After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 84

    Diandian hugged his black cat uncle doll, although he was still young, he also understood that the current atmosphere was a bit wrong.

    He flicked his tail uneasily behind him, his ears pressed tightly to his forehead, and half of his face rubbed against the cat doll in his arms, his eyes full of horror.

    “Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, I’m just going to check your body.” Mingyou thought, why was this little snow leopard so sensitive? Was this also the innate talent of a pure special-type spirit beast?

    Arthur looked at his poor nephew and couldn’t bear it. But when he thought of this poor eldest nephew, who was actually older than him, he couldn’t bear it any longer. Although he was younger in age and seniority, the job should not be calculated according to seniority, right?

    “Don’t resist growing up.” Mingyou picked up the little snow leopard. Although the little snow leopard was scared, he still didn’t run away.

    “Meow Mi.” The claw tips that were holding the black cat doll were exposed, causing Arthur to feel pain. Could his stupid nephew not toss the doll like that? It made him feel cursed.

    “If you don’t grow up, you can only be protected forever.” Mingyou put Diandian into the treatment device and began to examine his body, “So, don’t you afraid?” 

Diandian gradually calmed down under the comfort of the device. Although he still hugged the black cat doll, his claws were already closed.

    “Meow.” In the transparent cover, rhe leopard turned to the big black cat uncle who turned into a humanoid and stood aside with his arms folded.

    Arthur sighed: “Forget it, Mingyou, he thinks it’s easier this way, let him stay like this for a few more months, there’s no need to wake him up.”

    Mingyou hesitated. Rationally, when he knew that Diandian’s body had improved and could fully restore the mind of an adult, he thought that when Diandian restored an adult’s mind, it might be better for his body.

    Juvenileization was a treatment method when energy was insufficient to maintain the current body shape. When the body recovered, it became smaller and no longer had a therapeutic effect and also hindered growth.

     Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts hadn’t fully recovered yet, so it still had a healing effect even if it was getting smaller now. If the body recovered in the future, it was just a option to get smaller occasionally, and it was not possible to stay smaller all day long.

     Diandian’s treatment was mainly for chronic energy deficits. When the energy of his body shape was sufficient, it was time to enter the next body shape, step by step, and constantly replenish the energy required for each stage.

     But Diandian was the same as the original, and heartbreak affected his physical condition. Now he refused to grow up.

     Arthur said that no one helped with official business, but Mingyou remembered the incentives for this matter. Mingyou had long wondered how to cheer up Diandian.     But looking at the small snow leopard cub, how could Mingyou harden his heart, forcing Diandian to wake up from his sweet dream?

     “Then just check the body.” Mingyou finally compromised, without using the power of his heart to help restore his memory bit by bit. Anyway, with him and Dahei in the front, it doesn’t matter if Diandian was a cub for a while.

     With a bewildered look on his face, Mingyou was carried out of the healing apparatus. Mingyou kissed the kitten’s ear and said, “Continue to have sweet dreams, I won’t bother you anymore.”

     Diandian made a “meow” sound, lowered his head and continued to play with the big black cat doll in his arms that was inseparable from him.

     Arthur held Diandian’s neck with two fingers: “However, from today onwards, you can no longer follow us.”

     Diandian suddenly raised his head: “Meow?!” 

“Mingyou and I are going to perform a very important task. A dangerous mission, you follow your father before we came back.” Arthur shook the nape of his neck, “I will hide a lot of delicious food for you, be careful not to be discovered by your father.”

     Diandian: “Meow!” I’m going too! Don’t go with a dad who steals snacks!

    “You’re too weak now, I can’t protect you. When you grow up, we’ll go on a mission together.” Arthur put down the eldest nephew, stretched, and turned into a big black cat, “Mingyou, do a check on me too, my wings are itching again.”

    “Come on, it must be the wings growing.” Mingyou saw the big black cat appear, and immediately rushed over, kissed and rubbed, making up for any lack in one breath.

    Arthur had been too busy with work recently. In order not to let his animal shape affect work efficiency, Mingyou had extremely limited time to see the big black cat every day, and his black cat quota was extremely insufficient.

    “Send Diandian away first.” Arthur kicked Mingyou with his hind foot. Mingyou hugged Diandian with a smile, and sent him to sister Adeline before coming back to massage his big black cat.

    The small wings on Dahei’s back had grown fine fluff, which looked like a pair of delicate bat wings, not honey-flavored roasted wings.

    “But it’s still too small.” Arthur watched Mingyou snuggling his long scarf to find his wings, his face bleak.

    These small wings were now only the size of a grown man’s palm, which was extremely incongruous with his two-meter-long body. What was even worse was that when he used his ability to fly, the pair of small wings seemed to prove that he was not useless, and fluttered hard.

    A big black tiger with a length of two meters not including his tail, with a pair of small wings the size of a slap on his back flapping vigorously, can one see it like this? Anyway, Arthur himself thought he can’t.

    Mingyou giggled while helping Arthur massage his wings. Dahei’s wings were so cute, he couldn’t put it down every time. It was a pity that Dahei didnt let him play with his wings, otherwise he would definitely keep his hands on the wings.

    “The energy reaction of the wings is much more intense than before, and it should be entering a period of rapid growth.” At the same time, Mingyou did not forget his business, “According to this energy reaction speed, maybe in half a year, Dahei, you will be able to have a pair big and majestic wings.”

    The big black cat thought about the appearance of his majestic wings. Fine, not bad. Should the tiger with wings be called Qiongqi? Was his title of Liger and Tiger Beast wrong? It seemed to be more majestic if it was changed to Qiongqi? Although he knew that it was unlikely that he would change his title after being famous, Arthur still wondered how handsome he would be after the title was changed.

    “Speaking of which, although other people are changing their hair, why hasn’t their shape changed?” Mingyou leaned on the big black cat after checking his body and said, “I’m a little worried, should I increase nutrition?”

    “Everyone’s supernatural talent is there. It’s normal for the speed of evolution to vary. Don’t worry too much. Don’t you help them check their bodies every few days? Everyone is fine.” Arthur turned his head and used his nose. Pushing Mingyou’s face, “Don’t lie down, it’s time for me to go back to work.”

     Mingyou sighed, and dawdled to get up from the big black cat: “I’m going to the research institute too.”

    While His Majesty the Golden Lion was grading documents and eating snacks, his younger brother walked into his snack hut (crossed out) study with a little snow leopard cub holding a black cat doll.

    Arthur looked at the study room filled with all kinds of spirit beast food with disgust, and said, “Brother, are you being too unrestrained? Even if the pressure of official business is very high recently, you can’t use overeating to relieve stress.”

     “I didn’t drink too much. I have to check my body every day.” His Majesty the Golden Lion lay on the carpet with a leisurely face, his paws lazily in the air, and confidential documents flashed past his eyes, “You are going to the Chaos Sector. Is Mingyou going too?”

     “This guy actually threatened me with suicide.” Arthur said angrily. He put the cub into the lion’s fur. With his black cat doll in his mouth, he stepped on the big golden lion, then curled up into a ball, biting the black cat doll to vent his anger.

     “Didn’t I learn this from you?” His Majesty the Golden Lion laughed, “You threatened me like this when you went to the battlefield.”

    Arthur’s mouth twitched. This had absolutely nothing to do with him at all, it was all a problem with cunning Mingyou’s brain circuit.

    “Protect him. Even if I don’t say anything you will do it.” His Majesty the Golden Lion shook his fur, and the poor little cub was shaken off his back.

    The little snow leopard was holding a black cat doll, and grievously crawled out of the fur of the big golden lion, and squatted aside. His Majesty the golden lion flicked his tail, circled the little snow leopard, and sent him back to his back.

    He just wanted to shake his fur all of a sudden, he didn’t mean to throw his son off. Was he the kind of lion who would bully his son?

    “Be nice to Hans.” Arthur couldn’t help but say.

    His Majesty the Great Golden Lion sneered: “Don’t treat him with such an old-fashioned elder attitude, do you still remember that he is older than you? He used to be weak, but now that his body has gradually recovered, he should take responsibility for himself.”

    Arthur didn’t answer. The way the biological father educated his children, he had no qualifications and no need to argue. Besides, the golden lion was the one who spoiled Hans the most. His big brother was just being tough yet soft-hearted.

    “If you want to go, go quickly, what are you loitering here.” His Majesty the Golden Lion began to drive people away. Arthur was here, and he was too embarrassed to put snacks in his mouth.

    “Although there is no shortage now, it’s better to eat less.” Arthur continued to persuade before leaving, “Although the spirit beasts won’t get fat, but too much energy is also troublesome, you don’t want to sneeze all the time, right?”

    “The energy is too much, just go to the Chaos Star District for a few laps, and bombard it randomly.” His Majesty the Golden Lion waved his front paws lazily to drive people away.

    Arthur sighed inwardly and left the study. He closed the door of the study, and said to the old housekeeper, “Is your work and rest regular lately?”

    The old housekeeper said, “It’s fairly regular.” Was it regular or irregular? Arthur knew that he couldn’t ask the old housekeeper, so he had to say, “Please take care of my elder brother.”

    The old housekeeper said, “This is what I should do.”

    Arthur straightened his collar and the sword around his waist, and walked straight out of the palace.

    The old butler stared at Arthur’s back and couldn’t help feeling sad. He still remembered the appearance of the youngest black cat in the big cat’s family running around all over the place. In a blink of an eye, His Highness Arthur had become the greatest hero of the Star Alliance, but he was not yet thirty years old. In the eyes of the Star Alliance, in fact, His Royal Highness Arthur could still be regarded as a child.

    Seeing his child turn into a hero in the blink of an eye, the old housekeeper was relieved and proud, but at the same time he couldn’t help cursing this wretched world for forcing his child to take on so much. His Majesty, at Arthur’s age, just went to the Chaos Sector to realize his dream of being a hero.

    Outside the palace was the central government office area of ​​the Star Alliance. When Arthur walked out of the palace, he encountered many Star Alliance officials. The officials saluted Arthur one by one, and he thought that he was like the flag pole at a flag raising ceremony.

    Stupid Mingyou always said that after he became a human, his back and waist were too straight, and he looked too tired. Wasn’t it impossible? With so many people looking at him, he can’t be shameful. Arthur scolded his own stupidity, and was about to speed up and go home, but was stopped by an old man.

    Arthur glanced. Good guy, wasn’t this the current elder president of the Academy of Sciences?

    “Introducing someone to Mingyou? You dont need to worry about it.” Arthur laughed when he heard the other party’s intention, “He is not in the mood and has no need to think about marriage. Research and spirit beasts are what he loves the most. A great scientist is nagging about getting married and having children, I didn’t expect your thinking to be so conservative, you really don’t look like a person who dedicates his life to science.”

    The man was not angry when he was satirized, and still said cheerfully: “It’s not that when you get old, you don’t want young people to be as tired as me and miss too many beautiful things in life.”

    “Isn’t science the best thing in life?” Arthur continued with a smile, “Isn’t exploring the unknown the happiest thing for scientists? At least Mingyou thinks so. He dedicates his time every day to the spirit beasts, even the normal work and rest have to be stared at by our partner spirit beasts. Let him go on a blind date? I am afraid that he will be so angry that he will shave our hair.”

    “Shaving? Mr. Mingyou’s hair. Isn’t it enough?” An official suddenly interjected, “My hair is growing, when will Mr. Ming get rid of it?”

    “The fur of spirit beasts grows very fast, Mr. Mingyou said whatever.” Another official also said.

    “Your Highness, you have to tell Mr. Mingyou that I don’t need to exchange something too expensive, so I can’t donate voluntarily? I really want to give it for a box of small biscuits.”

    “We really can’t participate in the auction of spirit animal wool fabrics? If not, can we send wool to Mr. Mingyou and customize spirit animal fabrics? I use my own down to knit a small dress for the soon-to-be-born baby.”

    “That’s definitely not possible. Handmade clothes are very troublesome. It would be great if there was a weaving machine.”

    “Mr. Mingyou said in the live broadcast last time that the spirit animal loom has been tested in the laboratory. I hope it will be put into industrial production soon.”

    “After industrialization, is there enough spirit animal hair?”

    “It must be a small batch of advanced customization, how can mass production be possible. Order first, then make it, just like luxury goods.”

   The spirit beast officials came together to discuss, and soon pushed the old man out of the crowd. Some officials pricked their ears and listened for a while, and also came to join in the fun.

    Although they were not spirit beasts, they were also loyal viewers who had watched Mr. Mingyou’s public live broadcast, and can talk a lot.

    Arthur quickly found an excuse to get out of the way. After the group of officials said goodbye to him, they continued to chat about the latest spirit animal food, drinks, health medicines,instruments and other topics, just like a group of people who used to talk about spaceships and luxury goods such as gems and so on. This was the latest fashion in the upper circles of the Star Alliance.

    And what if these were not recognized by the elders of the Academy of Sciences? Now the elders were almost equal to pseudoscience, the brain drain of the Academy of Sciences was serious, and a new Academy was being formed.

    And the new sanctuary among the people in the spiritual beast academia was naturally the Mingyou Spiritual Beast Research Institute of the No. 1 Healing Star.

    The old man huddled in a dark corner, staring at the group of people who were talking but deliberately ignoring his existence, his empty eyes didn’t know what he was thinking. Arthur knew what the group was secretly planning, but he didn’t care.

    Under absolute power, all intrigues are paper tigers – Mingyou.

    Mingyou scratched his head, did he say that? Recently, when he was surfing the Internet every day, he saw so many “Mingyou said” quotes that he was completely confused.

    “Are you going?” Mingyou decided to put this matter behind him.

    Conspiracy and tricks were not compatible with him, he would only plant trees to make food and clothes, and then develop some health care equipment to fool the fur and small money of the spirir beasts.

    Thinking about this thing that he would never be able to figure out, it was better to pull his partner spirit beasts and go to the chaos star zone to fight the boss. The team was off!

    “Okay.” Arthur called a group of personal guards. Although the ten heroes were still injured, they were still ready to dispatch all of them.

    Who let them master the field of supernatural powers one by one, and they had become the most powerful superpowers recognized by the Star Alliance.

    This time was a real fight. Mingyou was fully armed, and even extravagantly strengthened the system. The system said that with its current authority, it could interfere with all mechanical weapons. But it’s best not to let it shoot, because it used knowledge points as fuel, which was very expensive.

    Mingyou nodded like pounding garlic. People are poor, and they couldn’t even use their golden finger indiscriminately.

    Seeing Mingyou’s excited appearance, Arthur really didn’t know what to say. He could only turn into a little black cat wearing a hood, lying on top of Mingyou’s head, holding on to his black curly hair, in case he was not careful, this guy would do something that made him stunned.

    The spaceship left the No. 1 Recuperation Star, Mingyou was as excited as when he first went to the Capital Star.

    “The furthest distance I travelled was from from the Sky Blue Star to the No. 1 Recuperation Star. At this distance, we can’t use this kind of jump engine.” Mingyou ran around in the cab, listening to Xiaotian projecting various instruments in the cab and their functions for him.

    The little black cat on his head has turned into inverted triangle eye▼_▼.

    When ordinary people made a super jump, they would be extremely uncomfortable and must enter a special rest cabin. The adaptability of power users would be slightly better than that of ordinary people, but they must reach the S level to completely ignore the uncomfortable effects of jumps on the body. As for spirit beasts, it didnt matter if they scatter their claws around.

    Mingyou’s current character was still an ordinary person without powers, right? Why did he feel that Mingyou was more energetic than their spirit beasts on the way to the super jump? What the hell was a super spirit beast master physique? Completely inconsistent with the common sense of the Star Alliance.

    He hoped that when there were more spirit beast masters in the future, they would be able to figure out the mystery.

    Mingyou was running around in the cab, and the members of Arthur’s Guard were also speechless.

    The Tibetan fox poked his alpaca roommate next to him with his paw, and used his mental power to chat privately: “Your brother is so lively, and his personality is your opposite.”

    The alpaca squatted in the corner and did not want to talk. This journey was too dangerous, how could His Highness bring Mingyou along? Could it be that Mingyou was forced along?

    Brother Alpaca sighed deeply, then turned his head and said “Bah” to the Tibetan fox roommate. Upset, don’t mess with me.

    Tibetan fox roommate raised his paw and wiped his face. His alpaca roommate was really becoming less and less particular. The Tibetan fox was good natured, and didn’t care about him in general.

    Mingyou the country bumpkin was too excited. When the groundhog brought his star pirate ship to dock with Arthur, Mingyou took advantage of the ship to stay in space for a short time, and also sat on the purple horse.

    “Wow! It’s great to ride a horse in space!” Mingyou, who didn’t wear any protective clothing and was protected only by the power of the spirit beast, felt like a superman.

    Arthur hesitated. Mingyou said he wanted to test his adaptability in the extreme environment of space. Although Mingyou did not wear protective clothing, he was covered with the powers of all the spirit beasts in the family. As long as Mingyou felt the slightest discomfort, he would be forced to wear the protective clothing.

    Who knew, Mingyou waa still fine and kicking. Arthur even wondered if Mingyou had long known that he was under the protection of spirit beasts and would be absolutely fine in space. He just wanted to ride a horse in space.

    If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t walk away, he had to meet this cunning star thief in person. Maybe Mingyou would be riding a big black cat with a pair of small wings.

    “Mr. Mingyou… his spirit is really good.” Groundhog was stunned.

    After a long-distance super jump, how could Mr. Mingyou be able to run around like this, and even run into space? Even a long trip on the ground would make him feel tired, right?

    “Well, it’s really good.” Arthur secretly urged Mingyou to get down from space. What about pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger? How come he can’t stop when he got to the sky?

    Mingyou regretfully returned from space and went back to the restaurant for a big meal. After a walk around the universe, he was hungry.

    The spirit beasts in the restaurant didn’t know how to react. Although they could jump around during the super jump, their appetite would still be affected a little.

    After all, the gravity and energy environment on space battleships was different from those on the ground, and even spirit beasts would be affected. This was similar to jet lag, acclimatization and the like.

    But Mingyou…

    “Your brother is eating so well.” The fox poked his roommate, who was still limp next to him, with his paw.

    The alpaca roommate wanted to “bah” the Tibetan fox again, but he was in the restaurant now. It was too disgusting to do so. He might cause public anger, so he had to give up.

    “This is delicious, why don’t you eat it, Brother Chenxi?” Mingyou saw the two roommates, the Tibetan fox and the alpaca expression pack, who were very conspicuous in the dining room, holding a dinner plate and sharing a plate with them.

    Anyway, everyone in the Star Alliance knows that there is an Tibetan fox with his roommate, the alpaca, who had a very good relationship with Mr. Mingyou, so he doesn’t need to hide his closeness to them.

     “After the transition, I’m a little uncomfortable.” When the alpaca treated Mingyou, it wasn’t be affected by an alpaca’s character at all, and his words and deeds were no different from the appearance of a human. “Just take a rest. Is Mingyou unaffected?”

     “Does being hungry count?” Mingyou scratched his head, so excited that he didn’t feel tired at all, “Maybe when I go home, maybe I will feel tired, just like when I traveled to Maple Leaf Star before?”

     Brother Alpaca would like to say that the discomfort accumulated in the super jump was not the same as simple travel fatigue, but seeing that Mingyou was fine, he waa too lazy to explaina. It’s good that Mingyou was not affected.

     “Has everyone been affected?” Mingyou looked around the restaurant. The food served in the restaurant was second only to the best spirit beast food made by him, but the spirit beasts seemed to have no appetite at all.

     It shouldn’t be. The spirit beasts were actually not interested in eating anymore. Are these still spirit beasts that can be hired casually with small cookies?

     “I’m going to cook, I won’t eat well if I don’t.” Mingyou rolled up his sleeves.     The Tibetan fox hurriedly said: “You don’t have to worry, even if we have a bad appetite, we should not eat less.”

    “But it’s not good to eat with a straight face. With me here, how can you make eating a task?” Mingyou said, stuffing the rest of the meal into his mouth, his cheeks bulging, like a squirrel, he ran into the back kitchen.

    Wasn’t it just because the energy fluctuations were too different to adapt to the soil and water? Just adjust the energy content in the recipe. He was a spirit beast master, how could he not be able to cure even simple acclimatization.

    Mingyou fled into the back kitchen, and after the groundhog learned of this, he stayed behind. At last! Please leave him alone for dinner!

    His star thief members were grinding their claws one by one, trying to turn the groundhog! By the way, their leader will be called Groundhog! Whoever called the chief marmot again, they will beat them up!

    “All stay, the more spirit beasts eat, the happier Mingyou will be.” Arthur was not ready to drive them away. After a while, this group of people was also fighting.

    After a while, the hundred warriors from the Chaos Sector, who were finally selected by the competition, also took the spaceship of the Angora Rabbit to join Arthur. As soon as they came, they saw a group of spirit beasts squatting outside the restaurant, waiting for food.

    Strange, everyone will have appetite after the super jump? Wouldn’t the folded energy wave in the super transition make the spirit beast of the energy body feel sick?

    “Mr. Mingyou found that we were not acclimatized to the soil and water, and is cooking us a special feast in the restaurant.” The Star Thieves Group said. Alright, now there were a hundred more spirit beasts waiting for food outside the restaurant.

    Fortunately, this battleship was big enough, otherwise, the group of spirit beasts would have stepped on the tail of the spirit beast in front of them, causing chaos.

    “If they hold the pot again, it will taste more like a military dog ​​waiting for food.” The red panda still said something that made people think, “This red panda is good at everything, but it has a sharp mouth.”

    “Aren’t you waiting?” Dazi asked.

    The little panda laughed wildly: “I’m Mingyou’s partner spirit beast, how could the delicious food be less than mine? Do I still need to wait?”

    The panda’s laughter was very loud, arousing the fury of those waiting for the meal outside the restaurant. Their anger passed through their sight, and they wanted to burn the little panda with a long mouth. But the red panda’s ability to resist anger was too strong, and even more rampant laughter started. That’s right, the more jealous you are, the happier I am, hahaha.

    Dazi sighed and moved his hooves silently to stay away from the little panda. He thought that one day the red panda would be put in a sack and stripped of his fur, and he was not surprised at all. The mouth of this little panda was really poisonous.

    Mingyou took out his inventory of spirit beast fruits, and combined with the existing ingredients, he made a feast with nutrition and taste comparable to nutritional cubes.

    Now the spirit beast fruit tree was growing well, and under the encouragement of the nature power user, the first batch of spirit beast fruit would be harvested in two or three months, so Mingyou no longer saved it.

    It was a war now, and the stored spirit beast fruit was not used now, when will it be used? For Dahei’s birthday?

    Wait, when was Dahei’s birthday? Mingyu began to wander.

    “What are you thinking? The pot is going to burn.” The little black cat above his head slapped Mingyou’s forehead in dissatisfaction.

    “I’m thinking, when is your birthday?” Mingyou said while controlling the heat, “It’s been more than a year since we met, and I haven’t seen you on your birthday yet.”

    “You didn’t have a birthday either?” The black cat said, “We don’t have a birthday. Once it’s a birthday, countless people want to use this excuse to stuff us with things. It’s very troublesome to communicate with each other.” 

Mingyou forgot about his own birthday, and also forgot to ask about the birthday of his spirit beast partner, “But that’s fine, let me know when you think about it, and I’ll make a birthday cake for you.”

    “But you can’t have cake on your birthday?” The little black cat’s tail swung wildly.

    “Tell me when you want to eat, I can do it anytime.” Mingyou said hurriedly.

    The little black cat snorted coldly. He wanted to eat now. But on the battleship, there were many people watching, he can’t be willful. So annoying! As a cat, he can’t be willful? This was simply unbearable!

    “Don’t be angry, I’ll make a cake for you at night.” Mingyou felt the anger of the little black cat above his head, and hurriedly promised. The little black cat was quiet.

    The polar bear who helped Mingyou with the ingredients sighed: “Mingyou, don’t spoil His Highness too much, this is a military camp.”

    “A small stove that is not discovered is not a small stove. You all have it.” Mingyou said.

    The white bear immediately shut up. If because of his persuasion, all their little cakes were gone, it is estimated that he would be beaten by the group.

    The little black cat’s two cat ears that showed under his hood trembled, and looked at the big white bear with contempt.

    Mingyu was amused. It’s great to see that his partner was in a good mood, and it’s not affected by this mission. Although they had to carry out a very serious task, they should not strain themselves too much.

    Mingyou’s special meal was brought out, although it was still placed on the plate, the large pot of rice made the group of spirit beasts who were crying about their loss of appetite already start wiping the saliva from the corners of their mouths.

    This fragrance, this energy fluctuation, and what to say is not acclimatized to the soil and water, the greedy insects were about to empty their stomachs!

    “Mr. Mingyou is still very good.” The cook in charge of the restaurant said. He also wanted his comrades to be able to eat and drink well while on the mission, alas.

    “I’ll give you a recipe, you should practice more.” Mingyou said, “The energy content of food is a relatively complex science to prepare according to the physical condition of the spirit beasts. But no matter how complicated it is, you can learn it with a lot of study.”

    “I will suggest adding training on spirit beast nutrition to the logistics department.” The little black cat slapped Mingyou’s forehead hard with his paws, “Don’t talk about it, I’m hungry.”

    “Alright, let’s go eat too.” Mingyou really secretly baked a small cake.

    Other spirit beasts were eating a big pot of rice below. In addition to the small portion of the special dishes, the spirit beasts also had a beautiful small cake. Mingyou had brought the essence of opening a small stove to the extreme. His spirit beasts were full of guilt eating Mingyou’s special love meal, um, it was really fragrant.

     “Next time, don’t do this. Let’s go to the restaurant to eat with them.” After Adeline finished eating, she frowned, “It’s impossible not to share weal and woe with the soldiers.”

“The food should be specially ordered.” Mingyou stood akimbo. He was the chef, he has the final say, if he makes extra food, can they still eat it?

     Adeline sighed. It’s such a happy and sweet burden. What do you say, Your Highness?

    The big black cat looked up with a mouthful of cream. How to say? what to say?

    Adeline: “…Your Highness, eat slowly, no one will rob you.” His Highness was useless. She glanced at the other children in the family. Everyone ate very happily and seemed to have no psychological burden at all.

    Alas, these children had been completely spoiled by Mingyou. From luxury to thrift was difficult. Adeline thought they were right to leave the military. They were spoiled by Mingyou, and they probably couldn’t adapt to the life of the military at all.

    Mingyou smiled and looked at the happy faces of his spirit beast partners. That’s right, still eat with this expression. Before watching the spirit beast eat with the expression of completing the task, it seems that they had no appetite.

    The big black cat covered his mouth with his paws and hiccupped. Have no appetite? He eat the most! After a big meal, the spirit beasts lay lazily in the lounge and didn’t want to move. Eating too much, so happy.

    The members of the Groundhog Star Thieves who were included, and the other spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector who had squeezed in by the competition were all spread out. My stomach is full, I am satisfied and happy.

    “Speaking of which, when those people eat such delicious food, are they still shouting about the freedom of the Chaos Sector?” The caracal said disdainfully.

    While licking his claws and washing his face, Rabbit said slowly: “Most of the Chaos Sectors are not spirit beasts, and they can’t appreciate our happiness. Anyway, I’m with His Highness this time, and I’m not ready to leave.

    “He left because His Highness was seriously injured. They don’t care if His Highness Arthur can bless them when they are seriously injured, but if the Star Alliance doesn’t have His Highness Arthur, they don’t need to come back.

    Now that His Highness has recovered, and they can still eat well with His Highness, they will only want to go to the Chaos Sector to spend their days when they are not full and can’t eat well.

    They can’t even watch a live broadcast! The spirit beasts of the Star Alliance were training their coordination skills! They went to the Maple Leaf Star to learn about coordination!

    If things went on like this, the gap between them and the spirit beasts that the Star Alliance was compiling would get bigger and bigger. “The strongest spirit beast can be raised only in the environment full of fighting in the chaotic star area”, will become a joke.

    Food and drink, complete medical care, and scientific and reasonable training can raise the strongest spirit beast. – Mingyou.

    The rabbit had a copy of “Mingyou Quotations” in hand, which he read with great interest. Looking at Mr. Mingyou’s silly and tender face, he really can’t imagine that Mr. Mingyou was still a philosopher.

    The spirit beasts in the Chaos Sector were scrambling to read the “Quotations of Mingyou”, and when they paid tribute to Mr. Mingyou’s famous sayings, who would cook a super delicious and super energetic spirit beast meal. Mingyou suddenly became serious. He felt a strange energy fluctuation.

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