Mingyou just simply doesn’t want to waste money.

    Although he is extravagant, he does not waste it. What’s more, the quality of the surrounding restaurants is not as good as the hotel’s own restaurant.

    The young man stood there in a daze, he didn’t want to leave, he didn’t want to leave, no matter what he chose, he felt impolite.

    Arthur admired the embarrassment of the young man being made unable to get off the stage by his own fool, and thought to himself, the way of fool’s manipulating people’s mentality is invincible no matter where he is.

    “Go and get the food, I’ll take my place here,” Arthur said.

    The boy nodded foolishly and left his seat with the dinner plate. It was only when he left his seat that he realized that he had occupied this seat, and after turning over the sign, other customers could not sit here, and the waiter would explain. If there are unruly guests, they will be asked to leave the hotel. So there is no need for someone to guard the seat.

    He turned his head and saw Arthur stretching out his fingers to click in the void, obviously already playing online.

    This guy isn’t guarding his position at all, he’s just too lazy to get his meal, right?

    While he was muttering, Mingyou came over with a large plate of food: “Arthur, I remember you like to eat this, you fill your belly first. Some meals have to be queued.” “Queuing? Isn’t it ordering, and it will be delivered directly?

    ” Arthur was dissatisfied.

    Mingyou said: “Only members of the hotel can order food.”

    The boy hurriedly said: “I have a membership, use my membership card.”

    Mingyou said without hesitation: “Okay, I’ll invite you for this meal. Don’t refuse, it will make my family happy… Arthur can eat hot food on time, which is more important than anything else.” Arthur had no expression on his face, and began to put on his

    gloves Peeling seafood seems to be very used to Mingyou’s sweet talk.

    There are a series of ellipses on the boy’s head.

    Am I supposed to be eating with them here? I feel that I am not a water-type supernatural being at all, but a fire-type special supernatural power that can glow.

    How blind was I before that I couldn’t see that they were a couple?

    However, looking at the comparison of the two of them in size, temperament, and appearance, the young man thought that this young man named Arthur was doting on little Tom. Why does it seem to be the opposite now?

    When he finished ordering and started eating, the boy realized that he was wrong again.

    All the seafood that Arthur peeled in advance was put into “Tom”‘s bowl, and he even fed “Tom” with his own hands.

    While “Tom” opened his mouth to let Arthur feed him, he struggled with the seafood, and put all the peeled seafood into Arthur’s bowl.

    When “Tom” finished peeling the seafood, Arthur just finished feeding the seafood that had been peeled in advance, and then buried himself in eating the seafood that “Tom” peeled for him.

    The same goes for the other dishes when they arrive.

    Arthur picks for “Tom”, and “Tom” picks for Arthur, and they feed each other very tacitly.

    The boy’s head was almost buried in the bowl.

    What about you? As for a meal, do we have to feed each other? Can’t you eat your own? Don’t you think it’s unnecessary?

    I @#¥%&*@#@¥! ! ! ! !

    The young man feels that it is not suitable to eat raw or cold food today, as his stomach hurts.

    What the hell did I do to stay here and eat with them? The teenager began to doubt life.

    “Isn’t it delicious?” Mingyou finally remembered that there was another person who was eating with him after eating eight percent full.

    Oops, had too much fun chatting with Arthur (telepathically) and forgot about the guest(?). That’s not polite.

    “It’s not bad.” The young man said indifferently.

    “Do you often come here to eat?” Mingyou asked curiously seeing the young man looking tired of eating, “Are you a native of Sky Blue?” The

    young man nodded.

    “Can you help me with my route plan? Although I searched for the most well-known classics and restaurants on the Internet, I am afraid that these are places that lie to outsiders and ‘locals will never go’.” “Mingyou listened to Xiaotian’s protest, saying that his travel planning is definitely using big data to filter, absolutely no problem, while projecting a few scenic spots and restaurants in the travel plan. He only projected a few that he was not sure about

    . The names of scenic spots and restaurants will not allow people to guess their travel routes.

    With today’s traffic, they can go to the Antarctic to see the aurora in the morning, and then go to the North Pole to see the aurora in the evening. Their itinerary.

    Although the young man didn’t know them, Mingyou was still very cautious.

    The young man really picked out a few places where Xiaotian stepped on thunder. These were probably things that “only the local population knew”. Xiaotian learned from the Internet that had not been screened out. Xiaotian had to start chasing after his tail.

    “Thank you.” Mingyou laughed. This young man was actually quite cute.

    “Why are you here? Playing truant? “

    A cold voice sounded, the boy and Mingyou raised their heads at the same time, showing surprised expressions.

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