After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 89

    The Star Alliance audience had been sucking up spirit beasts every day recently. Their most beloved host, Mr. Mingyou, temporarily converted the No. 1 Sanatorium into a hospital, and treated many spirit beasts injured on the battlefield. The content of the live broadcast room had become the rehabilitation and treatment routine of the wounded spirit beasts in hospital.

    Although His Majesty the Black Cat and the Ten Heroes were cute, double the fluffy was double the happiness. The cute fluffies in hospital was simply heaven, even the Star Alliance people who didn’t like fluffy couldn’t stand it. Every day they went into the live room to watch.

    Humanized plush were the best plush for streaming. For other pets, in order to meet the needs of some fake plush lovers, people needed to design a script, and then use human eyes to brainstorm its behavior. But the spirit beast did not need it, they were a human being, and their thinking was the same as that of a human being.

    “This big bear’s paws are stretching out to the side, and he wants to steal it!”

    “He was beaten for stealing hahahaha!”

    “I can actually see so many complicated expressions on his face. But… isn’t just taking medicine??? How old are you, and you are still a soldier, but you are afraid of taking medicine.”

    “Their expressions of eating are so cute, and they eat so deliciously. My anorexia has been cured.”

    “What’s the point of broadcasting, you still have to watch spirit beasts eat and broadcast. Ears flapping, tails flicking, eyes squinting, and those with beards even sticking up their beards, it’s so great to watch.”

    “Work hard to save money, I want to try the taste of spirit beast food.”

    “Do you still remember that the people in this hospital are not only the strongest supernatural beings, but also soldiers wounded on the battlefield? Let’s not talk about it, let’s send a firework first, I hope our fluffy soldiers can eat their favorite little cakes every meal.”

    “Is this a problem that money can solve? There are little cakes every meal, and you want to exhaust Mr. Mingyou to death.”


    The audience originally thought that seeing so many fluffies in the live broadcast room was enough happiness, but they didn’t expect that there would be new content this time. Plushies going to farm? Mr. Mingyou, you are abusing patients (funny)!

    “There are too many applicants, and it took a lot of effort to screen them.” Mingyou took off his white coat and put on a straw hat.

    The fluffy guys behind him also wore the same straw hats, but the tops of the fluffy straw hats exposed their ears, making the audience’s eyes straighten.

    The usual appearance of spirit beasts, was already very good, but now they wore hats, and the ears fluttered, making them more conspicuous.

    “It’s not good to stay in a hospital bed all the time. When you come out to the farm, you can not only exchange for spirit beast fruits, but also exercise your abilities. Compared with boring rehabilitation, labor with real benefits is more suitable.” The spirit beasts came out to farm, but the audience in the live broadcast room didn’t listen at all.

    Their eyes were all focused on the fluffy ears with their straw hats, and no other words could be heard.

    “I declare that the caracal wins this time. Look at the twin ponytails showing through the straw hat, so cute, I want to touch.”

    “Is it easy for my leopard prince to move his ears? Look at his ears moving. How powerful, the palm of a hand covers the ears, the touch must be very good.”

    “After the horse’s ears are exposed, he looks like a simple and honest farmer hahaha. Why do you have to wear a straw hat? Spiritual beasts don’t need sun protection.”

    “Wear a hat, the rabbit’s ears are still drooping, is it true that the ears of the lop-eared rabbit can’t stand up? I really want to pinch, the rabbit’s ears look so good.”

    “My cold wolf idol wears a straw hat and becomes a silly dog. This straw hat is really ruining the temperament, no matter how cold, serious and beautiful spirit beasts are, they will turn into fools when they wear straw hats.”

    “Seals don’t have ears! Hahahahaha When I saw the gray seal wearing a straw hat, I remembered the classic lines of Major General Dalan.”

    “Ahhh Major General Dalan, my favorite major general, super cute.”

    “The cutest thing is not Major General Dacheng?”

    “If Major General Dacheng couldn’t speak, I will rank him after the cat prince and call him the second cutest.”

    “I always thought that Major General Huo Hao was a very rational character, he is a genius researcher. Look after the daily video edited by His Majesty… um, a good little panda, why did he grow a mouth?”

    “Are you sure you are watching the daily video, not the ghost video of Mr. Mingyou beating up the little panda? Picking up the red panda’s tail and shaking it around.”

    “Hahahaha animal protection warning! There is a fake animal protection warning, saying that this is a bad example, what if someone pulls the red panda like this. Not to mention that unmutated red pandas have been extinct for tens of thousands of years, so it’s not easy to demonstrate…The story of spirit beast fighting and training can’t be publicized, isn’t this cruelty to animals hahaha.”

    “When it comes to wearing straw hats, big bears are the most suitable. They are suitable for these straw hats.”

    “Isn’t it best for monkeys? Major General Dahuang is also very suitable.

    ” Do you want to hoe the ground with a stick?”

    “If I go down with the stick, the ground will be opened, so there is no need for a machine to plow the ground?”

    “The soil has been lifted by the golden stick, so why plow hahahaha.”


    Mingyou glanced at the audience comments compiled by Xiaotian, and found that no one listened to his long speeches on popular science, so he couldn’t help shutting up.

    It’s better to broadcast internally. Now during the internal live broadcast, it is said that all viewers will take notes, which satisfied Mingyou’s vanity as a teacher.

    “Then, let’s start working.” Mingyou sighed.

    The fluffy ones spread their paws happily and ran towards the fruit forest and fields, making the audience show the kind smiles of old mothers and fathers. Ah, our plush warriors are so cute!

    What? Not our family? The Star Alliance is my family, and the fighters of the Star Alliance are the fighters of our family, there is nothing wrong with it.

    “It’s to use supernatural powers to hoe the ground, but… why did you throw the hoe on the head? Hahahaha, look at those pitiful and dazed little eyes, isn’t the spirit beast the strongest supernatural being?”

    “People with strong abilities may not be able to manipulate abilities in a subtle way. According to the class I took in Mr. Mingyou’s live broadcast room before, fine-tuned manipulation of abilities requires long-term coordination training. In the past, spirit beasts could not eat enough and dared not use powers indiscriminately, with almost no systematic training. So now many spirit beasts are learning from scratch.”

    “I heard that before the battle of spirit beasts, they were directly bombarded with powers? Is it that extensive?”

    “It will definitely be controlled, but it can’t be as handy. It is said that ten heroes can embroider with their supernatural powers.”

    “…Where did this rumor come from? Ten Heroes embroider? Who is it for?”

    “It’s true, Adeline embroidered a family portrait shoulder bag for Mr. Mingyou.”

    “Ah, Adeline embroidered? That’s okay, it makes sense for her to do this sort of thing.”

     “So why is Major General Adeline called Mama Adeline when the other major generals are major generals? Although Mama Adeline does feel like a mother, please call her by her rank (funny) “

    “Okay Mama Adeline, no problem, Mama Adeline hahahaha.”

    “Look at Mr. Mingyou’s expression, I’m dying of laughter, Mr. Mingyou’s expression can now be used as an emoji hahaha, he didn’t expect it. Can the spirit beasts here not even know how to plant land?”

    “Mr. Mingyou: I originally thought that with more free spirit beast labor, the work efficiency would increase. I didn’t expect that this group of spirit beasts would only throw hoes, buckets, and pliers at themselves.”

    “Didn’t they throw it all on their own head? It’s obvious that you throw it on others hahaha, I finally know why I wear a straw hat. This is a hard hat (funny).”

    “Are they the strongest fighters of our Star Alliance! They are so unskilled in using their abilities, are they all young soldiers!”

    Mingyou really didn’t expect it. When his partners were at home, they used their powers to cook and do housework every day.

    Digging, irrigation and pruning were not delicate tasks. Mingyou never expected that the spirit beasts, especially the ones in the chaotic star area, could not even do this.

    After a mess, the spirit beasts, who were covered in mud and leaves with water that should have been given to the fruit trees, all showed confused expressions and sat in rows to listen to Mingyou explaining how to use their abilities.

    The strongest superpower listened to a non-supernatural person explaining to them how to use the supernatural power, which was a big embarrassment. This live broadcast was for the people, and there were also many spirit beasts watching in the chaotic star area.

    When they saw Mingyou’s painstaking efforts to teach them how to use their superpowers in the chaotic star area, his tone was very similar to that of a kindergarten teacher teaching children to read, their expressions were shocked and dumbfounded. Yes, is it that difficult?

    Some spirit beasts immediately quit the live broadcast room, took a water bottle to try, and then the water bottle spilled. I do not believe! try again!

    Crackling, bang, bang. The spirit beast looked at the mess in the room and remained silent.

    I, the strongest power user, the powerhouse in the chaotic star area, the demon spirit beast who kills without blinking an eye, why can’t he even use his power to pour tea?

    The so-called ability coordination training, was it really so difficult? How did he not know this before? Oh, who would have dared to waste energy on ability training before.

    The spirit beast silently returned to the live broadcast room, and continued to watch the kindergarten teacher, Mr. Mingyou, teach the spirit beast children how to use their abilities.

    Mingyou seemed to be very used to giving lectures to spirit beasts, and the language of the lectures was easy to understand. The spirit beasts had fluffy faces and kept nodding their big heads. Those with ears flickered, and those without ears could see their hair shaking vigorously.

    The ordinary audience covered their mouths and smiled again. The appearance of the spirit beasts sitting in rows like this and obediently listening to Mr. Mingyou’s lecture was really cute. Besides cute, they no longer knew what adjectives to use.

    Even if the spirit beasts were dirty and their hair was knotted with mud and water, they still wanted to pounce on the spirit beasts, squeeze the well-behaved and spirit beasts’ faces, and deform the fluffy faces of the spirit beasts. Mom/Dad! I want to raise spirit beasts!

    Okay, no problem, first you need to obtain the qualification certificate of spirit beast master. Today’s live broadcast also injected motivation into the learning of the audience!

    “Try again.” Mingyou said patiently.

    It seemed that there was no way to realize the idea of ​​letting spirit beasts work for nothing. The only way was to turn planting trees into a rehabilitation activity. Mingyou sighed in his heart.

    The spirit beasts nervously followed Mingyou’s guidance and tried again and again. When they finally succeeded, the spirit beasts jumped and screamed excitedly one by one, as if they were all extremely healthy and not injured at all.

    Seeing the spirit beasts having fun in the field, Mingyou couldn’t help showing a happy smile.

    Forget it, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as the spirit beasts are happy. As a spirit beast master, Mingyou couldn’t help being happy when he was immersed in the happy energy fluctuations overflowing from the spirit beasts.

    “There are spies among them, right? Is it okay if I teach them the method of coordination?” Mingyou smiled, suddenly thought of a serious problem, and hurriedly poked the yellow monkey who was serving as his bodyguard.

    Leo the Monkey said helplessly: “You only think of this now?” When the live broadcast started, why didn’t you think of it?

    Mingyou panicked: “Is there really a problem?”

    “No.” Dahuang laughed, “If there is a problem, I will stop you.”

    Mingyou patted his chest exaggeratedly. It’s okay, it’s okay, I didn’t cause trouble to my partners. In fact, Mingyou not only did not add to the chaos, but also accelerated the process of victory.

    Arthur looked at the internal information provided by the spies, and was silent for a while, before he said with difficulty: “Mingyou took the group of spirit beasts to play in muddy water for a while, and they didn’t discuss any conditions with us, only asking for Citizenship?”

    They nodded: “Leo said so.”

    Arthur sighed deeply. He put his hands on his temples: “What’s wrong with this world? Why do I feel that it is different from the world I know?

    “People in the autonomous star area can also see it. Now many people are inquiring about this matter.” Yan Yi took out another piece of information, “Leaving aside the chaotic star area, many consuls in the autonomous star area have proposed to revoke their autonomy qualifications. Join the suggestion of the Star Alliance.”

    “After we disclosed the details of the war against the Zerg, the people of the autonomous star area were skeptical about the fact that the government of the autonomous star area deliberately smeared the fight against the Zerg war. After the spirit beast live broadcast started, the people who were originally indifferent to this matter, Because of their love for spirit beasts, they spontaneously went to martyrs to pay homage to sacrificed spirit beasts, and learned about other martyrs’ deeds by the way, which played a very good role in popularizing information.”

    “Now, people in many autonomous star regions have established organizations to protect local spirit beasts. The organization hopes that their spirit beasts can join the Star Alliance, be under the unified jurisdiction of the Star Alliance, and receive the unified benefits.”

    “When the illegal experiments on spirit beasts were made public, the protests became more and more intense. The people demanded announcements of the recuperation situation of the local spirit beasts “Yan Yi sneered, “They belong to the Star Alliance in name, and the spirit beasts should have the same treatment as the Star Alliance.”

    “Well, in name.” Arthur continued to press his temple, “As long as the government of the autonomous star region is willing to give, I have no objection to the alliance government paying taxes and submitting to the central financial management.”

    “Let other people argue, and don’t put everything on us.” Xianluo said unhappily, “Didn’t we retire early and abandon politics? Is it business? Let’s forget about the chaotic star area, do we still need to deal with the autonomous star area? I’m retired, and I want to go home.”

    Others thought silently, who doesn’t want to go home? Now they actually experienced the treatment of other spirit beasts who were jealous of them in the live broadcast room.

    The meals in the army were not bad, and they ate nutritious food made by Mingyou’s newly developed spirit beast food maker, and they absolutely had sufficient energy.

    But the food made by the machine had no soul. They were used to eating the food that Mingyou puts his heart into, and then they ate “cold” standard dry food, which was difficult to swallow.

    Of course, hard to swallow wasn’t impossible not to eat. They had taken in sufficient or even excess energy every day to ensure their combat effectiveness. Compared with the war a few years ago, today’s life was so happy that many spirit beast warriors’ claws fluttered when they walked.

    But it was difficult for them to change from extravagance to frugality, and they were always homesick and wanted to return to Mingyou.

    When they saw the live broadcast, the wounded spirit beasts were greeted and taken care of by Mingyou every day, and every few days there would be a special cake made by Mingyou, and now he took them to play in muddy water, their mood was even worse.

    Because the yellow monkey was born in the chaotic star area, in order to avoid suspicion and to prevent him from being embarrassed during the battle, they let him stay with Mingyou as a bodyguard, and they sit in the Star Alliance government, responsible for handling military affairs directly in the government, so as not to dealers come up to make the difference.

    Now, they regret it. Why did they think about Dahuang so much? Embarrassment was embarrassment, who was not embarrassing? Thinking of them eating cold, ruthless and soulless spirit beast food, and Dahuang hanging on Mingyou’s shoulder every day and being offered delicious and entertaining offerings by Mingyou, they felt very homesick.

    Although they were not related by blood, they had gotten used to having Mingyou’s home in just one year.

    “Put it all together, and try to end it before the end of the year on No. 1 Convalescent Star. Leave the finishing touches to other people.” Arthur put down his hand pressing his temple, and said, “This battle is for us to attack.” What strength was hidden? Don’t hide anymore, hurry up and go home!

    On the battlefield of the chaotic star area, a black liger with wide wings stretched out, just like the legendary beast Qiongqi. Where Mingyou couldn’t see, his wings grew rapidly, from a palm-sized ornament to the strongest weapon on his body. He didn’t know if Mingyou would be sad when he saw him again.

    “I actually missed the process of Dahei growing his wings!!” Mingyou, who was hugging his legs and curled up in a ball, yelled crazily in Arthur’s heart.

    The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile, and the brilliance of a galaxy poured out, and a fire was ignited on the battleship.

    “Xiaoyou, Xiaoyou, I’m here to play with you!” The snow leopard shook his cat’s paws, waving his tail, and walked in as if dancing.

    “A little bit.” Mingyou put down the book, and reached out to catch the big snow leopard that was rushing towards him.

    The big snow leopard rubbed his head against Mingyou’s arms: “Smells good, you made a cake? I want to eat the cake!”

    “Okay.” Mingyou moved the snow leopard’s ears, thinking of his own big black cat. The touch felt like a dumpling.

    Diandian followed Mingyou into the kitchen. Putting his paws on Mingyou’s shoulders, he stood up like a human being, shaking his head from side to side, watching Mingyou heat up the cake he had made in the microwave. What Mingyou made was a lava cake, it would taste better when it was warmed up.

    The big snow leopard sniffed vigorously, and his raised tail swung even more violently.

    While little uncle was away, find Mingyou more for dinner! This was the first thought that flashed through his mind after he woke up and learned that his little uncle was leading the team again.

    Although he also wanted to go out with his uncle, but now his body had not fully recovered, and he had not undergone combat training, so he can’t go directly to the most dangerous battlefield. It was more reliable to eat more to replenish energy.

    “Is it delicious?” Mingyou saw the snow leopard swallowed a small cake and wiped out a small pot in an instant, and asked knowingly while refilling the pot.

    The Snow Leopard nodded vigorously, it was too late to speak. Only when Mingyou was here, could he eat happily and smoothly. Because when eating at home, his favorite food would be taken away by his own father. His father said that other people’s food looks more delicious. See? Was this what a father said?!

    After the snow leopard finished eating, he began to complain. Mingyou still treated the leopard just like he did when he was a child, wiping his mouth while listening to his complaints.

    Leo was going to work at Capital Star today. The task of bodyguard was temporarily handed over to the Snow Leopard.

    Although Diandian had not yet undergone rigorous training in spirit beast combat, when he was still a human, he had already received rigorous training in combat with ordinary supernatural beings, so it was no problem to be a bodyguard.

    What’s more, there was Xiaotian leading a bunch of robots in this family to monitor all suspicious people in real time. Unless there were very powerful spirit beasts, don’t try to break through their defense.

    And a very powerful spirit beast probably couldn’t break through Mingyou’s own line of defense. Otherwise, they would not dare to let spies enter Mingyou’s hospital for treatment.

    Mingyou was sitting in the hall where the big guys would gather when his partner spirit beasts were still at home. Hans used him as a sofa like his big black cat. He leaned on the leopard’s sofa, moved his ears, and taught him at the same time.

    The Snow Leopard wanted to learn more about spiritual beasts. Seeing that he was so eager to learn, Mingyou certainly doesn’t mind being a private teacher for him.

    Although there was no fluffy scarf, the snow leopard’s fur was also thick and soft, which was very comfortable to touch. The purring in his throat when he relaxed also relieves the loneliness in Mingyou’s heart.

    In the days without Dahei, Mingyou had gradually become like a normal person, and he would not tremble when facing strangers, but would wear a protective mask.

    However, people always wore masks when they got along with others, it was not surprising that Mingyou was like this. So his social fear was probably considered cured. I don’t know if Dahei will praise him.

    During the break after school, Mingyou thought of his big black cat again. When they first fell in love, they were forced to separate. I don’t know if Dahei missed him.

    He turned around and jumped on the big snow leopard, rubbing hard on the snow leopard’s neck, just like rubbing the scarf of his big black cat.

    The leopard licked his paws, knowing that Mingyou was missing his little uncle again. Let’s rub, let’s use his warm and thick fur to replace his little uncle’s scarf for the time being.

    In other words, he didn’t know if his little uncle’s scarf felt the same as his father’s scarf. If so, should he quietly cut off his father’s scarf and give it to Mingyou as a pillow? Big Snow Leopard began to think about things that would get him beaten.

    Arthur the cat fluttered his little wings, and had no time to report back to the capital star, so he quietly went back to the No. 1 recuperation star, preparing to give his Mingyou a surprise.

    As soon as he got in through the gap in the window, he saw Mingyou hugging his snow leopard nephew and rubbing hard.

    Arthur Cat: o(▼__▼#)o.

    “Meow!” Do you have a cat outside?! Arthur the cat roared viciously, waking up Mingyou who was buried in the snow leopard’s fur, missing his big black cat.

    Mingyou reflexively sat upright, and said very seriously: “It’s not that I don’t have one! I just hugged and licked it a little bit, I don’t have other cats!”

    Big Snow Leopard: “…” It’s like a cheating scene, can the two get better? Have you considered my mood?

    “Dahei!” Mingyou regained his senses and finally found his little black cat.

    Arthur the cat sneaked back this time and secretly gave Mingyou a surprise. He specially used the newly developed concealment skills so that Mingyou did not find him in the first place. Look, this is not a catch.

    Arthur the cat pressed Mingyou’s nose hard with his paws: “Don’t rub, don’t suck, you smell like other cats, get out!”

    “Just hug, just rub, I’ll take a bath right away.” Mingyou held the little black cat with both hands, and pressed the little black cat to his face.

    Snow Leopard: “…” Do you still remember that there is a snow leopard nephew next to him? Are they flirting or something? It made his leopard hair stand up in embarrassment!

    “Dahei, Dahei, Dahei.” Mingyou finally got his wish and pressed the little black cat on his cheeks, his cheeks frantically rubbed against the soft and warm belly hair of the little black cat, and he was about to catch fire.

    The big leopard stood up, lowered his body, stretched its tail and said, “I’m going home first, you two talk slowly.”

    “Why don’t you go back after having a meal together?” Mingyou finally remembered that there was another big snow leopard here. The snow leopard was gone.

    “No, if I stay any longer, the little uncle is going to beat the leopard, I can’t beat him.” The Snow Leopard joked, “Right, little uncle?”

    Arthur the cat rolled his eyes. The eldest nephew had grown up and was not cute anymore. Go away!

    Big Snow Leopard understood Arthur’s meaning. After all, his own father had to talk about it every day, so he had long been used to it. He said in his heart, I am indeed not cute, but you are cute. I also really want to suck a little black cat.

    But now was obviously not a good time. The suspected cat who was “caught on the spot”, left, leaving Mingyou alone to deal with Arthur’s anger.

    But Mingyou, who was very shameless in front of his partner, obviously won’t be punished for rubbing other cats. He only needed to say a bunch of sweet words, and then take out a well-prepared gift, and he could instantly dispel Arthur’s anger and get back together with him. Scumbag, it’s all like this.

    The Arthur who forgave Mingyou once again thought darkly while eating Mingyou’s special love cake. The fork held by his paws slammed on the little cake of love, as if he wanted to kill Mingyou by proxy.

    Mingyou held his face and smiled idiotically. His family Dahei was so cute, the cutest, the way he pokes the cake is so cute.

    “I read the news, saying that the front line has already won, and it’s only a matter of ending, so I know that you will definitely come back soon.” Mingyou said with a smirk, “Is my newly developed cake delicious? I turned the energy crystal into a semi-solidified liquid, mixed together, and every bite has a different taste.”

    “I will make cakes for you every day, if you don’t come back, I will give the cakes to other fluffies in the hospital the next day, I’ll make new ones for you.”

    Arthur finally looked up, and there was cake crumbs on his mouth: “Where’s the cake that Hans just ate?”

    He saw that in front of the snow leopard who was rubbed hard by his family, it was clearly a small pot of unfinished cake!

    “I made it impromptu after I knew Diandian was coming.” Mingyou said, “He is not in good health, and he eats differently from you. He can’t eat food with too much energy.”

    Arthur lowered his head and continued to eat the cake. He didn’t know whether to be happy that Mingyou reserved a special cake for them every day, or angry that the big snow leopard also ate special snacks. Poke the cake, poke the cake, poke the cake.

    “After eating the cake, I’ll give you a physical examination.” Mingyou said after finishing, “Although you said you were not injured, I still have to have an examination to be at ease.”

    Arthur Cat said in a muffled voice: “Okay.”

    After filling his stomach with the little cake, Mingyou carried his little black cat to the research institute.

    Although he could directly pull out a set of simple detection equipment from the system backpack, he would be more assured to use the high-end products from the research institute to conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection of his Dahei.

    As soon as Arthur the cat came back, he stayed in the institute for half a day. When he got home again, Arthur was lying on his side on top of his gemstone climbing frame, like a dead cat.

    Mingyou was lying on his side at the bottom of the gemstone climbing frame, with two lines of clear tears streaming from the corners of his eyes, he looked like a dead Mingyou.

    His family’s Dahei’s wings have grown up, and the wings were nearly five meters long. They were very majestic and beautiful wings. But when he parted with Dahei, his wings were still palm-sized chicken wings. How did they grow so fast?

    He missed the process of his Dahei growing his wings, and he didn’t record every key shot of Dahei growing his wings. Obviously they have only been separated for less than half a year, why was it as if they have been separated for decades?

    He just wanted to accompany Dahei through every critical moment in his life, why doesn’t God even give him this sweet dream?

    Arthur lowered his head: “How long will you be decadent?”

    “I want a hug, I want a Dahei pillow, I want a Dahei quilt.” Mingyou sniffed and choked up.

    Arthur the cat sighed, jumped off the climbing frame and turned into the tiger. Mingyou got into his belly and buried his head in a fur collar.

     Arthur was full of vicissitudes. He originally wanted to criticize Mingyou for his flirtatious behavior with other big cats when he was not around, Why did it turn into comforting him again?

    When Mingyou’s other partners rushed into the room, they didn’t see Mingyou, but only saw the curly black fur between the two paws of his big black cat, which almost blended with the fur of His Highness the big black cat. At first glance, it looked as if His Royal Highness the big black cat had poked his scarf.

    “What’s wrong with Mingyou?” Mother Kangaroo worried.

    Arthur rolled his eyes: “He’s yelling about something, I didn’t see my wings grow with my own eyes, and I’m silent.”

    Spirit Beasts: “…” Very good, it’s very obvious.

    Their anxious hearts suddenly calmed down, as if they had never left here. The touch and emotion of the reunion after a long absence were all washed away by Mingyou’s silence. As expected of you, Mingyou.

    “Come on, Mingyou, let me tell you something that will make you more despondent.” Arthur showed a smile that gloated at other people’s misfortune.

    Mingyou shrank back under Arthur’s belly again: “Say it.”

    “You come out first.”

    “You talk first.”

    “You come out and see for yourself.”

    “I don’t, you talk first.”

    Arthur stood up, trying to expose Mingyou under his stomach. But Mingyou hugged Arthur tightly with his hands and feet, but refused to get off his belly, so angry that Arthur’s tail turned into a propeller.

    “If you don’t come out, I will throw away the gift I brought you.” Arthur threatened.

    Mingyou quickly let go, and crawled out from under Arthur: “Gift? What gift?”

    “I’ll talk about that later.” Arthur smiled like a tiger who succeeded in trickery, “Come on, Dahong, show me your tail.”

    The little red fox who was eating the “Big Red Special Flowing Heart Cake” left for him by Mingyou wiped his mouth with his paws, turned around, and swung his tail.

    Because the shaking speed was too fast, the tail turned into an afterimage. One or two… It seemed to be two tails. Wait…there really are two tails! Mingyou was dumbfounded.

    “Dahong took the lead in completing the shape change, and now there is an extra tail.” The black cat smirked, “You not only missed the process of my wings growing, but also the process of Dahong’s tail.”

    The little red fox turned back and blinked: “I’m sorry Mingyou, I wanted to grow my tail again when I came back, but I couldn’t control myself.”

    Mingyou: “…” He can’t accept this, absolutely can’t accept it.

    “After Dahong grew a tail, Dabai’s shape also changed.” The black cat laughed even louder, purring from his throat, like a demon cat, “Come on, Dabai, let me show you off. The new look.”

    The polar bear sighed helplessly, followed the black cat’s order, and shook his fur. His white hair turned into ice crystals, and the whole bear seemed to be a crystal-carved bear.

    “The change of Dabai’s shape is discoloration. At that time, his fur suddenly became transparent, but his body didn’t. The whole bear turned into a flesh-pink color, which made me laugh so hard.” Arthur laughed loudly, “You can also I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it~”

    The big white bear put away his changing posture, and said in his heart, although Mingyou didn’t see it, but your Highness, you recorded it, and you are even going to upload it on the Internet.

    His Royal Highness Black Cat’s little wings once detonated the whole network, making His Royal Highness bear grudges to this day. Now, he wanted his subordinates to suffer the same treatment as him. The flesh pink is very good.

    Mingyou has faded along with the big white bear. No, it’s not true, I don’t believe it’s true. Not only did I miss the process of Dahei wings growing up, but also the process of the Dahong long tail, and even the process of Dabai turning into a crystal bear? Do not! ! !

    “Dahui, show off your new form again.” However, the nightmare was not over yet. The big demonic black cat sneered again as if it came from hell.

    The big wolf satisfied His Majesty the black cat’s evil taste and continued to stimulate Mingyou. He leaned down, and the fur on his body actually “liquidized”, and finally turned into a metal wolf, which looked particularly like science fiction.

    Mingyou: “…Is there any more?”

    “No, it’s just us for the time being. Are you happy?” The black cat has laughed until his ears have turned into demon horns, and the corners of his mouth were almost grinning.

    Mingyou rolled his eyes and passed out.  I, Mingyou, can’t stand this stimulation. Gudong.

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