After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 85

    The fluffy people in the big boat were waiting in full force, and Mingyou was a figure in the middle – this was what Mingyou said quietly to the black cat, and the very serious Dahei wanted to swat Mingyou with a paw immediately. Can he be serious! Mingyou actually wanted to be serious, but the scene really made him not serious.

    When Mingyou felt the strange energy fluctuations, he asked the spacecraft to search nearby. When he found that strange energy and contacted it with the power of his heart, a large group of energy light spots rushed towards his face.

    At the same time, a loud barking, squeaking sound beside his “ears”, which almost made his head explode.

    Were these the thoughts of the captured spirit beasts? Why were they so energetic! And it seemed to be very excited?!

    Because the victims were not at all sad, and even a little excited, Mingyou opened his heart, and his mood was affected by this thought energy, and he couldn’t be serious even if he wanted to be.

    “What message did they pass?” said the black cat solemnly.

    Mingyou carefully discerned the message from the minds of these screaming spirit beasts: “Uh… this chaotic magnetic field is indeed their base, the map…guards…important places… personnel…and…uh , and all kinds of gossip.”

    The serious black cat raised his hind legs and kicked hid ears: “All kinds of gossip?”

    Mingyou nodded: “For example, who sleeps with whom immediately after sleeping with whom…”

    “Don’t listen to these messy things!” The black cat said angrily.

    Mingyou said embarrassingly: “It’s not that I can’t listen if I want to.”

    If it wasn’t for the system helping him screen the news, the huge flow of information transmitted by the spirit beast’s mind, he wouldn’t know how to capture the key points.

    The black cat gasped with anger: “They look very energetic?!”

    Mingyou said: “Actually, they are not. Some of them are imprisoned, and some of them seem to have been killed because of energy exhaustion.”

    “Like?” The black cat raised his hind legs and kicked his ears again. This ambiguity really made a cat bald. He doesn’t want to be bald!

    Mingyou glanced at the energy reactions extracted by the system, and said, “Well, there is a mind that is spinning on the rabbit’s head, saying that he thought he was dead, so the residual thoughts after death flew out to call the rabbit and let him call the police. As a result, he returned to the base after the residual thoughts were exhausted, and he could continue to fly out.”

    “If they are already dead, then the residual thoughts should disappear after death. I boldly speculate that they may be in a vegetative state? Specifically, I will wait until I see it.”

    The profiteer rabbit was stunned: “He’s not dead?”

     Mingyou said: “I don’t know. I just said that this is not common sense. Anyway, let’s go in first and then talk about it.”

It was as if he hadn’t heard Mingyou speak. The rabbit with no neck raised his head, trying to find the remnants of that stupid friend from the top of his head.

    “Don’t look for it, he’s here now.” Mingyou stretched out his hand, as if something was stuck to his fingertips.

    The rabbit’s eyes turned cross-eyed, and he finally felt a little familiar energy fluctuation. His heart that was originally calm was now gone, and the original emptiness had turned into anxiety. He glanced at Mingyou and silently swallowed what he wanted to say.

    Mingyou felt the profiteer rabbit’s heart to let him save people, but although he was judged as silly and sweet by his own Dahei, the petty people still had self-protection. This kind of thing he couldn’t be sure of, can’t just promise. If he promises to save the other party, but fails to do it, not to mention whether he can bear the consequences, and let the people despair again, their injuries may be even greater.

    The big black cat also realized this. He glanced at the fluffies present and said, “We will do our best to save what we can, but I don’t want trouble among you.” and then realized that something was wrong, and nodded in unison. A lot of fluffy big ears and small ears shook vigorously and Mingyou couldn’t be serious again.

    When the plushies shook their heads and nodded, the energy waves flying around Mingyou were like butterflies, shuttling around.

    Mingyou didn’t know if these energy residual thoughts had self-awareness, but they are too petty. Mingyou could even feel that when they found a specific person they would kick people’s noses, pull people’s ears, and dance on top of their fluffy heads. Uh…these could be their friends and relatives?

    When a residual energy tried to pull the beard of the big black cat, he was caught by Mingyou: “Don’t skin it on my big black!”

    The big black cat tilted his head: “Ow?”

    “There is residual energy trying to pull your fur.” Mingyou let go of his hand, and the lively energy remnant flew to other spirit beasts to act as a demon.

    Dahei: “Ouch?!” Who is so bold! I’m going to slap him with my paws!

    “We discussed how to attack the base. I’m afraid they will take the spirit beasts held inside as hostages.” Mingyou said, “My partners can get smaller and throw them in. With my ability, they probably won’t find it.”

     The black cat temporarily ignored the guy who dared to pull his beard, and ordered: “Our battleship can be invisible, and the spirit beasts can use their ability to become invisible again. You can help Mingyou.”

    With so many spirit beasts, using the ability to hide one battleship, was very easy. A well-fed beast, but the most powerful fighting force of the Star Alliance.

    “I’ll turn on the fire.” Mingyou began to roll up his sleeves, as if he wanted to fight by himself, and the black cat’s ears twitched.

    In this attack, for Mingyou’s safety, he must be by his side. But he was worried that Mingyou might actually go to hand-to-hand combat when he went to the battlefield.

    Forget it, this time he would feel wronged to be a mount. Arthur did not feel relieved to leave Mingyou to others to take care of him.

    After Mingyou asked Xiaotian to send the internal map and other information to Arthur, he began to formulate a detailed battle plan. Mingyou took notes on the side and listened very carefully. When he heard that he was riding his black cat to the front line, his eyes lit up.

    Other spirit beasts had objections. Mr. Mingyou was so important, although they were very confident in their own strength, they should not let Mr. Mingyou go to the front line.

    “No one can control him except me. I think you don’t want to see him rushing into the enemy’s hand-to-hand combat.” Arthur growled.

    “My partners can’t protect me, then no one in the entire Star Alliance can protect me.” Mingyou pulled the yellow monkey over and said, “My brother monkey is still wearing the magical costume, who can match a hit from him?”

    Angora rabbit and the Groundhog remembered the exaggerated disguise of Dahuang, and pressed the approval vote, and said that after confirming that the hostages were rescued, he would change into another wave to scare them.

     When it came to transformation, the other spirit beasts remembered the exaggerated fields of the ten heroes, and thought that it would be good to open a few more fields at that time. They also have their own abilities with exaggerated effects, and they will be released together when the time comes.

     Mingyu was perplexed. You just said that I am not serious, now you are more serious than each other? Is this how you go about the difficult task?

     “It’s good to get used to it. After everyone becomes a spirit beast, it’s easy to let go of yourself, so sometimes you can’t be serious.” Adeline comforted, “As long as the results are good, don’t worry.”     

“Okay…” Mingyou thought, and waited. After everyone was rescued, just follow their suggestion and set off fireworks at this base a few more times.

     The fluffy ones aren’t too much of an offer, and he’ll try his best to satisfy it.     Arthur “heard” Mingyou’s heart and glanced at him. If it weren’t for the crowd now, he would have whipped Mingyou with his tail.

     Eleven spirit beasts of his own were not enough, and he always wants to pet other spirit beasts. The serious combat meeting ended when the coach was frantically distracted, and the other fluffy nodded vigorously, shook their ears and tails.

    Dalu and Xiaolu were the super-great main forces of spirit beasts used by the two stealth abilities, other spirit beasts with corresponding abilities, and Mingyou’s system assistance, completely covered up the battleship.

    Not to mention radar detection, optical detection, energy detection, even if floating around the battleship, spirit beasts would not feel the existence of the battleship.

    Xiaotian detected that the battleship was enveloped by strange energy, and this optical stealth was more powerful than his own, and immediately reported to Arthur.

    Arthur glanced at Mingyou: “How many things can your educational light brain do that our existing technology in the Star Alliance can’t do?”

    Mingyou shook his head: “I don’t know. But what I know is that the knowledge value is not enough to burn.”

    Arthur: “…Well, it makes sense.” With the knowledge value acquired by Mingyou as “currency”, he really didn’t know what to say.

    At first, he thought that Mingyou’s educational brain was to let him collect information and use the amount of information as “currency”. Later, Mingyou told him that his knowledge value was calculated only after he “learned” it.

    This showed not how much information the system had obtained, but how much information Mingyou had obtained. This was an educational light brain that purely cultivated people.

    After pondering, Arthur could only think that this might be an advanced civilization dominated by spirit beasts. He really couldn’t bear the current tragic situation of the Star Alliance, so he would just throw a light brain and a fool to change the world.

    Higher civilizations might hope that second-class civilizations could become stronger on their own. Even Mingyou, the opportunity to make the Star Alliance powerful, was only a tiny chance for them.

    Just imagine, if Mingyou was tortured to death by the Tan family, or if the spirit beast he encountered was not him, perhaps this opportunity would be missed by the Star Alliance.

    But this also shows that he, Arthur, was the absolute protagonist of destiny. Arthur put on a small vest while proudly cocking his head.

    Other spirit beasts who worshiped Prince Arthur saw his skillful attitude of putting on a small vest, and their hearts were very complicated.

    “But if it were us, it would probably also…” said a spirit beast from a chaotic star area.

    The other spirit beasts were stunned for a moment, then nodded frantically, their ears swaying vigorously, and they could no longer see their ears. That’s right, what’s wrong with letting Mr. Mingyou ride? That was a special treatment for Mr. Mingyou’s partner.

    “Soon you will know how explosive the output is with His Highness and Mingyou.” Leo from the Chaos Sector said, “If we weren’t worried about the safety of the hostages, His Highness and Mingyou would be able to blow up this base together.”

    Leo didn’t know how many high-tech weapons and how many powers there were on this planet, but he still believed so.

    Mingyou’s halo was fully activated, which could fully fill all the abilities and talents of His Royal Highness, completely making up for the deficiency Dahei’s ability to have many but not refined abilities.

    In other words, His Highness the Black Cat was an army of spirit beasts, and it was an army of spirit beasts with tacit understanding and infinite mana.

    If they added those strange skill cards and equipment cards in Mingyou’s hands that couldn’t be interpreted by Star Alliance technology at present, His Royal Highness, could easily suppress an ordinary administrative star solo.

    The spirit beasts had really become the strongest weapons of the Star Alliance, comparable to a Star Destroyer.

    The ears of the spirit beasts in the Chaos Star Sector stood up one after another, showing adoring eyes. Although this may sound incredible, there were many incredible things in their own right for His Royal Highness Prince Arthur and Mr. Mingyou. Besides, they would fight side by side, and they would soon be able to see the majesty of His Royal Highness fighting.

    The spirit beast that fought side by side with the spirit beast master was invincible?

    “Come, come here.” Mingyou waved to his partners.

    Leo also walked to Mingyou’s side and turned into a little monkey hanging on him.

    “When you get to the sky, I will launch you. Go to the place where the spirit beasts are imprisoned. The energy residual thoughts of the imprisoned spirit beasts will guide you.” Mingyou said.

    His spirit beast partners nodded. Although the body had become smaller, they could complete this small task.

    When the battleship slowly broke through the chaotic magnetic field and landed on an orange-red planet, the planet was unaware. This was a barren star with very bad conditions, but because there were a lot of energy minerals, the steel bunker standing in the orange-red desert could maintain the livable environment in the base by burning minerals.

    This was their illegal research base. The steel bunker was just the tip of the iceberg, and most of the bases were under the ground, even hollowing out half of the planet. The place where the spirit beasts were imprisoned was in the deepest part of this planet.

    Remnants of energy surrounded Mingyou, and suddenly began to glow, like a firefly. This kind of energy fluctuations, even ordinary spirit beasts could “see” it.

    At this time, Mingyou was like a fairy in myths and legends, attracting attention. Many words were stuck in the throats of the spirit beasts, but they couldn’t come out.

    Spirit Beast Master, the person who understands spirit beasts best. Even spirit beasts with only remnants left would surround the spirit beast master. Spirit Beast Master would listen to their words and fulfill their last wishes.

    “They will lead the way.” Mingyou felt the thoughts of this group of “fireflies”.

    Although the “lights” should not have self-awareness, it was only influenced by the strongest obsession of the spirit beast, and its instinctive actions. But at this time, they seemed to be “alive” and took the initiative to help.

    “I’m first.” Dalu took the lead. He was an assassin, of course, he must be the first.

    The deer jumped on top of the black cat, and the black cat left the fleet and stood proudly in the void above the steel fortress.

    It’s a pity that his constantly flapping wings were too small. If he was now wearing big wings that covered the sky, he must look very handsome.

    “Let’s go.” Mingyou pressed his right hand on the Spirit Beast Master’s bracelet, and gathered the fireflies towards the Deer and “pasted” it on his body, turning the deer into a vague energy light group.

    An acceleration card appeared between Mingyou’s fingers, swiped the card, and light blue energy fluctuations enveloped the deer light shape. The light group flew out with a “swoosh”, like a meteor, hitting the energy fortress.

    The protective mask of the energy fortress was not touched at all, and the meteor entered the fortress without hindrance, as if it was directly passing through the wall.

    The spirit beasts, including Arthur’s personal guards, were stunned. Can you do this? How can this be?

    Although they heard the plan of the “Ten heroes become smaller and sneak in, find and protect the hostages” in the battle, they thought that the smaller spirit beasts would use a very complicated method to break the energy mask little by little, and step by step avoid enemy patrols and countless machine surveillance, carefully sneak into the base.

    Of course, the smaller spirit beasts are much more flexible than their larger spirit beast forms. The task of infiltrating, of course, should be completed by the ten heroes who can be shrunk. But they never imagined that the so-called sneaking in is to become a light ball and fly in with a “swoosh”.

    Wearing an energy shield or even a wall, and flying in with a “swoosh”…Was this really a pure energy wave?! You are the energy body! It is solidified energy!

    Was this the power of the spirit beast master, or the new supernatural talent of the ten heroes, or the power of those energy remnants?

    Mingyou felt the question marks from the spirit beasts that were more confused than them, but now he didn’t have the energy to answer.

    After feeling the message of “safety” from Dalu, Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief, Xiaolu, go on! The younger sister deer was also wrapped in residual energy and the power of the heart, turned into a streamer, flew in the sky, and entered the steel fortress.

    Mingyou’s infiltration plan that he tried for a long time on Healing Star was very successful. When Mingyou helped his partner spirit beasts to train their abilities, he found that at extreme speed, spirit beasts could be transformed into pure energy waves to achieve the effect of penetrating walls.

    It might even be possible to fool the energy shield if it supported hidden powers. However, this requirement was very harsh, and the requirements for the spiritual power, the power of the heart and the supernatural talent of the spiritual beast were very high.

    It was easier for spirit beasts with special abilities to use this ability. If it was an ordinary ability, it must be condensed into a higher level of energy before it can be assisted by Mingyou.

    In addition, the spirit beasts that have been completely transformed into energy have extremely poor defensive power, and are entirely protected by the spiritual power of the spirit beast master. And if the spirit beast has distracted thoughts in this state, it will “exit” the energy fluctuation state. That is to say, if the spirit beast was “frightened” and did not trust the spirit beast master, this skill cannot be used.

    It not only required the abilities of spirit beast masters and spirit beasts, but also required a strong bond and trust between them. Mingyou did not think that the method of using this ability could be “promoted”, so he can rest assured in front of outsiders.

    His spirit beast partners kept turning into meteors of various colors, shooting from the top of the black cat’s head, making the other spirit beasts feel numb.

    This was completely beyond their imagination, was this the way of fighting a spirit beast with a spirit beast master? They admired it, it’s so cool, it looks like a real spirit beast in the novel at first glance. Unlike them, except for a few energy waves, the fighting style was no different from that of beasts.

    “Phew, all right, they’re all sent in. The next step is to go back and wait for their news.” Mingyou lay on the back of the black cat, feeling a little out of strength.

    The big cat mid-air hurriedly spread his claws and flew back to the battleship. Xiaotian hurriedly controlled the robot to deliver water to Mingyou. After Mingyou drank in a large bottle of electrolyte water, he wiped his mouth and sighed: “Ah! I’m alive!”

    A row of ellipses flew over the heads of the spirit beasts who were worried about him. After seeing the very mysterious spirit beast meteor, the spirit beasts accepted the fact that Mingyou could be exhausted.

    Such a powerful trick, firing ten bullets in a row, it was inevitable to lose strength. They had already made the mental preparation that Mingyou could no longer continue to fight and needed to rest all the time.

    When the hostages were rescued by the ten heroes, it was time for them to show their strength!

    As a result, Mingyou drank a bottle of water and came back to life. This looked like an ordinary weak college student who ran 800 meters. Oh, an ordinary college student who ran 800 meters would have to take a few breaths and walk a dozen or so steps before returning to normal. Mr. Mingyou just drank a bottle of water and was completely alive and kicking?

    Perhaps, Mr. Mingyou’s spirit was still very tired? The spirit beasts could only think so. Otherwise, Mingyou’s strength was beyond their imagination.

    What if Mr. Mingyou was just an ordinary person with no ability and a little(?) strength? This terrifying spiritual power was called an ordinary person?

    The spirit beasts understood. Not only the study of spiritual beasts has been improved, but also the study of supernatural powers has to be greatly improved. Because it did not belong to the existing power types of the Star Alliance, so Mr. Mingyou’s powerful abilities couldn’t be called supernormal abilities. Mr. Mingyou could actually call himself an ordinary person. So unfair.

    They didn’t want to be beaten by “ordinary people” like Mr. Mingyou, and then they would become spirit beasts after being laughed at, and they couldn’t beat “ordinary people”. Was his “ordinary person” this “ordinary” method?!

    The secretly proud eldest brother Alpaca thought, yes, ordinary people in his family are this common, and the Tan family was blind.

    Oh, Mingyou had nothing to do with the Tan family. Wasn’t Tan Changgeng a red alpaca? Ha ha.

    “They have found the place where the spirit beasts are being held and injected the virus with Xiaotian’s backup into the opponent’s data center. But the opponent’s center has super AI, and Xiaotian can’t directly capture the opponent’s control center.” Mingyou soon joined the group. Received reports from everyone.

    Fine, in the group. The spirit beasts tilted their heads one after another, their ears flickering. Couldn’t he just use ordinary optical brain groups to deliver messages? Can he please stop being so rude?

    Mingyou laughed dryly: “I don’t know why they didn’t block the network signal, probably because the people in their base also have to go online for entertainment and decompress?”

    The spirit beasts tilted their heads to the other side, their ears flickering. Also, what about this? It seems reasonable.

    The big black cat bowed his head, wanting to throw two cannonballs at this group of stupid and cute spirit beasts. You are the most elite spirit beast troops in the Star Alliance and Chaos Sector! You were so deceived by Mingyou? Can people in the secret base still access the Star Alliance public network? Are they not afraid of leaks?!

    At present, only Mingyou’s “Blind Date and Love Family” group could still be used. This network line was obviously not under the jurisdiction of any network base station in the Star Alliance. It was obviously created by Mingyou’s light brain.

    The black cat was now completely sure that the civilization where Mingyou’s light brain was located was indeed not interested in their Star Alliance at all.

    That’s it? That’s it? Was this the Star Alliance network? An ordinary educational light brain could paralyze them in an instant, right? This wave was a dimensionality reduction blow, just like the Star Alliance treated primitive planets that cannot explore space.

    When a civilization with absolute power radiated kindness to you, you didn’t need to doubt the purpose behind the other party’s kindness at all, because you didn’t deserve it.

    After the big black cat found out about this, he didn’t sleep well for several nights with a heart attack. But he quickly adjusted his mood.

    There was a civilization in the universe that was much stronger than the Star Alliance. And higher civilizations would not take the initiative to contact lower civilizations, which was also a recognized rule of cosmic civilization.

    Maybe the civilization was so high that it was no longer the same dimension as them. Unless they are at that level of the other person, communication was not good.

    Therefore, the super-advanced civilization with spirit beasts was so depressed about the current situation of the spirit beasts in the Star Alliance, so it threw out an educational brain and trained a fool to see if it can pull the Star Alliance?

    But this life-saving straw was too thin. If he, Arthur, was not the son of luck, the life-saving straw probably wouldn’t even know that the corner of the float was buried in the soil.

    So, he was still very good at Arthur. The black cat licked his claws: “Is there an AI more powerful than Xiaotian? Let’s do it directly.”

    Xiaotian had to smash the black cat on the head with an emoji: “Xiaotian is the most powerful! There is no AI in the Star Alliance more powerful! Give me five minutes! No! One minute! I’ll beat him!” 

    The spirit beasts continued to do cervical spine exercises, stretching their heads in a circle.

    Why was this AI so off? Weren’t the Star Alliance AIs all cold robotic voices? Was this AI too lively? Had AI feelings and self-awareness grown to this point now? Or, was this also a new spirit animal science technology? Such as the integration of spirit beast energy and the like.

    Mingyou, who didn’t know that he suddenly took the blame, hurriedly advised: “Don’t be angry, Xiaotian, take your time, take your time, don’t be in a hurry, the task must not be urgent, protecting the safety of those spirit beasts that were taken away is the most important thing. “

    Xiaotian smashed the big black cat’s head, and continued to fight with the opponent’s AI in a rage.

    The big black cat kept his narrowed eyes and flattened ears. After Xiaotian finished smashing it, he raised his hind legs and kicked his ears, gnashing his teeth in his heart. You show me! I will donate to you one day! I have never seen an AI so rude to its master!

    Mingyou hurriedly lifted the black cat’s ear, afraid that Dahei would get angry, so he closed Xiaotian’s little black house when he went back.

    When humans and spirit beasts are extremely angry, their power would explode, and so does AI. Under extreme anger, Xiaotian’s running speed exceeded the limit, as if breaking through a wonderful boundary.

    His “head” was suddenly “awake” like never before, and all the information flowed in front of him became very simple and easy to understand, as if the problems that plagued him were actually pediatrics, but he set the wrong formula and got to the tip of the bull’s horn.

    The other side’s super AI of the same level as him seemed to suddenly become a backward old program, and the sound of old parts being worn out could be heard when running. It was stopped by this thing before? That’s it? That’s it? In the information flow, Xiaotian transformed into a little black cat with a scarf. He tiptoed with his tail raised, and stepped into the processing center of the other party. A cat’s paw scattered the other party’s light ball.

     The other party only discovered the invasion of the little black cat at this time. He tried his best to send out the news of the invasion, but was slapped by the little black cat and couldn’t find himself. He instantly lost control of the center and fell into endless darkness.

     “Humph.” The data flowed through Xiaotian’s eyes, and the complicated energy flow slowly deformed in front of him, turning into a comfortable cat litter.     He got into the cat’s nest and sent a message to Arthur and Mingyou: “It’s done!”

     At the same time, he also attached his new look in his message flow. I, Xiaotian, evolved autonomously, and I am no longer the AI ​​of the past!

     The big black cat looked at the little black cat and was speechless. You wanted to change the image, can you change one? This has become my illegitimate child! You’re still covered in black curly hair! The scarf is like a hot roll! Are there any cats that are curly?

     “Xiaotian looks like me and your child.” Mingyou said stupidly.

     Dahei: “…Please think about your words before you speak, do you know what you are talking about?”

     Mingyou’s face flushed immediately, he stammered: “Yes, sorry.”

     “Nothing sorry.” The black cat was so tired. One day, he’ll be pissed off by this idiot, oh, and that little Xioatian who pretended to be his and Mingyou’s child.

    “The general attack is launched.” The tired big black cat decided to use the base below to vent.

    Mingyou hurriedly hugged the big black cat’s neck, turned over and rode on the black cat: “Don’t leave me! Let’s go together.”

    The black cat twitched his ears. You ride a tiger very quickly. Why did he procrastinate when going to bed at night, and he can’t finish washing and procrastinating for an hour?

    “The list of captured spirit beasts has been checked, the locations of all spirit beasts have been locked, and we have ensured control of these areas.” Adeline reported, “The awake spirit beasts have been released from their restraints and can act with us. Some of the spirit beasts are in a bad state, so Mingyou needs to come and see them in person. Please go to the marked place first.”

    “Can we carry out bombing?” Arthur asked.

    Adeline said: “Yes. The central system has been completely controlled by Xiaotian, and the two areas we are in have become independent. Our ability can protect these two areas during your bombardment, Your Highness.”

    “Then put this shell directly. Boom.” A light ball condensed in front of the black cat, and the shape rotated, like a black hole in concept.

    Mingyou was busy buffing the big black cat. He put a bunch of cards in front of him and swiped them one by one to fill up the big black cat’s status.

    The black cat had a bunch of buffs on his head, and there were more and more black light balls around him. Countless black light ball vortexes were linked together, actually covering the entire sky, leaving the entire steel fortress in dark night.

    At this time, the people in the base finally realized that something was wrong. They immediately checked the defense equipment, only to find that they had lost control.

    “Switch to manual.” An old man said.

    In this highly automated world, there was an emergency preparedness for a complete AI loss of control.

    Xiaotian regretted to find that he had lost some control. But it didn’t matter, the area where the hostages were located was still under his firm control. If it wasn’t for safety, putting most of his power into the area where the hostages were. They wanted to switch to manual, but it wasn’t so easy.

    “Cut it, cut it, if you cut it, will you be able to endure His Royal Highness’s Star River?” Xiaotian’s mouth twitched, and even his proud look was learned from Arthur.

    “Descending Star River.” When Arthur made his move, he also called out the name of the move.

    When making a big move, if one has time, they must call out the name of the big move, right? There will definitely be a power bonus.

    Arthur believed so, and Mingyou believed so too. So when Arthur shouted out the name of the big move, Mingyou clenched his fist with one hand and shouted the words along with him. The name of the trick was to shout louder and louder!

    Countless upside-down black vortexes tilted toward the steel fortress. In the black vortex, there were stars of various colors, like a real galaxy. These stars were the condensation of various supernatural energies mastered by Arthur. He used the lunar energy he was best at to bring these dangerous energy types together.

    When these energy condensates left the black vortex, their own destabilizing effect caused them to explode immediately. Explosive power, a spirit beast’s ultimate move erupts so much.

    The spirit beasts of various attributes erupted together. After careful calculation by Arthur, different energies collided together, resulting in a dramatic reaction that was much stronger than the energy of the ultimate move. And different upheaval reactions are intertwined, and they will continue to produce reactions.

    Arthur was proud. Was he using his brain to play supernatural powers? So how could those spirit beasts that only instinctively spray energy waves outperform him?

    As soon as the attack started, the steel fortress seemed to be erased directly, missing a large piece. This was the result after they fully opened the energy shield.

    “The superstructure has all been paralyzed.” Xiaotian was proud to announce the good news to Arthur, “We are really amazing! We can rush in directly!”

    “We rush in.” Arthur said to Mingyou first, then turned around, “Mingyou and I go directly to the hostage place, and you are responsible for cleaning up. If the prisoners of war do not cooperate, they will all be killed.”

    The spirit beasts nodded dumbly. They still have to wait for the battleship to land before going to suppress this illegal base, and Arthur has already carried Mingyou and flew out.

    “I think… we are a bit redundant.” A certain spirit beast of Arthur’s personal guard said.

    “I also think so. His Highness and the ten heroes can easily wipe out this base by themselves. What are we going to do?”

    “This is too strong, isn’t it? The strength of the energy shield of this fortress is almost the same as that of ordinary administrative Star, right? That’s it. It was directly blown to pieces? And the fortress that looked like it was built with very expensive and sturdy materials melted?”

    “This wave, can we launch a battleship directly?”

    “So what are we doing, watching?”

    The spirit beasts looked at each other.     The spirit beasts from the chaotic star area said weakly: “Didn’t His Highness say it? Let’s clean up the battlefield and arrest the criminals. Someone has to do this kind of grunt work, right? They are few, so they can’t be caught?”

Oh! We are still useful!

    The spirit beasts regained their confidence, and before the battleship had fully landed, they jumped down from the hatch like a parachute!

    Capture prisoners of war! Accumulate military merit! Exchange cookies!

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4 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 85

  1. That feeling when you realize your only use is grunt work no one else wants to do… 🤭

    I do think we can fix Xiaotian. Not the appearance- that’s super cute! No, the “illegitimate” part. If the parents marry, won’t that solve the problem? 😂

    Thanks for your hard work translating!


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