After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 88

    After Mingyou and Arthur came back, Diandian did not go back to the nursing home, but stayed in the palace.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion said that Diandian had no serious physical problems now, but he refused in his heart, so there was no need to stay with Mingyou and Arthur, which would make him even more unwilling to grow up.

    Now Diandian just came for a physical examination every few days. During the last examination, Diandian was still alive and kicking, and didn’t look like he was unhappy. Mingyou thought that Diandian had gotten along well with his father.

    “It’s true that they get along well.” Arthur looked very tired, “I speculate that his memory is about to recover.”

    Seeing Arthur’s exhausted appearance, Mingyou hurriedly turned him back into a little black cat and put on his head.

    The little black cat put on the hood, arched his back and stretched his little wings, then lay sideways on top of Mingyou’s head, and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

    It’s so cool to be lazy, it’s so good to be a cat, I don’t want to be a human anymore (By Arthur).

    “His memory is back, that’s a good thing.” Mingyou felt that the little black cat’s mood gradually improved, and breathed a sigh of relief. Whenever Arthur was in a bad mood, he felt very uncomfortable and nervous. This was love, he should have found out earlier. Mingyou thought happily.

    “Well, it’s a good thing.” Arthur thought, growing up was of course a good thing, but just like leg cramps when one grew tall, growth must be accompanied with pain.

    The eldest nephew who was doted on by him and Mingyou after having no memory suddenly regained more than 30 years of memory, his mind was probably overwhelmed.

    Arthur was still busy at first, but after learning about his eldest nephew, he rushed back in a hurry. When Mingyou and Arthur arrived at the palace, Diandian hid himself, as if he didn’t want to see them.

    Arthur looked at the hiding Diandian, and was speechless for a while. This stupid nephew, he stuffed his head and upper body under the cabinet, leaving his behind and fluffy tail exposed. What kind of hiding was this? Can they not see him as long as he hid his head? Hans was not a cat, he was an ostrich!

    “Dahei, Diandian really resembles you.” Mingyou said with emotion, “When you don’t want to get up in the morning, you just hide your head and say ‘you can’t see me’.”

    Arthur: “…I am not like that. No, don’t talk nonsense.” He flicked his tail frantically, slapping the back of Mingyou’s head, Mingyou smiled even more happily.

    It’s so comfortable to be swept around by the fluffy tail. If it wasn’t for taking care of the little cat, Mingyou would have already held the little black cat in his hands and kissed his ears.

    Why was his Dahei so cute? No matter in the shape of a human, a big cat, or a kitten, they were all number one in the universe!

    “Come on, come out!” Arthur the cat didn’t want to pay attention to Mingyou, and meowed loudly.

    A little bit of the tail that was exposed outside swayed, and then burrowed under the cabinet. Now, all that remained was his long tail.

    Arthur pulled his cat ears back, jumped off Mingyou’s head, walked on tiptoe to the back of Diandian’s back, raised his front paws, and firmly pressed on the fluffy tail.

    “Meow!” There were little screams from under the cabinet, and a loud “boom”, as if something hit the bottom of the cabinet.

    Mingyu sighed. What else could have hit the bottom of the cabinet? Of course Diandian’s poor little head.

    Arthur lowered his head, bit the tail that was stepped on by him, and pulled the little snow leopard out step by step. The little snow leopard frantically scratched his paws, but was dragged out by the tail by Arthur, who was slightly smaller than him.

    “Meow…meow!” The tail, his tail was about to break! Sobbing with tears in his eyes.

    Arthur let go of Diandian’s tail, spit out a couple of mouthfuls of fur, raised his claws to press on Diandian’s forehead, and pressed him to the ground: “What are you hiding?”

    Diandian QAQ: “Meow meow meow.”

    He didn’t know why he should hide. But when he saw Uncle Dahei and Mingyou, he panicked and wished he could dig a hole right away. Even every time he went for a physical examination, it became a torment.

    “Okay, okay, don’t bully your nephew.” Mingyou finally stepped forward to save the poor little snow leopard from the claws of the bully cat, “Let me see, the tail is not injured, it is still fluffy, don’t worry.”

    “Meow.” Diandian nodded his head into Mingyou’s arms, sobbing softly. Mingyou was like coaxing a baby, after a long time, he finally calmed down.

    The bully little black cat directed the old housekeeper to make a nutritious paste for Diandian, and fed it to him spoon by spoon.

    Seeing a little black cat several times smaller than Diandian, a big cat the length of his forearm, holding a small spoon to feed Diandian with a serious face, Mingyou wanted to hold his face and giggle. Every day, he was on the verge of being mowed to death by his own Dahei.

    “Stop smirking, help me to have a look.” After the little cat fed Diandian, the cat patted his nose several times, and the fur on the leopard’s face was wet from crying.

    My nose hurts, but I dare not avoid QAQ.

    “Okay.” Mingyou hugged the starting point, wiped off the hair on his face, then took out the treatment equipment, and gave Diandian a physical examination.

    After the examination, Mingyou said: “Diandian’s body has entered a period of rapid growth. Diandian, how much has your memory recovered? Why don’t you want to see me and Dahei all of a sudden?”

    Diandian meowed for a while, Mingyou and Arthur finally understood his current state a little bit.

    The fact that the two of them went to carry out a dangerous mission overlapped with the thing that Diandian locked in his memory, the last thing he wanted to recall. This was like the key to open Pandora’s box, allowing the darkest side of Diandian’s memory to gradually leak out.

    During the days when Mingyou and Arthur left, Diandian had nightmares every night. In the dream, his important person was also like this, in the video contact, smiling and telling him about the mission. And then, goodbye forever.

    In the dream, he was weak and useless, and he couldn’t go to the battlefield with important people, let alone take revenge. He was a drag, a useless child.

    He could only be protected by others, and when his family and home were facing a major crisis, he lived in a safe foreign country.

    Diandian finally uttered what was in his heart, hiccupped from crying, and the fur on his face that had just been dried was wet from crying again.

    Mingyou patted Diandian’s back lightly to give some air, and cried together with him. Arthur the cat rolled his eyes, wanting to turn into a big black cat and overturn this stupid boy with his claws.

    Why was he crying? He asked him to come here to comfort, not to cry with Diandian! Can he cheer up and show his aura as an elder!

    “Okay, hiccup.” Mingyou hiccupped and wiped his nose while holding a handkerchief.

    “Meow, hiccup.” Diandian hiccupped while wiping his nose with the corner of Mingyou’s clothes.

    Arthur the cat clawed Diandian away from Mingyou. What are you doing! So impolite!

    Mingyou hurriedly took out a clean handkerchief, and wiped Diandian’s face: “Diandian, don’t cry, the past is over, you have a long time to live. Now your body has recovered, and you will become The most powerful snow leopard, he can protect whoever he wants to protect.”

    Diandian sniffed: “Really?”

    “Really, when Diandian grows up, he will definitely be very powerful.” Mingyou said, “You should also feel the strength in your body now, right?”

    Diandian raised a claw and looked down at his own pink paw pad. Am I getting stronger?

    “If you refuse to grow up, then you will continue to be so weak for the rest of your life.” Arthur wanted to comfort his eldest nephew, but he was full of anger when he saw some tender meat pads.

    Mingyou looked away guiltily. He really didn’t mean to say in Dahei’s ear dozens of times, “Dahei, your meat pads are black, as if oiled”. Dahei seemed to be jealous of the pink paw pad.

    Diandian immediately exploded: “Meow!” I will never be weak forever!

    “Then don’t refuse to grow up.” Arthur said angrily, “Do you know that you are actually older than me?” He nodded and tilted his head: “Meow?” You are my uncle, how can I be older than you?”

    “Seniority and age are two different things. My seniority is higher than yours, but you were born before me.” Arthur the cat snorted, “You are protected by me now, aren’t you ashamed?”

    Diandian was petrified. He turned his head stiffly and looked at Mingyou.

    “Mingyou is younger.” Arthur said, “He is ten years younger than you. If he saw you in human form, he would have to call you uncle.”

    Diandian: “…Meow?” Tell me it’s not true. 

    Mingyou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Dahei, why are you saying this all of a sudden?”

    Arthur raised his head and said, “Diandian, Hans, let me tell you, what you have to choose now is not whether to grow up or not. You have actually grown up, you have already grown up.”

    “What you have to choose is whether to take on the responsibilities of growing up.”

    “My brother, your father, he lost his important lover and important friend in the war. His only son may die early due to long-term malnutrition, and his only younger brother is seriously injured and his future is uncertain. Under this premise, he has taken on everything with difficulty, and I have been holding on until now, until Mingyou comes, and until I recover from my injury.”

    “It doesn’t matter if you want to continue to be his burden, I have recovered from my injury, and I can help my brother continue to share the responsibility of raising you. But are you embarrassed? When your sister-in-law passed away, although you were reckless to seek death, at least you still had the courage to go to the battlefield to seek death. Now that you have the power to protect others, and have people who need protection, do you want to back down? Of course, I can help my eldest brother share the burden, and I can also help you share the responsibility. You can continue to be cowardly. It’s just that you are so cowardly, do you have the face to go to the grave of your sister-in-law?”     

“Dahei!” Mingyou hurriedly stopped Arthur from saying something even more exaggerated, “Diandian is just sick, he didn’t escape on purpose, don’t say that.”     

“You should be cured.” Arthur stretched his body, took off the hood on his head, and became human.

     He picked up the little snow leopard, which was the size of a house cat, and touched the little leopard’s round ears: “You once told me that if you get better, you will become the greatest snow leopard in the Star Alliance. Let brother and sister-in-law be proud. Now that your health has recovered, shouldn’t it be time to fulfill your promise?”

     Diandian looked blankly at the human-shaped Dahei, with round leopard ears and fluffy tail drooping. He seemed to have encountered the most difficult thing in his life.

     “I didn’t want to force you to wake up, but…” Arthur paused, and smiled wryly, “Brother has been working very irregularly lately, overeating, staying up all night, saying that he is letting himself go, rather than using food and work. Numb himself.”     

“Although I am his younger brother, I have exhausted my energy at work, and in life… In life, my eldest brother needs the care of his relatives. You are his own son, and it is up to you to take care of him.”

     “The dead cannot be revived, and the living must look forward, and we must continue to live, be happy, and live healthy and healthy. Otherwise, my sister-in-law, how sad is she?”

    Arthur’s tone became very gentle: “You are no longer a weak little one, you are the great Hans the snow leopard. Taking care of your father is easy for you, isn’t it?”

    Huh? Was His Majesty the Golden Lion in such bad condition? Mingyou thought about the recent physical examination data of His Majesty the Golden Lion, it seemed to be quite healthy? Just eat a little too much. However, His Majesty the Golden Lion was indeed in a bad mood all the time, only when he was eating and playing with his son, he will be a little happier.

    Diandian closed his eyes in Arthur’s arms, as if falling into a deep sleep. There was a trace of sadness in Arthur’s lowered eyes, and Mingyou’s heart tightened suddenly.

    “Dahei…Arthur…” Mingyou opened his mouth, wanting to comfort Arthur, but he didn’t know what to say.

    “Why did you call me Arthur all of a sudden?” Arthur put away the sadness in his eyes and returned to his usual sunny smile.

    But Mingyou didn’t think Arthur was happy. Because Arthur had not shown a sunny smile in front of him for a long time.

    Arthur would only smile languidly in front of him, or sneer with a hint of sarcasm. Sunny? When he transforms into a human form, it’s time to deal with work, and the sun doesn’t shine. So Arthur must be faking now.

    “Didn’t you say it? I called you Arthur when you were in human form.” Mingyou held Arthur’s arm, racking his brains but couldn’t think of what to say to make him happy.

    “Don’t look so serious, I’m fine.” Arthur said, “It’s just that the scar is untied, and it hurts a bit.”

    The scar of losing a loved one will never heal. Even if he accepted this incident, when he recalled it, he still felt sad from his heart. But it didn’t matter if sorrow came from the heart, people had to look forward, the sorrow of the past will not hinder the happiness of the living. He had, little by little, and his brother must be too.

    “En.” Mingyou thought of his parents in his previous life, and his mother whom he had never met in this life.

    It was true that sadness cannot disappear, but it was precisely because he had experienced sadness that he cherished the happiness in front of him even more.

    “Brother is really in a bad state?” Mingyou asked, “Brother’s physical examination is not bad, and his mood… not too bad recently.” Much better than when we first met.

    Arthur’s smile immediately collapsed: “No one is in charge, so he let himself go. If he continues to eat like this, I’m afraid that even if he is a spirit beast, he will be in the top three.”

    Mingyou: “…It is to let go of oneself, not to give up on oneself. 

Arthur shrugged: “Where is the line between letting go of yourself and giving up on yourself? Who knows? But my brother is getting better and better recently, so you don’t have to worry about that. I just want someone to keep an eye on my brother. He’s not a real orange cat.”

    Mingyou tilted his head: “Do you think Diandian can control Big Brother?”

    Arthur frowned: “When Hans can beat Big Brother, he should be able to handle it?”

    Mingyou: “…” He didn’t think so. Even if Diandian could beat Brother Orange Cat, would he dare to beat his own father? Did he think this was parents disciplining children? He couldn’t help mourning for more than ten seconds.

    Thinking that if Diandian refused to grow up, the burden of taking care of the big orange cat would be on the fluffy shoulders of his Dahei, Mingyou could only mourn for Diandian for ten seconds, no more. Come on, Diandian, you are the best!

    Dian Dian was stimulated and beaten by Arthur, and took the initiative to enter dormancy. When he woke up again, he should be Hans, not Diandian.

    Mingyu felt a little sorry. The little snow leopard is so cute, he hasn’t raised enough. But he didn’t dare to say these words, and he was fined to kneel in a corner and think about his mistakes every minute he said it.

    His Majesty the Golden Lion was also very regretful: “He is going to grow up? It won’t be so fun when he grows up. How fun is the kitten now.”

    Mingyou thought to himself, he probably didn’t need to care too much about the mental health of Big Brother Orange Cat. Still in the mood to play with his son, isn’t Brother Orange Cat’s mentality very good? !

    “Be careful when he grows up, he will play with you as you play with him.” Arthur said angrily.

    The big golden lion lay on the ground with its head held high, proud as a king. Mingyou reminded himself again that the eldest brother was not an orange cat, but His Majesty the Emperor of the Star Alliance.

    “He wants to defeat me? It will take at least a hundred years.” His Majesty the Golden Lion said disdainfully, “Even if he can defeat me, I just need to start the live broadcast and howl that my son is unfilial and abuse his old father, and he will be finished immediately.”

    Arthur: “…Okay, very good, very powerful. Mingyou and I are going back first, Hans wants us to take it away, or stay in the palace?”

    “You take him away.” The golden lion waved its claws to chase away people, “in case he wakes up mentally ill when he came here, and no one coaxed him.”

    “I’ll send him back soon.” Arthur said, “Brother, eat less and exercise more.”

    Both paws of the big golden lion were crazily waving to drive people away. Why was this brother so annoying! He hadn’t eaten enough in his life, and now he could finally ate delicious food. What’s wrong with eating more? Didn’t he have any problems with the physical examination on time? The bastard brother actually wanted him to eat nutritious meals? Were nutritious meals what spirit beasts eat!

    Arthur and Mingyou were kicked out of the house by His Majesty the Golden Lion. Mingyou picked up Arthur who had turned back into a little black cat and said, “I really think that His Majesty is simply greedy, not overeating and giving up on himself.”

    The little black cat in the hood curled the ears of the plane, slammed the tail, and even his wings were blown.

    How did this big brother get into the stubborn state of the elderly who can’t understand what they explained? He hoped that Diandian could control his elder brother, otherwise his elder brother would really become an orange cat.

    After returning to No. 1 recuperation star, Arthur rested all night. Early the next morning, when Mingyou woke up, the bed next to him had lost temperature. Mingyou stared blankly at the empty quilt beside him, thinking that he had gotten used to a life without a big black cat and Arthur beside him when he woke up. Habits were a terrible thing.

    “Mingyou, say these words while sighing. People who hear this sentence will think that Arthur died suddenly, and he will be separated from you forever.” Cousin Jinbao finally came out of the jar and lay down in the routine. In the recuperation cabin and can speak.

    But Mingyou thought that the leopard who can’t speak was cuter. Why did this leopard have a mouth like his red panda?

    Dacheng, who was patrolling the patients in the nursing home, sneezed loudly. He rubbed his nose with a paw, who was talking behind his back about His Royal Highness Huo Ritian, the cutest spirit beast in the Star Alliance? Alas, being too cute was also a sin.

    “Cousin, if you keep talking nonsense, I’ll replace all your food with sweets.” Mingyou said with a blank expression.

    The leopard immediately covered his mouth with the paw that was not infused, but still kept talking: “Mingyou, you can’t treat me like this. I’m a wounded patient. Do you have the heart to abuse the wounded?”

    “As a patient, you should follow the doctor’s advice. I think your food should be changed from salty to sweet. The whole hospital, no, all the doctors in the Star Alliance Hospital will agree with me.” Mingyou straightened his proud little chest, “Cousin, you believe it or not?”

    “Believe it, I believe it, you are an authority on spirit beasts, and I believe everything you say.” The leopard put down the paw covering his mouth, “Please don’t add sugar to my meal.”

    Mingyou snorted coldly and then sighed deeply. This tiring day, when will it end. He has just entered the state of sweet love, and his partner was busy with work and rarely stayed at home. After finally returning home, he turned into a little black cat and slept in his arms. He also wanted to sleep in the big black cat’s arms!

    Oh no, that’s not what he regrets, he’s saying, it’s okay to date Arthur seriously as a person. It seems to be getting more and more chaotic. Mingyou touched his forehead.

    The leopard looked at the constantly changing expression, and Mingyou, who was like a fool, curled his lips in disdain. Falling in love made people stupid, the golden lion was like this, and so was Mingyou, so was it not good to keep the status of a golden bachelor like him? How free.

    After Mingyou left, the cat on the bed next to him said, “Old Jin, your sour smell has suffocated me. You are not too young, can you stop seeing such a strong sour smell from loving couples?”

    Golden Leopard: ” I’m not sour.”

    “Yeah.” The caracal pulled up the quilt and played games under the quilt. Yes yes yes, you are not sour.

    People who know him well know how unlucky Leopard’s love history was. To sum up, this guy, was obsessed with the first-sighted feelings, saying that he only believed in love at first sight. This kind of mutual ignorance only came from the attraction of the soul, which was the purest.

    Then, the person he fell in love with at first sight either already had a date, or was a liar who deliberately pretended to be his favorite.

    Although Leopard’s IQ and morality are both online, and his relationship ended without a problem, causing no loss, his wonderful love history was already a joke that people who knew him and will tell every time they drink.

    “You’re not injured, why don’t you just lie here?” Leopard wanted to throw out this person who knew his dark history.

    He hasn’t been in a relationship for nearly ten years! Don’t talk about what happened ten years ago, okay?!

    “I was injured.” Caracal said, “The chaotic sector is fighting now, and I was just injured.”

    The leopard was stunned for a moment. He had been recovering from his injuries, was not in good condition, had not been online, and did not know the current situation of the Star Alliance.

    “There are forces in the chaotic star area who want to return to the Star Alliance, and there are forces who are not willing. Originally, those who are willing will return, and those who are not willing will continue to float. But those who are not willing to return think that those who are willing to return are traitors, so they will fight. Something is wrong.” The Caracal said, “Your highness decided to take it all at once.”

    “How many spirit beasts are on the opposite side of the Star Alliance.” Leopard asked with a frown. He was estimating the possible damage to the Star Alliance.

    “Not a single one.” The caracal cat couldn’t help laughing at the thought of this, “Even if there are spirit beasts that are extremely vicious and impossible to return to the Star Alliance, they all express that they will not participate in this matter, and pull their forces to stay away.”

    “Being a spirit beast, they are well aware of the gap in strength between a full-fed spirit beast and an unfed spirit beast.” Caracal moved his injured back, “Technological weapons have caused us a lot of trouble. But it seems that His Royal Highness’s personal guards are basically not injured. Is there such a big gap in our strength?”

    Aggrieved. He originally thought that the strength of himself, who was struggling in the chaotic star area, must be top-notch.

    “They participated in Mingyou’s official training class for spirit beasts a few months earlier than you, which is equivalent to half or even a grade higher than you, so they are naturally better.” Although the leopard wandered around in the chaotic star area, he could still watch the live broadcast.

    He wasn’t caught right away, either. After Mingyou gained a firm foothold in the Star Alliance, he was brutally backstabbed by his friends. Alas, he originally thought that this friend could develop into a lover…

    Ahem, no, no, he definitely never thought about it that way, he hasn’t been in a relationship for ten years.

    “I will catch up.” The caracal was full of confidence.

    He must enter His Highness’s personal guard and stand at the place closest to His Highness!

    Later, the caracal cat did become the most powerful person in the Star Alliance, but he was never able to be under the same lens as his most respected highness, the big black cat. His respected Highness the big black cat said that it was because of trusting him, other teams needed a unique talent like Caracal.

    Only Mingyou, the partner of His Majesty the Big Black Cat, and the ten subordinates who knew him very well knew that His Majesty the Big Black Cat simply didn’t allow another big black cat to be in the same frame as him.

    Mingyou’s nursing home had suddenly turned into a hospital, and it’s busy. The body of the spirit beast rescued at the beginning has not yet recovered, and a new spirit beast has been hospitalized.

    Mingyou looked at the spirit beast who had nothing to do every day, slapped his head, and came up with a good idea to let everyone move their bodies and make up for his research work progress.

    “Would you like to help me plant the land?” Mingyou asked, “The spirit beast fruit tree I want to give birth to needs to be taken care of and irrigated by the spirit beast’s abilities. If it is planted by machine, it will take too long to harvest.”

    So many powerful spirit beasts, it’s a waste to lick their hair and bask in the sun all the time.

    Besides, although the viewers in the live broadcast room watched this group of patients lazily tanning their hair every day, they all held their faces and said that they could watch it for a lifetime. As a conscientious anchor, Mingyou didn’t want to cheat money with monotonous and repetitive content.

    It also allowed the spirit beasts to move their bodies, speed up the progress of the spirit beast fruit planting, and give the audience in the live broadcast room more exciting and richer live broadcast content. This wave is killing three birds with one stone.

     It just so happened that the spirit beast patients were too busy to panic. After hearing that although this kind of thing had no contribution value, but they could directly use spirit beast fruit and related processed products of spirit beast fruit as rewards, even the spirit beast patients who were still lying in the recuperation barn and couldn’t get up The beasts all raised their paws vigorously, indicating that there is no need to leave the recuperation cabin to use the power.

     They want spirit beast fruit! Spirit Beast Fruit Wine, Spirit Beast Fruit Candy, Spirit Beast Fruit Cake All foods and beverages that use spirit beast fruit as raw materials!     The most high-end food in the hospital was made of spirit beast fruit, but only the patients with the worst health could eat this noble food. Even if other people are willing to buy it with money and exchange it with contribution value, they will only be punished.

  “Spiritual beast fruit is limited, and it is only used for medical treatment for the time being.” Dean Mingyou’s ruthless tone formed a sharp contrast with his soft appearance.

    There was a spirit beast with a bad temper who wanted to play tricks, but Dean Mingyou dragged it by its tail and swung it directly into the ground to bury it.

    “Don’t worry, even if I hurt you, I can heal you.” Mingyou squatted beside the hole he smashed out, and said, “Dahei said, the spirit beasts that have been in the chaotic star area for a long time are full of wildness, and they must be beaten to be convinced. Let’s practice? I don’t care if you are still a wounded person, and will never show mercy.”

    After howling a few more times, the spirit beast that was smashed into the ground: “???” Wait, what was it called? You do not care? And I just howled twice, I didn’t do anything!

    “I’m a spirit beast master. As long as your emotions are strong, I can feel it all. I feel that you are hostile to me.” Mingyou stood up, “I dare to run around among you, so I am sure It’s very safe. I will try my best to rescue the spirit beasts who come to my hospital. My partners will take care of your identities.”

    “Say, this may be the happiest time in your life.” Mingyou squeezed his fists, “Isn’t it good to enjoy the moment? What’s the matter when you recover from the injury and leave the hospital.”

    All the spirit beasts: “…” Why do they feel so soft? The super talkative Dean Mingyou was a little dangerous at this time?

    The little monkey that Mingyou carried in his pocket pulled the edge of his pocket and sighed.

    As long as Mingyou encountered “hostility”, he would immediately erect the thorns in his heart and become like a hedgehog, with an extremely sharp temperament. This vigilant character like a small animal was originally just a protective look for the weak, but when Mingyou acquired the physique of “invincible against spirit beasts”, it became very dangerous.

    However, Mingyou rarely made a move. Nine out of ten reasons for being so aggressive now was because the hostility of the spirit beasts in front of him may not only be directed at Mingyou, but also against their group of spirit beast partners.     Mingyou’s biggest anger point was them. Only at this time, Mingyou would completely lose control of himself, and directly take out the most exaggerated response, turning into the most sarcastic appearance.

    The little monkey took a pitiful look at the spirit beast that had been unable to get up at the bottom of the pit for a long time.

    Arrange a separate ward for this spirit beast. Mingyou said that he would let him recover from his injury before going out, and they wanted to fulfill their promise. Let these spies live a life in the recuperation star that they could not live a lifetime outside, how many spirit beasts would be instigated?

    “Huh? So you’re a spy?” The patient of the spirit beast stretched out his claws and pulled him up, “Poor thing, you can enjoy it more now.”

    The spirit beast spy: “What do you mean?”

    “Spirit beast food, Items, skin care products…all the things that can be exchanged on the contribution value website, you have no chance to use them.” The patient gloated, “You can only buy star alliance spirit beasts from the dark market at a high price. Ordinary food, barely enough to fill the stomach.”

    “Yes, yes, it’s so miserable. I have been eating big meals in the hospital, and I can only eat dry food when I leave the hospital. It’s too miserable.”

    “It’s good to eat some. Now he’s exposed, the employer behind him might have fired him to hide himself, and he won’t even be able to earn money to buy dry food.”

    “The area of ​​the chaotic star area will be much smaller, and they won’t make money as easily as before. Is the money enough to keep us fed and clothed?”

    “If you think about it this way, compared to the time when you were so hungry before, you can at least fill your stomach now, which is not bad.”

    “Is it hard to understand from extravagance to frugality? Enjoying so many benefits in the hospital, who wants to be able to only eat the cheapest dry food from now on.” 

“Yeah, the food I eat made of green stones is no longer delicious, and the food prepared by the spirit beast master is the best. When will the Star Alliance get new spirit beast masters?”

    “Soon, soon, we are already cultivating, at most ten years, we will be able to have one spirit beast master per person. To believe in the population base of the Star Alliance, the number of spirit beast masters will definitely not exceed the number of spirit beast masters. There are few beasts.”

    “It’s gone, what’s fun to watch, if I have the time, I might as well go back to my room to fill out the labor application. Isn’t it better to watch the excitement than to farm land for spirit beast fruit?”

    “Yes, yes, let’s go to plant the land. It’s just too busy.” The spirit beasts scattered and went back to their rooms to fill out the application.

    The exposed spies and the hidden spies had mixed feelings. The Star Alliance knew that they were spies, and they were kind enough to help them heal their wounds. This was… an instigation?

    Do they want to accept this unlucky food? The spies and spirit beasts fell into deep thought while eating the spirit beast fruit cake specially baked by Mingyou today in order to scare other spirit beasts.

    Ah, the food is so delicious. Take a bite, take another bite, take another bite, it’s gone.

    The spies and spirit beasts looked at the small plates held in their paws with melancholic faces. Why can the small cake only eat three bites? They wanted to eat all they could eat.

    If they order a variety of spirit beast fruit trees, will they be able to eat all the small cakes?

    Let’s talk about instigating rebellion later, first fill out the labor application.

    “So, all the spies surrendered?” Arthur, who was at the forefront of the chaotic star area, rubbed his temples, “What did Mingyou do again?”

    Heman looked at the report sent by the yellow monkey, and said: “A spy leaked hostility and was beaten up by Mingyou. He told him to cherish the happy life in the hospital. After he was discharged from the hospital, he would not have so many delicious and fun things.”

    “Finished, Mingyou baked them special cakes.”

    “After eating the cakes, the spies all surrendered.”

    Arthur: “…That’s it?”

    Herman nodded: “The report from Leo is indeed just that.”

    Arthur fell back.

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