After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 87

    Mingyou continued to work, but he didn’t even look at the researcher who didn’t know who he was calling.

    Judging from the look of his concentration, it was estimated that he didn’t even hear what the other party was saying. Qualified researchers, when they were concentrating on research, were completely focused.

    Entering this state of being isolated from the world, Mingyou was naturally very confident. He had a Tibetan fox in his left pocket and an alpaca in his right pocket, with his little black cat on his head as a hat, who could threaten him?

    While Mingyou was studying, the Tibetan fox who grew bigger sat on top of the researcher and said to the alpaca next to him: “His Highness is really smart.”

    The alpaca nodded: “Your Highness has plans in place.”

    The little black cat listened to the two subordinates and licked his paws without speaking.

    The structure of this base was intricate and complicated. Although Dahuang had not found anyone for the time being, but with his brains, someone inexplicably appearing in the end was something that happened in all movies, TV dramas and novels.

    Now all eyes were on the ten heroes and him. Mingyou had two neglected roommates in his pocket, and if he created a shadow clone himself, it was very likely to lure the enemy out. It didn’t matter if he didn’t lure him out, he had a lot of fur.

    After the yellow monkey informed the person, he returned to the spirit beasts with a golden staff and saw a Tibetan fox jumping on a person. Beside him, there was an alpaca who controlled his power, preventing that person from being trampled to death by the Tibetan fox.

    “What’s wrong?” Monkey said, “Why did you still close the door?”

    “A mouse sprang out and was cleaned up.” The little black cat had already put on his hood. His ears outside his hood and a pair of small wings behind him flapped, showing his pride.

    After the little black cat became smaller, although the wings also became smaller, the reduction was not large. This pair of small wings was very harmonious with the appearance of a little cat. After he put on the hood, if he held a small pitchfork, he looked like a demon cat from a fairy tale.

    Now this little devil cat kept bragging to the yellow monkey about his cautiousness and prudence, which made the monkey feel strange. When he was outside, there was obviously no one there. This garbage base, after they leave, must be smashed with a stick to prevent this kind of problem from happening again.

    “Huh, it’s not difficult.” Mingyou wiped the sweat on his forehead, just as he was about to announce the good news, he found that the Tibetan Fox was dancing on an unknown person, “Who is that? “

    “A certain fool who suddenly rushed out and wanted to assassinate you.” The little devil black cat, fluttered his wings and complained.

    Mingyou was stunned for a moment, and said puzzled: “How could he assassinate me when I am guarded by three spirit beasts? Is the assassination technique of the Star Alliance directly rushing?”

    “What about our Star Alliance? This is the Chaos Sector.” The little black cat’s ears trembled, and his little wings continued to flap, “The assassination method in the Chaos Sector is probably just rushing forward. Did you see the small pistol in his hand? He was going to use this to assassinate you under the eyes of the three spirit beasts.”

    Mingyou couldn’t help but admire: “Amazing.”

    Tibetan Fox and Alpaca: “…” Did they want to expose His Highness? This guy was really not that stupid.

    And Mingyou, didn’t he see the wonderful performance of His Highness’s shadow clone before? He really didn’t notice that someone just came in, and he didn’t notice the wonderful performance of His Highness to lure snakes out of their holes?

    Mingyou really didn’t notice. When he asked Xiaotian to help transform the machine, he had already blocked himself from outside information.

    “This person looks familiar.” The curious Mingyou borrowed the golden weapon from Dahuang, used it to move from far away, and turned the man over, “Isn’t this the MLM head of this base?”

    Mingyou was cautious. Big Brother Alpaca was very pleased. Although there were four spirit beasts here and a Tibetan fox jumping on this person for a long time, Mingyou still tried his best to avoid any danger. This kind of awareness was very good. But what was a MLM boss?

    “You mean, he’s the head researcher at this illegal research base?” The little black cat instantly understood what Mingyou meant, “It’s not too powerful.”

    “With one word, he can coax people from the Star Alliance and Chaos Sector to invest in him, and also grab so much plushies for him to study, if he changed his career to sales, it is estimated that he can become the richest man in the Star Alliance.” Mingyou was not exaggerating. He commented, “As a researcher, he went the wrong way. Brother Chenxi, help me wake him up?”

    Brother Alpaca was stunned for a moment, then a pile of hailstones smashed down at the man with glasses, and he woke up. The man with glasses who woke up was tightly bound by shackles and chains made of ice, and only his mouth could move.

    The Tibetan fox hugged his tail and moved into the shadows to hide. He originally thought that Mingyou was a sweet and kind little cutie, but he didn’t expect that these two brothers had the same violent gene hidden in their bones. Horrible.

    “Hmph.” The man with glasses looked at Mingyou indifferently, waiting for him to insult him.

    “You are really amazing.” Mingyou said, but he praised, “Let’s not talk about it, you are very talented in business negotiation, and you can deceive others into handing over your life to you without any results. In terms of research, if you I’m my researcher, I guess I can help you win the highest scientific contribution award of the Star Alliance.”

    Mingyou held the spirit beast jar in his hand and said, “This discovery is really great, it solves my problem regarding the spirit beast energy body. Soon, I will be able to make scientific and technological achievements that can make Star Alliance technology leap forward. You should have a share of this.”

    The spirit beasts looked at Mingyou silently. Why did Mingyou praise this person? Was it cherishing talent? But even if Mingyou “cherishes”, he would only “cherish” spirit beasts, right? In the face of a person who mutilated spirit beasts, with Mingyou’s character, he shouldn’t praise the other party like this.

    The man with glasses was also very puzzled. He didn’t expect to be affirmed by Mingyou.

    “I asked Xiaotian to retrieve some of your classic remarks.” Mingyou continued, “You always think that spirit beasts are a threat to human beings, and like AI, they should be strictly controlled.”

    “You hate my new spirit beast theory, believe that the spiritual animal theory based on emotion is idealism and pseudoscience. Real science is a completely cold truth, which will not be changed by human will.” Mingyou said, “I agree with your theory.”

    “The truth is the truth, and it will not change because of human will. No matter how much evidence is piled up in front of you, because the truth does not conform to your imagination, you close your eyes and deny it. This is really pseudoscience that conforms to your theory.”

    “The experiments you did, all the data you got were to verify that I was right and told you that you were wrong. You wanted to kill the spirit beast, but the spirit beasts frozen in an extremely weak state, leaving behind a fire of life. It’s so interesting that the technology of killing people has become the technology of saving people.”

    “I will tell the people of the Star Alliance on the live broadcast of your deeds, and let the people spread your deeds to other galaxies.”

    “There is a guy who carefully designed many experiments to overturn my conclusions, and all the experimental results confirmed my theory. After getting your experimental data, it saved me a lot of effort.”

    “What kind of person are you in their eyes? A once-in-a-century genius of the Academy of Sciences, who became a paranoid scientist in the Chaos Sector after suspended animation?”

    “No, you are an idealistic pseudoscientist, an academic who has no achievements. The more effort you make, the more you prove your failure.”

    “In the future, whenever someone talks about idealism and pseudoscience, they will pull you out and whip your corpse.” Mingyou’s eyes widened slightly and he asked curiously, “After you die, in hundreds of years, thousands of years, or even as long as the Star Alliance does not die, you will remain in the textbook forever and become the idealist pseudoscientist you hate the most, are you happy?”

   The glasses man thought he wanted to defend himself, but the blood poured up his throat and up to his head, making him flushed even though he was bound by ice shackles, his eyes were bloodshot, and his eyeballs were bulging out. It seemed like they were about to pop out.

    His words were stuck in his throat, and it finally erupted from his throat, but it was a mouthful of blood. The man with glasses rolled his eyes and passed out.

    Mingyou put away the fluctuations of his heart, and scratched his head: “If he is mad at me, am I killing a prisoner of war?”

    “No. Why do you talk so much?” The little black cat calmly licked his claws. The hairs on his claws didn’t explode, no!

    “Xiaotian helped me summarize this person’s paranoid points, and I just wanted to stimulate him.” Mingyou muttered, “I actually want to beat him up. But it is very immoral to abuse prisoners of war. I can’t be immoral because the other party is a bad person. Alas, I have no choice but to speak up.” Mingyou’s bleak expression seemed to have been greatly wronged.

    The yellow monkey touched the fur standing up on his arm and took a step back. Did Mingyou know that when he was poking the opponent, he used the power of his heart and spiritual power to induce him? Surely he doesn’t know?

    The Tibetan fox had completely shrunk in the shadow of the wall, and couldn’t wait to turn himself into a big fur ball. Roommate, this younger brother…it’s terrible! Worse than his roommate!

    “The bad guy is stingy. I’m just going to speak yin and yang to him. How can I make him dizzy?” Mingyou carefully poked the bespectacled man who vomited blood and fainted with a golden hoop, “Is he so narrow-minded?

    “Isn’t it natural to be narrow? You denied everything he insisted on, and you said that you would nail him to the character he hates the most, and let people in the future spit at him every day, how can he not be angry?” The little black cat finally flattened his raised fur, and followed Mingyou’s words, “Not to mention that he may not have vomited blood because of your anger. Maybe he vomited blood because he was trampled on too many feet. “

    “Yes, how can I be so powerful?” Mingyou immediately accepted the little black cat’s explanation and said with relief, “That’s great, it’s not my fault. If my mouth can make people vomit blood, I won’t dare to say whatever in the future.”

    The big Tibetan fox held his tail, his head full of question marks. Really? It was his fault? Did he step on him and vomit blood? Didn’t Mingyou do it? Really? Are you sure?

    He looked at his alpaca roommate. Brother Alpaca said calmly: “Yes, how can a person vomit blood easily since blood vessels are not fragile. He must have suffered from internal bleeding for a long time, and now he spit out the blood after smashing him with ice cubes. Mingyou, you actually saved him, if he didn’t wake up, he would have been suffocated to death by blood.”

    Dazanghu 0_0: “…That’s right.” He put his tail down silently, feeling a little guilty. Hey, I misunderstood Mingyou, it turned out that he can’t make people vomit blood.

    Brother Alpaca glanced at the ugly Tibetan fox roommate. God preferred stupid children, and his Tibetan fox roommate would definitely have a very smooth life in the future.

    “Don’t think about it. He’s not in good health, it doesn’t matter to you.” Dahuang finally smoothed the hair on his arm, took a few steps forward and patted Mingyou on the shoulder, “Most of the researchers lack exercise, and their bodies are in sub-healthy condition. He has been trampled on so many feet, and it is normal to vomit blood. Tan Chenxi, Cui Li, you transport this person to the ship and detain him.”

    The alpaca iced the glasses man’s suit that fainted from vomiting blood, and the Tibetan fox’s tail “grabbed” him. The ice stayed despite the bouncing. 

    Brother Alpaca followed behind the bouncing Tibetan fox, watching the ice cubes hitting the ground… Alas, maybe the man with glasses was really tormented by the Tibetan fox and vomited blood.

    “Although he didn’t vomit blood from my anger, as I said before, writing his deeds into the textbook, can Dahei help?” Mingyou asked.

    Little Black Cat: “…Yes.” He and the Monkey looked at each other. Mingyou was not joking?! But serious?!

    The man with glasses was sure to be sentenced to death, but it would take at least a year to approve the death penalty. Was Mingyou going to directly piss off the glasses man to death this year, saving the Star Alliance a bullet?

    “Is it troublesome?” Mingyou asked. “If it’s troublesome, it won’t be written into the textbook. It’s enough for me to talk about it in the live broadcast room.”

    “No trouble…” The little black cat was sure, Mingyou was really serious and wanted to directly piss off the man with glasses, “You can also talk about it in the live broadcast room, just treat it as a negative case and alert passersby.”

    “No need to keep it a secret?” Mingyou clenched his fist, “I will work hard.”

   The little black cat and the yellow monkey looked at each other again. Mingyou, you don’t need to work very hard in this matter.

    After Mingyou vented his depression, he began to formally refit the jar containing the “specimen” of a spirit beast.

    When the relatives and friends of these “specimen” spirit beasts walked into the taxidermy room with drooping ears and tails, they saw Mingyou wearing an industrial mecha. With the assistance of Xiaotian, he controlled a large number of robots and was in full swing at the transformation site.

    Specimen jars after transformation would be painted with the special medical logo of the Star Alliance and marked with the words “X No.” convalescent cabin.

    The spirit beasts with their ears drooping: “…” What should I do if I suddenly feel a little sad and can’t get up?

    Although they knew that these jars were originally stored by bad people as specimens, but now Mingyou painted their jars with the symbol of the hospital, and also hung up some small flower dolls thoughtfully, it was said that this will make “the hospitalized spirit beast” in a better mood.

    The walls of the herbarium had also been painted in sky and grass colors with quick-drying eco-friendly pigments. Robots grabbed paintbrushes and airbrushes, and paint clouds and tiny flowers on them. Even the bleak lights had been transformed into bright hospital-specific warm sunlight. If it weren’t for the jars being too crowded, they would have thought they were in a children’s hospital. That’s right, it’s just a hospital, it’s still a children’s hospital.

    “This place is going to be transformed into a hospital?” A spirit beast asked stupidly.

    The yellow Monkey said dumbly: “No, after Mingyou stabilizes the condition of the imprisoned spirit beasts, they will be moved to No. 1 Healing Star for follow-up treatment. At most, it will be demolished in a month.” The gold staff will remove it directly.

    “Number One Health Star!” After hearing this word, the fluffy people were shocked. Go to No. 1 Wellness Star! That’s absolutely fine! They were starting to get a little envious. What should they do?

    “Really… can they be saved?” The rabbit looked around with his ears down, looking for his stupid friend.

    “Whether it can be rescued depends on how strong their own desire to survive.” Dahuang explained the current state of these fluffy people, “Now I hope you can arouse their idea of ​​​​survival.”

    The monkey paused, Biting the bullet and telling the little black cat to him, Mingyou told the fluffy people who were present with the special “Angry Heart Attack” therapy. Although he trusted Mingyou very much, this therapy was really…

    “Is that so, is this the proverbial saying that the coffin is blasted open?” The big caracal twitched his ear tufts, “As expected of Mr. Mingyou, this treatment plan is so novel and amazing!”

   The spirit beasts were a little hesitant. How could this treatment method sound unreliable? After the caracal said this, they thought it made sense.

    Mr. Mingyou said that spirit beasts, as energy bodies, were seriously affected by emotions. Organisms could passively create miracles because of extreme emotions, while spirit beasts could use the power of emotion and mind to actively cause miracles.

    Although this treatment plan sounded absurd, in the final analysis, it was still a specific application of the “power of the mind” that Mr. Mingyou had emphasized many times.

    “It’s easier to get him out of the jar in anger than to persuade him to hold on.”

    “My son, if you don’t wake up, I’ll take the baby and remarry.”

    “The figures in your room, do you need me to ship them right now and smash them one by one in front of you?”

    “Brother, I heard from your parents that they still kept your middle school diary. I’m in front of you now. Read it face to face, or just start a live broadcast and read it to the entire Star Alliance audience?”

    “After you lost your last bet, I actually didn’t delete the photo of you wearing a women’s swimsuit, hehehe…”

    “Wife, I can’t think of a way to get you out of the jar woo woo woo… You’re going to die, and I’m not going to live, can we make our kids orphans make you mad?”

Find the spirit beast you want, squat in front of the jar, and keep talking.

    Mingyou watched with satisfaction as the spiritual energy of the spirit beasts in the jar continued to rise. Hey, he really was a genius!

    However, there were more than a dozen lonely spirit beasts. They don’t know if they have no relatives and friends, or if relatives and friends had not been able to grab the places to accompany them, they could only watch others being cheered up, and their own… their own spiritual energy was also rising.

    Mingyou scratched his head, and after thinking about it, he understood why the spiritual energy of these spirit beasts was also active. When they saw the tragic condition of the patient next door, they thought of themselves, and they must have begun to be afraid, and they wished they would climb out of the jar now.

    It was a person who had a black history. Even if there was no black history, people who were truly withdrawn would not want Mingyou to list their names and say that they died without love.

    While they don’t care if they were loved or not, they definitely couldn’t stand being pointed at as a loser! Had the strongest ability person lost face?!

    Well, this wave was killing chickens to warn monkeys. Mingyou scratched his head again, and muttered, “Isn’t the idiom of killing a chicken to warn the monkey not quite right?”

   The little black cat slapped Mingyou’s hand with a ruthless paw. Don’t reach out and scratch me when you’re worried! My hood is about to be broken by you!

    Mingyou shyly withdrew his hand. Wearing a little black cat hat on his head, he just couldn’t help but want to reach out and scratch the cat. The plush was warm and comfortable to touch.

    The little black cat took a breath, and then the commander had already refitted all the tanks and could rest for the time being. Mingyou, who was waiting for the follow-up researcher to come over, went to the leopard tank.

    According to investigation, this golden leopard was actually related to their Star Alliance big cat family. No wonder there was energy resentment pulling his beard before, this was a familiar cat!

    “Because I don’t want to inherit the throne, I came up with the bad idea of ​​feigning death, and then I have been working as a star hunter in the Chaos Sector?” Mingyou looked at the life of the leopard sent by Xiaotian, and was frozen.

    “He’s my distant cousin. He competed with my eldest brother for the throne, and he lost.” The little black cat said with contempt, “He can’t afford to lose, he’s a coward.”

    Mingyou: “…very good, very spirited. You all didn’t find him in suspended animation? What about his relatives?”

    The little black cat snorted coldly: “His close relatives have all passed away. But he knew me. Although in suspended animation, he often came back. I remember, when I was a child, there was a similar leopard playing with me.”

    There were several leopards playing with him, and each one looked very different, but the little black cat didn’t pay attention to who those strange leopards were.

    The big cat family was very busy, busy to realize their ideals (maybe too busy to be lazy and not want to enter the palace to be caught by His Majesty the Golden Lion). Therefore, the big cat family did not often come to the door.

    The tip of this leopard’s tail was black, and this feature was very conspicuous, which made the Dahei remember it.

    “Then he probably didn’t feign death, but entered the Chaos Sector and became a spy?” Mingyou proposed an idea that he felt was more logical.

    The little black cat said with contempt: “With the character of my family, he is just lazy. But later, my brother caught a strong man.”

    Mingyou: “…Well, so it is.” The character of the big cat family, it’s really… awesome.

    “Since the eldest brother already knows that he is alive, why is he not recuperating in the Star Alliance public sanatorium?” Mingyou thought of another incomprehensible thing.

    “If he goes to a public nursing home, other people will know that he is in suspended animation. After he recovers, he will have to return to the Star Alliance to officially serve. Even if he does not want to serve, after his identity is exposed, he will not be so free in the Chaos Sector.” The black cat rolled his eyes to the sky, “As a result, I almost killed myself, and it is my clan if you don’t cry.”

    Mingyou: “…” Dahei, are you despising him, or are you hurting yourself?

    “Get well soon, then come back to help my brother with work.” The little black cat flapped his small wings behind Mingyou’s head, flew to the jar, and rubbed the outer wall of the jar with his cat’s claws, making a creaking noise.

    Mingyou couldn’t help crying. Don’t be like this, Dahei, you stimulate him so much, he can’t think about it for a while, what should he do if he refuses to wake up?

    Fortunately, the leopard’s desire to survive was still very strong, and he was not threatened by the little black cat to make him work overtime until he really died.

    When all the victims, including the spirit beasts who were not made into specimens, arrived at the No. 1 Sanatorium, His Majesty the Golden Lion came to see his distant cousin.

    “This is the price of freedom.” His Majesty the Golden Lion laughed until his face crampes.

    Mingyou looked at the leopard’s energy that was rapidly fluctuating on the detection screen, and said to himself, big brother, stop laughing, keep laughing, what should he do if he can’t save his cousin?

    Fortunately, the hearts of the big cat family were very tough. The golden leopard cousin was not mad at the two brothers, the golden lion and the big black cat, and the recovery was in good condition.

    This incident came to an end for the time being, Mingyou temporarily acted as the president of the Spirit Animal Hospital and the tenacious attending physician, who also worked overtime to write a manuscript on how to make the glasses man mad.

    When this shocking case was made public, Arthur followed Mingyou’s script and bombed the Star Alliance mainstream programs in turn, trying to make a conclusion before the coffin was closed.

    At the same time, the new media of the Star Alliance were also dispatched, and various gossips were flying all over the sky.

    Have you heard? A self-proclaimed genius who thinks he is underappreciated, relying on his three-inch tongue, he fools the ambitions of the Star Alliance and the Chaos Sector, and is engaged in pseudoscience. In the end, things backfired. The harmful experiment turned into a life-saving experience. After a little change in Mingyou’s hands, the spiritual beast he hated the most was blessed again.

    Gee, while they should be outraged, how come this tragic guy was so funny? The people were talking.

    “Actually, for doing this kind of crazy scientist thing, I thought that some middle-aged people would admire him, and some people who thought they were sober would say that he was a genius, but he just went the wrong way. As a result… er… Actually I think , if he goes into business, he must be a genius.”

    “This kind of mad scientist is too outrageous, right? He has nothing. How can you say that he is a mad scientist, won’t mad scientists lose face?”

    “Actually the results are still there. The killing of the spirit beast was unsuccessful, and Mr. Mingyou changed the killing device into a life-saving device, which is very… er, this is also considered genius.”

    “Mr. Mingyou said in the live broadcast that the person’s basic knowledge was still solid, and the experimental process was logical, and the data obtained all confirmed Mr. Mingyou’s theory. Then, the man said that the data must be wrong, shrug.”

    “It’s awesome, because the experimental results don’t meet my expectations, so I’ll just do a brain test. This wave is a real idealist scientist.”

    “What is the truth? The truth is Lao Tzu. I think the truth is the truth! Isn’t this a mad scientist! (laughs)”

    “The spirit beasts are too pitiful? Just because of such a fool, they have suffered so much.”

    “You should say, those Star Alliance why would they believe in a liar? What about their heads?”

    “The more ambitious people are, the easier they are to be deceived by the pie drawn?”

    “Maybe His Royal Highness is too powerful, It scared them so much that they went to the doctor in a panic.”

    “Pray for the fluffy ones. It is said that among the fluffy ones is His Highness Myron, who fled with suspended animation because he was on the verge of losing his previous throne campaign. Back then, I was a die-hard supporter of His Highness Myron.”

    “An alien weakly asked, is the competition for the throne so fierce? Wasn’t it that His Majesty’s family doesn’t want to be the emperor? Why was he on the verge of failure and fleeing?”

    “When you are on the verge of failure, you want to be the emperor, is it difficult to understand? This is not the first time. But he was actually run away by His Royal Highness. His Highness Myron is really powerful.”

    “Yeah, every time he get a few suspended animations, His Highness Myron actually successful escaped, amazing.”

    “The aliens are holding their heads in confusion. The original failure means that they are going to become emperors? Every time someone tries to escape by fake death? Is there something wrong with your Star Alliance?”

    “I feel that something is not right.” Mingyou complained to this cousin leopard who had woken up.

    Although his consciousness woke up, Myron, who was temporarily out of danger, waved his claws in the jar very hard, responding to the lovely new member of the family.

    Mingyou stretched out his hand and met the leopard, across the transparent outer wall of the jar. Wow! The spotted cat was so cute!

    “Haha.” Arthur pushed the door and came in, giving a kind reminder to Mingyou who was jumping back and forth again.

    Mingyou immediately withdrew his hand and said solemnly, “Cousin’s condition is very good, he can move his claws!”

    Sitting on the back of the chair, he drank from the cup Mingyou had drunk. Mingyou hurriedly massaged Arthur’s shoulders diligently: “It’s hard work!”

    Although he didn’t care much about the outside world, many forces in the Chaos Sector issued a joint statement that they wanted to return to the Star Alliance, but they needed to be contacted by their own Dahei. It has been the news that dominated the headlines of the entire Star Alliance for several days, of course Mingyou knew it.

    His family’s Dahei was now going out early and returning late, or even staying at home at night (sour), and has been dealing with this matter.

    Although Dahei had high prestige and popularity, he was honored. But seeing how Dahei and his partners were so tired that the power of their hearts fluctuated and weakened, Mingyou couldn’t bear it.

    He couldn’t bear it, and he couldn’t help Dahei and his partners in this matter. He could only do his best to cure the spirit beasts in front of him, and let the relationship circle support Dahei.

    “I asked the prison guards to force the man with glasses to watch the news and remarks about him every day, and he vomited blood many times.” Arthur saw Mingyou’s distress and told him a joke to ease Mingyou’s depressed mood, “He keeps saying that he is not pseudoscience, not idealism, not a liar who only plays tricks, he is a real scientist. I edited this video and posted it online, and now he has become a new ghost star.”

    Arthur gloated. The popularity of His Royal Highness the big black cat with a pink belly had finally come down, and now the new ghost star was the unknown man with glasses.

    “I hope he can survive until the time of execution.” Mingyou said, “Where is the president of the Elder Council?”

    “His identity will not be announced for the time being.” Arthur pressed his temple with his fingers. This stupid Mingyou was a disappointment. He just told a joke, and he immediately raised a headache, “He is willing to be a witness and testify against the guilt of those who are holding us back on the Zerg battlefield.”

    “What is his wish?” Mingyou asked. It’s impossible not to want to die, right?

    “Change the identity of his immediate family members.” Arthur said, “Either send them to the Chaos Sector or to the Autonomous Sector, and let them change their names and household registrations, to live with a new identity.”

    Mingyou understood now: “He was afraid of his family’s retribution. Why wasn’t he afraid before?”

    “Afraid, why wasn’t he afraid. But if you do too much wrongdoing, fear will make you go further and further on the road of deviating from justice.” Arthur said, “I agreed. Originally, the Star Alliance didn’t want to join together. Although it’s not my job to protect criminals’ families, it’s still a good deal to get evidence that can wipe out the group of people.”

    “Compared to settling accounts slowly, I still want them to be tried as traitors.” Arthur said sadly, “I want to send them to court martial.”

    Mingyou, who was helping Arthur massage, hugged Arthur’s head from behind.

    “Hey, hey, let go, I can’t breathe. I need to breathe in human form!” Arthur pulled Mingyou’s arm, and said in a bad breath, “Don’t think of my head as a tiger’s head, my hair is full of hair. It’s messed up.”

    “Today’s rest, the mess will be messed up.” Mingyou continued to hold Arthur’s head and moved hard, messing Arthur’s hair, “Dahei wants to anger that person’s family, but reason and morality don’t allow you to do this, right? Touch, touch, you’re not angry.”

    “If you think about it this way, their family has enjoyed the resources brought by that person, and they are used to being intimidating, so you give them the identity of ordinary people, they may not be able to integrate into that life. At that time, we don’t need to take action, they will ask for trouble.”

    “If they can integrate into the life of ordinary people and live honestly, it means that they are not bad. If there is no cure for it, then we can’t blame them.”

    “Besides, we only say that we will change the identity of their family members who did not commit crimes. If his family members also participated in criminal acts, they must be sentenced as they are. We won’t let anyone guilty get away, right? Right?”

    “Yes, yes, yes, you are right.” Arthur said angrily, “Is my hair easy to move? Is the black cat’s hair still moving?”

    Mingyou was stunned for a moment, then suddenly shy: “Dahei, are you jealous of yourself?”

    Arthur: “…I’m not jealous.” Why are you blushing! I am embarrassed!

    “Okay, okay, you didn’t.” Mingyou smiled stupidly.

    Recently, Dahei met him in human form most of the time, even when sleeping at night. After sleeping with the humanoid Dahei for several nights in a row, Mingyou suddenly woke up. He has slept with Dahei for so long, this situation was not…

    Alas, Dahei was still a little cat emotionally, so he definitely didn’t notice anything wrong. How could he make Dahei come to his senses? Mingyou thought happily. After receiving help from his silly brother, his alpaca elder brother sent him “Three Illusions in Life”.

    Although he was despised by his elder brother, Mingyou looked in the mirror and was still full of confidence. He looke very handsome, especially his black curly hair felt very good. Dahei liked to step on it the most. He was so charismatic, Dahei unconsciously fell in love with him was normal.

    When Mingyou was enjoying himself, Arthur changed the subject again: “By the way, you go and see Diandian, he has been in a bad mood recently.”

    Mingyou recovered from his self-improvement. A little bad mood? Could it be that Big Brother Orange Cat was eating some snacks in front of Diandian’s face again?

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