After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 90

    Mingyou’s fluffy partner was back, and the live broadcast content should have made the audience more excited, but the anchor fell ill and the live broadcast was suspended.

    There was no black cat prince, no ten heroes, and now they can’t even see the big pile of fluffies in the hospital. The audience was lost.

    As a working dog from 8 to 7, on the transportation to and from work, in the cafeteria during lunch break, when lying in bed after a tiring day, they watched Mingyou’s live broadcast of spirit beasts, watching a large group of smart dumplings come in different shapes and sizes, and was the only way for many people to seek peace of mind.

    Now, the haven of their hearts was gone. The plush live broadcast that was regularly updated every day was gone.

    The audience took out their mobile phones, put them down; turned on the virtual network, turned off the network…the end of it was unbearable, and they began to rant on the Internet.

    “Did Mr. Mingyou broadcast today? No.”

    “I’m going to die without Mr. Mingyou’s live broadcast room. Although there are other live broadcast rooms of spirit beasts, only Mr. Mingyou’s live broadcast room has the most real (and most) spirit beasts.”

    “Mr. Mingyou doesn’t live broadcast, we can let the other staff live broadcast, we just want to see how the spirit beast warriors in the hospital are doing, put your palms together and star eyes.” 

“Yes, yes, we don’t want to see the fluffy dumplings showing off their cuteness. We just want to see how the soldiers are recovering, and put our palms together.”

    “You are content. When Mr. Mingyou only opened the internal live broadcast before, he only did it once every few days. During this time, he started the live broadcast almost every day, which is already diligent enough.”

    “Mr. Mingyou is sick from overwork, we should pray for him. Think about it carefully, the future of spirit beasts and even the future of the Star Alliance are almost all on Mr. Mingyou’s shoulders. There are still so many bad remarks against him, and the psychological pressure must be great. Mr. Mingyou held on until his partners came back, and finally fell ill after a sigh of relief. It is very sad.” 

“Although we want to watch the live broadcast, we shouldn’t let Mr. Mingyou broadcast live while sick. Just show us the surveillance footage of the public play area, and we will burst into tears.”

    “The wartime hospital is full of the strongest supernatural fighters of the Star Alliance. If Mr. Mingyou is not in charge, no one would dare to take responsibility to start the live broadcast. In fact, the appearance of the fighters should have been kept secret. So we must have been screened to watch the content of the live broadcast.”

    “That’s true. The live broadcast of spirit beasts is not an ordinary animal showing cuteness, it is equivalent to showing us the life of the military camp, and it really needs a sense of confidentiality. Now that Mr. Ming is ill, His Royal Highness and the ten The hero took the time to arrange a live broadcast for us.”

    “Good idea, what battle to fight, what to do, stop working, and broadcast to us (waving).”

    “Although I really want to watch Mr. Mingyou’s live broadcast, but his main business is spirit beasts. The teacher and the spirit animal scientist, the live broadcast for us is only part-time science popularization. We will watch him live broadcast, if he does not live broadcast, he must be busy with other important things, let’s not add to the chaos.” …The rhythm was quickly suppressed by Arthur. 

Now the whole network was starting to discuss how difficult it was for Mingyou. In order to overcome the barriers of traditional media and popularize the real side of spiritual beasts to the public, he was doing scientific research while being a doctor and an anchor at the same time. A small local war was won, and all the partners returned to their side before they dared to get sick.

    It’s all the fault of the enemies of the Chaos Sector! It’s all the fault of those old spirit beast academia who can’t help Mr. Mingyoi, but only hinder him!

    The contradiction shifted, and the audience couldn’t see the anger of the spirit beast vented towards the real enemy, while Mingyou curled up on the hospital bed, hugging the big fluffy and warm tail of his Dahei, his eyes were blank, and continued to fight on his own.

    Arthur set up a small table beside the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, waving his paws quickly, working hard on the virtual light curtain, his fluffy tail was facing Mingyou, and he could be hugged.

    Arthur wanted to go to the study, and change back into a human form with a clearer and calmer head and work hard. But Mingyou kept sending resentment towards him, so he could only squat on the edge of the bed, use his tail as a pillow, and work with cat’s paws, even the prince’s autograph at the bottom of the document turned into a big black paw print.

    The officials who received the documents looked at the plum blossom paw print and scanned it on the verification machine. Well, that’s right, it was the energy imprint of His Royal Highness.

    Pressing the paws of spirit beasts was safer than stamping and signing. Did he want to promote it? Some officials had already begun to lose their minds.

    After Arthur finished half of the work, he turned his head to Mingyou who was still hugging his tail and said angrily: “You have been lying in bed for several days! The outside world thought you were seriously ill and dying!” Mingyou twisted his hands and feet and wrapped around the tiger tail. You speak, I won’t listen! 

    Arthur pointed at his flat ears: “I have given you the video of their body changes, why are you still catatonic?”

    Mingyou made a sad face. Seeing with his own eyes and touching it with his own hands was very different from watching a video, okay? Why don’t he say that the viewers who watched the live broadcast of raising spirit beasts equals them having spirit beasts at home?

    Arthur stretched out his claws and shook Mingyou’s little head vigorously: “Don’t be lazy, get up and work! When I am so busy, you are not allowed to be lazy!”

    Arthur’s heart was extremely unbalanced. Why am I so busy, but you hug my tail every day and be lazy?

    “Meow!” Mingyou began to turn into a cat. I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I just want to hug the black tail and lie like this for a lifetime!

    Seeing Mingyou who was acting like a baby, Arthur was so angry that he blew his beard, but he couldn’t even flick his tail.  Because his tail was in Mingyou’s arms.

    Arthur could only wave his cat’s paws, rubbing Mingyou’s head back and forth like glutinous rice balls to vent his anger.

    Mingyou felt the treatment of the cat paw rubbing his face, and his eyes narrowed with a smile, looking like a pervert, making Arthur withdraw his claws in embarrassment.

    “I’m hungry.” Arthur said viciously, “Come and cook!”

    Mingyou got up from the bed and went downstairs with his messy hair and wrinkled clothes. Only when he was feeding his own spirit beasts would Mingyou be willing to go downstairs for activities. Otherwise, he could hold the big black cat’s tail for a day.

    After Mingyou’s partners returned, they still went on business trips every three days. However, they were the same as at the beginning, they are on business trips in turn, and they will come back in a day or two at most.

    The big black cat, on the other hand, had been staying in the healing star, handing over the work that required business trips and public appearances to other subordinates, trying to downplay his sense of presence as much as possible.

    If it doesn’t fade away, as soon as public opinion comes out and the poor big black cat is elected as the next emperor, Dahei will be finished.

    Arthur will take on the responsibilities that should be borne, but after he has been busy for a while, he would completely put down his work in the military department, become an honorary marshal, and retire happily to make money. Now their whole family was being raised by Mingyou alone, and they felt very uncomfortable.

    Especially during this period of time, Mingyou live broadcasted every day, earning more than 100 million every day, and spent more and more money on them.

    When they returned to the long-lost nest, they found that the nest had changed drastically again. Not to mention the utensils made of spirit beast materials, even every ordinary floor tiles had become a luxury and useless high-end product.

    Mingyou: First of all, I want to let the big babies in the family use the best things. Then, I want to make the things that no one uses at home become the best, (^-^)V yeah!

    The spirit beasts felt very complicated when they looked at the many high-end things at home. But… Even if it is an IQ tax, it was really comfortable to use, and the user experience was great. Xianluo looked at the high-end specially customized latest beauty technology skin care products in the room, and covered his face with his hands.

     Now, not to mention that they were given the best treatment in the entire interstellar when they were spirit beasts, it was estimated that the things they use after becoming humans have become the most luxurious in the interstellar.

    Live broadcast… was it really that profitable? But didn’t Mingyou donate all the money from the live broadcast to spirit beast research?

    “Ah, of course, all the money for the live broadcast has been donated.” Mingyou said, “I don’t know why I still have so much money.”

    The spirit beasts quickly settled their accounts. Although the money from the live broadcast was used for the construction of hospitals and the research of spirit beasts, the accounts were clearly listed, but Mingyou was responsible for a lot of personal work, and many labor expenses were actually paid by Mingyou alone.

    Brothers settle accounts clearly, Mingyou’s money could be donated, and the labor fees and research funds that should be taken were not lenient. As for the researchers’ benefits, would Mingyou take them? Impossible.

    Not only did Mingyou get the money, but he also specified in the staffing who got the money. Seeing that many projects were paid for by Mingyou alone, ordinary people laughed for a long time on the Internet.

    Of course they didn’t think that Mingyou is “using public money for private use”. Mingyou’s live broadcast income should have been his personal income. Even if the money was used later, Mingyou’s share of 1/1000th was definitely not too much. Mingyou donated all the money, which was already noble enough.

    And high integrity did not mean a fool. He will also get the full amount of treatment he deserves. If he doesn’t set an example, what will happen if the treatment of scientists who make contributions in the future is forced to be blocked with moral hats?

    According to the rules of Mingyou Research Institute, as much contribution as you make, you should get as much reward as you want. When times are tough, there was no way for everyone to tighten their belts and make dedication. When you have money, the welfare must be worthy of everyone’s contributions.

    Some ordinary people were bitter, but they were quickly sprayed by rational people who ate melons and changed their name.

    “Shouldn’t a person like Mr. Mingyou be the richest man in the universe? I’m willing to make him the richest man in the universe.”

    “Don’t talk about the hospital live broadcast, just talk about his personal live broadcast with the big black cat and ten heroes. It’s a private live broadcast, and the money should be paid. He took it all by himself, he donated it all, and then he took the coolie’s money himself, and people said it? Why didn’t you say that the Star Alliance has too much waste, and you want Mr. Mingyou to do the work of multiple people by himself?”

    “Seeing how many jobs Mr. Mingyou holds, I finally understand why Mr. Mingyou fell ill. His time management is so good, it’s like a shadow (waves).” “

    After spending so much money, why does it still look so simple, without the smell of money at all, and even the clothes on the body are the simplest style.”

 “Not only is it the simplest, but most of them are made by himself. Probably because he is afraid of wearing other brands. Let the brand catch heat. Mr. Mingyou does not advertise at all in the live broadcast room, and the branded things that are exposed are expensive and do not need to be advertised.”

 “A new audience from an alien system asks a question, and you will explain that Mr.Mingyou lives a simple life. After a while, it will be explained that the branded things in the live broadcast room are very expensive. Isn’t this a contradiction?”

    “All the things are so high-end. (Picture) Have you seen this cat climbing frame? It has been appraised by gem experts, it is pure natural, and a cat climbing frame can buy a private airship.”

    “(Picture) Look at the new musical instrument room that Mr. Mingyou arranged for Major General Dabai, all the instruments are old antiques used by famous people.” 

“(Picture) There is also this, the favorite exaggerated artwork of Major General Dazi; (Picture) Major General Dahui likes modern musical instruments. They are all high-end products that can’t be bought with money.”

    “(Picture) If you want to talk about luxury, you have to talk about the collection room of Major General Dahong. Major General Dahong likes ancient calligraphy and paintings, and all these things have to be auctioned. Come join us.”

    “After looking around, all the partners have storage rooms, why does Dahei not? Could it be because the big black cat is His Royal Highness and needs to avoid suspicion?”

 “That’s not true, the big black prince doesn’t have too much extravagance. Therefore, all Mingyou’s money was used to upgrade Xiaotian (pictured). The evolved Xiaotian is so cute, the only smart and most empathetic AI in the Star Alliance is different.”

    “…… This black curly-haired little black cat is definitely not the cub of Mr. Mingyou and the Great Black Prince.”

    “Isn’t Xiaotian the cub of Mr. Ming and the Great Black Prince? (Funny)”

    Mingyou said: “Look, the public accepts it well, and they all agree to take some hard work fee. I didn’t expect that the hard work fee would be so much.” 

The partner spirit beasts: “… um.”, what else could they say?

    In fact, Mingyou still underestimated one piece. It’s not like he didn’t advertise, his live broadcast advertised all the time – what Mingyou advertised was their own company!

    Every time there was a live broadcast, there are spirit beasts who couldn’t help but place an order. The money was not counted as rewards earned from the live broadcast, and of course it would not be donated.

    In addition to the things used by spirit beasts, their company developed many products that ordinary people could use under the name of spirit beast science popularization, such as popular science books, toys, etc., as well as ordinary people’s food that tastes like spirit beast food.

    Mingyou often used his own products to eat, drink and have fun in the live broadcast room, and the power of bringing goods could be imagined.

    Seeing Mingyou holding a bag of candies with the same flavor as the Spirit Beast Nutrition Cube produced by himself, stuffing candies into his mouth while talking, and muttering from time to time, “Eating will become addictive, what should I do if I get fat?” Itching to see, one after another generously donated, went to the official website to directly place an order to buy the same candy of Mingyou.

    After Mingyou learned about it, he also deliberately emphasized many times in the live broadcast room that all the candies are sold directly online, there are no offline stores, and they do not distribute wholesale to others. All the stores that claim to have in-house distribution are liars.

    Audience: Okay, okay, then here is a link to the official website, we will place an order directly. Ouch, why have the goods been sold out? Can you increase the production capacity a little bit?

    Mingyou shook his head. Most of our production capacity is used to produce spirit animal food and supplies, which are all by-products.

    The audience thought, cheap out-of-print candy? Needless to say? Of course, if there is stock, grab it directly!

    “I’ve set a policy that the product can be returned within one month.” Mingyou said, “But it’s not our own reasons. Those who refund the product will be directly blacklisted and can’t buy it again. So they are very honest.”

    Partner spirit beasts: “…Mingyou, you are very suitable to be a businessman.”

    Mingyou scratched his head: “These are all taught by the porcelain rabbit.”

    Partner spirit beasts: “When did you get so familiar with that rabbit? Already?”

    Mingyou: “At first?”

    The partner spirit beasts thought, should they kill that rabbit? However, the partner spirit beasts looked at the luxuries in their room and silently dismissed the idea. They were very painful and guilty, and if they were raised by Mingyou like this, they would really be corrupted.

    His Majesty the big black cat licked his paws, I don’t know what you are worrying about, isn’t it good to be raised? He thought it was delicious. Of course, it would be better if Mingyou didn’t want to piss him off every day.

    Mingyou was “ill” for half a month, and finally broadcast live to say hello to everyone. The audience saw the familiar little black cat with a hood and fluttering wings on top of Mingyou’s head, showing an excited expression.

    Oops, His Majesty the Black Cat has finally appeared again! Mr. Mingyou who was wearing His Highness the Black Cat was the best!

    “Right, right, Dahei and I are one, it would look weird without anyone else.” Mingyou’s proud look made the audience’s teeth almost ache.

    Many owners of cats and dogs tried to put their pets on their heads, but the results were not very good.

    The other anchors of the Spirit Beast Live Network began to show how to put their own spirit beast children on their heads. This same effect made the audience very greedy.

    It turned out that some children were born spirit beasts? At what age could one become a beast? It was so cute, his parents must have been thrilled.

    “It’s not that I’m excited, it’s that I’m worried. Most of the natural spirit beasts can’t survive. If it’s a special-type spirit beast…the only surviving pure special-type spirit beast in the Star Alliance is His Royal Highness.”

    “As parents of spirit beasts, we are now in the mood to show off our children. In the past, we didn’t even dare to keep pictures of our children, for fear of being sad in the future.”

 “Hey, now that little spirit beasts can be supported, we start to worry about education. Although spirit beasts could go to school with ordinary children, they also had to learn some basic knowledge of being spirit beasts. It would be great if Mr. Mingyou could open a kindergarten.”

 “After Mr. Mingyou heals all the wounded spirit beasts in the hospital, he should be able to open a kindergarten. It’s just the cost… Contribution value, contribution value, the child is really a contribution value destroyer.”

    “My contribution value is probably not enough to go directly to Mr. Mingyou’s kindergarten. Now I hear that the spirit beast kindergarten teacher qualification certificate is under planning, as long as you pass Mr. Mingyou’s exam, you can get the qualification certificate to help the parents of spirit beasts to take care of their children.”

    “Is this a transition before the emergence of spirit beast masters? If there are other spirit beast masters now great. Children are the ones who need spirit beast masters the most. They are too sensitive to emotions, and a little bit of malice will make them feel uncomfortable.” 

“It’s better to accumulate contribution points. It is particularly easy to earn contribution points now in the chaos sector. After signing the contract, the contribution value can be given in advance. For the sake of my children, I don’t need a stable job. I will go to the chaotic star area to stay for a few years. Now the transportation is convenient, and I can still go home during holidays.”

 “I can only go to the chaotic star area to pan for gold. The treatment of civil servants in the chaotic star area is really good.”

    Ordinary people looked at the remarks of the group of spirit beast parents, and didn’t know what expression to make.

    Parents who can give birth to natural beasts, the whole family was probably very talented in supernatural powers, right? They should be very powerful too, right?

    Although the Star Alliance did not use powers to assess the level of citizens, powers were just like academic qualifications, and they are a stepping stone for some important jobs. People with supernatural powers obviously had more opportunities than other citizens.

    For example, dangerous jobs such as interstellar development and interstellar escort must be participated in by supernatural beings.

    Ordinary people had always thought that the lives of supernatural beings were probably very different from ordinary people, they were people from two worlds.

    After the live broadcast of the spirit beasts, they got closer and closer to the supernatural being and chatted more and more, only to realize that there was no difference between supernatural beings and ordinary people.

    It was true that there were many opportunities, but there were also great dangers, high expenses, and “exploitation” by the boss.

    Looking at it now, even the parents of spirit beasts had to worry about their children’s education. There were only a few resources, and spirit beasts competed with spirit beasts, and no one was much better than the other.

    If it was an ordinary supernatural being who gave birth to a child born with a spirit beast, they would be so worried that they could not sleep every day.

    Children born as spirit beasts could also make do with it, but who wanted to let their children lose at the starting line? This was the same as a gifted child in a well-to-do family. They all know that he/she was a genius, don’t they try to give their child the resources that matched him/her? Difficult, too difficult.

    Natural spirit beasts were also an important resource of the Star Alliance, right? They don’t know when the Star Alliance would have benefits for natural beasts. Not to mention other things, public kindergartens will do.

    “Of course the Star Alliance is willing to promote public spirit beast education. But the point is, there is only one Mr. Mingyou. Now Mr. Mingyou lectures via webcast every day, even when he is sick and does not start the public live broadcast, he also gave lectures in the hospital bed. But parents are really worried about their children, who have only been trained for a few months.”

    Ordinary people sighed. Wasn’t this exactly the same as them? Who doesn’t want their kids to go to the best schools? Everyone had difficulties.

    Mingyou, who was missed by them, was sending away the last batch of wounded spirit beasts from the temporary hospital.

    The group of wounded spirit beasts put on the small red flowers handmade by Mingyou, all of them were mournful and did not want to be discharged from the hospital.

    In the hospital, there was delicious and fun food every day, and the sweet fluctuations of Mingyou’s heart power to soothe the spirit. Leaving the hospital was like leaving the fairyland of dreams and falling into the cold and desolate reality. How could the fluffies not feel uncomfortable?

    Even the color of their fur had dimmed. But self-respect doesn’t allow them to pretend to be sick. And pretending to be sick will also be exposed. Can’t they stay here and work? Isn’t this the lack of spirit beast farming?

    “There is a shortage, but we gave priority to the retired spirit beasts.” Mingyou said, “You are still young, how can you retire early?”

    The spirit beasts all looked at the eleven spirit beasts behind Mingyou and above his head. But your spirit beast retired early! Or in the live broadcast of the official media of the All-Star Alliance, and retired under the witness of the people!

    Mingyou looked very calm. Yes, he was a double standard, refuse to accept and bite me. Anyway, you can’t bite me.

    The spirit beasts that were sent away were very wronged. The promised spirit beast master likes spirit beasts the most? How could Mingyou be so ruthless to them?

    Mingyou’s partners glanced coldly at this group of spirit beasts who wanted to compete with them. Mingyou really liked spirit beasts the most, but in liking spirit beasts, there were levels. Although wild flowers are good, there is no house flower that is so charming.

    The hospital has turned back into a sanatorium (theirs), and Mingyou was thinking that his rhythm of life would go back to before, when Dabai suddenly asked him for help with a face of embarrassment.

    “A child was born, but something went wrong.”

    “The child turned into a spirit beast during the hundred-day banquet, but it was not a bear-shaped spirit beast in our family, but a hairless mouse. It is about to enter a period of general weakness. Although the hospital has used the most advanced spirit beast treatment equipment, it can only temporarily maintain the child’s life characteristics.”

 “The four old people have collapsed. They think that they forced the child to be born, and they are cursed “

    Mingyou was stunned: “A hairless mouse?”

    Dabai nodded, projecting a photo of the child. The child was now in the incubator, and his body had shrunk to the size of an adult’s palm. His eyes cannot be opened at all, and he has no hair on his body. He was extremely ugly.

    Saying that it looked like a hairless mouse even beautified the current image, the child was now like a monster from a fairy tale, no wonder there were rumors of a “curse”.

    Doctors certainly didn’t believe in curses. They could only speculate based on the child whose parents died before. This child was probably born with special abilities, but because it was bred with frozen sperm and eggs, it is estimated that some special mutations have occurred in it, causing the child to degenerate.

    “Degeneration? No degeneration, isn’t this the same as the child who died young, a giant panda cub?” Mingyou wondered, “A giant panda cub looks like this.” Dabai shook his head vigorously: “No, no our Xiong family doesn’t look like this! We’ve been fluffy since we were born, don’t talk nonsense!”

    Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry: “Don’t you have any literature on giant pandas? Giant pandas look like this when they are born.”

    “When giant pandas are alive they are called living fossils. They are a species that existed millions of years ago and have hardly evolved. Like marsupials, they were born before they were fully developed. This child is like this because it has become a spirit beast too young.”

    Mingyou asked: “Mother Daqing, the children in your family should be similar to him?”

    Daqing said: “There is no natural spirit beast in our family.”

    “Natural spirit beast means a person with supernatural powers who turned into a spirit beast when they were underage. It is rare to become a spirit beast a hundred days after birth, and I only became a spirit beast when I was in kindergarten.” Arthur the cat was so frightened that he licked his hair and pretended to be calm, “Their family’s supernatural talent is really strong.”

    Dabai was dumbfounded: “This is really a normal bear, not a mutation?”

    “No mutation, this is a very normal giant panda baby.” Mingyou sighed, “He will turn into a beautiful fluffy giant panda baby after a month or two.”

    Dabai was still sluggish. He still couldn’t believe that the bear family could look like this when they were young.

    “It seems that this child can only be entrusted to you to raise.” Arthur was very interested in the hairless mouse, “The original plan is to entrust their child to you if their child will become a pure special-type spirit beast.”

    “Well, I’ll raise it, no problem.” Mingyou patted his chest and said. Be a panda breeder? It couldn’t be better! Mingyou hurried to the hospital and thanked the doctors.

    The doctors had all received new training in psychic veterinary science, this time showing good scientific qualities. Even though the four old people had collapsed, thinking about some kind of curse or mutation, they only cautiously guessed that the child might have degenerated due to malnutrition, and refused all media interviews while appeasing the old people.

    They also kept saying to the public, don’t believe in rumors, curses don’t exist, please don’t insult a sick child. Even if the child is really deformed, calling the child a “monster” or “devil” will only show your ignorance and viciousness.

    When Mingyou came and thanked them for protecting the child, the eyes of the doctors and nurses were all red.

    Praised by Mr. Mingyou! This was a compliment from the idol and even god of all spirit beast practitioners! This praise was enough to make them remember and be proud for a lifetime!

    “Many spirit beasts come from extinct animals, and it’s normal to have forms that we don’t know.” Mingyou looked at the pink cub in the thermostatic room, showing a smile. Wow, a panda cub raised from childhood, mine!

    “Now the nutrition of spirit beasts is getting more and more sufficient, and health care products for people with supernatural abilities are also being introduced continuously. It is estimated that natural spirit beasts will become more and more common. Cubs and adult spirit beasts are very different in appearance. I hope that in the future, when you meet new cubs of spirit beasts, you can have the same scientific literacy as the doctors and nurses in this hospital.” 

Mingyou picked up the giant panda cub on a live broadcast, and while popularizing science, he also clarified the rumors, and praised this hospital, the spirit beasts even filled up the reservations for this hospital.

    Do you still need to think about the hospital that Mingyou praised? In the future, I will only go to this hospital for physical examination and treatment!

    The director of the hospital immediately called an emergency meeting. Now that the hospital was so well-known, the slightest problem was a huge rhythm. They have to be more refined, and nothing can go wrong. Effort! struggle! You can’t embarrass Mr. Mingyou!

    Mingyou didn’t know that his ad was so awesome, if he knew, he would probably quietly ask the little black cat if he could get some advertising fee.

   Now he brought back the cub and was wearing sterilized gloves and feeding the cub with a syringe. The four old men sat stiffly on the chairs, at a loss.

    “The baby is so good, the baby is the most beautiful baby, don’t take malice in your heart.” Mingyou stroked the giant panda cub’s bulging belly with his fingers, and what he said made the old man blush.

    Their faces were naturally red with shame. They originally wanted to bring a grandson for a while, but they almost made a big mistake.

    Spirit beasts were very sensitive to emotions. Although this child had only passed a hundred days, as a spirit beast, he could also feel the malice and disgust around him.

    The child can’t speak, and he doesn’t understand why there are so many emotions that “make him hurt” in this world, so he can only resist with crying. And he himself was very weak, and the constant crying made him even weaker.

    Fortunately, the kindness of the doctors and nurses relieved the child’s discomfort and finally allowed him to sleep peacefully.

    Otherwise, if a child hadn’t fallen asleep for several nights, when Mingyou arrived, it is estimated that the child will have to be rescued first.

    Now the child was still so healthy, and he could still suck up milk with four little pink claws and a little pink tail. This was the result of the hard work of the doctors and nurses.

    “Trying to make a brand new life a comfort for your soul, I was very against it from the beginning. But this is your housework, so I don’t want to interfere.” After coaxing the child, Mingyou let the child who was full return to the incubator After continuing to sleep, he said with a straight face, “He is an independent person who will have his own life. He shouldn’t have taken on so many responsibilities since he was born.”

    “It is very irresponsible for you to let him be born on the premise that there may be problems with his body. Now after he was born, you mistakenly thought that he was cursed or deformed, and you didn’t find me in the first place. Come to me for help. This is no longer irresponsible, but vicious.”

    “You are all heroes who have made outstanding contributions to the Star Alliance. Do something that will make the child sad.” Mingyou turned his gaze to the pink baby in the temperature-controlled room, and his eyes became gentle, “You are also spirit beasts, and you know how sensitive spirit beasts are to emotions. The baby feels the emotion of the closest person. How desperate should you be when you feel disgust and fear?”

    “Don’t think that children have no feelings. Isn’t the educational psychology of the Star Alliance already established? What happens to children when they are young may affect the formation of their character. Many children grow up with personality problems of children are developed when they can’t speak or walk, and adults think they are unconscious.” 

“Life is a blank slate. When a baby is born, adults will have already written and drawn on this piece of paper, but they can’t resist.”

    “In the future, don’t do anything that you will regret.”

    Mingyou trained the four old people who are estimated to be ten times his age so that they dare not move. The old man had never shed tears on the battlefield, but this time he was trained by Mingyou to cry.

    Mingyou’s partners, the spirit beasts, hid at the door and shivered. Mingyou’s aura at this time was really strong, a little scary.

    But Mingyou knew that it wasn’t because of his aura, or how powerful he was, but because these four old people were really almost crushed by guilt.

    The fact that the child may be “deformed” finally made them regret that a new life should not be born under the selfish excuse of their need for “comfort”.

    What’s more, they already had a grandson who died prematurely, and it was uncertain whether this grandson would die prematurely in pain.

    This was the same as an ignorant fool who finds out that the child was deformed during the pregnancy test, but insisted on letting the child be born with some kind of “reluctance” or “it’s fate”, and then made the child suffer for the rest of their life, or even die directly in pain What’s the difference?

    Children never begged you to let them be born. They understood, felt guilty, and suffered. At that moment, they didn’t even know whether they should let the child live. Would it be more painful if the child continued to live?

    But at this time they forget that when a new life came into the world, survival became an instinct. Children already had the right to choose whether to continue to live in this world, without them dictating.

    Look at this pink and tender baby, he sucks so hard, how hard he was trying to survive.

    The old people felt guilty and signed an agreement to let Mingyou take care of the children. They can’t make mistakes again and again, and must raise their children scientifically under his guidance.

    Mingyou turned his back, showing a *罒▽罒* smile.

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