After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 86

    When the people at the illegal base saw Arthur and the others, they were filled with despair.

    Arthur’s deterrent was too strong. When they saw this majestic black liger, with his ten heroes, who instantly controlled the spirit beast detention area, they knew they had failed.

    The old man glanced at the people beside him. Including the most vicious star thief leader before, everyone’s face was dark, and it seemed that they couldn’t even raise any heart of resistance.

    He sighed. Prince Arthur’s ability to make the impossible possible on the Zerg battlefield made all their preparations go to waste. Now a small illegal base, as long as Prince Arthur wanted to take it, there was no way it couldn’t be taken away.

    They originally thought that even if the Star Alliance learned about this, they would not be able to interfere in the chaos sector. If the Star Alliance insisted on intervening, many forces in the Chaos Sector would definitely fight against them, and they could take advantage of the fisherman.

    The Chaos Sector was an impossible place, and there were countless powerful dark forces hidden in the middle. No one knew how deep this bottomless water was. The old man believed that the Star Alliance was in a recovery period after the war, and there was the trouble of promoting the new spirit beasts.

     But when he didn’t think Arthur could lead the Alliance to win that war, he established the victory in a “very short” time, and now, Arthur appeared in front of him.

     The old man remembered back when he didn’t have so much ambition and was still a respectable person, the little black tiger cub was bouncing around his feet, saying something like “I will be a great hero in the future” “I think I’m definitely the protagonist of this plane.” “My shadow liger is the only incarnation of luck in the universe” that made adults laugh.

     At that time, he smiled and nodded and said, yes, yes, you are right. Now, the old man thought, what Arthur had said came true. And the prince was not yet thirty years old. It took him only one-tenth of the average life expectancy of the Star Alliance to reach the pinnacle of his life.

    “There is still a chance, there is still a chance, as long as those imprisoned spirit beasts are caught, they will not dare to touch us.” The collaborator who had always had an arrogant expression, had now completely lost his former rational and ruthless appearance. No one was surprised by his gaffe.

    His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, even in the eyes of everyone in the Chaos Sector, was an insurmountable mountain. Now that this mountain was here with the ten heroes, who still thought they had a chance of winning?

    By the way, there are ten heroes. The ten heroes were now guarding the place where the spirit beasts are held. No one knew how they sneaked in silently, just like how no one knew how the AI ​​that managed the central system who was obviously one of the strongest AIs, but it was defeated silently, and even the alarm message was not sent out in time.

     And the AI ​​that took over the management central system also turned into a black kitten, constantly jumping back and forth in their surveillance footage, showing its sense of existence.

     I jumped over, I jumped over again, and I made faces at your pout, come and spank me, bastard! ~~ This was an AI? Whose AI’s character would be made into a bear child’s character?!

     “The AI ​​technology of the Star Alliance has developed to this level?” A researcher with eyes blankly asked, “When?”

     “This AI was 093 that refused to return to the Academy of Sciences and closed itself in the Prince’s light brain. Right. At that time, I said that his intelligence developed too fast and was no longer controlled by humans. As expected.” The old man said calmly.

     He is not calm, because he was caught here, and there was no use for any excuse. His family, his power, his former prestige, nothing. Putting all this down, he actually felt a sense of relief.

     “Whether it is a spirit beast or an AI, all non-human things should be put under the strict control of humans.” The researcher wearing glasses gritted his teeth, “They are aliens.”

 The old man wanted to answer “Oh”. He thought that there were also spirit beasts in his family, and the fluffy and warm beasts would circle around his feet, and then get dizzy. The silly junior spirit beasts were really interesting.

    The old man was like an outsider, standing in the central control room staring blankly at the surveillance video that the curly-haired kitten deliberately released. Others were constantly trying to wrest back control from the kitten’s paws. If they couldn’t get control back, they could go by self-destruction.

    They could only stay in this metal cage and watch other spirit beasts rush in and tear them to pieces. They couldn’t even do equal damage. That’s why spirit beasts are so disgusting and terrifying.

    On the periphery of the base, Mingyou was riding a big black cat and raising his fists, charging like a savage.

    The big black cat thought it was embarrassing, but during the battle, he couldn’t be distracted and reprimand Mingyou for his embarrassing behavior.

    Mingyou’s “Ow Oo Oo” screams were very eye-catching. Although His Royal Highness the black cat made them unable to resist, there was a weak chicken human on his back, wasn’t this a good target? This must be the only weakness of His Royal Highness the big cat!

    Because this group of people is too scared, they had no brains to think. If Mingyou was a weakness, how could their great big black cat rush into the enemy’s artillery fire with him on his back. The weapons in the hands of this group were all aimed at Mingyou on the back of the big cat.

    Enemy: Shoot! biubiubiu!

    Mingyou: Rebound! biubiubiu!

    Mingyou happily retorted, but the big black cat didn’t shoot, and the group of enemies fell.

    Thanks to the current advanced  weapons, especially ones against spirit beasts, most of which were various energy wave energy rays. The weapon would mess up the inside of the human body, but it won’t show any visible wounds.

    Therefore, in Mingyou’s eyes, this group of people were targeted by the gun muzzle, then the light reflected, and they all fell down. There was no bloody scene at all, which made him a rookie in the battlefield.

    The big black cat hummed disdainfully. A group of scumbags, Mingyou and him were united in their hearts and energy, and the strongest place was Mingyou. Even if he encountered a strong enemy, Mingyou would be injured only after he died.

    And Mingyou, who was white and black, actually traded knowledge points for the skill card of counter-injury. He also knew that others would think he was a weakness, and shoot against him. This time, there was no need for the black cat to waste his ability, the group of enemies brought themselves down.

     When the enemy fell, the remaining enemies panicked even more. They couldn’t think about how their own people fell, maybe it’s the power of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur? They could only aim at Mingyou with more powerful weapons, staring at the supposed weakness. So the big black cat ran over in the base on four claws, without a single attack, all the enemies around him fell.

     “Do these count as my military exploits?” Mingyou watched the big black cat use his supernatural ability to build up the fallen people neatly, and even numbered them, waiting for other spirit beasts to catch them, curiously asked, “Do I have a credit?”

     “Yes, yes, all of it.” The big black cat said perfunctorily, “Go, it’s time to see the spirit beasts that are not in good condition.”

     Mingyou wondered: “Shouldn’t we just go straight to the tower? Xiaotian has already marked the position of the enemy leader.”

     “There is no need for us to take this credit from others.” After Arthur packed up the prisoners of war who had been wounded and destroyed, he ran towards the deepest part of the base.

     When Arthur carried Mingyou to rescue the imprisoned spirit beasts, the spirit beast team members they brought finally rushed into the base. The group of ordinary power user guards held energy guns, but they were useless, and they all showed despair.

    “Should a living one be able to exchange for more biscuits?” A fluffy threw a power user who wanted to commit suicide to the ground, then concentrated energy on its claws, and slapped the power user hard.

    The power user immediately lost control of the power in his body, and immediately fell into a coma, depriving him of the ability to commit suicide.

    “I don’t know, maybe it’s almost the same.” Another fluffy slapped the prisoners of war in front of him, pressing their claws one by one.

    No one could forge the energy paw prints of their spirit beasts. This was the certificate they exchanged for biscuits.

    “One small cookie, two small biscuits…” And the spirit beast was drooling while pressing his paws, “This person seems to be a small boss! I think I can change a whole bag of small biscuits!

    “Maybe he will directly change a special meal specially made by Mr. Mingyou!” His companion said angrily.

    “Oh, oh, then grab a few more, can you get another chance for a medical examination?” He raised his paw to wipe his saliva, “Actually, the limited edition fruit wine is not bad.”

    “Tailor-made training programs for us in the field!” His companions hated iron that couldn’t become steel.

    “Yes, yes, you have to have a dream, if it comes true.” Fluffy fluttered his tail happily, scurrying around, holding his prey and pressing his claws one by one.

    His companion was very tired. Was the wolf clan and dog clan undivided? How come they all looked like this?

    The power user could not understand the true meaning of the frightening roars of the spirit beasts. If they understood, they probably wouldn’t be afraid of this roar.

    The meaning of the roar of the spirit beast in the eyes of the enemy: Stop! Court death!

    The real meaning of the beast’s roar: Biscuits! So many little cookies! Cookies for me!

    The spirit beasts of Prince Arthur’s personal guard looked at the vicious spirit beasts of the chaotic star area, and they didn’t know if they should take credit with them. Were these spirit beasts so hungry? In their eyes, were these enemies all human-shaped biscuits?

    The members of Prince Arthur’s guard, who had been full for months, sighed deeply. Forget it, don’t take credit with them, let’s try to finish to maintain order.

    The spirit beasts of the Chaos Sector have had a hard time these days. Seeing that they were hungry, they were still wiping their saliva when they pressed their claws on the prisoners of war, as if they had already seen the feast of small biscuits in front of them.

     Can you guys calm a little bit, so many prisoners of war, how could they really be exchanged for small cookies? Wouldn’t it be bad to directly convert the military exploits into the “contribution value”, the common currency of the Star Alliance Spirit Beasts? There were so many things one can buy on the Contribution Value website. Just a little expensive.

     Of course, expensive was not the disadvantage of those exchanged items, but the disadvantage of their spirit beasts, which is humble.

     Thinking of this, the spirit beasts of Prince Arthur’s guard still felt that they should not give up their military exploits.     They also lacked contribution value, and there were still many things they want to buy. When the follow-up spirit beast equipment was put on the shelves, maybe it will also be exchanged with contribution points. At least, custom-made equipment must be exchanged for contribution value.     Although general equipment was good, they can have special equipment, or even just change the appearance of general equipment, they have to choose special ones.

     After all, who doesn’t love being different? Alas, they used to think that money was just a number, and spirit beasts never loved money. Now they don’t like it either. It would be nice if they could directly exchange money for contribution value.

     “Hey hey hey! You group of spirit beasts that eat public food! There’s no need to fight with us, right?!” The spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector were angry.     

“You can’t do it if you don’t grab it. It’s all contribution points. My shopping cart in the contribution point mall is already full of things, and I’m only short of contribution points.”

     “But we’re not full yet! Can you guys be human!”

     “How easy it is to eat. After you take part in this mission, you will definitely join the Star Alliance, and then you can eat ordinary spirit beast dry food.”

    “Really?” The spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector were shocked, “Isn’t that expensive?”

    “It’s definitely expensive, but can food that can be solved with money be expensive?” The spirit beasts of the Star Alliancd sighed, ” The really expensive things are in the mall.”

    After that, they listed a few items in their shopping cart, what special delicacies, what massage equipment, what magic secrets, all in all, it sounded tempting and confusing. The spirit beasts in the chaos district were stunned.

    Why did they feel that the “mall” of this group of people was completely different from the things they saw in the dark market that the Star Alliance was selling?

    “Of course it’s different. These are all limited editions, and some are handmade by Mr. Mingyou! Limited! Handmade! Do you understand?” The spirit beasts of the Star Alliance looked at the spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector as if they were buns, “These all have to be exchanged for contribution value, money can’t buy it.”

    Bumpkin spirit beast: “…So, how do we open the contribution value mall?”

    Star Alliance spirit beast: “You have made such a big contribution this time, you should apply. Let me give you a suggestion. Even if you are working for free this time, you must be required to open the Contribution Value Mall. Spirit Beasts with Contribution Value and Spirit Beasts without Contribution Value are two-dimensional spirit beasts.”

    After that, he took out the Mingyou Special Enhanced Energy Supplement Capsule, which was exchanged from the Contribution Value Mall, and swallowed it. The energy consumed immediately filled up, not to mention the “energy overflow” state, speed and power. It improved a lot, and the bumpkin spirit beasts around him were stunned.

    Wait, you have such cheating props, how can we rob you of prisoners of war! The chaos spirit beasts were furious.

    The spirit beast of the Star Alliance grinned: “So I said, we who own the mall are not spirit beasts of the same dimension as you. This is similar to the huge difference between players who have opened krypton in online games and players who do not have krypton gold. The chasm is the same.”

    The Chaos sector Spirit Beast: “…Thank you for the pointer!”

    Although it was decided long ago, now they have strengthened their determination to join the Star Alliance!

    This krypton gold mall! Must be opened! Even if they couldn’t save much contribution value in this life, they could save it for their children. Parents with krypton gold malls and children of poor parents have different starting points. Don’t let your kids lose at the starting line! Fight!

    Next, their life goal was to accumulate contribution value! Save a lot of contribution value! Realize the freedom of shopping on the Contribution Value Mall as soon as possible!

    These remarks spread from the spirit beasts participating in the battle to the dark net of the entire Chaos Star Region. Star Alliance best things have never been publicly sold, they are only put on a “contribution value official website”, which could only be exchanged for contribution value.

    It was said that non-Star Alliance citizens could also complete tasks issued by the Alliance to earn contribution points and exchange them for things from the official website.

    Of course, if they can be official, they can get more things in exchange. The higher the contribution value of the spirit beast, the higher the purchasing authority.

    This was the same as the krypton gold in online games. First buy a VIP qualification, and then you must recharge to a certain level before you can open the next mall with better things. This wave of the Star Alliance was very ambitious!

    “Then the Star Alliance has such big ambitions, should we give them face?” A certain spirit beast had a serious face.

    “Don’t talk to me, I’m filling out a citizenship application form,” his partner said quickly.

    A certain spirit beast: “…After you get it done, fill it out for me too.”

    His Royal Highness Arthur and his little spirit beast master didn’t know, because the prisoners of war were unevenly divided (?), the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance confessed the contribution value mall, the Star Alliance was about to receive a large group of plush citizenship applications. The money spent by spirit beasts will be more.

    The spirit beast welfare sounded wonderful, but it would impose a huge financial burden on the Star Alliance, and these financial burdens were all on the poor Dahei. Of course, as painful as it was, His Royal Highness Arthur will generally be happy.

    Now he doesn’t know that a wave of pain and joy will come, and he and Mingyou arrived at the place where the spirit beasts who may have died were being held. Guarding this place was Dahuang in his divine costume.

    He was here alone, yet no one could get past his defense. Other spirit beast companions were sour, and spirit beasts with a full set of equipment had different combat power. This monkey would definitely be able to compete with His Royal Highness the big black cat without Mingyou’s equipment (?).

    What was the comparison between divinely dressed spirit beasts and naked spirit beasts? How would they compare?!

    “I’m going to guard outside.” The yellow monkey’s expression was very ugly, which made Mingyou’s heart burst. How bad was the state of the spirit beasts here that made Dahuang show this expression.

    When he walked into this “cold storage”, Mingyou understood the source of the monkey’s expression. This was not a place of detention at all, but a morgue. No, this should be the specimen room.

    The spirit beasts were soaked in a special liquid, and the names and types, as well as energy types, were posted on the tanks, like a treasure trove of experiments. 

    Arthur’s eyes immediately sharpened, and the tips of the claws in his paw pads were exposed.

    “Ah…this…” Mingyou, who was originally very sad and shocked, had a different reaction.

    Arthur put away his dangerous expression and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there any help?”

     Mingyou said, “Wait, I’ll check it first.”

    There were fifty spirit beasts on scene, and fifty spirit beasts survived. This group of illegal groups seemed obsessive about numbers.

    According to the experimental records, they classified the abilities of the spirit beasts, killed the strongest spirit beasts in a special way and encapsulated the remains, and the overflowed energy was used as the source of experimental energy, trying to create weapons against spirit beasts. The other half of the spirit beasts were used as living test subjects for weapons.

    It’s not nice to imagine, but their experiments always stopped at the first step – extracting energy. The energy bodies of these “dead” spirit beasts seemed to be frozen, and no matter what method they used, they could not direct the energy out.

    Although they wanted to take a more radical approach, unless they released the spirit beast from the jar, any energy fluctuations could not shake the body of the spirit beast. And the remains, once they left the jar, would dissipate, leaving them with no energy at all.

    The experiment was deadlocked, and they could only experiment with living spirit beasts first.

    But the living spirit beasts were also very uncooperative. Even if they were paralyzed, their energy bodies would automatically resist. Now, they could only test the effects of other technological weapons on spirit beasts to verify which weapons were the most powerful against spirit beasts.

    As for the use of spirit beasts to create powerful weapons that could threaten the Star Alliance, this was only in concept.

    After reading the experimental records, Mingyou could only say that the person in charge of this project should not engage in scientific research, but should engage in sales. Obviously he had no confidence, he just gathered people from all over to pay for his crazy plan.

    “It’s suspended animation.” Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief, “They were not killed after drinking the coagulation potion, but were directly poured into the strange potion they thought could kill spirit beasts. Supplemented by special rays caused the spirit beasts to fall into a state of suspended animation. But their brain waves are still active, and they can recover.”

    “But it is only theoretically possible to recover. The final treatment result depends on their own desire to survive.” Mingyou touched the jar, there was a leopard inside. After raising a big black cat at home, Mingyou had a special affection for all cats.

    “Spiritual beasts, as energy bodies, are greatly affected by emotions. Now they can only move their ‘mind’, and the energy they can use is only ’emotion’. Only when their emotional power is exerted to the extreme, can I guide their power and restore the energy body. “Mingyou wondered.

    “Although the desire to survive is something that all living things are born with, the desire to survive that I need now is so strong that it must be an obsession.”

    “The nostalgia for relatives and friends, and even hatred for enemies can make their emotional power becomes active. If it is the kind of spirit beast who has neither good friends nor particularly hated enemies, although he lives happily, he does not have too many obsessions with the world. It’s hard to keep them alive.”

    “It has nothing to do with their desire to survive, I need a stronger obsession.” Mingyou was scratching his head with both hands, scratching his hair into a cat’s nest, “Having relatives, friends or enemy’s spirit beasts, calling the people they are obsessed with to cheer them up, it is estimated that it will be effective? But what about those spirit beasts who live alone?”

    “I think, even if the spirit beasts live their lives, there are some that are impossible to give up in life..” Arthur didn’t think it was a troublesome thing.

    Even if it was a natural spirit beast, they could remain in the spirit beast state all the time, and it was still in the chaotic star area. It must be very rich in life experience and a lot of obsessions. Spirit beasts were not ordinary people.

    “Yes, I want to be obsessed with some thing. It’s sometimes very simple.” Mingyou scratched his curly hair again and said, “What I want is just a momentary energy shock, so simple opportunities may be useful.”

    “For example, dismantling their favorite weapons into parts in front of them?” Mingyou began to compare an otaku’s anger, “If they are chasing stars, tell them that their favorite stars were cheated on in marriage?”

     If the spirit beasts play games, the god-level accounts that they have worked so hard to fill up with good equipment, are expected to be very angry, and they can’t wait to come alive and beat me now.”

    “I don’t know if there are spirit beasts playing with limited figures. Uh, limited battleships and limited vehicles are fine. If they are destroyed, it must be very uncomfortable, right?

    ” The black history photos of their childhood are sent out? But I don’t think we can find black history photos of them when they were young. But now we can take pictures of their tragic state, and then add pictures and text. A certain spirit beast could have been resurrected, but because there are no friends and no enemies, no hobbies, no pursuits, no resurrection motivation, and miserable reduced to specimens?”

    “Wow! So, aren’t the spirit beasts that can’t be resurrected, a bunch of pitiful people? People who have no love, and no one loves them, let alone people, Don’t even have a hobby?” Mingyou sighed, “It’s already miserable that they can’t be resurrected, and they will be pitied by others. For the most powerful person in the Star Alliance, this may be worse than not being able to resurrect.”

    “What’s more, they are still lone heroes in the Chaos Sector… Some of them are not heroes, but people with status and force. People with status must love face, but unfortunately ordinary people will only pay attention to them in the future. It’s pitiful. It’s miserable, it’s too miserable.”

    Mingyou was still expressing his thoughts, and Arthur, who was sitting in a crouch, raised a paw: “Wait, stop talking.”

    Mingyou wondered: “What’s wrong? Dahei, why is your expression so nervous.”

    Arthur took a deep breath, and then the tiger roared, and the wave made Mingyou’s hair messed up again: “Stupid Mingyou! Did you forget that they could hear! Now their spiritual energy has begun to rise rapidly, don’t you feel it?!”

    Mingyou turned his head and watched Liu Ying who followed them in, frantically drill into the tank. The alarms of many tanks began to sound, and he scratched his head in embarrassment: “Uh, I said hi, I didn’t notice it for a while. This is a good thing, a good thing hahaha.”

    I didn’t say anything, did I? Mingyu thought about it carefully. Whoops, seems to say a lot. But that’s okay! I just said a few random words, but I didn’t really do it! It’s just shock therapy!

    “Stupid Mingyou, what can I do to save you.” He still maintained the vicissitudes of a tiger face with a paw raised.

    “Yes, it should be fine, right?” Mingyou moved closer to Arthur and hugged his big head. Well, I’ll be safe with Dahei.

    Who could beat Dahei to beat me! Mingyou instantly gained confidence: “Dahei, it seems that my aggressive technique works well, maybe I can just do it like this.”

    “What should I do?” Dahei put down the raised cat’s paw and sighed. Life was not easy, Big Cat sighs.

    “The spirit beasts who came to support our Chaos Sector this time, although they said they were competing to earn cookies, in fact the spirit beasts related to the missing spirit beasts would violate the unspoken rules of the Chaos Sector and come to help. Are we okay?” 

Mingyou said, “Of course, there are some who are your admirers, let’s not mention that. But I think those who want a place will also give priority to the family and friends of the missing spirit beasts.”

    When the emotions of the spirit beasts were strong enough, even if the spirit beasts don’t let go of Mingyou’s heart, he can still capture the fragments of their emotions. So along the way, Mingyou felt worry and anxiety from many spirit beasts. This kind of feeling must only appear when someone important is lost.

    “You mean, let that group of people cheer them up?” Arthur nodded his feline head and shook his ears, “That’s a good idea. Is it in this environment? Not a different place? It’s okay here. Direct treatment?”

    “Activate their spiritual energy first, and I will use the power of my heart to help them consolidate their state before transferring.” Mingyou began to take things from the system backpack, “Xiaotian, stop playing, come and help me modify the equipment. Let’s change all the storage jars into therapeutic devices.”

     “Come on!” The curly-haired black cat turned on a holographic projection, ran over from the air, squatted on the throne of big cat above Mingyou’s head and jumped, watching Arthur’s ‘I really want to slap this virtual cat down like a mosquito’ expression.

     “I’ll tell them to come.” Arthur saw that Mingyou had started work, so he could only trust him.

    As for whether Mingyou can modify the instruments on the spot, he doesn’t need to ask. Mingyou never does anything unsure. Even if it was done, was there anything worse than being soaked in a specimen jar?

    “Okay, let them come over and let them tell more about the dark history of these spirit beasts.” Mingyou said while following the blueprint provided by the system and using the empty jar on the side to try to modify the instrument.

    “Black history?” Arthur raised his hind legs and scratched his ears hard.

    After kicking, Arthur glared fiercely at his hind foot. I let you kick my ears! I didn’t let you move so hard! Are you my feet? Why are you so disobedient!

    “Yes, according to the gibberish I just heard, they had such a grand experiment. Maybe it would be easier to detonate negative emotions with this instant emotional outburst?” Mingyou said without raising his head, “Is there a word? Is it called anger? I think people who are familiar with them should know more about their dark history and more treasures.”

    “Just pick a few things and talk about them, they might be so angry that they crawled out of the jar.” Mingyou’s tone was very certain.

    Spiritual beasts, he am the most professional! The energy fluctuations from the surrounding jars now tell him that his judgment was correct!

    “…” Arthur was silent for dozens of seconds before he said, “Okay.” Was this really based on scientific judgment, not Mingyou’s bad taste?

    Arthur carefully looked at Mingyou’s expression, he was so serious and focused, and the power of the heart fluctuated, and he also told Arthur that Mingyou was just very simple and very eager to save this group of cute people. Oh, the cuties. Ha ha. Arthur was not worried anymore. He went to notify the people in the Chaos Sector to assist in the treatment.

    Just as Arthur stepped out of the door with his two hind paws, the door slammed shut, and a figure came out from the wall opposite Mingyou, as if coming through the wall.

    Mingyou didn’t lift his head, and continued to work. The black curly cat on top of his head also looked around, and he concentrated on helping Mingyou practice transforming the treatment equipment with an empty jar.

    The fluffy in the jar was already in a bad state. During the transportation, even a brief energy fluctuation may extinguish their precarious spiritual candle.

    Mingyou’s current psychological pressure was far less relaxed than he had shown. Maybe he hid it well, maybe Dahei has discovered it, but for Mingyou’s sake, he didn’t expose him. This was the tacit agreement between them.

    “I can kill you with one shot now.” The figure took out a gun and played “Of course, I will be torn to shreds by the spirit beasts at the door soon. But the short time they open the door, it’s easy to kill an ordinary person.”

    Mingyou ignored him and continued to work with a frown.

    “Shouldn’t you beg me for mercy? As long as I take you hostage, maybe I can escape from here.” The man came out of the shadows, the glasses on his face reflecting the light.

    The Star Alliance was no longer nearsighted, and people who still wore glasses were just for decoration. He likes the image when wearing glasses. The world was refracted by crystals, as if to show its true side.

    This glasses researcher seemed to be the head of the illegal research institute who was originally in the central laboratory, following the old man Arthur was familiar with.

    He didn’t know how he got here, and none of his companions found him missing. And Mingyou’s spirit beasts did not discover the dangers lurking here. They relaxed, thinking that by guarding the door, no one could hurt Mingyou.

    But now, the door slammed shut, but they dared not break in. Because of the closed door, tell them that there was an enemy in the door. Mingyou’s life was completely in the hands of the enemy.

    All this was strange. Mingyou had a small Tibetan fox head sticking out of his left pocket, and a small alpaca head sticking out of his right pocket.

    Hey, let me see, which mental retard was talking nonsense to our little cutie Mingyou?

    At this time, the black curly-haired kitten left the top of Mingyou’s head, and when he left the top of Mingyou’s head, it was like a shadow clone, leaving an ordinary straight-haired black cat with claws on top of Mingyou’s head. .

    That little black cat had a long scarf and golden eyes, and was looking at the person who thought he was threatening with disdain.

    Fool, he didn’t even notice the energy phantom coming out. Oh, not noticing it was normal. Covering Xiaotian’s holographic projection with energy to form an energy phantom like a shadow clone was Dahei’s recent power training course.

    His goal was to throw a piece of fur, and several big black cats rushed over to help him fight together.

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